It literally took my breath away when our lips touched. I barely knew this Cajun! What was I doing? What was I thinking? I guess I wasn't thinking. I took advantage of the moment and was living without regrets. In those moments I was just a girl and he was just a boy. That kiss shattered all the walls that protected me from human emotions. A human life. A life with love and affection. A life with caring and promise.

The kiss eventually ended, but it was just the beginning.

"We should go somewhere, get outta here." I offered unsure of his reaction.

"Where?" He replied eagerly and my doubt faded away.


His devilish smile was somethang I'd neva forget. Ah wish I could say Ah love you to the beautiful Cajun right then and there in that moment, but I didn't know how.

"Lets go." He held my hand as we left the bar and it was the best feelin in the world havin someone right next to you.


"Where am I?" I wondered aloud.

I woke up in a foreign place but to a familiar face. Even though he was standing near the door, I didn't feel trapped. I felt saved.

"You're in the mansion. You have been in a coma for three days now. The Professor helped you."

"You guys... helped me?"

"We aren't the bad guys here, but you already know that kid."

"Logan, why are you a member of the X-men? A man with your reputation..." A few weeks ago the X-men stalked me out to try an' get me on their team. It turned into a bad horror movie as they chased meh 'round town. Everyone was attacking me, the next minute tryin' to be a friend. When I first saw Logan I was too tired to run away. If they were gonna kill meh Ah was okay with that cuz Ah was tired of runnin'. He introduced himself cautiously, waitin for mah reaction.

"Ah don't want to run anymore." I was practically cryin'.

"Yeah, runnin' sure does get tiring. We aren't here to hurt you. We just want to talk to you."

"Violence isn't really swayin me to your side. Ya'll don't seem tah want tah talk."

"We aren't here to hurt you," Logan reassured. "It must be tough living with what you are. I know the feeling. A million different things are rushing through your mind and you don't know what to do with em so you run. I've been running all my life. Running away and running toward something that I am not to sure of now. I get it."

He was saying all the right things. I might have fell into his arms in that second if I didn't feel so scared. "What do you want with me?"

"Just want to help you. Everyone has got to stop running sometime." Then Storm blasted a lightning bolt next to my feet, barely missing me. Ah ran back to the Brotherhood mansion and neva looked back.

"Finally stopped running, finally picked a side."

"Well, th-" I was going to thank him for whatever happened to me, but Remy walked into the room.

He was carrying a half eaten hamburger in one hand but dropped it when he saw me conscious. "Rogue? You're alright!"

"Yeah, just a headache."

"You are Rogue, ain't yah?"

"Who else would I be?"

"Carol Danvers."

My heart sunk. "Oh..."

"Glad you ain't her anymore. Don't know what I'd do without yah cherie."

"Oh, you'd probably just charm the Carol Danvers me."

"Maybe..." His eyes silently became solemn erasing our flirty banter. "Rogue, I thought you'd never wake up."

"Why did you bring me here? What happened?"

"I didn't know what else to do. A week ago, when we fell asleep in your room, I woke up an' you were gone. Two days passed by before you came back to de house. You weren't yourself. You were Carol Danvers. You didn't know why you were dere but you knew it was home. You started attackin us but den you just passed out. We tried to get in contact wit Mystique but wit no luck. De boys an' I didn't know where else to take you so we brought you here."

"Well... that makes sense." How could I not remember anythang? Ah lost a whole week of my life. Of school. Damn Principal Darkholme already hates me and now I missed a few days of school in the first week of the new year. She was going tah kill me. And where the hell is Mystique? She just left me alone?

"How do you two know each other? You and Carol." Wolverine asked. "Since when have you been a member of the U.S airforce?"

"Rogue, what is he talkin about?" Remy questioned.


"Carol Danvers is also Ms. Marvel. You knew that already though. Held on a little too long, she is in a coma since you attacked her. She ain't wakin' up an' now you got a lil piece of her in your mind for the rest of your life."

I was so confused. My headache was hurting more and more as Wolverine spoke. A loud ringing flooded my brain. "How do you know all that?"

"The Professor did some excavating in that brain of yours. Cleaned it out the best he could considering that it was a mess."

Logan was starting to talk as if I owed him anything. As if Ah owed the X-men anything. Knowing that this Professor was in mah head was violation enough. "Tell him I said thank you," I spoke with a bitter condesending tone. "Remy lets get outta here."


The car ride was awkward. I knew Remy had a thousand questions tah ask but he stayed mum until we reached the Brotherhood boarding house.

"So whats up wit dis Carol Danver's chick?"

Could I trust him? Could I tell him something so dark and twisted? If I told him, would he look at me with fear? I held it off, "Remy... I'm so tired. Can we please just-"

"Who is dat on de porch?"

"Cody..." I opened the door to the Jeep and ran over to Cody before realizing that Ah must be a damn fool for thinkin this was real, but then he smiled and I knew he wasn't a mirage. "Cody Robbins, that really you?" My heart was racing.

"Anna, I sure am glad to see you."

We hugged, carefully. "What... Ah mean how..."

He was a football star at our Mississipi high school. I was a freshman and he was a junior. For whatever reason I caught his eye. We had a class together and we would talk. Small talk really, I didn't think anything of it. He was cute, sure, but Ah didn't even know that he knew mah name til he invited me to a football party in honor of their state championship win earlier this year in May. Ah said yes not knowing what would happen that night.

We danced and drank a lil and found time to be alone where he asked if he could kiss me. It was so sweet that he asked, like a true southern gentleman. I realized that I could love him in that moment. I said yes. A week before my fifteenth birthday I was in a happy bubble where everythang seemed perfect. Lil ol' me and the star quarterback. So cliche. So perfect. And it was too perfect. Something had to come along and pop my bubble, shockin me into a reality Ah wasn't ready for. An innocent peck of our lips, my first kiss, turned into a hauntin nightmare.

"I woke up. In June... I woke up."

"Rogue, who is this?" Remy spoke and I nearly forgot he was even there.

"This is Cody... Cody Robbins."

"Yeah, got dat already."

"He's an ol'..." Well what was he exactly? Not my boyfriend. Once you put some one in a coma I think you lose that hope. "He is a friend from Mississipi. Remy, do you think Cody and I could talk alone for a second?" I'm sure Cody has so many questions.

"Yeah... sure." Remy wearily went into the house and I knew he'd be listenin in but I didn't mind. Just less that I'd haf tah tell him later.

"You woke up," Ah repeated.

"Yeah... it was sad not wakin' up to you. When I heard you skipped town..."

"I didn't know what else to do."

"I'm fine now. Healthy as a horse."

"Thats good..." Why was this so weird?

"I came here as soon as I got enough money saved up cuz I heard you were in New York. Irene told me where you were stayin."

Why would she tell him? Did he know everything already? I didn't know but I was glad to see him. Logan was right. Ah was runnin away from my past. I hurt Cody and I neva thought I'd get over that. It was the start of everythang that went wrong in my life. But here he is standing tall. "I'm glad to see that you're alright."

"Anna... what happened? I haven't kissed alotta girls 'sides you and that never happened before."

He had a right to know. "Somethang is... wrong with me."

"What do you mean?"

"If anyone touches mah skin... bad things happen. Trust meh, I didn't know about that before I kissed you. Ah wouldn't have kissed you if I did know."

"I'm kinda glad you did though. It let me know that you liked me."

"And the coma?"

"A minor setback."

"Hah, wow Cody."

"But, I still don't really get it... get you. How did it happen? Why does your skin do that to people? Do you have some disease or somethang?"

It feels like a disease. Like I should be put in a bubble to avoid all human life. Do Ah tell him I'm a mutant? What would he think? What would he do and say? I did put him in a coma. He is a smart kid. Why did Ah think for a second that he could be in New York just to see me, just to be with me again. I think he can handle it. Besides, its only a matter of time before the word mutant becomes a part of daily vocabulary. There is too many of us to be kept a secret. "I'm a... mutant."

"A mutant? Like... an alien?"

"No..." Not that I know of. "It means that mah DNA is different from yours. Somethang got coded wrong in my DNA giving me special abilities though mine seems more lahke a curse. Cody, you can't tell anyone about me being a mutant or mutants in general. It could be bad for you."

"I get it. Ah can keep a secret. But all this mutant talk kinda makes sense."

"What do yah mean?"

"When I woke up, I got alotta vistors askin meh about yah. One of them was from some government organization that I neva heard of asked where you were. I didn't know, so I didn't tell them not that I would have anyway."

Must be S.H.I.E.L.D. During my first jobs S.H.I.E.L.D agents came to stop me. Or attempt to stop me. They realized that they couldn't and decided it be betta tah have me on their side, but they don't get that I don't have a side. Just lookin out for myself and me alone. "Ignore them. Let me know if they give you any trouble."

"The other one you may be more interested in. A Mr. Worthington?"

"I neva heard of him."

"He said he knows what happened to me, who and why. He said he could help you and that if I eva see yah again to give you his card." He handed me a shimmery business card that read: Worthington Industries. The Future is Here and We Can Help.

"What did he mean, 'he can help me'?"

"Ah don't know, but look its here in New York."

Worthington Industries, whoever they were, would have to be dealt with later. "I care more about why you're here. I'm glad that you're here, but I'm a bit confused at how... understandin you are."

"I like you Anna. I just wanted answers, but more so Ah just wanted to see you again."

"Wow." I didn't mean to speak aloud my shock.

"I can only stay for one more day. My parents don't even know I'm here. They'd probably kill me if they did. I said I was stayin at a friend's house but that excuse won't last long. I don't know what came over me that I just flew on a plane tah come see yah, but here I am."

"You've neva been to New York huh? We should make the most of your time then," I said not really knowing what that entailed.

"Ann, what are you doing here in New York anywho?"

"I just... had tah get away."

"You left your nice house in Mississippi with Irene, for this?"


"I mean... I met your roommates. They don't seem like the best fellas tah be hangin with. What are you doin with these losers?"


"So you're getting back together with him?" Remy asked.

My time with Cody was over. My past left back to Mississippi and left me in a limbo for the present. Ah couldn't go back to Mississippi. I couldn't live that life Ah dreamed of. I know it would be impossible to go back home and be with Cody as if nothin. But Cody and Ah did agree that we want each other in our lives, we just don't know how. Its not often that Cody or I could just fly around tah see each other. My life was different now. I was different. Becoming a mutant was somethang I couldn't control. Ah've accepted that now.

"I don't know Rem."

"Well, I have news then. Magneto wants me to go to Genosha wit him."

"And you are?"

"Yeah, whats de problem? You have your Mississippi boyfriend, I gotta have my own life too."

"Okay..." Odd that he mentions Cody. "But I don't know if you know... what you're getting yourself into. Magneto offered me a position at his right hand when Mystique first brought me here, but I said no and Mystique agreed. So if Mystique doesn't think its a good idea then it probably ain't."

"Magneto is offerin' me a chance to step up. I will only be gone a week or so den I'll be back."

"Sure you will..." I hope so.

Remy left and I had to sleep alone.

Maybe thats what life is, where everybody is just runnin hopin there is somethin better on the other side.

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