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Chapter one: One total spunk

"Guess what girls? I just booked the hottest, most devastating male stripper for Rei's hen's night! Come see!" Molly giggled as a herd of the invites stampeded to her cubicle leaving the much quieter ones behind. Sharing a look, Amy and Serena smiled at one another before going back to work.

"Mmmmmmmmm, will ya look at that?" Lita moaned as she leaned closer, her fingers trailing over the image of the oiled, well muscled man. "Now that is what I call one hunk of man,"

"Yeah and will you look at his abs? God damn, what I would do to lick him clean," Molly drooled, wiping a trickle of saliva from her mouth.

"He can do me any day,"

"And will you look at the size of his package? Rub that baby against me and I'll be ready to spread my legs and give him the time of his life!"

Cringing at the crudeness of the hormonal women, Serena pursed her lips, frowning. Honestly, women can be so...embarrassing. Luckily for her, she didn't need a real man to get her off her rocks. With her fictional characters and vibrators, she was one happy camper.

Looking over her shoulder at her two closest friends, Lita grinned as she waved a hand, beckoning them to come over.

"Hey you two, come over here will ya? You gotta see this guy. He is one total spunk!"

"No thanks, Lita, I'd rather prefer to stay here," Amy said primly. "Unlike some people, I have work to do."

Hiding a smile at the typical response from the busy body, Serena raised a brow as Lita shifted her gaze.

"Come on Serena. I know you're curious. Get your butt over here and do some ogling. Who knows, maybe you can use him for your wet dreams?"

As the crowd around the desk laughed, Serena stuck out her tongue. "You're so funny Lita, I'm dying of laughter," she called sarcastically as she pushed back from the desk. "Alright, I'm coming over. I wanna see what's so special about this low-life stripper,"

"Atta, girl, I'd knew you give in," Lita grinned as she turned back to the screen.

Walking up to the workstation, Serena peered over the shoulders of her colleagues and stared at the full blown image on the screen. With striking dark blue eyes, floppy, black hair and gorgeous skin, the man was unbelievably handsome. "Wow," she said simply as she looked him over.

"See, what I mean? A total spunk," Lita gushed dreamily.

Rolling her eyes, Serena prodded her in the back. "Stop drooling. You're leaving finger marks all over Molly's precious computer,"

"I am so not!"

"Well you're definitely doing something," Molly complained. "My screen's all fogged up,"

"Yeah because I farted,"

As the crowd erupted with cries of disgust, the women ran for their life. Everyone knew Lita's silent killers were the worst. With everyone at their desk, their faces half covered by makeshift masks, the manager of the department walked in after morning tea and raised a brow at her mask covered employees. With a swift look at the one and only culprit, she took in one breath of air and placed a finger under her nose. "You know, Lita," she said with a grimace. "This really has to be your best."

"Darien please? Say you'll do this job? For me?"

"God damn it, Melvin. You know what happened to me last time. I had my car stolen remember? It was found later in some run down street with the windows smashed and just about everything taken off it."

"But that was a one off! Please, man, I'm begging you. You're my best stripper and I know you're on leave at the moment, but I really, really need you to do this gig."

"No. I have a life, Melvin. And I really don't want to go back to that."

"What life, Dare? You've put your career as a doctor on hold, you loiter around in your suave apartment all day and you go to the gym like twenty- four seven. You have money pouring out of your idle ass. Dudes, I'm desperate. I need to earn a living. My agency is experiencing high staff turnover and I really need your help. Please? Do me a favor? Just this once?"

Staring into the freaky gray eyes of his good friend, Darien leaned back in the comfy swivel chair and folded his arms.

"What are they paying?"

"Five hundred dollars. An hour."

"What?" Darien exploded, his eyes bulging at the incredulous amount. "Five hundred dollars? An hour? What, are they stupid?"

Looking suddenly sheepish, Melvin averted his gaze and began tapping his fingers on the table top. Recognizing the signs of his nervousness, Darien was immediately suspicious. The bastard was hiding something.

"What did you do, Melvin?"

"Well, I kind of put your profile back online..."

"You what?"

"You know a kind of blast from the past? I reposted your profile and you got snapped up in thirty seconds! The fastest time ever. So now that that's got your ego boosted up, get out there and make me proud!"

"Why are you speaking as if I've already accepted the job?" Darien asked through clenched teeth.

"Haven't you?" Melvin squeaked.

"No, you retard! I haven't!"

"But it's five hun-"

"Shut your hole. I'll call you back when I've made a decision," Darien snapped.

"But I need an answer-"

"Are you deaf? I said I'll call you."

"But Dar-"

Staring his friend down for an entire minute, Darien was satisfied when the man's mouth remained shut. As he rose from his chair, he smoothed down his hair and started for the door. "Later, Mel."

Aware of his friend staring forlornly at his retreating back, Darien sighed. Poor guy. He really did feel for him. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt if he took up the gig just this once? Pausing mid stride, he turned back and inwardly winced at his friend who immediately sat up from his dejected position and was watching him with an unhealthy degree of eagerness.

"When's the party?"

"Friday night."

"What? That soon?" Darien yelled.

"I know they were meant to book one week in advance, but I really needed the money so I thought it wouldn't matter,"

Raising his hand and squeezing the bridge of his nose, Darien sighed. "Honestly Melvin, I don't know how you got into business, but you totally suck. How am I going to find the time to practice my routine?"

"So you'll do it?" Melvin asked jumping up from his chair. "You'll really do it?"

Glaring at his friend as he grunted in response, Darien was thrown off balance as Melvin charged at him, jumping up and wrapping his legs around his waist.

"Thank you, thank you thank you!"

At the feel of wet lips on his cheek, Darien cried out in dismay and threw his friend off him. "Good damn it Melvin! You're gonna give me a rash!" He said rubbing hard at his cheek.

Too happy to care, Melvin lay sprawled on the floor, smiling like a drugged fool. He had managed to get the rent money and was prepared to stoop to any length to keep his friend in the business. If he could manage the feat, he could save his ass from going bankrupt. Crossing his fingers, he prayed.

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