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What If?

Chapter 1: Annabeth's Mission

"Annabeth!" called Selina Beauregard from the Aphrodite Cabin. I rushed outside to see what was wrong, but instead, the smiling face of the pretty Selina greeted me. It was a little after six and the morning was a cool one. Cold mist greeted my face as I lurked on the outside of the cabin. But Selina wouldn't rush me this way if nothing wrong happened. Butterflies were starting to form on my stomach as I thought about the possible events. Could it be about Percy? Had the seaweed brain been in trouble again?


"Oh yes? What seems to be the problem? For God's sake, why were you shouting?" I asked.

"I'm sorry for my over rated reaction Annabeth, but come! There is something Chiron wants to say."

We strode off to the strawberry fields until we reached Chiron's place. While we were running on the fields, and smelling the fresh strawberries, I was already picturing the scene that I was about to see. Chiron in his human form, Mr. D in his purple suit, Percy in his – oh it doesn't matter, and Grover. All of them in a white round table with cans of coke. But as we arrived, only 3 heads were present. Right. No Percy. I was quite disappointed. But don't get me wrong, I don't like him. But as I pondered over these words, there seems to be a rally on my mind. Do I like him? NO! I better shake these thoughts off. I was just disappointed because – The God's voice snapped me back into reality.

"Annabeth, Selina. Take a seat please." Said Mr. D. With grimace. Seeing that there's no chair available, I glanced off to Selina who was also pondering the chair problem.

"Oh. Sorry" said Mr. D after realizing the mistake. With just one swish, two green chairs appeared on either side of Grover who was pretty much busy on the cans.

"Thank you." Selina and I chorused.

I looked up to the different faces around the table. Chiron was smiling, Mr D. in his indifferent expression, Grover in his contented expression, and Selina in her default expression. I glanced at Chiron and was thankful when he spoke at last. He greeted us the best of mornings and continued on his say.

"Selina, I thank you for bringing Annabeth here. I shall call you again soon. "Said Chiron, his eyes twinkling with kindness. Selina nodded, stood up, smiled at me and ran into the woods. She is far different from the other Aphrodite Kids. Instead of applying make-up all over her face, she rather spends her time for combat practicing.

"Annabeth. I bet you know why we are having this conversation." Continued Chiron

"Is there another mission for me?"

"Yes dear. This time, it's the demigods' turn to hunt for their fellow demigods. And I think, it would be best if you would be the first to try this mission."

"But the Satyrs ?"

"They too would be continuing their missions. But there's this one demigod that I aim for you to find."

" Who?"

"Hades' son."

As Chiron spoke the God's name, I felt a jolt on my head. Hades? I never thought he could have one. And besides, the Gods have made a pact regarding birth of demigods. But yes, it is still possible for the Gods themselves fail to always follow the rules.


"Yes, Annabeth. But before you could raise any questions, it is more appropriate if you choose your mission partner."

"A partner?"

"Yes. You would need it Annabeth. Hades' son will have this palatable scent for monsters, and so you would need help in defending him. Not just him, but also you. The camp couldn't risk another loss of a hero, Annabeth. Now, who would you like to have for a partner?"

Percy. No. I thought for about 5 minutes and was brought back to reality by Chiron's piercing gaze. He was waiting for my answer. I was about to tell Chiron that if anything bad happens, two campers will be in great danger, but I knew better than to correct Chiron's decisions. He has lived i this realm for more than centuries and is now full of experiences like this. Perhaps this is his 100th? No. 200th time to send out campers for dangerous missions?


"Think, girl. It's just a partner and you couldn't think for yourself? " Mr. D mumbled.

Chiron smiled, but still he waited patiently for my answer. I summed up my thoughts and decided that perhaps, Percy was right for this. He was particularly good at combat fighting. Chiron says that this son of Hades' will be a chase for the monsters and if this would be the case, then I should pick Percy as partner.

"I think Percy would be of big help in a fight."

"Percy?" said Chiron with a big smile.


"Percy Jason? Well are you sure? That boy would just ruin your mission. Pick another one." Said Mr. D

"Dionysus, please be fair to Percy. And its Jackson, not Jason." said Chiron in a calm approach

"Right." Said Dionysus. He rolled his eyes and drank wine.

"Well then. You should call him. I'll wait for you two here."

I nodded at Chiron and stood. At first I didn't believe myself for choosing Percy as a partner, but realized that Chiron would've picked Percy himself. I ran until I arrived at Poseidon's Cabin. Without even knocking, I barged inside and the first thing that I noticed was the bubbling fountain that his father had given him. Percy was the only camper in the Poseidon Cabin, and therefore, he gets the whole space. But Percy doesn't own a lot and so his cabin was a bit empty. I strode into the bunk, and found the sleeping Percy. His dark colored hair was ruffled and he was wearing an orange camp shirt. A blanket wrapped him from the waist to bottom, and his position was faced to the right. For a moment, I didn't want to disturb him from his serene sleep, but remembered that Chiron and Dionysus were waiting. I was about to shake him, when he mumbled something. I wasn't sure but from what I heard, he was saying my name?
I tried to wake myself from the thought, but Percy mumbled my name again. I couldn't help but smile. Stupid Seaweed brain muttering my name.

But wait, why was I smiling? No. No. Annabeth. A big no.

But a thought occurred to me. Percy is subject to having dreams and nightmares that talk about the reality's future. I figured that this could probably be about my upcoming mission. I shook him but what he did next was like cold water pouring on me. He absent-mindedly took my arm and pulled me into the bed. I landed beside him, with my face just a few inches away from his. I checked if he was awake and did it on purpose, but he really was in a deep sleep. I never thought that Percy could sleep this deep before. This was the first time that I looked into Percy's face in such a very short distance. And… he looked handsome. Yes, he is handsome. But it never occurred to me that he would be this attractive. Was I falling? Hell no! Percy? Yuck.

But as I pondered on this, I felt that I was really drawn into him. I continued to stare for a while, but he caught me off guard when his eyes opened and met mine.

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