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Chapter 2

~"I'm not getting out of the car!" Haruhi harrumphed loudly, almost taking out Kyoya's hearing in the process. He rubbed his now bleeding ear and promptly pushed the little princess out and into the thigh deep snow, instantly rewarded with a tiny squeal of terror and ending with a nice view of his love's rump in snow pants as she struggled to right herself in the freezing whiteness.

~The seven of them had been fighting since they landed, nothing new when you were part of the retired host club members who had to share one woman, but it was annoying to say the least and Haruhi had had enough. She vehemently denied wanting to take part in the trip anymore if it meant the twins were going to keep bringing up, in public, how Tamaki shouldn't have been allowed to take Fujioka's virginity. They had no tact and the rising blush of pure, unbridled embarrassment could have been seen all the way back to Japan.

~It seemed the only sane ones today were Mori and Kyoya, although now with the dark haired, spectacled host member suddenly on her "people to ignore list", she considered the only one with half a brain cell to rub together on this vacation was Mori. He had remained his normally silent self as he always had been before, clear through the plan ride and directly through the three hour long trip into the middle of white nowhere, only now finding a reason to speak as he righted Haruhi and placed her on her feet again.

~"All right?" It was fascinating how Mori never felt the need to say more and still was able to convey his emotions perfectly. He was like the others to the young, brown haired woman, as clear and transparent in his feelings as crystal glass. It was their eyes, even Kyoya's. They were all so easy to read, the fluttering emotions each of them felt at any particular time was always made known to her with one look in their eyes.

~"I'm fine," Haruhi whispered and clung tight to Mori's neck, the nearly six foot four man lifting her easily into his grasp and carrying her over deep snow drifts like some newly discovered snow bunny.

~Hunny popped his head over Mori's shoulder and grinned down warmly at the held bundle, giggling when he saw the others struggling through the frozen wetness. He was glad at times he was so short, it made for an easier time manipulating people into doing what he wanted, although he was sure Mori would have done anything he asked without manipulation, even if he was bigger than him.

~"We're going to have so much fun, Haru-chan!" He climbed easily over Mori while in motion and plummeted into her lap, effectively crushing and hugging the laughing girl all at the same time. "We're going to ski, have snowball fights, drink hot chocolate, read stories by firelight." Haruhi could see Hunny's eyes began to glaze over as he spoke. He was imagining dirty things and she knew it, there was only one reason besides sweets for the little Shouta-type to get that dreamy-eyed stare. He was thinking about naughty things. Naughty things with her most likely.

~It had taken awhile for Haruhi to begin noticing the other seemingly smaller, more insignificant things about her boys than she cared to admit to. She prided herself on seeing what others did not, sensing the creases in the seemingly immaculate tapestry she called life, but it had taken her years to finally take note of her boy's rather heated needs, and how often they thought on those needs. She guessed the one good thing that came out of the whole situation, was that the boys were absolutely transparent and exceedingly easy to read, least they couldn't sneak up on her.

~Mori set his light loads down on the cottage's front doorstep and reached for the frozen knob before the short-haired woman could complain. Inwardly, the silent giant wished the object of his affections would understand that none of them would ever stop being their chivalrous selves and just allow them to dote on her. Though, the more he thought on it, the more he realized if she did, she wouldn't be the sweet and charmingly, self-sufficient woman he and the others had fallen for.

~The knob squeaked open and finally gave way, the thick, hardened oak door creaked as the old hinges fought against the biting cold and wetness outside. In a moment, the three bystanders were greeted with a rush of hot air that smelled faintly of forest musk mixed with pine needles and apple-cinnamon. It was a wonderful scent that made Haruhi smile. Though she had warned the boys not to have servants here while they vacationed, she knew though that they wouldn't be able to resist the want to bring certain amenities to this place that seemingly had nothing without their well-intentioned help.

~Haruhi entered first, quickly followed by a bunny toting young man in his younger twenties and one of the tallest Japanese men she'd ever met. Behind them came Tamaki and the twins of course, Kyoya in tow, complaining something fierce about no cell phone reception, which he was quickly drowned out when Hunny and the Twins shrieked like three hyperventilating harpies. The first thing they noticed was the small size of their accommodations. The collage they thought they had rented had a small kitchen, a small living room, and from the looks of things only one bathroom and two bedrooms. They gaped in silence after Haruhi had taken a few more tentative steps inside, everyone was waiting on her approval, hanging on with baited breath.

~The warmly dressed, parka donned, snow princess slowly peeled off her warm mittens, pushing back her white fur-lined hood to reveal her tiny pink tinged nose and short brown hair that was finally long enough to put into a very small ponytail at the nape of her neck. She pulled at her ear-warming headband and ran it through her fingers slowly, feeling the slight dampness from her perspiration. Her eyes surveyed everything, taking in the cute trappings here and there, finding the place suitable for what the boys and herself had in mind for the next few days.

~Without uttering a word, she made her way deeper into the warm, well-lit cabin, practically gliding across the polar bear-skinned rug. (A/N I do realize polar bears are endangered, don't you dare throw things at me, it's the image I concocted in my head. Yall, SHUSH! Imagine that the polar bears aren't endangered). Her tiny, slight high-heeled, booted feet tapped lightly on wooden floor surface, the sound resounding throughout the room as she came to the sink in the kitchen. Everything was in its place, cutely arranged in perfect order, as it should have been had Haruhi done it herself. The boy's hired help had done a meticulous job that left her smiling.

~"It's perfect," she mused with a knee-weakening smile that left the host club members liquefying into the floor. Kyoya and Mori had enough where withal to keep their wits about them, while the others remained blobs of gelatinous goo without spines.

~The Shadow King cleared his throat edgily and pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. He hid behind them in most cases if he was embarrassed or frustrated. It was a cute display of momentary weakness for the man who appeared to have no feelings, but Haruhi knew better and she flashed him a cute smile as well.

~Kyoya opened his laptop, grateful for the distraction. He didn't want the woman he loved to see the rising blush from his neck or the pinkening of the tips of his ears. As his discomfort reigned supreme throughout his body, it was a relief when Mori gaited silently across the room to the young princess, easily, reaching up for the lit candle hanging just out of reach from her silken soft fingers.

~At this point, Tamaki, the twins, and Hunney had come screaming back to their senses and began scrambling over each other to get to their luggage. The realization that there was only two bedrooms had suddenly dawned on Kaoru and giving his, older by a few minutes, brother a look, he successfully iterated how they were going to grab a bed before anyone else did.

~Hunney, knowing the twins exceedingly well, took the opportunity to read their faces, knowing the idea for mischief had been planted and he wasn't about to be left behind in their disregard for social graces out here where he wouldn't get reprimanded for it. He stepped on Tamaki without a thought, apologizing with a cute, Hunney-like smile when the king squealed painfully and retracted his still jelly-like arm.

~"Bed?" Mori questioned quizzically to Haruhi, taking momentary note of Kyoya's lack of interest in the whole situation of things and heard the slightly younger Japanese man pull out a chair at the small, hand-carved dining room table. His attention was hard-set on rifling through files on his laptop, possibly finding an some miracle internet connection, which from his study on this place, wasn't here, and setting to work on his business ventures even while on vacation.

~"Hmm?" The young woman mumbled, holding the apple-cinnamon candle in her hands and blowing out the gently flickering flame. She enjoyed the pleasant scent, but too much of it would give her a headache and it was better to put it out before it did any annoying damage, now.

~"Go find a bed," Mori ordered with genteel grace, setting his hand at the small of her back and pushing her towards the rooms, before the scattering of blondes and brunettes found their bombarding way back inside.

~She smiled and giggled shortly, aiming to put the candle on the counter as she passed by, but her fingers slipped and the glass container with still scorching, liquid wax slipped from hand, going careening towards the floor. In a confusing second of whirling air and a soaring stomach, Haruhi was lifted swiftly onto the giant's shoulder before any of the red mess got to her.

~The whole scene was hilarious and slightly taken out of theatrical proportions as Tamaki came back inside first, absolutely the worst thing to have happened, and began bemoaning of their being blood on the floor. The father-figure of the seven misfitted friends set about, making sure to properly look over his charge.

~Mori easily held the younger blonde back, but was overrun by a pair of twins and a teary-eyed Hunney, with which the man had no defense against. He sighed heavily and set Haruhi down, much to her dismay as she was quickly taken up with a thousand hands, all touching and searching for invisible wounds, as she glared at the tall man defiantly, wishing he could have kept her from the grabbing hands a few moments longer.

~"I'm fine, Tamaki," Haruhi muttered irately, shoving away his hands when they tried to run along the sides of her narrow hips. "You guys! Stop!" Her voice seemed to break the molesters of their intent reverie and give their full attention to their princess.

~"You guys are being ridiculous, we're here to have fun. Can we please stop with the random public comments—" her eyes glared daggers at the twins, "the grubby touching—" gaze now lifting to a shocked, much taller blonde, "and the inappropriate innuendos?" She ended by giving Hunney his own scolding look, which made the young man pout as he crushed his bunny tighter to his chest.

~They all seemed to immaturely pull their hands behind their backs and rock on the balls of their heels, as if the innocent look they each portrayed would save them from another scolding should the medium brown haired girl see them out of line again.

~"You should discuss the layout of the sleeping arrangements, Haruhi," Kyoya offered, his eyes never leaving his screen. His fingers typed away with incredible speed on the keyboard, it was a wonder how he became so fast, but she simply ignored that wayward thought and turned her attention back on the boys in front of her.

~"Well, let's go look at the beds," the young woman sighed exasperatingly, raising a hand to her face and rubbing the growing vein in her forehead. At times, her men drove her crazy… sometimes they were fine and handsome and great to be around… Most times they just made her crazy.

~Pleasantly enough though, Kyoya, who had booked the rooms, had enough sense to make sure there were plenty of room and beds for all… much to the dismay of several sighing parties. The first room was a decent size and had two sets of bunk beds on either side of the room, leaving plenty of floor space to do a multitude of different things, one of which Hunney excitedly exclaimed was going to be a board game he had brought with him just for this occasion. In the back, beside a closed and snowy, slightly fogged window a smaller fireplace then the one in the living room burned lowly. Its small, albeit exceedingly warm flame crackled and burned with fervor in its ornately designed, stone holdings, keeping the room to a nice and pleasant temperature.

~Haruhi made comments about the cuteness of the room and went to sit on one of the lower bunks by the window, looking around with bright fascination.

~"I've never been to a place like this," she divulged to the listening men. Her beautiful, chocolate brown eyes glazed over as a tiny smile spread across her lips, and she felt herself becoming entranced by the ebb and flow of the constantly snapping fire. "When I was little, Dad used to tell Mom that one day he would take us to a cute temple up Mount Fuji. He said I would be able to see snow for the first time and we'd make a snowman."

~Hunney came to sit in front of the reminiscing woman, watching the memories streak happily across her vision. He felt himself becoming lost in the splendor that was distinctly her and wondered vaguely in the back of his mind as he listened, if he would get to spend some alone time with her without the constant supervision of Mori or the others. It had seemed through the years that everyone, except for him had been given a chance to take her on dates, go to special places with her, spend time strictly alone with her… but he hadn't. Though his thoughts revolved around what was fair and what wasn't, he found himself lulled by the softness of Haruhi's voice until he no longer cared what was fair or not.

~"I was so excited!" She giggled, remembering the way her father had picked her up and swung her around, much to the squeal of displeasure her mother had exuded at the dangerous manhandling nature of her dearly loved husband. "It was going to be so much fun. Dad had been there before when he was little and he wanted to show me what it was like."

~Suddenly, Haruhi's eyes darkened and she looked to the floor, bangs covering her vision. Everyone was crowded around her now, all save Kyoya who was still typing away in the background of the dining room. She remembered the accident, felt the stinging of tears behind her eyes at the painful memory of her mother's death. It had happened weeks before they were going to go on the trip, leaving no room for the much anticipated vacation afterward. Grief had ripped a hole so large in her and her father's life then that there wasn't time, nor the want to expend the energy on being disappointed about a ruined vacation

~"Mom died before we could go."

~Without a word, Hunney flung himself into Haruhi's lap, wrapping his smaller arms around her petite frame and burying his face into her lap. The gesture was in no way sexual, it was a strict conveying of remorseful emotion that the blonde could not hold onto anymore and he needed an outlet with which to give it.

~"Haru," he mumbled through tears that had begun to wet the girl's snow pants, "I'm sorry!" His eyes scanned up her body and met hers full blast, "we'll do it all! We'll make a snow man and play in the snow and do whatever you want!"

~The others immediately agreed, nodding their heads. They marveled, each in their own way, at the strength of this woman before them. She had effectively infiltrated their host club years ago by sheer accident, and without pausing to assess the damage behind her, battered her way into their hearts. Her life hadn't been easy, and sometimes the boys were sure she hid her feelings from them on occasion to keep from appearing childish or needy, but they were all impressed and awed with the force of power she showed them by rambling through her past and her hurts to become who she was today.

~Haruhi Fujioka was the epitome of beauty and strength, a tall standing pillar in their worlds of lavish luxury and constant chaos. They realized with her early on, that things were never all black and white as they had been led to believe their entire lives as the obnoxiously wealthy. She took everything in stride and didn't bat an eye at them when they flashed off their unending ignorance to her peasant ways. She always seemed to have a knowing smile for them, an intelligent thought to back her opinions, and a happy, understanding demeanor that allowed her to be loved inexplicably by everyone. Everything about her was sheer perfection to them and nothing would ever change their minds on that subject.

~A knock on the doorframe leading into the bedroom drew everyone out of their trance and six pairs of different colored eyes fell upon the entering Shadow King with a rather accomplished smirk on his face.

~"I found some cell reception and I've ordered a horse drawn sleigh to arrive-"

~A knock interrupted him and he turned away, leaving everyone in a state of confused disarray before the flurry of arms and legs, all flailing to head for the door left Haruhi and Mori alone in the bedroom.

~"You all right?" He asked calmly, holding her gaze for a few seconds while the girl wiped away the dampness sticking to her lower lids.

~"I'm fine, Mori. Thank you," she passed him a happy smile and rocked to her feet, followed in tow by the handsome, towering giant as they made their way to the front door.

~A jolly man that closely resembled someone Haruhi had seen on television stood at the door, chuckling over the mass amount of people that cheerfully greeted him. He handed Kyoya a clipboard which the young man signed and handed back and presently left the others fend for themselves.

~Tamaki had raced outside without his parka and was rewarded with a chilling reception upon discovering the freezing temperature outside was definitely not to his liking. He aimed to race back in, but turned into a kingly popsicle before he made it, leaving Haruhi rolling her eyes as she stalked outside with his coat. She draped it on his head and brushed away the snow he'd managed to roll himself into, getting him to his shivering feet before he froze solid and zipped up the jacket.

~"You're so useless," she sighed heavily, eyes dancing with amusement that didn't quite make it to her lips.

~Tamaki blinked, taking her complaint personally and lowering his violet eyes to the disturbed snow, "I don't mean to be." Before he could run off to find somewhere to sequester himself and grow icy arctic mushrooms, the young girl snatched up his wrist and lead him back to the cabin where the others were swiftly gathering together their snow gear. All except the black haired, glasses wearing, laptop toting, nerd.

~"Kyoya?" She called, "aren't you coming too?"

~He shook his head and pointed to his computer, now charging with a connected cable that led into the outlet, "lots of work, not enough time."

~"But…" She looked genuinely concerned for a moment before Hikaru and Kaoru enveloped her in their thick, feather parkas and soft, fur-lined gloves. They danced around with her in their grasp until she completely forgot about the "cool" type host club member and spent the next few minutes trying to collect herself as she was crushed between the overly exuberant twins.

~They dragged her out the door while Mori and Hunney talked about Tamaki still shivering amidst his coat, briefly wondering if the handsome king would freeze to death outside. Mori seemed to agree that he just might. Everyone it seemed had all but forgotten the only man remaining behind, dressed in a designer flannel, red and black shirt, black under shirt, jeans, and socks.

~The door slammed shut, taking with it the biting chill from the outside as the fire worked its magic on the room and warmed it quickly back up.

~Kyoya raised his hand to his forehead and sighed heavily, dark bags underneath his eyes as he watched from the window while everyone scrambled up the sleigh's side to get comfortable in the transportation. They all had smiles on their faces, exchanging conversations happily back and forth and had the man not been staring right at the only female gracing the men with her presence, he might have missed the saddened expression she had on her visage as the horses drug the others away. She stared through the window directly at Kyoya, forcing a knot to form in the man's gut. There was no way she could have actually seen him through the foggy glass, and around the stabilizing wooden pillar standing directly in the way of her vision to him, but he could clearly see her.

~A tiny, half-smile donned his lips as the sleigh drifted out of sight, over a nearby snowdrift. She had been worried, he could see it in her face. Everything about her made him smirk, she was truly a gem… a wonder on her female species… and the boys of the Ouran High School Host Club had been the ones to find her, polish her, and keep her safe. Truly amazing. A statistical impossibility.

~He turned from the window and looked down at his laptop, momentarily glancing at the screen that had given him a headache. There was about six open folder windows, each displaying something different; one with stocks, bonds, and monetary bottom lines, another had emails sent through his satellite system internet he'd ordered be brought in when he discovered this location. The other folders held no interest to him, there were mindlessly opened and used for whatever possible information they might have had that was important inside and he'd just forgotten to close them, but what drew his eye was the haphazardly opened folder full of pictures, many old, some newer, and one he'd taken the night before.

~Comically, Kyoya wondered if any of the other host members realized he even owned a camera, yet threw the odd ball thought away when he realized he didn't care if they knew or not. He had only recently gotten it for strictly business purposes, he lied to himself, though had spent the greater part of the cameras USB, storage space, taking photos of Haruhi and their motley crew without the permission or even the knowledge of the others.

~He knelt down and moved aside the annoying other files, pushing on through the file of pictures, and stopped on the sleeping image of Haruhi from the night previous. She looked serene in her sleep, cutely unaware of the proverbial peeping tom that was snapping evil, digital photographs of her while she lay in dreamland.

~"Beautiful," Kyoya murmured to himself, before stretching to his full height and switching the computer to its hibernation mode. He felt dirty and didn't want to be disturbed while he took a nice, long, hot shower. Hence why he'd ordered the sleigh in the first place. To get everyone out of the house for a few private hours alone with himself, so he could think about what needed to be done over this vacationing weekend.

~The sound of the older pipes screamed briefly while the water managed to come from the underground well, that worked its way through the boiling hot water heater in the shed out back and finally made its way to the shower.

~His hand waited patiently for the aqueous liquid to warm up before he stripped down to nothing, lazily dumping his clothes on the floor in lieu of stepping into the glass encased shower. He stood underneath the scalding heat and breathed in deep the rising precipitation that was now fogging the transparent windows. There was wondrous clarity in his head at this delectably sinful pleasure he partook in, grinning like the Cheshire Cat when it caused a twitching reaction in his lower regions.

~"Yes," he said to himself, his voice lowering a purring, seductive octave, "perfect."

~"You know!—" The "loli-shota" type shouted, bending over and grabbing a handful of snow. He looked up with an evil expression glinting behind his honey-brown irises and targeted a pouting Tamaki as the man strode through the white wonderland, hands shoved sullenly into his pockets. He had been an irritating stick in the mud since they'd left the cabin and Hunney felt it was now time to change that, "—we're here to have fun!"

~Before the blonde, violet-eyed, kingly father figure-head could even understand what was going on around him, a ball of crystallized water smashed into his face, effectively knocking him over. He rolled around in a snowdrift for a confusing few seconds, coming up at length, sputtering and hissing like a wet cat.

~Hunney was laughing so hard he'd doubled over and didn't see the oncoming ball of white coming back towards his face. He would have been hit had Mori not stepped in right at the perfect moment, easily kicking away the thrown projectile with practiced ease.

~"Hey!" Tamaki yelled from across the snowy clearing, "that's cheating! You can't have people protect you!"

~Mori simply raised an eyebrow at the blonde man and stepped aside, hearing Hunney gasp wildly, "you're gonna let him hit me, Mori?"

~"Only fair," Haruhi laughed out, her adorable nose was tinged pink from the cold and she sniffled slightly. "You hit him first," she sing-songed shortly and turned to figure out why it was so quiet where the twins should have been.

~"Blasters on full!" Hikaru shouted and suddenly there was a raining down of snowballs, too many to count and the group before them raced around like crazed chickens in futile attempts to dodge the icy ammunition rounds.

~Haruhi tried to contain the squeal when she turned one direction, only to dart away from another falling bomb. She struggled to turn again, but second one landed by her brown boot and she jumped back. The twins had successfully cornered her and she had nowhere to go, wondering briefly to herself if they were coming to imprison her and take their prize.

~Out of nowhere it seemed, a streak of blonde came racing out of the corner of Haruhi's peripheral vision and scooped her up easily, as if she weighed nothing. She flung her arms around her captor's neck and hugged him close, looking up only when the savior was sure they were safe.

~"Hunney?" She called unexpectedly, eyes wide as it was clear she hadn't been expecting him to save her, let alone be carrying her.

~He grinned cutely and set her down easily, grabbing her shoulders and forcing her to duck as a wayward snowball crashed over her head. "Gotta save the princess," he laughed out and soldier crawled to peek over the small snowy protection they were hiding behind.

~"We're coming for you, Hunney!" Kaoru yelled, popping his head over the ice fortress now standing between the twins and everyone else. It was as if the whole thing had just poofed out of nowhere, leaving Haruhi to wonder if she should ask them about it later.

~"Not a chance!" Hunney screamed back, shaking his fist in the air good-naturedly. It was apparent he was having fun. "Mori," he called and the man popped up out of thin air beside the brunette female, startling her almost out of her wits.

~"Wah!" She warbled and hugged her knees together, watching in muted fascination as Mori dumped an armful of freshly made snowballs beside his older cousin. "Where the heck did all those come from?" She asked, more to herself then anyone in particular, which was good, neither boy answered her back.

~Mori stood up and launched the first snowball, easily crashing it directly into the twin's ice wall and knocking off a good-sized chunk. At first Hikaru simply rolled out of the line of vision, but was caught off guard when another ball thumped him squarely between the shoulders.

~"Brother!" He cried, rolling around dramatically like he'd been shot, "I'm hit, brother! I'm going to die!"

~Kaoru had the good sense, and the humorous bone in his body to roll over to his brother and snatch the young man up, dragging him to safety before Mori or Hunney had a chance to target them again, "don't worry, I'll save you."

~"You're such a wonderful brother," Hikaru commented, flushing lightly when his incredibly attractive younger twin wrapped him up tightly in his arms and ran a hand over the side of his face.

~"I'd do anything for you, Hikaru," he whispered charmingly.

~"Guys… You don't have an audience anymore," Haruhi said mirthlessly, standing directly beside the two body tangled boys.

~Mori and Hunney blinked in confusion, glancing back at where their prize should have been sitting, only to realize… she had disappeared and was now standing across the clearing, without them having realized she'd even left.

~Hikaru and Kaoru stared, blinking just like their evil enemy and disentangled themselves long enough to attempt to capture the flag. They made a mad dash for Haruhi, leaping for her as they meant in all seriousness to imprison her, but at the last possible second, the woman sidestepped them and let them fall into a snow pile.

~"Honestly, you guys are so weird," she turned in the direction of a fallen host member, walking to his side as she aimed to examine why he hadn't moved in the near half an hour since this whole ordeal had occurred.

~Tamaki lie in the snow, dazed and confused from the earlier onslaught of raining ice balls. He now sported a rather large lump on his head and the beginnings of a black eye, though when Haruhi knelt down beside him, instantly everything began to clear.

~"Aww, daddy's baby came to save him," he quirked happily, stretching out his arms to hug her, but she just poked his cheek.

~"You're turning blue, Tamaki," she stated, looking at his lips curiously with the new almost blueish-purple tint. His skin seemed slightly more ashen as well.

~The king shook his head and smiled, wrapping his arms around his sudo-daughter's waist and snuggled his face into her crotch. At first it had been unintentional, but Haruhi didn't know that and tried to peel the man off of her. When suddenly, her blonde figure-head shuddered so violently it shook her to her core and she stopped struggling.

~"Tamaki?" She called with obvious concern, "are you all right?"

~"Are you… having fun… Haru-h-hi?" He returned.

~"Not as much fun as I'd like to be."

~The man, though quaking so hard he couldn't speak without stuttering, peered up the girl's leg and smiled brilliantly, "I-I'm per-perfectly fine. You-you should go ha-have f-f-f-fun."

~"Tamaki, you're freezing, aren't you?"

~"Wh-what? N-no!" He lied.

~Haruhi pulled off her gray colored mitten and touched her leader's face gently, tenderly, "you're like ice. Come on, let's go." She snatched up his hand and led him towards the sleigh, yelling for the rest of the boys to come along, which they did so without much complaint.

~Riding back was done so, mostly in silence, Hikaru had immaturely said how much of a spoilsport their king was and saw fit to ignore his and everyone else's presence in a moment of complaining rage. His brother struggled in vain to calm him down, but to no avail, leaving Haruhi to finally growl out her irritation, which in turn made everyone clam up. It was safe to assume that their first day here wasn't turning out to be as much fun as it should have been, with Tamaki practically a frozen king-sickle and Hikaru being obnoxiously moody, today had taken a turn for the worst.

~"You're being immature," Haruhi said angrily at length, just as the sleigh came to a stop at the cabin's front door.

~Hikaru sniffed back, lifting his nose to the air and pretending to not let it bother him, even though he was on the verge of boyish tears at Haruhi's accusation. He just wanted everyone to have fun and it always seemed of late that Tamaki was spoiling everything, if it wasn't the man's annoying way of doing things, it was that he got to have the young Fujioka woman, he wanted more than anything else, first.

~The older twin leapt from the sleigh before anyone else and made a stomping exit towards a bed where he could mope himself to sleep, but with a screaming shock of fury racing down Haruhi's spine, she wasn't about to let the young idiot off without a good scolding. She jumped down after him, leaving Mori to help Hunney, and Kaoru to aid a still violently shivering Tamaki.

~Haruhi snatched up Hikaru's shoulder and spun him around to face her, "what's your problem today? Tamaki's really sick and you're being a jerk for no reason. We're going to be here for a week to have fun and you're ruining everything!"

~Unable to control himself or his temper, Hikaru angrily clenched his fist within the confines of his parka pocket, "that jerk ruins everything else and you enable him! It's not fair! I hate how everyone just lets him do whatever he wants!"

~The screaming match brought a scantily clad Kyoya, dressed in only his black boxers, to the front door, having cracked it open to survey the scene going on outside. He watched as Hikaru stormed towards him, intent on shoving his way through if the Shadow King didn't decide to move.

~"You! You! Prick!" Everyone gasped. Haruhi had never before used foul language, finding it to be childish and stupid to demean people or themselves by using such crude words, and because the other club members seemed to have the same opinion on it—in her presence—she just didn't cuss.

~She snatched up an armful of snow and rounded it swiftly into a ball, flinging it towards the juvenile, selfish twin without a thought. It flew beautifully, heading straight for its intended target, until the older doppelganger decided to turn around and side step.

~Haruhi gasped in stunned shock as the "cool" type host member stiffened and raised his arms up to take a firm hold on his bent glasses. He pulled them off and wiped the freezing ice ball away, blinking with obvious consternation at the sudden attack upon his person without just cause. There were a few unnerving moments of silence, where no one moved or spoke for fear of incurring wrath, but when the man simply retreated back into the cabin, they let lose their baited breath.

~That's when Tamaki decided to collapse. His fake courage and dwindling strength had finally reached their limit and when his knees buckled underneath him, it was up to Mori to keep the man from face planting back into the glacial cold. Hauling the king back up the giant's side, he made a bee-line for the house, followed in swift pursuit by their female host member and the others of the group, leaving Hikaru surprisingly alone.

~The oldest twin stepped up to the closed door and went to turn the large, metal handle, though paused when it would neither turn, nor give him passage through. They had locked him out…

~"Tamaki? Tamaki!" Haruhi shouted, trying to get the male's attention. She tore off his jacket and tossed it aside, pushing everyone back as they tried to crowd him, "give him some air people! Hunney, boil some water. Mori, go turn on the shower and make it hot. Kaoru, make sure your brother doesn't get in here until he's learned his lesson." In seconds, the group had scattered to their designated tasks, leaving the youngest Oohtori son and a popsicle king behind.

~"Kyoya," she called almost whispering and the man knelt down beside her, helping her shaking fingers unbutton and unzip Tamaki's many, wet layers of clothing. "I'm sorry."

~The man was quiet next to her for a long while, his glasses no longer on his face. They were probably bent beyond fixing and she knew she would likely have to pay for them later, but she didn't focus on that now, keeping her attention solely on the poor, shivering blonde in front of her.

~"Done," Takeshi murmured upon his return, looking up at Kaoru who was now yelling through the window at a brother who was screaming back. They had moved to cussing obscenities, the scene getting out of hand and leaving the "silent" type to quiet them down. He moved away from Kyoya and Haruhi to aid the twin on the inside against his sibling on the outside.

~"Help me get him to the shower, please," Fujioka ordered gently, lifting their heavy leader's unconscious head as Kyoya took his legs. They waddled their way towards the bathroom and set him in the bottom of the square shower, leaning against a wall.

~"I'm going to sit with him," Haruhi mumbled, beginning her frantic disrobing, which seemed to take more time to pull off then it did to put them on. She was down to her pants, and shirt layering when her dark complected vice-president stalked passed her and sat beside his brother in hosting arms, pulling the man between his arms and legs in his attempt to warm the back.

~She only paused for a moment, watching in silence as the polar opposite dark haired queen fought to protect and help his light haired king. When she gained back her bearings, she stripped of her remaining clothes and crawled to Tamaki's front, pressing her rather warm body against him.

~Long moments ticked by, sluggishly, aggravatingly as both parties waited impatiently for something, anything to happen to their blueish leader. Slowly, the color began to pan back into the blonde's features, his lips returning to their tannish pink color as his skin found its fleshy peach.

~"Haru-hi?" He murmured softly, his violet, red-rimmed eyes gradually coming open, bit by unnerving bit. "What happened?"

~Opening the emotional floodgates, Haruhi flung her arms around the blonde and hugged him tight, "you scared me, Tamaki!"

~He groaned lowly and tried to wake up a bit more, glancing around to figure out where he was, "are we back at the mansion?" His whole vision was clouded by steam and hot water, bringing back the memory of the day before's activities.

~"No," she laughed out, glad he was going to be okay, "we're still at the cabin."

~Tamaki closed his eyes and mumbled something incoherent, which sounded oddly like a curse and a moan, leaving the young woman to wonder if she just hadn't noticed everyone's affinity to cuss before now.

~"Can we get off of me now?" Kyoya asked and Haruhi chuckled shortly, moving away to let her light haired king move away. "Can you stand?"

~Suddenly dreading wanting to move, Tamaki shook his head vigorously and clung to the bathroom wall, "I'll fall and die."

~Both rolling their eyes, they realized their fearless leader had returned to his old self and would be perfectly fine if they left him to his own devices for the time being. Climbing from the tiled shower, Haruhi scrambled to find a towel underneath the sink to cover her nakedness, receiving an almost evil smirk from her Shadow King. He drew close to the shell of her ear, bring his arms around her bare chest and brushing his fingertips against the hardening nipples, "I expect payment for my irreparable glasses." With that said, he exited the bathroom, soaked to the bone and dripping water everywhere. He headed for the bedroom with his things.

~"Water's boiling, Haru!" Hunney came bounding in and froze when he saw the girl's naked form, motionless with a towel clutched tightly into her hands. "Haru?"

~She came out of her trance, blushing hotly and turned to look at her slightly shorter club member. He met her gaze and drew closer, lifting the towel up to her face, "put it on and get dressed, Haruhi. I don't want you getting cold too." His voice had changed from sweet and cute, to low and purposeful, the stark contrast between the two almost shocked the young girl, but she nodded and opened the towel, wrapping it around herself to preserve some dignity considering the door was flung wide open.

~"Tamaki?" She called, eyeballing him from the door after Mitsukuni had left for the kitchen, "you ready to get out?"

~The king hugged himself from the floor of the shower, letting the soothing jet-stream massage and warm his body, "I'm sorry."

~"What for?"

~"For ruining today. I tried to-"

~Haruhi's face fell and her bangs, wet from the shower dropped in front of her eyes, "shut up, Tamaki."

~He looked up at her, making a tiny sound out of confusion.

~"It wouldn't be fun if something bad happened to you… you… you idiot. Do you know understand how you made me feel when I saw you laying there all wet in the snow? You were turning colors, Tamaki! I don't want to think about what would have happened had I not got worried about you." She looked up, tears brimming on her lower lids, "you're so stupid. You… stupid, stupid jerk."

~He couldn't stand it anymore, the pain and anguish he saw pooling in her bark colored irises was too much to bear and he flung himself at her, wrapping her tightly in his soaked grasp. "I'm sorry, it'll never happen again. Just please don't cry, my love."

~She couldn't help it, a few strangled tears crept down her cheeks and fell to his shoulder. For a short time there on their way back on the sleigh, Haruhi had honestly debated with her inner demons about losing the blonde idiot. She asked herself what should would do without him and how she would feel, but all she could come up with was this vast emptiness that clutched her heart so tight it threatened to extinguish her.

~"I can't lose you," she cried, "I can't lose any of you. It'll kill me."

~"Hush," he comforted, petting her head until her cries ceased, "you will never lose any of us. We will always be here for you."

~"B-but… what about when you all find wives and leave," it became apparent that Haruhi's feelings were no longer just encompassing the wracking feeling of Tamaki's popsicle experience. He realized then that the young girl had been worried about all the boys in general, and wondered for how long she had carried this burden.

~"I can't speak for all of them, my love," he brought a finger beneath her chin and forced her to look up at him, "but I can speak for myself. And I promise, I will never. Ever. Leave you. I love you more than anyone else and I would give up everything I had if it meant you would be happy."

~Haruhi hugged the king tighter, burying her face into his shoulder and sniffling against his drying skin, "I'm sorry I'm being so selfish."

~"I love you," he mumbled, kissing the top of her head gently and smiling down at her.

~"Hikaru says he wants to apologize, Haruhi!" Kaoru broke the tender moment apart for the king and the princess, leaving them standing mute in the bathroom's doorway, where everyone could see Tamaki in his soaked gray boxer briefs while Haruhi stood in just her towel.

~Rubbing her eyes of tears, the female nodded to the younger twin and waved her hand as if to give permission, watching as Kaoru threw open the door and let in a moping Hikaru. The teen's shoulders sagged hopelessly, but he came over to the immobile couple and stood before his king.

~"I'm…s…" he muffled the ending and Tamaki looked at Haruhi curiously, wondering what had been said.

~"That's not good enough, Hikaru. Say it and mean it," the motherly figure scolded, and the boy flinched noticeably at his pathetic excuse for an apology.

~"I'm sorry, Tamaki."

~Without missing a beat, the blonde scooped up the moping twin, throwing him easily over his shoulder, "it's all right, Daddy forgives all!"

~"Dammit, you freak!" Hikaru shouted angrily, struggling in vain while Tamaki stalked around the small living room in his soaked underwear, "put me down!"

~The light-hearted moment stretched into some light-hearted smacking, which then turned into a brawl on the floor and left Haruhi smiling slightly as she watched on in muted fascination over the squabblings of her boys. Everyone here meant something to her, so much so that none of them could be replaced. Not now. Not ever.

~"You're playing it wrong, Hunney," Haruhi instructed, pulling the yellow, Clue, envelope from the oldest host club member's grasp. "You don't look at the cards in here until you've made a guess as to who did it."

~The "shouta" type pouted, "but I know who did it!"

~"Okay, so who did it?" Everyone watched on as Hunney described a violent, gory death between Mr. Mustard, whom the boy called Mustard-Seed—for some unknown reason—a knife, in the Billiards Room. He looked so proud of himself when he was given the small envelope to look, the expression melting into a mirthless pout when he was very wrong.


~"Don't say it, Hunney! Everyone else gets to figure it out now," Haruhi interrupted before the short blonde could ruin the first round of their board game.

~The other host club members, save Kyoya, for obvious laptop reasons, all sat around this small board game, intently trying to figure out the who done it game, and enjoying every laughing second of it as Haruhi mussed and fussed over the rules they were all continuously breaking.

~Hikaru had moved the small rope piece from one room to another while the brunette wasn't looking, and when she turned her gaze back, she seemed almost incensed by the cheat, glancing around murderously to see who could have possibly done it. By then, everyone was giggling, leaving a sighing Haruhi to throw her hands up in defeat and attempt to play by their obnoxious, rich bastard rules.

~"If I was going to kill someone," Kaoru began, "I would do it in the kitchen. With a knife."

~Hikaru glanced at his brother's direction and leaned in closer to see his cards, which were generously shown even though Haruhi had fought tooth and nail to keep them from doing that. The damn cheats. "I dunno what I'd do," he said without emotion, moving his cards around and waiting for the next person's turn.

~Staring intently at his given hand, Tamaki struggled hard to make Haruhi happy, fighting to understand the ridiculous rules of this game even though he was only pretending to. The brown haired female was wearing a low cut, warm looking set of silken blue pajamas that shined in the low light from the fireplace and lamp that sat on the couch table. She didn't seem to have noticed her garment was slightly revealing and he wasn't about to tell her it was. He enjoyed the view immensely, glad for the woman's added closeness since his earlier ordeal. For hours, Haruhi hadn't let the king out of her sight, taking extra precautions to ensure he was careful and taken care of.

~"Miss Scarlet, in the bedroom, with the poison," Kyoya muttered from his computer, the glare from his small machine blocking any view of his pretty, darkened gaze underneath.

~"Kyoya!" Haruhi shouted, "you're not playing."

~"But those are the cards in the envelope," he returned with a knowing smile and before the girl could stop Kaoru, the twin had pulled the cards out, only to sigh in defeat.

~"He's right."

~"Dammit!" Hikaru growled out and dumped his cards back into the box and promptly stood up. The others watched him stomp into the kitchen to grab another cup of hot chocolate sitting warmly on the stove, waiting for someone to claim it.

~"We can always play another game, Hikaru," Haruhi said calmly, taking everyone's card and shuffling them. This was supposed to be fun, she as of yet, wasn't having any fun.

~"I want to watch a movie," Tamaki said suddenly, drawing the girl from her intense sorting of card placements.

~"What kind?" Hunney asked happily, leaning against Mori for support as a loud, childish yawn rushed passed his lips. It was surprisingly late for the young blonde, but he didn't want to leave while there was still action going on.

~"A horror!" Kaoru shouted, joined in with glee by his twin who had plopped down beside him. The older passed the younger the steaming mug and they shared from the same cup as easily as breathing.

~"B-b-but-" Tamaki started, cut off by Hunney.

~"I don't want to watch a scary movie, it'll give me nightmares."

~Haruhi lifted a brown eyebrow and stared harshly at the bunny toting, karate master. She couldn't imagine the blonde being scared by anything, let alone a dumb, fake blooded, fake monstered movie, but she listened on as the men debated amongst themselves about what they should watch. There was apparently a rather large movie selection, seeing as how cable didn't reach up here, and it was well stocked in things the host club actually enjoyed watching.

~"A romance!" Hunney shouted.

~"Horror!" The twins returned.

~Tamaki and Mori had the good sense to not say anything, though Haruhi wondered vaguely if it was because they knew they wouldn't be heard anyway.

~"Let's vote," the devilish twins said smiling, "there's two of us, so it's two for horror."

~"I agree with Hunney-senpai," Tamaki agreed with a head nod, arms crossed over his chest, Mori following in suit with his pleading eyed cousin.

~"That's three for a romance, two for a horror," Hunney counted.

~"That's no fair! Haruhi and Kyoya haven't voted yet. Kyoya, what do you want to watch?" Hikaru drapped his arm over his brother and leaned into the young man, closing one eye in pouting frustration.

~Kyoya looked up from his computer screen, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose again, "I don't want to watch a movie."

~Haruhi slammed on the board game's top, making a huge mess of things as some of the cards and game pieces slithered out from the force. She glared up at the "cool" type and almost hissed, "you're going to watch a movie with us." Her aggravation left no room for argument and Kyoya smiled down at her with an amused smirk.

~"Horror." The figures voting against the twins sighed heavily, it only made sense for the Ootori son to disagree with them. He enjoyed conflict. It was very frustrating.

~It left the decision up to the young woman, still cleaning up the pieces of the board game alone, brushing off Mori's help. She wasn't intentionally trying to be mean, but her anger overrode her wish to be cordial. These damn rich bastards just kept getting on her nerves today and it aggravated her that she didn't know why. She just felt irritated today.

~"You have to pick ours," the twins complained, followed in harping a tune by Tamaki and Hunney about their side.

~"Why don't you guys just play toads, snakes, and slugs?" (A/N - this is a Japanese version of the Americanized version of rock, paper, scissors. The toad is afraid of the snake, the snake is afraid of the slug, the slug is afraid of the toad. I'll give air cookies if you can tell me what Anime I'm referencing!) Their young, female counter-part offered as she set the board game down on the dining table in front of Kyoya.

~"Because the twins cheat," Hunney whimpered, forcing a heated hiss to race through Haruhi's clenched teeth.

~"Fine then. Horror." She wasn't about to watch some lovey-dovey shoujo romance the gentler men of the group were sure to enjoy, it lead to other things and though she wasn't opposed to other things, she wasn't about to start a fight either. If they all watched a horror, Hunney would cradle himself in Mori's lap, Tamaki would sequester himself into hers, but she could handle the fraidy-cat king, while Mori—Haruhi was completely sure—would be all right.

~Tamaki and Hunney's eyes grew wide in shock, they hadn't thought their little princess would ever choose gore and blood over happy bunnies and unicorns, too bad they thought wrong. Amidst the hustling rush of the twins scrambling to look for a decent horror flick, and Haruhi's making of homemade popcorn in a pan, the others all scrambled for comfortable positions on the floor and couch. In the end, the twins bolstered themselves together like glue and sat on the floor with a comforter. Tamaki waited patiently for Haruhi to finish their snack, ghosting himself beside her in a useless attempt to aid her in the cooking process, nearly knocking over the simmering pan of oil twice, quickly being sent to the living room with a vengeance. Then Mori sat with Hunney between his legs, the older cousin hiding behind the giant's large knees as if they would offer some protection against fake, flying gore.

~Just as the young woman heard the beginning credits of some cheesy dread-fest, she finished dumping the white, fluffy cotton balls into a large bowl and turned directly into the hard sinewy chest of a much taller Ootori son. He stared down at her with a smirking grin, clicking off the kitchen light to cast themselves into darkened shadows. The soft glow from the television lit up Haruhi's face, but kept her darkness disguised captor completely in the shade. All she could perceive of his face was the tiny glint off a pair of rimless glasses she assumed were a back up pair and the ever-unwavering Cheshire cat grin plastered to his demonic looking features.

~Kyoya bent forward, his tight black shirt whispering over his light-skinned body and he met the shell of her ear with his lips, "I want my payment now." He took a gentle grasp of her free hand and pressed it against the growing hardness of his designer jeans, his smile broadening when she flinched.

~For once in Haruhi's life, she was glad she was cast in darkness. Not that the dark bothered her, but she knew the scarlet blush that raced up her neck and face would only serve to make the "cool" type want to tease her more. She took in a steadying breath, exhaling it through her nose to keep her voice from faltering, "come watch the movie with us."

~His smile never faltered and to reinforce his demand, he leaned into the cream-colored concave of his woman's neck, lightly brushing his lips over her vein and collarbone. There was a sharp intake of breath and her breasts trembled slightly, leaving the demanding man to take her almost dropped bowl of popcorn before it went clattering to the floor and interrupted his time with her.

~"Bedroom. Now," he ordered, watching Haruhi's hazy, chocolate irises waver with uncertainty. She could easily have brushed him off, stalked passed him and went to the couch and sat beside Mori, Hunney, and Tamaki. They were all entranced by the gore-fest, eyes wide and wondering as another body, something that appeared to be a woman, was spattered against a bathroom wall.

~Then again… They wouldn't even know if she was gone…

~Kyoya had handed Mori the bowl of popcorn, even the gentle giant was so engaged in the movie, he didn't even give the younger man a second's glance. Yup, she'd been right, they didn't even know Kyoya or Haruhi existed at this point.

~She debated her choices, or lack thereof them, knowing if she dashed for the couch now she would hurt the man's feelings in some form… if he had them that is. Though she knew he did, even if he hardly ever expressed them.

~Amidst her thoughts and deep in-set thinking, the Ootori's youngest son had come silently back to her side and wrapped his arm around her narrow waist, guiding her swiftly down the hall before she could utter a squeak. She only glanced momentarily at the full couch of quiet men and then the door was shut behind her, throwing her into the infinite darkness of Haruhi's shared room with Tamaki and Kyoya. Earlier that morning there had been a fight about who would sleep where, but seeing as how Mori, Hunney, and the twins had all ready taken over the bunk bed room before even looking in the other one to see its accommodations, they weren't given much choice.

~"Kyoya?" Haruhi whispered, not daring to raise her voice any higher. She reached out into the pitch-blackness, hoping to feel for his arm or hand, the enclosing murkiness of the room, not even lit by a warming fire was swiftly collapsing in on her chest and she was beginning to feel afraid.

~When he didn't answer, she took a halting step forward, towards the middle of the room and continued to feel her way around, hoping not to knock her shin or her toe into a bedpost.

~"Kyoya," her voice was shaky and the creeping in feeling of being stalked had made a frigid jet stream of cooled blood race up her spine. The "cool" type was actually hunting her like prey in the darkness.

~She turned around when she thought she heard a sound, taking a slow, unsteady step backwards and coming up flush against her predator's inescapably warm body. He leaned down into her ear and lightly blew into the shell, relishing in her pleasured shiver as he encompassed her delicate body with his strong arms.

~"Bed, Princess," he murmured, lowering his reach and touching his lips to her neck and shoulder, pushing her gently into the bed's direction. When he heard the older springs squeak under her light weight, he made his way after her, ghosting off his obsidian shirt and blue jeans. He didn't care where they fell, slowly reaching down to determine where exactly his prey lie as he climbed onto the bed and straddled her body menacingly as he had done a couple times before.

~"What are you going to do?" She whispered, the unknown was exhilaratingly exciting, but frightening all the same.

~"Make you scream my name."

~In the darkness, Kyoya couldn't see the woman's eyes widen in surprise, nor watch with mirthful amusement when she turned away in embarrassment as a rising blush adorned her cheeks. He raised his hand to Haruhi's chin, forcing her to look back at him even if all he appeared to be was a large, looming shadow.

~Before she could understand what was going on around her, the man lowered himself to her lips and crushed hers in a bruising kiss, his glasses feeling cold on her face as he used his thumb to pry open her unsuspecting mouth. He shoved his tongue into her depths and greedily swallowed her moan, rushing to feel every inch of her insides. He wasn't gentle, not like Tamaki, but even Kyoya's beastly nature seemed to get to Haruhi, move within her and pull her apart. She had begun to feel that pouring warmth that rushed into her belly and pooled at the junction between her legs, it was forcing a noticeable throb to beat its way into her mind.

~The hand that wasn't holding himself up, the one at her chin slowly moved down and away when he knew she wouldn't deny him his hard ravagings on her lips. He found the hem of her shirt and pushed it up without hesitation, even as the blushing woman tried in vain to keep the material covering her.

~Kyoya growled like a panther, pulling away from her mouth to come up for air, knowing she needed the precious oxygen too. He moved his body just slightly and lowered his other hand to her shirt, pulling it up and over her breasts, exposing them to the chilling air. In an instant her nipples hardened from the cold, but she didn't feel a bit of it. Haruhi's entire body felt like it was on fire, the coursing feelings that rocketed through her from her head to her toes were keeping off the biting air.

~His glasses had now become bothersome, preventing him from being as hard with her as he would have liked and he swiftly took them off, laying them without a care onto his bedside table, before turning his attention back to his princess.

~He took a pert nipple into his mouth and drew slowly on it, feeling Haruhi shiver uncontrollably. She had pulled one of her hands away from the side of her face and bit down on her first two fingers, struggling to contain her moans.

~Not wanting his lover to deny him his little pleasures, Kyoya grabbed her wrist and pulled it above her head, continuing his gentle administerings to her soft and supple mounds. When one breast had been sufficiently harassed, he moved to the other, starting the spiraling emotions of turgid wantoness all over again. He loved it when she struggled to stifle a moan or a tiny cry, knowing she was enjoying this gentle foreplay as much as he enjoyed giving it to her.

~His right hand ghosted over her body, barely touching the heated skin and rushing down to the junction between her legs, cupping the scorching core in the palm of his hand. It shot tendrils of white fire up her spine and Haruhi bucked involuntarily, bowing her spine. She wanted to get closer to Kyoya's magic fingers, felt a wanton need she didn't quite fully understand yet, but knew she had to appease.

~"What do you want?" Kyoya asked seductively, rubbing her bundle of nerves through her silk pajamas.

~"Ahh…" Haruhi held her eyes tightly closed, bunching her knees together as her insides pulsed in tune with Kyoya's fingers, "I-I want you to make the throbbing stop."

~"How do you want me to do that?" His low lilt was driving the girl insane. She didn't know what she wanted, knew only that yesterday the pleasured pain she felt was appeased only when Tamaki moved inside her. Even cumming with whosever fingers had been playfully teasing her clit, didn't come close to the overwhelming feeling of completeness she felt when the blonde filled her to the brim.

~Haruhi blushed hotter, her mouth hanging slightly open as another whimper of bliss raced through her. His fingers just wouldn't quit.

~"I can't do anything until you tell me how to make the throbbing stop, Haruhi." The way her name rolled off his tongue in unison with his organized rubbing, it yanked her tightening coil down hard in her gut. She was almost there, about ready to cum, but the hovering man knew this and eased up with his attentions, gaining only a heated cry for more.

~"Tell me, Haruhi."

~"I want you inside me," she groaned, falling prey to Kyoya's predatory smirk. He had won and now it was time to claim his prize. In a flash he had ripped off her silk pants, roughly shoving off her shirt, though none of that mattered much, she was in too much need of him to care about the hindering garments.

~Kyoya pulled away for only a second, disrobing from his confining boxers and come back full force, pressing his hardened body against hers while she gasped at the large, steely rod poking into her side. It was terrifying, yet she wanted it. Needed it.

~"Get on your hands and knees," he ordered gently, sensing her confusion. There was a second where he debated the position in his mind, but he threw the thought away, tonight was about showing her his animal side, the one he kept well hidden during the waking hours.

~Haruhi felt her prison guard's hands touch her hips and back, skimming over the shimmering surface that glistened slightly with perspiration. To him, she was utter perfection. He couldn't have asked for anything better or more.

~Moving himself slightly, he touched his dick to her entrance, her hips shivering, "calm down, Haruhi. It's all right. You'll like it." That seemed to calm her nerves a little and she felt him push passed the soft outer petals of her feminine folds. She couldn't help the moan that rushed through her well ravaged lips, raising her ass a little higher to help aid Kyoya in his slow invasion as she dropped her chest to the bed.

~He grinned at her submission, unable to hold himself off any longer and rammed his hips into hers, the crackling scream of pleasure tore from her mouth before she could stop it. She instantly covered her oral cavity with her hands, praying to any god listening that none of the boys in the living room heard her.

~"Did you hear that, Kaoru?" Hikaru asked, eyes plastered to the television set. During the last death scene, the music had cranked up loud while the virgin in the horror film died horribly under the shining blade of her murderer. The older twin had thought he heard something else that wasn't coming from the small, glowing box. He looked around for a split second and glanced at his brother who had remained completely wordless. Sleeping like a rock.

~Hikaru smiled and wrapped his arm around the snoozing twin, enfolding him with his own body heat and continued to watch the movie with fervor. He was apparently the only one still awake.

~"Bunch of pansies," the awake, devil doppelganger muttered, seeing Tamaki sleeping on one end of the couch while the two cousins slept on the middle and opposite side. They really were a bunch of little girls if they couldn't even make it through one horror movie that wasn't even that good.

~"Louder, Haruhi!" Kyoya moaned, sliding himself out again, leaving in only the tip before slamming himself swiftly back in, effectively ridding the young woman of her oxygen and her will to fight him. Not that she had any fight to begin with. She was now putty in his hands, feeling him start a rhythmic pacing inside her, moving back and forth, in and out. Every now and again, when Haruhi would squeal or mewl, Kyoya would shudder and lose pace, his roaming hands searching out her breasts, her hips, her stomach, her breasts again, and finally her clit to resume his dominance over her.

~He tentatively brushed against her nerve bundle, hissing loudly in her ear when she tightened her scorching walls around him, nearly ending it all right there, but he held on, pausing his movement to bring Haruhi closer to her own rapture.

~The girl cried out when Kyoya's touches became hard and constant, he was taking from her everything and giving back tenfold. She felt her insides screaming for release, struggling to hold onto the remaining pieces of herself she still had left that had any clear-minded thinking, but as the overwhelming feelings converged on one another within her, she found that it didn't matter anymore and allowed herself to succumb to the lashing fire that licked at her core.

~Haruhi's tightly wound coil suddenly sprang, jolting her clear through with blue lightning. She saw stars stream across her vision and a loud, mewling cry rushed through her lips as she screamed her lover's name.

~He couldn't take it anymore, his own release having waited on the verge for so long now, Kyoya felt her core clamp down on him and he clashed his hips into hers, shooting off his masculine essence as deeply inside her as he could manage. Ragged breathing from both partners could be heard for a long few moments afterward and the "cool" type slowly extricated himself from the wondrous warmth that was his Haruhi.

~They both flopped down onto the bed, the now exhausted Shadow King turning onto his side and reaching out for his trembling princess, still under the heavy effects of rapture and adrenaline. He pulled her head down onto his chest without another thought and promptly fell asleep like that, finally comfortable that the woman of his deepest dreams and desires was sharing his bed.

Author's Note~ Hope that was good for the long wait. I've been dealing with some life issues and a computer crashing in more recent months. So it's not just this story that's suffering, all of them are as I struggle to get back all my lost data from my wrecked hard drive. Thank alot! Enjoy!