A/N: This story was prompted by one of those random pairing quiz you put in your profile. (Q#1: Have you read a five (Ryohei)/ten(Kyoko) fic before?) My answer is that I haven't since I can't seem to find one so I wrote my own. For those who also haven't read a Ryohei/Kyoko fic before, here's one. Pure sibling love fluff~~

Big Brothers

Okay, so maybe he wasn't the smartest guy in the bunch, but Ryohei knew when there's something his sister is not telling him.

"Where were you last night Kyoko?" the boxer asked his sister sternly. When she refused to reply, he began rattling on. "MOM AND DAD DIDN'T NOTICE IT! BUT I DID! I WAS SO WORRIED TO THE EXTREME! I THOUGHT ABOUT SEARCHING FOR YOU! BECAUSE YOU'RE MY ONLY SISTER IN THE WORLD! NO! IN THE WHOLE UNIVERS-"

"Keep it down Onii-san," she said, worrying about their parents hearing them downstairs. She was about to sneak out again when her brother caught her this time. "I was here the whole time last night," she smiled.

Ryohei looked back at her. "You're not."

She continued to look at him, eyes wide and pleading, it usually melts his big brother but this time, it didn't work. He must've been really worried about her. She relented, "Don't worry Onii-san, I wasn't doing anything bad or dangerous. And promise, this would be the last time."

His big brother softened at her honesty. "Fine, then I'll take you-"

"No, no, Haru's already waiting for me outside," she said, getting her handbag. "Tell Mom and Dad not to enter my room 'kay?" she said, before tiptoeing down the stairs and getting out through the back door, like she had seen her big brother do so many times during their 'nightly sumo fights'. She hated to worry her big brother like this, but once in awhile should be fine.

After all, he worried her all the time.

Ryohei was left standing in front of her room. When had she become so independent? Didn't she need him anymore? Kyoko was still too young to be sneaking out at night without her brother! He briefly considered following them, just to make sure that they would get to wherever their destination is safely, but then decided against it, much as he hated to admit, he was afraid that Kyoko would hate him.

Maybe she didn't need her big brother anymore.

It wasn't until the next day when the three girls (Chrome was there too) distributed their handmade presents to the guys that he realized that his worries were baseless. Tsuna blushed ("Arigatou Kyoko-chan"), Gokudera reluctantly accepted ("Why do I have to get the one that the stupid woman made?"), and Yamamoto thanked Chrome happily ("I get one too? Thanks!") One scarf had even made it's way to Hibari's locker (although they didn't know what happened to it afterwards)

And Kyoko, smiling brightly, handed him his scarf and sweater. "It took longer, because I also wanted to knit a sweater for you, Onii-san." she explained, expecting her brother to burst into tears of joy, and start raving about love between siblings. But instead, Ryohei just smiled, accepted the present and ruffled her hair affectionately, feeling relieved.

She still is, and hopefully would always be, her big brother's little girl.

A/N: I wrote this before finding out about a Valentine vid in youtube with these pairings. It's really cute though! You should watch it. This story was originally part of a drabble collection but I gave up on it since I'm not really good with that kind of stuff. (I can't do it with just 100 words!) Thanks for reading~~ Oh, and R&R please^^