The Deal

Summary: Harry doesn't want to end up with Ginny, she knows that and understands but no one else knows that Harry's little secret is that he's gay and completely besotted with Draco Malfoy. Then he realises that he has the perfect opportunity to court him and that's where the deal comes in.

Chapter One

The war was over, the hallows were hidden, every loose end had been tied up. All except for one, the moment that Harry saw an opportunity to talk to Draco alone and he took it.

"Draco, can I have a word?" Harry asked, Draco looked reluctant but he had nothing to fear, not now that Voldemort was dead.

"What do you want Potter?" Draco asked but his tone wasn't fierce it was exasperated and tired.

"Call me Harry, I think we're past surnames at this point." Harry said.

"Fine, what do you want Harry?" He asked and Harry smiled.

"I saved your life twice tonight." Harry said.

"And my mother saved you once as well. She told me what happened in the forest."

"Okay, well you still owe me your life."

"So I repeat the question, what do you want?" Draco asked getting slightly more irritate now.

"A deal, I'll erase your life debt to me."

"In return for?"

"A month of your time and attention."

"What do you mean?"

"I want to date you, I want us to be boyfriends." Harry said matter-of-factly and Draco just stood there looking stunned.

"I'm going to need you to explain that logic to me because I don't get it."

"What part do you need explained, I thought it was pretty clear."

"I don't get why, you're the hero of the moment, you could have any pick of guys or girls that you wanted and yet here you are bargaining with me."

"Maybe I don't want all the fan's drooling over me, maybe I want something else, maybe I want you." Harry said and he sounded very sure.

"But why would you want me, it's not like we've been friends over the years?" Draco questioned, he wasn't convinced of the motivations behind this deal that Harry was proposing and he was of course distrusting of the boy who had been so against him throughout their time at Hogwarts.

"Since sixth year, I followed you, trying to figure out what you were up to, I saw that you didn't kill Dumbledore and I knew that you had morals and you didn't really want to align with him." Harry said getting closer to Draco now.

"Is that why you saved me?"

"Partly." Harry said, "But also because I find you incredibly sexy and I want if for no more than a single month to be your boyfriend and court you. I want to see if all the rumours are true."

Draco blushed, a completely unflattering tone for his pale skin. The rumours that had been going around were that Draco was quite the kisser but that was nothing compared to how he was in bed. Who had started the rumours no one was really sure but Harry had been curious as he always was.

What no one knew was that even though Draco enjoyed the rumours he had a secret of his own, he was a complete virgin, the most intimate he'd ever been with another person was to share a kiss.

"So if I accept this deal, what do you expect?" Draco asked.

"I expect us to be boyfriends, we go out on dates, we kiss and see where it goes." Harry said smiling but it wasn't a smug, mischievous smile, Draco actually thought he looked genuine.

"Okay, I'm going to agree to this on one condition."

"What's the condition?" Harry asked sounding unsure.

"You have to tell my parents."

Harry smiled and it was the smile that worried him. "No problem" Harry said, "But you have to be there when I tell them."

Draco nodded reluctantly, Harry extended his hand for Draco to shake and with a sigh Draco accepted and they shook. The deal had been made.

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