A/N: Happy Halloween! In honor of my favorite holiday, there will be short one-shots a-creepin' up in this spooky series, filled with gore and smut. Gotta love it. This first one is the "other version" of Blackout.

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"Pie?" Olivia questioned. "I invite you over to watch a scary movie, and you bring me pie?"

Elliot shrugged. "I like pie," he said. "Besides, you ordered from Mister Chow's before we even left work, so bringing Chinese would have been stupid. You have nine thousand tons of candy in bowls on your table, what else was I supposed to…you wanted liquor, didn't you?" he asked with a laugh.

"Woulda helped," Olivia said, sitting on her couch.

Elliot placed the pie in the middle of her table and said, "Okay, honestly, I brought the pie because Kathy's attempting to make them from scratch for Thanksgiving and she's been practicing all damned day. I have seventeen pumpkin pies in my kitchen."

Olivia grumbled at the mention of Kathy, the woman Elliot would leave on Monday, then reconcile with on Tuesday, then he left her again on Wednesday. Their relationship was so messed up she had stopped trying to fix it. She hoped that this time it was really over. "Make her eat it," she mumbled, shoving a lollipop in to her mouth.

Elliot chuckled. "I would, but then she'd hold it over my heat in court. She'd claim spousal forced nourishment, or something like that." He sat down beside her and picked up the remote, then he got up again to turn off the lights.

"What are you doing?" Olivia asked, beginning to get a little edgy.

"Scary movies are scarier in the dark," he said. He returned to his seat and pushed play, watching the opening credits start to roll.

"Wonderful," Olivia muttered. She was suddenly uncomfortable. She had a pie, baked by the wife of the man she was madly in love with, on her table. She was less than six inches away from him, watching a scary movie, something she had planned hoping he would be there to comfort her when she got scared, because she knew she would get scared. However, she was already terrified. She was going to make a fool out of herself. Her night, she thought, was going to be an embarrassment.

Elliot had slowly moved his arm, draping it around Olivia's shoulders as the movie began, and without being bold or obvious, he scooted closer to her and pulled her into him. He watched the screen, darting his eyes toward Olivia every once in a while, hoping she wouldn't mind what he was about to do.

Olivia felt him moving closer, but she forced herself to watch the movie. She wasn't sure which was more terrifying. She blinked, trying to get a grip, but no matter where she looked, she would see something that scared her. She kept her eyes on the screen.

The killer was stalking a young woman, running after her, and Olivia's heart was racing as she watched, feeling Elliot looming closer. She felt his hot breath on her neck, and just before he did what he wanted to do, there was a knock on the door and the girl on the TV screamed.

Olivia jumped and yelped, knocking Elliot in the face with her shoulder, and she jumped off the couch to get the door.

"Trick or treat!" a group of young kids sang out.

One hand over her racing heart, Olivia laughed. "A vampire, a fairy, and…well, what are you, exactly?" she asked, pointing to one kid.

"A defense attorney," the kid, dressed in a suit, said. "It's me, Olivia!" he yelled, taking off his sunglasses.

Olivia laughed even louder. "Oh, Kyle, you look a lot different in that suit," she laughed. She moved to the table, grabbing some candy, and dropped pieces into each child's plastic pumpkin. "Tell your uncle I said hi, Kyle. The three of you look great!"

"Is that Trevor's nephew?" Elliot yelled from the couch, rubbing his chin.

Olivia yelled back, "Yeah. He's his Uncle Trevor for Halloween."

"Scariest costume ever," Elliot shouted. "He wins!"

They all laughed, and then kids waved to her and walked away. She took a breath and closed the door, still trying to calm down. She gasped, remembering she had clocked Elliot a good one, and turned around. "Are you okay?" she asked, running back to the couch and examining Elliot's face.

He laughed. "I'm fine," he said. "You jumped pretty high, there, Liv. You're not actually buying into this load of shit movie, are you?"

"I just…I don't like scary movies," she mumbled, sitting back down. She leaned into him again, and she let him wrap his arm around her again, and she began to get too involved in the movie…again. She was breathing rapidly as she watched the killer grab his target, and she begrudgingly watched the gruesome murder on the screen. She shielded her eyes in Elliot's shoulder, she cringed and jumped at every turn, then began hiding her face in Elliot's chest.

He couldn't resist. He very slowly moved his hands toward her waist, and he grabbed her as he yelled, "Boo!"

Olivia screamed, took a moment to calm her heavy breathing, and slapped his hand away, then she glared at him and shook her head. "Grow up," she chided.

Elliot looked honestly hurt. "Are you…are you mad at me or something?" he asked.

"No," Olivia said, closing her eyes and leaning back. "Just watch the movie."

"Excuse me," Elliot said, turning off the TV, leaving them in pitch blackness. "What the hell is going on with you tonight?" he asked, snippy.

"Nothing, El," Olivia said softly, her voice shaky. "Can you turn the lights on, now? Please," she pleaded in a whisper.

"Oh, what, are you afraid of the dark?" he asked, still annoyed.

Olivia was thankful he couldn't see her. She was shaking a bit, her eyes were squeezed shut, and she couldn't breathe. "Of course not," she said, trying like hell to calm down.

Elliot tilted his head. "Liv?" he questioned. He moved closer and when he touched her knee, he felt her jump. "Shh…Liv, it's just me.," he said softly. "Shit, you really are scared, aren't you?"

Olivia let out a choked-sounding sob and nodded. "Not of the dark," she said softly with a shudder.

Elliot reached for the remote and tried to turn the TV back on, but nothing happened. "Shit," he said. "Damn it," he spat, hitting it and trying again. He turned around and looked outside, noticing the entire street was bathed in darkness. "Aw, man. Liv, uh, I think there might be a problem. Looks like a blackout."

Olivia whimpered, then felt Elliot pulling her toward him. "What the hell are you…"

"Shh," he hushed. "I'm right here, Liv. Nothing's gonna hurt you, you know that. What's got you so sacred?" he asked, brushing her hair back, feeling her shiver in his arms.

Olivia shook her head and said, "I can't…"

"Can't what?" Elliot interrupted. "Tell me? You can tell me anything, I'm not gonna think any less of you," he said. "What's got you so spooked?"

"Nothing," she said to him, sniffling.

"God, Liv," he said, rubbing soothing circles on her back. "The dark…the dark is actually kind of cool. It can be a lot of fun." He felt her shift in his lap and heard her scoff. "I'm serious."

"How?" she asked, sounding skeptical.

Elliot grinned and said, "I will be right back." He felt his way over to the table, grabbed a bowl of Halloween candy, and sat back down beside her. "You can't see anything, right?"

"Not a damned thing," she assured him, sounding calmer.

Elliot reached into the bowl, pulled out what he thought felt like a chocolate bar, and tore the package open. "Open your mouth," he said. "Say, 'Ahh,' Liv."

Olivia smacked him in the arm. "Perv," she hissed.

"Ow, damn it," Elliot laughed. "Liv, just do it!" he chuckled.

Olivia rolled her eyes, but opened her mouth and made an odd noise. She felt the bar slide into her mouth, and she closed her lips around it. "Hmm," she moaned.

"Your other senses are heightened, because you can't see," he told her. "What does it taste like?" he asked, grinning as he started to unbutton his shirt.

"Heaven," Olivia mumbled, chewing. "Sweet, salty, creamy, rich…"

"Okay," he said with a laugh. "Good, right?"

"Very," Olivia said, agreeing.

Elliot picked up another chocolate bar and did the same thing, slipping it into her mouth. "What about that one?" he asked, taking his shirt off as she processed the flavor.

"Coconut," she mumbled. "Too sweet, too chocolaty," she said.

Elliot chuckled as he dropped his shirt to the floor.

"What was that?" Olivia asked, still chewing on her chocolate.

"Your hearing is more sensitive now," he told her, moving the bowl from his lap to the coffee table. He leaned over and grabbed the hem of her shirt, pulling lightly. "Wait till you find out what this does to your sense of touch," he whispered, lifting the cotton tee over her head.

"Wha...what are you…" before she could finish, his mouth was on hers. His tongue ran over her lips, her mouth opened, and he tasted her sweet, salty, rich, Heavenly kiss. He moaned into her mouth, and she responded in kind.

Elliot moved his hands down to her pants, sliding them over her hips and off of her body. His fingers dance back up her legs, and tugged on her underwear, pulling them off, too.

Every nerve in her body was on fire, synapses were firing at will, she smelled him and almost fainted. "So good," she mumbled.

"What?" Elliot asked, maneuvering out of his own pants.

"You smell good," she moaned, feeling his fingers trailing up her legs again. She gasped and dug her nails into his shoulders as she felt one of his nimble fingers slide up her slit.

"So do you," he whispered. He removed his finger from her body and brought it to his lips. He moaned in delight as he sucked her juices off of his digit and said, "God, you taste incredible." He lowered his head, finding her eyes, and he peered into them and asked, "Have you ever made love in the dark, Liv?"

Olivia shook her head and said, "Not this dark."

"Me either," he said, moving over her. He missed her neck, her chin, the lobes of her ears were each sucked into his mouth and toyed with before he finally gave in and kissed her lips again, making sure she felt every emotion behind it. As he kissed her, he felt her arms wrap around him and her hands slide over his back. He took it as permission and slowly pushed into her. "Holy shit," he gasped, pulling away from her mouth.

"El," Olivia moaned, her eyes squeezing shut. "Oh, my God, I've never felt…"

"I know, baby," he moaned, pushing deeper. "Me either," he whispered. He held onto her as he filled her completely, then slowly pulled back out, listening to her whimper. "Oh, God, Liv," he grunted, feeling her tight walls rubbing over his shaft as he pulled out. He pushed back in slowly, dropping his lips to hers again.

Olivia moaned in pleasure, but as she writhed beneath him, she asked against his lips, "What are we doing?"

"Making love," he whispered, kissing her neck. "In the dark," he murmured. "On Halloween."

Olivia moaned and dragged her nails down his back. "Your wife…"

"Isn't," he said, cutting her off. "It's over, it has been," he said, starting to move faster. "You knew that," he told her, kissing her.

Olivia shook her head. "No," she moaned. "Oh, God, Elliot!" she cried, never having felt so full, so completely loved, so thoroughly pleased in her entire life. "Fuck, you feel so good," she moaned, gripping him harder.

"It's the dark," he chuckled, moving harder and deeper, feeling everything she was feeling.

"No," Olivia said, shaking her head. "It's you."

Elliot grunted, moving faster, and said, "Fuck, I love you, Liv. So much. Just…shit, baby. So God damned incredible." He gave up trying to make sense, his brain could no longer function, and he kissed her. He moaned as his left hand slid down her body, coming to rest on her swollen clit. He rubbed and flicked at it with his thumb, making her yelp.

Olivia felt everything so incredibly, and she felt his left hand, against her skin, was ring-free. She smiled and moaned louder. "Harder, baby," she begged, clutching him tight.

"Fuck, yeah, baby," Elliot said, obliging her and hitting into her harder.

They were moving, together, in the dark, in perfect synchronicity, for an hour. The TV came back on, filling the room with blood curdling screams, just as Olivia screamed in ecstasy. His name flew out of her mouth so easily. She cried, "Elliot, God, Elliot," over and over again as she clamped around him and came harder than she ever had before.

Elliot spilled into her, screaming her name loudly, too. He was still hitting into her, hard, fast, and deep. "Fuck, Liv, baby," he grunted as he slowed down. He kissed her as he stilled, brushing her hair back with one hand while the other teased her too-sensitive and overworked clit twice more.

"Oh, God," Olivia said as her body convulsed in blissful aftershocks.

Elliot held her close and kissed her softly, nodding in agreement. "Amazing," he whispered. "Baby, are you still afraid of the dark?" he asked, kissing her softly.

"I'm not afraid of the dark," she said. She kissed him just as there was a knock on her door and a man's voice yelling about Chinese food.

"Yeah, sure," he laughed. I will be right back," he promised. He chuckled, pulled out of her, and ripped open another chocolate bar. He popped it into her mouth and said, "Happy Halloween, baby." He pulled on his pants and grabbed his wallet, heading to the door to pay for their food.

She reached over and turned on the lamp, then pulled the blanket on the couch around her. She smirked as he came back toward her, shirtless and sweaty, and said, "Happy Halloween, El."

Elliot sat beside her, looked at her, and tugged on the blanket. "Now that I can see you," he said, slipping out of his pants again, "I wanna show you how much fin the lights are."

Olivia laughed as Elliot climbed over her, silently thinking to herself that there wasn't anything to be afraid of anymore. He had soothed her fears, and calmed her worried mind.

"You know," Elliot said, "You're a damn good actress, baby, but I know that you're not afraid of the dark." He kissed her again and said, "You're a fucking chicken, Liv, you were afraid of the movie."

Olivia looked at him with narrow eyes. "It wasn't really the movie, either," she said.

Elliot peered down at her, then he smirked. "You were afraid of me? Of...us?" he asked, softly.

"Terrified," she whispered.

"You still scared?" he asked, kissing her. He felt her head move, she nodded, but he understood. he was scared, too, but he'd never admit it. He pushed into her again, this time with lights on, watching her every reaction, and glad for the scary movie on TV masking their own frightening sounds.

Olivia kissed him back with everything she had, feeling everything she had felt in the dark, knowing now that it was him creating the heightened sensations. She was really growing to love Halloween, and she chuckled to herself, realizing that she really liked the dark.

A/N: That wasn't so scary, but the next one-shot is entitled, "Are you nervous, yet?" It will be spooky and, yes, a little on the smutty side, and will involve a haunted house. See you then!