I'm not sure how many people read DB stories, but I hope you enjoy this one. I'm usually a Chair fan so I was surprised when I felt compelled to write about DB.


A story about how Dan and Blair fall in love.

This is set after Season 2. The only difference is that Chuck doesn't come back from Europe, so the Chair 'I love you too' scene never happens.


I own nothing but the story.

True Love Waits

When Dan Humphrey arrives on his first day at NYU, he has never felt so free.

After so many years of being caged at St. Judes (although he graduates at the top of most of his classes, his wallet will never get him noticed), he finally arrives at a place where he can be his true self with likeminded people.

He and Vanessa mingle with other freshmen in the courtyard for orientation. They discuss how college will bring them closer together as friends and they can finally leave the Upper East Side behind them. No more scheming, lies and manipulation. College is about making new friends, partying and drinking straight from kegs.

It doesn't matter that he is unable to attend Yale, high school is behind him and he can finally shed the monotonous 'Lonely Boy' name.

He doesn't tell anyone he is still subscribed to Gossip Girl.

Dan Humphrey first sees Blair Waldorf in a lecture. He arrives ten minutes late because he gets lost in the huge campus, I should have printed a map, he thinks. The introductory Psychology lecture is full and he sits at the back, not on a chair but on a step because all seats are taken. After five minutes of trying to find a pen, he notices that the lecturer is pointing to him.

'Young man, we don't allow students to sit on steps. It's a fire hazard and frankly, if you're going to arrive ten minutes late to my lecture, you don't really deserve a seat. Find one or arrive early next time', the old professor says sternly.

Dan feels the whole lecture room look back at him. As he gets up to look for a chair, he notices one near the front and has to climb over too many people to finally reach his seat. The table is broken and he still can't find a pen, so he sits there trying to forget about all the people he annoyed to get to his seat and concentrate on how the professor is talking about the Milgram Experiment.

He feels a tap on his shoulder and turns around to see a smirking Blair Waldorf directly behind him. She hands him a pen while whispering, 'You should always come prepared'. Dan simply nods at her, thankful and surprised. He knows it's not the most astounding thing that's ever happened to him, but Blair Waldorf, ultimate bitch of the UES, with whom he can count the number of times he has had a conversation with on one hand, just gave him a pen.

'I don't want it back when you're done by the way. I can do without your Brooklyn germs'.

And Earth starts spinning again.

The next time Dan sees Blair is at the coffee shop. He has finally found a place that isn't a Starbucks, but has wi-fi and does a mean cappuccino.

He looks up when he hears a familiar voice at the register and notices her. She orders and waits for her coffee, standing as though she is royalty. Yet she looks different, Dan thinks, and he can't stop staring at her and trying to figure out how she has changed.

It's only when she has left the coffee shop that he realises that this is the first time he has seen Blair Waldorf in jeans.

And then he realises that Blair Waldorf looked good in jeans.

He arrives ten minutes early to his Psychology lecture, making sure he doesn't repeat the embarrassment of the last lecture. He sees her near the front of the lecture reading a book and cautiously approaches her. She's wearing jeans again and her hair is up in a ponytail, yet he can't stop and think that she looks more perfect than he's ever seen her.

Dan Humphrey should not be having these thoughts about Blair Waldorf.

He stands at the aisle, rethinking his decision to approach her when she looks up.

'Humphrey, if you're looking for another pen, I believe there's a convenient store somewhere on campus'.

He sits down next to her and she stares daggers at him. 'Nice jeans', he simply says and he regrets it immediately. It's the first thing he says to her since the Miss Carr incident and he scolds himself mentally for being so socially awkward around her.

She looks back to her book, probably already bored with him, 'They cost more than your entire wardrobe'. And he doesn't even question the statement.

'You're here early', he states after what seems like a lifetime, trying to break the awkwardness of their silence.

She looks back up at him again from her book. He feels like she's analysing him, like he's some science experiment.

'Cabbage Patch, I know you're always in your imaginary world making up corny love stories in your mind, but I think I've made it pretty obvious that I have no interest in your taste in fashion or your sense of time so if you don't mind, I'm going to back to reading my book and ignoring you'.

Dan watches as she looks back down at her book and decides not to respond in fear of what the small girl could do to him. He wishes he didn't get to class so early. He wishes he chose any of the hundreds of empty seats instead of choosing the one where he had to sit next to the reincarnation of Satan.

He hears Blair sigh and put down her book.

'What's your major?' He hears her ask. The shock on his face is clear, evident by the way she laughs when she looks at him. He realises that something in the pit of his stomach jumps at the sound of her laugh. I shouldn't have skipped breakfast, he thinks.

'Um... Dr... Dramatic Writing,' he stutters in response, 'You?'

'Predictable Humphrey. I'm undecided,' Blair replies as the class becomes more filled up.

He takes the rare opportunity of her attention and asks her what she's reading. 'Fahrenheit 451', she tells him, and goes on about how she prefers Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, not simply because of the story but how Orwell creates his fictional world. The fact that Blair would be reading such a novel surprises Dan and they continue to discuss dystopian literature. He finds himself more engaged in his conversation with Blair than he has with anyone else, even Vanessa. With Vanessa, it always seems as though she is trying to prove a point in an argument. With Blair, it's as though she's considered all options.

They are interrupted when the lecturer comes in shouting at everyone to quiet down and Dan regrets not coming earlier.

As the lecture starts, Dan realises that he is again sitting at the broken table. He swears he sees Blair smirk in the corner of his eye.

Every Tuesday Psychology lecture becomes his time with Blair. She gets there twenty minutes early each week to make sure that Dan always gets the seat with the broken table. Dan arrives five minutes later with coffee for them both. He memorises her order (double-shot soy latte and a chocolate croissant) and he struggles to juggle his order, her order and his books (all of which he can't put down because his table is broken), but all of it is worth it when he sees the beaming smile on her face every time he hands over her coffee.

He realises that he enjoys the fifteen minutes he spends with Blair every week more than anything else he does. He wakes up early on Tuesdays without any trace of tiredness. He becomes used to her playful insults and manages to keep up with her banter. He looks forward to seeing how she will style her chestnut curls and decides that the scent of her lavender shampoo is the best scent he has ever encountered.

A month passes until he realises he is actually falling for Blair Waldorf.