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A story about how Dan and Blair fall in love.

This is set after Season 2.


I own nothing but the story.

True Love Waits

And true love waits
In haunted attics
And true love lives
On lollipops and crisps

Just don't leave, don't leave

Radiohead – True Love Waits

He tries calling her countless times but she never picks up.

He leaves her hundreds of messages to no replies.

He shows up at her penthouse but Dorota tells him that 'Miss Blair' has gone to France for the rest of the holidays.

So he waits for college to start to tell her how he feels.

He registers for all the Psychology subjects available for second year students, which he plans to drop in the second week, just so he can run into her.

He finally finds her in the Statistics lecture (trust Blair Waldorf to choose the most tedious elective). It's ironically the same lecture room they had in the first year introductory course and he can't help but think that this is fate. She's there, sitting in her usual seat and he wishes that he bought her a coffee.

He sits next to her, broken table of course, and he can't suppress his smile when she turns towards him.

'How many Psychology subjects are you taking?' She questions him as soon as she turns to him.

'Huh?' He's stunned by her greeting, but he can't recall a time when the girl hasn't surprised him.

'You're in all of them. Have you changed your major?'

He'd be lying if the thought hadn't crossed his mind. Only to spend more time with her.

'How many Psych subjects are you taking?' He questions back. Two can play at this game.

She smiles at him instead of answering his question, 'I talked to Serena'.

He starts to think he's Jim Carrey in The Truman Show and a director is feeding her lines through a tiny invisible earpiece. It would easily explain how he can never tire of her insults and wit. It could all be some elaborate hoax and he'll find out there are hidden cameras in his books and the pens he steals from her, and everyone around him is an extra is his simulated life.

He would like to thank that director for the route the story is taking.

He realises that he never told Serena not to tell Blair about how he felt about her like Blair did. He's not fluent in sister-code.

He doesn't know how to answer so he doesn't. He's too nervous and he's scared she'll reject him again.

The silence continues until she breaks it.

'So... what's your major?' She asks him and they both laugh. He finds it too easy to be around her even when it's difficult.

'Finally decided on yours yet?' He asks back. Psychology, psychology, psychology, he repeats in his head.

'Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm going to do Journalism'.

And with that the whole world goes still.

He would like to murder the director for the route the story is taking.

Her answer is like a punch to his face. Journalism. Journalism is rejection. He understands exactly what she means by Journalism. He gets up suddenly before she can say anything else and leaves the lecture theatre trying to erase the memory of the carefree look on her face when she breaks his heart.

She storms into his apartment later that night, while he's eating a tub of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Munky ice cream like a teenage school girl who just found that Justin Bieber's concert was cancelled.

'What the hell is wrong with you?' She screams at him. Her hands are on her hips, her hair is a mess and it looks like she's not wearing any makeup, but Dan has never thought she has looked more beautiful.


'We're having a perfectly fine conversation and you storm out on me right in the middle of it? I couldn't even concentrate on the lecture because I was trying to figure out what I did wrong'.


'Are you watching Beaches?' She continues screaming when she looks at the television. He knew he should have changed the channel.

'Are you going to say anything?' She shrieks louder.

'What do you want me to say Blair? You chose Journalism. I get it!'

'What has Journalism got to do with anything?'

'I know Psychology isn't as interesting as Journalism. It's not as creative and you'll be a slave to the Medical system. But it has some good points you know. Like you'll be helping people, even if they're UES brats, and there's good money in it, not that you need it, and you can move into Psychiatry which will be really good if you want to prescribe dru –'

He's interrupted when she starts laughing. He's never seen her laugh so hard and he wants to be mad at her, but her laugh always makes him want to grab her and kiss her.

'Hum... Hu... Humphrey', she manages to get out between her laughs, 'Please don't tell me you are Psychology'.

He feels his whole face turn bright red as she continues.

'You think that by choosing Journalism as my major, I'm rejecting you?'

He tries to manage an 'Are you?', but it comes out more as a squeak.

She comes and sits next to him. They haven't been this close since the failure of their first kiss.

She leans towards him and he thinks he's going to have a heart attack in anticipation of her lips on his again.

When their lips finally meet, it's better than their first and he automatically grabs on to her waist as though she could run away in any second. He can feel her smile as she lifts her arms around his neck, and he knows this is the best moment in his life.

If only Bette Midler's 'Wind Beneath My Wings' wasn't playing in the background.

It's the first boy she doesn't have to ask to love her. It's the first boy she doesn't have to ask to tell her he loves her.

She starts sleeping over at the loft, but she still doesn't like to think that she's in Brooklyn. She does, however, find a nice bakery near his place that she frequently visits, but she never tells him.

Their first fight as a couple occurs when he walks into her dorm room to find dozens of wrapped gifts and flowers. He spots her eating a Ladurée macaron and asks where all the gifts are from. When she simply responds 'Chuck Bass' and he further questions why she's eating said gifts, she replies with a shrug. The fight ends when she turns up at the loft a few hours later to apologise, and finds him desperately trying to perfect his home-made macaron recipe.

He takes her on the subway one day and she holds so tightly onto his hand that he loses feeling in it for the following two days. She pretends not notice the huge smile on his face the whole trip, and the way he keeps on suggesting they ride on the subway again.

He asks her to read his stories and when she returns one with hundreds of crossed out paragraphs and comments in bright red writing after, he doesn't get angry or depressed because she signs it off with 'Love Blair'.

She takes him to UES dinners and events, and with her on his arm, he never feels out of place. When her mother comes up to him and asks him if he is catering the event, Blair announces that he's her boyfriend, and Eleanor replies with a simple, 'carry on', and with that he's part of the family.

He starts taking her to gigs, and the whole time she stands there holding his hand complaining about how her hearing is getting damaged. She never declines when he continues to invite her though and he notices a CD of the band he's about to take her to the next week in her dorm room.

He finds himself going shopping more than any male should. But he can never say no to a day of watching Blair try on dresses (or lingerie).

When Blair Waldorf thinks about the great loves of her life, thoughts of hurt and disappointment fill her mind.

Nate sleeps with Serena and Blair is left with devastation.

Chuck can't tell her he loves her and Blair is left with rejection.

But all this changes when she falls in love with Dan Humphrey.

Sure it's Dan Humphrey; wears flannel, lives in Brooklyn, steals her pens, rambles about nothing, the list goes on...

But the most important thing about Dan Humphrey is that he is hers.