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17 years later…

The Doctor had graduated at the top of his class, which didn't surprise any of his teachers or classmates, and before long he had all the qualifications he needed to teach physics. Rose was working as a day-care worker, but she was on her day off, because it was their kids' birthday.

What surprised everyone the most was that even after ten years, The Doctor and Rose were still together, and had two kids. No one ever thought that the genius would end up marrying his best friend, who had lived across the hall. All through high school they had been told it wouldn't work out, it was too fairytale, they were too different. But apparently their parents had thought it would work out, because they didn't sound very surprised at all when Rose and The Doctor had told them about getting married. However, once again he had left from Jackie's flat with a sore cheek. That time it was for not asking Jackie's permission to marry her daughter. The Doctor tried his hardest not to think about what happened when they had told she about the kids, because he was pretty sure Jackie was trying to make sure he couldn't have any more. And still hadn't fully recovered from that.

Mickey and Shereen were still together, and living next door to them. They already had two kids, and a third on the way, Riley and Nathan were a year apart, which The Doctor had found very odd, because they were the names of Mickey and Shereens kids in his dream that he had, had all those years ago in detention. But then, Shereen had seemed pretty attached to the names when he had eventually told her and Mickey about it. He was pretty sure she had been planning to name her kids those names ever since he had told her about them. But then so have you. Hannah Sophie and Eli Benjamin, brilliant names. Rose had thought so too, because they had agreed that if it was a boy, it would be Eli and a girl would be Hannah. But they had ended up using both names, because they had, had twins. And by this time, The Doctor was seriously considering the idea that he might be psychic.

He walked into the kitchen to see Rose making dinner. And their dog, Brussel, eating something that she had dropped, probably on purpose, for him. "Hey Rose!" The Doctor called out when he walked in the door, which caused Brussel to come running to him. "Hey, boy. Have you been looking after Rose?" The Doctor asked bending down to pat the dog that was now thumping his owner's leg with his tail.

"How was work?" Rose asked from the kitchen.

"Exam week is a killer, Rose. I swear it was never that bad when we were young," The Doctor said, walking into the kitchen.

"Was for me. You jus' didn't notice." Rose answered drying her hands on a tea towel.

"Sure I did, I just ignored it, that's all." The Doctor informed her.

"Right you did." Rose said doubtfully, then turned and yelled up the stairs. "Hey, you two little rebels, Daddy's home!" Then turning back to The Doctor she told him, "Brace yourself. They've askin' when you'd be 'ome all day."

"Daddy! Look what I got, look what I got!" The two four years olds came bounding down the stairs talking over each other, trying to be the first to get their fathers attention.

The Doctor frowned, "why did you get that?" he asked both of them when they started showing him various items.

"'Cause it's our birthday Daddy!" Eli answered.

"Is it?" The Doctor asked still frowning, he could feel Rose watching him but he would not be distracted, not even by his wife.

"Yes!" Hannah answered.

"Oh… I suppose you'll be wanting a present then?" The Doctor asked the twins, opening the bag he had been carrying since he walked in the door. He looked up to see both of their heads nodding frantically.

"Will these do?" The Doctor asked smiling and handing a blue wrapped present to Eli, and a pink wrapped present to Hannah.

Turning to Rose, they asked, "can we open them Mommy?"

"We should probably have dinner first," Rose said, knowing she would eventually lose. She always lost to their eyes, and to make it worse, The Doctor was joining in too.

"Please Rose?" He asked, doing his best puppy dog eyes.

"Fine," Rose gave in, but smiled when she heard cheering from all three of them and high fives being handed out. "Am I the only adult in this house?" Rose muttered to herself, but walked over to see what The Doctor had gotten the twins. He had refused to tell her, no matter how much she tried to bribe him with… certain…things. Rose, control yourself, there are kids around. She told herself. But then she thought about it, and it was pretty funny: what she was thinking about was what had caused the kids to be there in the first place. Which was why she shouldn't be thinking about what she was thing about. Rose shook her head, you're not meant to be thinking about that, remember? So stop.

Eli and Hannah were both carefully peeling away the wrapping paper, but Eli finished first, unwrapping a shoebox, and Rose straightaway knew what it was. It was the pair of really expensive kid size Converse that Eli had been asking both of his parents for every time they walked past the window of shop that they were in. Her suspicions were confirmed when Eli pulled out a small red Converse. Hannah had already halted the unwrapping of her present to see what her brother had gotten. The Doctor and Rose watched, as Eli's eyes lit up in excitement, then he ran over to them and latched on to his father. "Thanks Daddy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Then he looked up with an innocent look on his face and a smile that only a four year old could pull off, "can you put dem on my foots for me? I can't do da bow."

The Doctor sighed, knowing that his son could talk properly and was just talking like that to make himself sound cute, so that he could get what he wanted. The worst thing was, it was working. "Bring them here." He said, and watch Eli's smile grow. When The Doctor had finished putting Eli's new shoes on his feet, they all turned to Hannah.

"Hannah, what did Daddy get you?" Eli asked her, as she finished unwrapping her present, and looked in a much smaller box than Eli's.

"Wow," Hannah gasped, "it's so pretty!" She said, gently pulling her present out of the small box.

"What is it?" Eli asked impatiently.

In her hand Hannah held a small gold locket, with a 'H' engraved on the front hanging off a thin gold chain. "Mommy, can you put it on for me?" she asked.

"Sure sweetheart," Rose answered bending down to Hannah's level to put it around her neck.

"We're going to have to get a picture to go in it tomorrow at your party, okay?" The Doctor asked.

"Okay Daddy," Hannah said, still admiring the locket.

"Now," Rose said, "who wants to watch a birthday movie?"

"Me!" Both kids answered with excitement.

"Go pick a movie then, an' Daddy'll put it in for you." Rose said, heading towards the kitchen to finish making the almost forgotten dinner, but she got a surprise when The Doctor followed her.

When she sent him a questioning look he answered with, "it'll take them at least five minutes to decide between The Lion King and Shrek."

"Right, hey Doctor?" Rose asked turning to the fridge.

"Yeah," he replied absently while looking over her shoulder into the fridge, Rose figured it was probably to see if there was any bananas, marmalade or cupcakes in there.

"How did you afford those presents?" Rose asked The Doctor.

"I was going to tell you later," The Doctor said, looking away from the contents of the fridge and trying to contain his excitement.

"What were you goin' to tell me?" Rose asked.

"That I got a promotion," The Doctor said, smiling like a maniac.

"You're kiddin'," Rose said disbelievingly.

The Doctor shook his head, "better hours and more money. And less marking papers, which, I have to say, is definitely a plus."

Rose smiled and kissed him. Yep, still got it, The Doctor thought, as it quickly turned into something else before either of them could stop it. And of course, that was when not one, but both of their kids chose to make their entrance. "Hey Mommy, what are you doing to Daddy?" Eli asked.

Both parents jumped apart quickly, embarrassed at being caught making out by their kids, "is that what makes babies?" Hannah asked. Rose turned redder and she could hear The Doctor spluttering next to her, trying to form a sentence.

"That must be what Uncle Mickey was talking 'bout," Eli whispered to her.

"Uncle Mickey did what!" The Doctor yelled in a strangled voice.

Rose, who had recovered pretty quickly, decided that it would be a good idea to get the twins attention on something else, before they started asking more questions, or The Doctor went next door to try and kill Mickey. "Okay! Movie time, what did you two decide on?" Rose asked trying to change the subject.

"101 Dalmatians," both kids answered simultaneously.

"Okay, a new movie, that's good." Rose said.

"I wanted to watch Shrek," Eli said, "But Hannah didn't want to. She wanted to watch Lion King again. So we got a different movie."

"It doesn't matter," Rose said trying to referee the two.

Then The Doctor, who seemed to have rediscovered his voice, spoke up, "Come on then you two, we'll let Mommy finish making dinner."

As they were walking out of the kitchen the last thing Rose heard was, "Daddy, did you run out of air and Mommy was giving you some? 'Cause people on Grandma's T.V shows do that all the time." Thank god for kid logic, Rose thought as she heard the opening credits to 101 Dalmatians.

"What are you doing watching Grandma's T.V shows?" The Doctor questioned.

Eli laughed nervously, and brought out the four-year-old smile again, "oops."

"Grandma said not to tell!" Hannah hissed to Eli.

The Doctor sighed,"Watch your movie guys." Mental note: Talk to Mickey and Jackie about what these two should and shouldn't know. Until they're at least thirty. At least.

About fifteen minutes into the movie, Rose announced that dinner was ready, but the kids and The Doctor, (although, one could argue that he was a kid too,) convinced her to let them watch the movie in the lounge room while eating dinner, with the promise of not making a mess. Which was something Rose didn't believe at all, since both the kids were way too much like their father, and neither of them could do anything without making a mess, The Doctor could only manage not to make a mess half the time, if that.

They finished their dinner, surprising Rose with how little mess they made, that must be a record, she thought. Brussel'll clean that up anyway. Not long after that, the movie finished, and the twins started begging to put the second one on. Eli, who had apparently decided to throw any dignity that he had, out the window, even got down on his knees and begged. But Rose wasn't backing down, and neither was The Doctor. "Come on guys, bed. You don't want to be dead on you feet tomorrow at your party, do you?" The Doctor said, knowing that would probably convince them, or at least Hannah. But for Eli, it would depend if he was having a Doctor moment and being stubborn.

"Is that why Mommy was giving you air before? 'Cause you were dead on your feet?" Eli asked, making The Doctor wonder why his kids couldn't forget anything. Because they have your brain. It's your fault. Imagine what they'll be like when they're teenagers! Oh god help me, how am I going to survive that? And they'll actually know what they're talking about! Okay, you're in trouble.

"Okay, definitely bed now. Go on, brush your teeth and get changed." Rose said, pulling him out of his musings.

"Nice one," Hannah said in her best 'I'm-Not-Impressed-Voice', something that she had definitely gotten from Rose, as they were walking towards their shared room, with Brussel in tow.

"Wasn't my fault," Eli protested. "I was worried about Daddy. He might have been sick!"

"Liar," Hannah said.

"Am not!" Eli said getting into his bed, and patting Brussel when he jumped up onto the end of his bed, where he usually slept.

"Liar, liar, pants on fire!" Hannah sang, getting into her own bed, but stopped when The Doctor walked in.

"Hannah, what did I say about teasing your brother?" The Doctor asked her.

Hannah sighed, "That I shouldn't because monsters gobble up sisters who teases their brothers?"

"No the other thing," The Doctor said.

"That I should be nice 'cause Eli's going to be the one looking out for me when I'm older and all the boys are chasing after me?" Hannah asked, screwing her nose up at the idea of boys chasing her.

"Yeah, that one."

The Doctor looked over to his son and noticed that he still had his new shoes on. "Are you going to take them off?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Eli shook his head against his pillow. "Nope."

"Well, I think Mommy might have something to say to that," muttered The Doctor, but let Eli keep the shoes on.

"Daddy," Hannah said in a tired voice, "I love you."

"Me too," Came Eli's wide-awake voice from the other side of the room.

"Me three," Roses said from the doorway, surprising The Doctor slightly. She's sneaking up on you Doctor. You're getting old. The Doctor frowned. No, thirty is not old. It's mature, he thought in an attempt to assure himself that he wasn't getting old, when he realised it wasn't really working he turned back to the kids.

"Love you guys too. All," he said and kissed Hannah's head, "three," he said kissing Eli's head, "of," he said, doing the same to Rose, "you." He finished with a kiss on Roses lips. "Now get some sleep. Big day tomorrow!"

"'Kay Daddy," they said together.

"Night guys," Rose whispered into the room and turned the light off, so that only the only light source was the night light in the middle of the room.

"Night, night Mommy, love you." Hannah said, sounding like she would fall asleep at any minute.

"Me too Mommy." Eli said, starting to sound as tired as Hannah.

"It's lucky you got that promotion," Rose said, taking his hand as they walked towards their bedroom.

"Why?" The Doctor asked.

"Well, let's say we're catchin' up to Shereen and Mickey, kid wise," Rose said.

"But Mickey and Shereen-" The Doctor started, but cut himself off, "oh." And Rose watched with amusement as his eyes widened to a comical size. "Oh! Really?"

"Yep! I found out last night," Rose answered. "Doctor, for a genius, you are really slow sometimes." Rose said and laughed.

"Weeellll," The Doctor started to make an excuse for himself, but when he could think of any thing, gave in with a, "yeah, okay! But I can't be good at everything, you know, just most things."

"It's amazin', that even with an ego the size of Big Ben, that I still love you," Rose said jokingly.

"Yes well, I am very hard not to love." The Doctor said.

"Yes, you are." Rose agreed.

"Extremely hard. Pretty much impossible." The Doctor continued.

"Don't push it Doctor."

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