Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Gossip Girl. All characters in this story are of my own (and a friends) creation, and my own take on some of the characters from these series.

Another September; another year at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. For some, the last of many years spent within and around the castle. These students, compared to the others, were preparing for their future and therefore one of the most stressful years of their lives – studying in the library twenty four seven and fretting and eagerly hoping for outstanding results in the N.E.W.T examinations. However, the goal of becoming a highly recommended pharmacist or a world famous Quidditch player was not on the minds of everyone.

Shannon Stratford-Black, for instance, was one of those few who saw Hogwarts as more of a popularity competition, a social acceptance quest to complete. Long blonde hair reaching just above her skinny waist, icy yet sparkling irises the colour of morning sky, gently rounded features and a small tan beauty spot placed perfectly in the corner of her upper lip – her appearance to anyone was nothing but beautiful. Despite her compelling appearance her fiery temper and bitchy attitude instantly revealed the true nature of her bloodline. This seventh year was part Veela, half Veela. And she had no intention of ever trying to hide that.

Unsurprisingly, Shannon was the kind of the girl other girls either hated or adored. She was the kind of girl everyone either avoided through fear or followed with awe and admiration. The latter, for that matter, also applied to the boys of Hogwarts.

Her attitude to the school and her education was quite clear; she didn't really care for it, nor did she really want to be there.



'Yeah you can move too', her orders could probably be heard from the other end of the train. Pushing her way through the crowd of people also eager to get off the Hogwarts Express, her loyal group of minions trailing after her, Shannon stepped onto the platform, mist forming as she spoke into the cold, telling her friends to hurry up.

Adjusting her green and silver tie, fixing her grey pleated skirt many inches above the knee, Shannon led the way to the carriages, making sure she pushed and shoved her way to the froM, past every other shivering pupil.

A tall, dark eyed young man refused to move as she tapped him on the shoulder, causing her to frown in frustration. It was obvious he didn't understand that in Shannon's world this mean 'get out of the way', perhaps he was a new student, a transfer, or a foreign exchange.

'Excuse me' Shannon coughed, tapping him again, and flicking her yellow her from her face. The boy turned. Dirty blonde hair falling in from of his strong stare he spoke, 'Why, what did you do?'

'You're in the way' was the reply from Shannon, the sound of disbelief in her voice, he didn't sound foreign, he didn't sound new, yet, he was still refusing to move, still frowning, she mentally scanned his face, trying to recall a name, or a year. Then she noticed he was wearing plain, slightly faded, perhaps second hand robes; and no tie.

He looked around, a large group of students had gathered around the opening already. Staring at the (to everyone else invisible), black horse-like creatures known as Thestrals, Tyler shrugged, 'I think I got here first Princess', and with an odd smile he hopped onto the carriage, which began moving almost instantly towards the castle in the distance.

With her hands on her hips Shannon pursed her lips, 'who the hell is he?'

'I hear he's new!' Bella clapped, 'I don't know, I heard people talking on the train when I went looking for the toilet, he sat by himself the whole time and wouldn't talk to anyone when they asked who he was and what he was doing and and if he was new and yeah, maybe he'll be in Slytherin, he looks quite odd, but, I think if he doesn't talk, and you just stare at him, he'll be fun or something, he had a pretty face-'.

'Please stop talking'.

'... Okay'.