Five-thirty at night. A huge fairground, crowded with State Alchemists and their guests. It was just beginning to get dark, and the Central Region of the mighty Amestris was completely abuzz by now. The festival had come into full swing, as the alchemists were demonstrating their talents and getting license renewals from Colonel Roy Mustang. He himself had already gotten his license renewed, putting on a spectacular pyrotechnics and light show.

Hera "Hershey's Kiss" (or just Hershey) Taylor, the Gourmet Alchemist, was catering the whole event practically by herself. She did have a young lady who took orders and delivered them to her, but Hershey did the rest herself. She made the orders and called the customers to the counter. She loved seeing their faces when they took the first bite of something she had created. It made her happy to see that she truly did deserve her title and rank. Just a year older than Edward Elric, she was the second youngest alchemist in the biz. (Well, she shared "second youngest" with Edward's younger brother, Alphonse, since they'd entered at the same age.) She loved that people appreciated her work.

"Miss Taylor!"

Hershey looked up, grinning as she saw her commander. "Ohhh, Colonel Spicy Mustard! (1) How are you doing?"

"Quite well," he smiled, fluttering his lashes at her. "I've earned my license renewal."

"Yeah, I saw your flame show. Got some fancy footwork. Who choreographed it - Beyoncé?"


"Ack!" The young lady who took orders, Mari, ran up to the booth, tugging on Roy's arm. "I'm sooo sorry, Miss Taylor! I tried to stop him, but-"

Hershey giggled. "It's okay, Marzipan. He's my boss, here to see if I deserve to have my license renewed."

Mari's face turned red. "A-Alright... well, then, I have to take some orders, then, I suppose..." She scuttled off, quite obviously embarrassed.

"Guessing she's not an alchemist and never plans to become one," Roy sighed. He looked at Hershey. "Well, I see you're doing a bang-up job, Hera. Looks like everyone's loving your food, as always."

"Aww, thanks. I do my best."

"And now I am ready to take a sample of your work and determine your worth for being recertified."

"Okay, what would you like?"

He grinned. "Pepperoni pizza, please!"

"Sure, then. I have some made already, so lucky for both of us!" Hershey hurried over to the pizza rack and placed a still-hot slice of pepperoni on a plate, then went back and surrendered it to her commanding officer. "And would the big bad Colonel like anything to drink?"

"Mmm." Roy gladly took a big bite out of the pizza. "Ah!" He waved a hand in front of his mouth. "Hot! But, very good. I'm delighted to see your culinary skills haven't diminished. In fact, it seems like you're getting better with age - just like a fine wine. I think it's better than what I had last year. Good job." He gave her a thumbs-up. "I'll mark you down for renewal, love."

"Awww, thanks! You're the best, Colonel Spicy Mustard!" (2)

He rolled his eyes at her tendency to give people, even her commander, nicknames that referred to food. Chuckling, he waved as he walked off. "Well, I've got to go test the Elrics now."

"Escargot and Alfalfa Elric? (3) Oh, yay! I know they'll do great. They're the best, they're sooo sweet. And they love my food! Well... Escargot does, anyway. Alfalfa can't have it yet, unfortunately." She pouted for a few seconds, then grinned. "But someday, he will! Someday he'll be able to have my special spaghetti pizza and Wine's (4) apple pie! She's almost better than me when it comes to that, hee-hee!"

"... Edward seems to think Winry's the best at apple pie."

"You better be gone in the next ten seconds if you don't want that pizza yanked from your gloved hands and a milkshake stuck to your dark locks, Colonel Spicy Mustard."

"Gah..." Roy was quickly running off. "Well, have fun with the rest of the festival, Hera!"

"And you stay get before I give you a whole double heapin' helpin' of get!" Hershey shrieked after him, waving her fist angrily. "If you come back to my stand I'ma slap you with a wet spaghetti noodle!" She drew herself back into her stall and crossed her arms, grumbling.

Mari came over. "Oh, uh, M-Miss Taylor... you have an order."

"Oh, okay, then." She smiled. "Okay, what's the number?"


"Okay, forty-three... and what do they want?"

"He said a chocolate parfait." Mari's face turned red. "I didn't know what that was... do you know how to make it?"

"Mmmm, yum. I love those. Nobody's ordered one in the last year. Weird that somebody wants one now. Almost makes me wish I could make one for myself... but I can't because that would be 'wasting resources'. Ah, maybe I'll take a little bite before I send it off..." She grabbed a plastic sundae cup and began to make it. "So who is this going to?"

"Oh, um..." Mari scanned the crowd, then pointed at a young man with blonde hair dressed in a black hoodie and jeans, with a younger child who had dark hair sitting on his shoulders. "That's him."

"Ooh, he's kinda cute. And that kid with him is absolutely adorable. Didja flirt with him?"

"... No..."

"Oh, good! He looks like such a player. Even I don't want to get involved with someone like that." She flicked her violet hair over her shoulder. "And that is coming from the girl who was dumped by Colonel Spicy Mustard a few years back, when he was just Spicy Mustard without the 'Colonel'."

"Ah, well..." Mari rubbed the back of her head. "He was cute back then, Miss Taylor."

Hershey rolled her eyes. "For God's sake, he's still cute now. Sexy, even! And that's a word I don't often use. Sexy. Sexy, sexy, sexy."

"Are you-"


"..." Mari sweatdropped. "Miss Taylor, are you quite finished?"

"When you put it that way - perhaps!"

"You are aware we just somewhat quoted Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, ma'am?"

"Aware and damn proud of it." (5)

"Uh, well, alright..." Mari scanned the area. "Ohhh, look! There's Al... Al... Al..." Her face was turning pinker with every time she stuttered, trying to say his name. "Al..."

Hershey rolled her brown eyes and gave Mari a slap on the back.

"... Phonse!" Mari shook her head and sighed dreamily, casting an adoring gaze at the suit of armor the boy's soul was currently attached to. "He's so sweet and... handsome..."

"Marzipan? At the moment, Alfalfa's soul is currently trapped inside that big honkin' suit of metal. You find that attractive?"

Mari blushed. "Well... I never said I wasn't desperate! And besides, I don't care about looks. He's the sweetest guy I've ever met. Oh, I'd do anything to just go hold his hand... look at the fireworks display that Kimblee lent a hand in creating..." She blinked. "Oh, I miss Kimblee so much. He may have been insane but he was always nice to me when I came around."

"Kumquat (6) was freaking awesome. I visit him every chance I get. Insane people are always the most fun!"

"... D-Do you think A-Alphonse would find it forward if I asked him on a date?"

"Well, if you wanna press your lips to something that'll taste like iron, by all means, be my guest!" Hershey pushed Mari forward. "Go get your flirt on, O leader of the cherry blossoms!" (7)

"Whoa, hey!" Mari stumbled forward. "Th-Thank you, Miss Taylor!"

Hershey chuckled and looked down at the chocolate parfait she was making for that redhead. She blinked. "Oh. I'm finished. Awesome!" She brought the mic up to her mouth. "Hellooooo! Number forty-three! Come get yo' yummehz!"

She saw the blonde put the kid down and say something to him. Then the blonde walked over to the stand. "Hey." (8)

"Here." She slid the cup forward and handed him a spoon. "Enjoy! Wish I could. I'm so hungry..." She put a hand over her stomach. "I haven't had any dinner, and you just had to ask for my favorite dessert!" She crossed her arms, pouting. "Sometimes I think everyone's just taunting me."

The guy chuckled. "You're kinda funny... you want a bite? If you're worried about me telling anyone... I won't."

"Well..." She opened her mouth. "Okay, I'm not about to refuse food!"

The guy took a spoonful of the parfait and placed it in her mouth. "There ya go." He grinned, wiping the spoon off with a napkin. "Well, I gotta get back to my little brother." He saluted. "See ya around."

She smiled as she watched him leave. He was actually kinda nice. She suddenly thought of something, and leaned forward. "Hey! What's your name?"

Obviously, he hadn't heard her. He just kept on walking.

(1) - Heh... heh-heh... Spicy Mustard...


(3) - That would be Edward and Alphonse. In case you haven't noticed she likes giving people food-related nicknames.

(4) - Wine = Winry

(5) - Haha... Yugioh Abridged is so funny. ALL Abridged series are actually... my friend was going to do an Abridged of FMA. He's not sure who I should be. Think it's a good idea? :D

(6) - Kumquat = Kimblee (I lurv Kimblee)

(7) - ... Because Mari has pink hair... XD Yeah Hershey's weird.


... I have too many unfinished stories... ah well. Enjoy this one, I hope you do, I really hope you do! ^^