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AN: This is just a short little idea that came into my head.

I grabbed a few packages of silly bands from the store on my way to the lab where Astrid was watching Ella for me while I went to question a suspect. Ella had been talking about how all the kids at school had silly bands and begged Rachel to buy her some.

When I reached the lab, I pulled out the animal and insect bracelets to give to Ella. I looked around to see Peter sitting and playing memory with Ella and Astrid and Walter working over a strange animal.

"Hey Aunt Liv." Ella greeted and I went to sit next to her and Peter.

"I got you something." I pulled out the silly bands and handed them to her. Her face brightened as she realized what they were.

"Thanks Aunt Liv." She said exuberantly as she thew herself into my arms.

"You're welcome." I laughed at her excitement over small bracelets.

"What are those?" Peter asked and reached his head over to see, "They just look like little pieces of plastic put into shapes."

"They're silly bands!" Ella exclaimed as she ripped the animal package open, "Look Peter." She held up a lion and then placed it around her wrist.

"Let me see." He reached over and grabbed a few, "A horse?" He asked confused as he held up a donkey.

"No you silly, horses ears' are smaller. That's a donkey." Ella corrected him.

"Well you can't tell what they are if they are only an outline." Peter tried to defend himself. Ella walked over to show him on the package.

"See, it's a donkey." He grabbed the package and stared at the little pictures of all the shapes.

"Okay, I think I've got this!" He said confidently as he put the package on the table and picked up another silly band.

"This is a cow." He said picking up a band that was clearly a bunny. Ella began to laugh uncontrollably.

"Peter," she laughed, "That's a bunny!" She pointed and laughed. He looked shocked as he stared at the small shape in his hands.

"Really? Are you sure? It looks a lot like a cow to me. See it's got this nose and big ears." He joked. Ella looked up at him as she continued to laugh.

"If all you need to be a cow is big ears and a nose than you're a cow too!" Peter joined in with her laughing.

"I guess so. Maybe Gene is my sister!" My smile turned into a laugh joining in with theirs.

"What is so funny?" Walter asked walking over to the table we all stood around laughing. He held up the donkey silly band and looked confused.

"A horse?"

Hope you guys liked it!