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August 15

After a fabricated story about Harry's spontaneous bout of the illness that lasted exactly twenty-eight hours, he was 'fully recovered' and ready for more training in addition to lessons with the dreaded Haworth.

"Mate, I'd hate to be in your shoes," Ron sighed, patting Harry's back comfortingly.

Additional lessons meant less sleep, which meant an irritable Harry.

"Bugger off," he answered, shoving Ron's hand away so he could continue shoveling food into his mouth. He wondered why on Earth it wasn't yet possible for people to eat and breath at the same time, because that was exactly what he needed to do at that point.

Less than half-hour later, Harry was back for his third day of personal training by Evan.

"Late. As always," Evan drawled, not even bothering to look up from his book.

"Wha-" Harry whipped his eyes at the clock. "By thirty six seconds?"

"Thirty nine, now."

Harry didn't think it wise to speak his mind since he wasn't about to say anything particularly helpful or politically correct. "Sir," he muttered instead, throwing vehemence into the word. The fact that this man was merely five years his superior made that word sound bitter in his mouth. And the fact that he seemed to gloat every time he was called 'sir' also frustrated Harry to no end.

Nonetheless, Harry couldn't help being amazed whenever Evan performed wandless magic. That was most likely because Evan didn't show off often enough. "Have you practiced?" the instructor asked.

"Yes," Harry lied.

Evan saw right through the fib but didn't say anything, knowing that Harry's lack of practice would show through soon enough once they started. "You still haven't told me who," he murmured as he walked to the cluttered table it the center of the room.

"It doesn't matter, sir," Harry answered stiffly, the answer he recited every few hours.

"And if it does?" Evan prodded, motioning for Harry to place his palms against the table.

"Then I will deal with it, sir."

Evan murmured an appropriately inappropriate response before nodding at Harry to begin. These exercises helped Harry fine-tune his grasp on the magic that was floating within him. All that was required of him was to move a small metal ball off the groove at one end of the table to the other. So far, Harry couldn't even cause the ball to shiver, let alone float. He dug his palms against the wood, willing the object to move.

"And, just so you can start preparing yourself, tomorrow's homework is a ten-page essay on Wandless Levitation and Summons."

Harry held in his growl of frustration by clenching his teeth, a gesture that didn't go unnoticed. Potter wasn't the only one who was fed up. Evan had expected Harry to pick up on these skills like a fish to water. At least, that was how he had learned. Once he was placed in an environment that allowed for wandless magic, he was able to perform extraordinary feats in a matter of hours. Yet, here was the Boy-Who-Lived who couldn't pick up a single marble without his wand.

"I don't know what I'm supposed to do," Harry muttered, dragging his nails along the rough wood so he could clench his hands into fists. "What am I supposed to do?"

"Stop tensing," Evan murmured, pressing his fingers against the back of Harry's fists. "Don't do that."

"Then what?" Harry snapped. "I don't know what you want!"

"Why are you so easily distracted?" Evan huffed. "You need discipline and patience, Potter. Do you really think this is an easy task? You lack both."

"But you aren't teaching me anything!" Harry argued, wrenching his hands away. "All you tell me to do is visualize this and concentrate that! It's not working!"

"You'd rather be molested again, then?" Evan asked sardonically. That shut Harry up in an instant. Evan realized that might not be the best tactic, but it was the only thing he could try. "Which is why I'm asking you who you gave birth to."

Harry turned away with a disgusted click of his tongue and a hand raking his hair.

"Are you ashamed? Is that what this is about?" Evan scoffed.

"So what if I am?" Harry muttered.

"That spell gave you magic, Potter. Is that something to be ashamed of?" Evan asked carefully. He observed Harry's back stiffening in response, but there was no response. "Tell me why you used wandless magic on me."

"Because you assaulted me," Harry growled, whipping around with his fists clenched.

"No," Evan said with deliberate slowness. "I've assaulted you before. So why did you decide to retaliate in the locker room and not in the classroom?"

"I didn't have my wand and you-"

Evan's wand was out and before Harry could arm himself, his wand was wrenched away. "There. No wand. Do wandless magic," Evan challenged, stowing both their wands in his pocket.

"Give it back," Harry fumed, holding out his hand.

"Still your superior," Evan said with a smirk.

"Damn it!" Harry swore, lunging forward with a clumsy swing of his fist. Evan easily parried with a strike to Harry's forearm, no doubt leaving a bruise on the bone, before grabbing the thin wrist and twisting his arm against his back. Harry's legs were swept out from under him and he toppled to the ground on his chest, smacking his cheek against the gritty floor and feeling Evan's knee against the small of his back.

"So?" Evan asked, keeping Harry's wrist pinned against his spine. "Fight me."

Harry swung his free arm back and Evan caught it with ease, holding it captive as well. Now Harry was truly helpless. "Let go," he snarled, trying to roll over with little success.

"Why would I do that?"

"Because I'm Harry damned Potter."

The harsh grip tightened for a split second before Harry felt the pressure let off of his wrists. He couldn't believe that had worked and Evan couldn't help his defeated smile as he closed his eyes and winced. Harry peeked up at Evan who was getting up onto his feet while dusting his hands free of dirt. Their eyes met at that moment and Evan scowled indignantly before bending down and grabbing Harry by the scruff of his neck so he could pull the man back up onto his feet. "Alright, Harry damned Potter," he sighed. "Tell me how I can get you to do some wandless magic."


"Does it only work around your precious boyfriend, then?"

Harry's jaw dropped at the audacity. "Wh-what?"

"I did a background check on this Nott character," Evan said. "Son of a Death Eater, isn't he? What is Harry damned Potter doing with that man?"

"What does it matter whose son he is?" Harry asked, tilting his chin up defiantly. "This has nothing to do with him. And if you think you can rile me up, then you're mistaken."

"Am I?" Evan arched a brow. "Would you like to hear my theory?"


Evan ignored the answer. "At first I thought that you used your wandless magic to protect yourself. This makes sense… You pushed me away when…"

"I'm not some defenseless boy," Harry snapped. "I did what I had to."

"But then you threw yourself in front of my hex," Evan argued. Harry colored brightly. "Even you agree that that was a foolish thing to do…"

"It doesn't matter," Harry muttered.

"You weren't protecting yourself. You were protecting your boyfriend, hmm? Sentimental bastard…" Evan smiled triumphantly.

Harry held his tongue, averting his gaze so he wouldn't get the urge to punch Evan's gloating face again and end up on the floor with a mouthful of dirt.

"And now I'm wondering…" Evan continued, tapping his chin as he inspected Harry. "Do you only do this with your boyfriend? I mean, as bloody adorable as that is, it's not the least bit helpful for me. Done that with anyone else?"

Harry didn't answer.

"Potter. Every question is an order, understand?" Evan said without room for argument.

"Yes, sir," Harry mumbled.

"Yes, you understand or yes, you have produced a shield with someone else?"

Harry shot a glare at Evan.

"I see," Evan grinned. "Who?"

Harry let out his exasperation with a heavy exhale, walking back to the table and placing his palms on it. Maybe if he ignored Evan for long enough, the questions would stop. He glowered at the metal ball, damning it to hell for not moving.

He wasn't prepared for the Legilimency, especially not without his wand. His legs buckled under him and he choked, frantically trying to shut his mind.

"Occlumency. Highly valued skill for an aspiring Auror," Evan murmured, sifting through Harry's memories. "I'm incredibly surprised you don't know it, Potter."

"Stop," Harry gasped, pain blooming across his head.

Evan flew past colors and sounds, words blending into each other and scenes colliding right before his eyes. He didn't quite know what he was looking for, but he didn't have to go far to find it. He jerked to a halt when he heard blood-curdling screams. Shaking the fog away, he blinked into focus to find Harry in bed at the hospital wing in Hogwarts. Madam Pomfrey was at the foot of the bed, wand in one hand and pushing at Harry's distended stomach with the other. Evan stepped forward in fascination. But another shattering scream caused him to jump back with his heart racing.

Tears streaked Harry's flushed face and he was shaking as though he couldn't breathe. On either side of the pained boy were two of his friends looking immensely worried and ready to throw up. They were speaking to him in low murmurs, but nothing was coherent.

"He's not moving."

Everything seemed to slow down at that point. Evan saw time nearly stop, as though Harry's memory was getting stuck. All he heard was harsh breathing and a heavy heartbeat. Harry's expression was that of horror and disbelief. It must have lasted less than a second, but it seemed like forever for Evan. A blink was all it took for the scene to move in rapid motion once again. "He's not moving. Why isn't he moving?" Harry asked rapidly before his back arched in pain. "Please…"

Then the lights went out, as did the sound. Evan was in darkness, waiting breathlessly. He didn't have to wait long. The lights came back on and Harry was lying limp in bed and staring at Madam Pomfrey's back as she walked away with a tiny bundle in her arms.


Evan was wrenched around and thrown against the wall.

"Get out," Harry growled, throwing a punch at Evan's jaw and catching his nose instead.

"Shit! Potter!" Evan groaned, not expecting to feel pain. He brushed at his nose, only to find blood. "God damn it!"

"He's not crying…"

Harry and Evan whipped around.

Harry from the memory was swaying on his feet as he stood in front of the nurse. "Why isn't he crying?"

"Go," Harry said shakily, trying to push Evan out of the room.

"No. Why?" Evan asked, evading Harry's arms and moving closer instead.

"I need you to stay in bed, Harry," Poppy murmured, gently pushing Harry towards the bed.

"No, no, no. Why isn't he moving?" Harry slurred, pressing his hands against the baby. "He's so cold."

Evan's stomach dropped. "H-he's dead?" he asked Harry in shock. "What?"

"Please, leave," Harry begged.

"Wake up," Harry from the memory whispered. "You have to wake up now, okay?"

"LEAVE!" Harry shouted.

"No," Evan murmured, absently jerking Harry back and turning him around. "If you don't want to watch, then don't."

Harry clapped his hands to his ears and squeezed his eyes shut, his breath coming in spurts already. Meanwhile, Harry from the memory was even more frantic as he tried to revive the stillborn. "Open your eyes, damn it," he swore, his hand at the baby's chest. "Breathe."

Evan's eyes widened as he realized what Harry was trying to do.


"P-Potter?" Evan stammered, trying to get Harry to look up at him. Harry shook his head instead, trying to block it all out.

"Breathe," Harry whispered, crumbling to the ground.

Squeaking cries filled the room and everything faded to black once again.

"Who?" Evan asked.


Evan was suddenly in a blue room, the cold replaced with warmth and silence replaced with the sound of a calm breeze.


Evan observed a young boy who was seated on a pile of pillows and blankets with his tiny hands clutched against his lap. He was looking at Harry expectantly. Harry was on the floor as well, surrounded by books and parchment. The boy pointed to his stuffed lion. "Arry…"

"Oh, don't tell me you're calling this thing Harry too," Harry grumbled, throwing the lion at boy. The boy giggled, hugging the animal close. "That's got to be the fifth thing you've called Harry!"


"I'm not talking to you."


Harry pinched the bridge of his nose, laughing. "Oh gosh. You're so good."

Harry pulled his hands away from his ears hesitantly, opening his eyes. He looked up at Evan to find the man watching with a confused smile. He glanced at Draco and himself who were oblivious to the visitors and everything else.

Draco clapped his hands together, laughing with Harry. "Dayco! Yum!"

"You already ate."

"Yum, yum."

"Insatiable," Harry muttered with a fond grin.

"Dayco?" Evan whispered, chuckling down at Harry. "Who is that?"

"No one," Harry whispered back. "Let's go?"

Draco waddled towards Harry, dragging his lion beside him. He patted Harry's shoulder. "Arry." Then he handed him the lion. "Arry." Then he touched his hand to his own chest. "Dayco. Hmm?"

"What hmm? You named your lion Harry. Am I supposed to be happy with that?"

Draco nodded. "Appy?"

"Yes, quite happy," Harry chuckled.

"Appy," Draco repeated, tracing Harry's lips.

"Draco Malfoy?" Evan murmured.

A swirl of color formed around them, taking them to yet another scene.

"Listen to this," Harry said excitedly, sitting Theo down and pulling Draco onto his lap. "What's your name?" he asked the boy.

Draco puffed up his chest. "Dayco Maafoy," he said proudly.

"See?" Harry exclaimed. "You're so smart, Draco!" he said, kissing the toddler happily. "He's so smart!"

"Oh," Harry groaned in defeat, dropping his head in his hands.

Evan decided that was enough torture. He broke the Legilimency, letting the surroundings change to reality. "Little mummy Potter!" he exclaimed.

"You are going to hell," Harry threatened.

"I had fun along the way…"

"If you hurt one hair on his head, I'm tearing your arms off," Harry added.

"You already broke my nose," Evan pointed out, fixing it with a wave of his wand. "I think that's enough, right?"

Harry rubbed his eyes tiredly. "Just… leave me alone," he mumbled. "Leave him alone."

"Mhm." Evan smiled in private.

August 16

Draco knocked on the Headmistress' office door twice before opening it. He had never been summoned before. This was rather frightening and exciting. He peeked in to find Professor McGonagall glaring at a smiling Auror. "Good afternoon," Draco said.

"Come in, Mr. Malfoy," Minerva said with a stiff tone, waiting for Draco to sit down before continuing. "This is Mr. Haworth. He is an Auror working for the Ministry."

Draco glanced at Evan while barely being able to hide his awe. He was imagining Harry looking like that in a few years. "Hello."

Evan nodded in response.

"He has some questions for you about Harry Potter," Professor McGonagall explained.

Color drained from Draco's face. "Wh-why would you ask me?" he asked incredulously.

"Perhaps I'll take it from here, Professor," Evan interjected. He gestured to the door without much of a pretense. Minerva had half the mind to give Evan his umpteenth detention.

Instead, she smiled at Draco reassuringly before standing up and briskly walking away. Neither man spoke until the door closed with a soft thud.

"Why would you ask me?" Draco repeated, fidgeting in his seat.

Evan merely inspected Draco, not bothering with an answer.

"I don't know him," Draco said. "So… you don't have anything to ask me, right?"

"You don't remember me, do you?" Evan murmured, smiling curiously at Draco.

"I… Pardon?"

"Five years your senior. Evan Haworth. Remember?"


Evan sat back as he waited for a half-arsed excuse. But Draco didn't bother, fixing a blank stare at the Auror instead. Evan remembered Draco Malfoy quite well. He was the only Slytherin gutsy enough to take on Harry Potter, the boy wonder. Well, Evan thought it both gutsy and foolish, but who was he to argue. Malfoy had had both money and power, and he had known how to use it. They had never interacted before, but they would have acknowledged each other if they met in the corridor. But this Draco Malfoy seemed to have no idea who Evan Haworth was. This wasn't surprising to the Auror.

"Tell me about Harry Potter."

Draco shook his head, frowning in confusion. "What about him?" he asked.

"I know about the spell," Haworth said, trying to break Draco's charade. "I know he carried you."

"I don't understand."

Evan shot an unimpressed look at Draco. "Drop it. I saw his memories."

Draco exhaled in frustration, slumping into the chair. "What do you want?" he scowled. "I have nothing to say to you."

"Are you aware of his wandless magic?" Evan asked.




"I'm sure he wants you to tell me."

Draco's scowl deepened. "No," he said again.

Evan muttered a swear under his breath. Both Potter and Malfoy were behaving like children. "He can cast a shield, right? A blue shield. I've seen it," he tried.

"I have to go now," Draco said, getting up mechanically.

"I wouldn't be here if I didn't have a reason," Evan said, stopping Draco in his tracks. "How does he do it? Is it only to protect you or…"

"This isn't important."

"Do you think Professor McGonagall would let me talk to you if it weren't?" Evan reasoned.

Draco didn't know what he was allowed to say and what was supposed to be secret. His whole life was full of hidden information, after all. "Is he in trouble?"

Evan hid his smile behind his hand as he pretended to scratch the side of his nose. "Let's say no," he mumbled.

"Let's say?" Draco asked, turning around. "Like, you aren't sure if he is in trouble or not?"

"The thing is… I need to teach him to control his magic. He's hurting himself every time he accidentally uses the shield."

That was the magic word. Draco looked visibly troubled by the way he shifted his weight and stuffed his hands into his pockets, another characteristic habit Harry had. "Hurting himself?" Draco asked quietly.

"I'm sure you've noticed him lose consciousness…"

"Oh," Draco murmured, his concern showing in his expression. "I… Oh."


Draco didn't know what to do. Professor McGonagall had left him alone with this Auror because she trusted him, right? So was it really okay to talk about Harry? Especially when Harry was hurting himself? Draco couldn't bear to think about it. "No one knows," he mumbled.

"No one has to know," Evan said, feeling quite proud of himself.

Draco swallowed down his trepidation. "I've only seen him make a shield. I don't know if he can do anything else," he said. "I think he does it when he's really agitated."

"I see."

"It's not something he can control," Draco added quickly. "He doesn't do it on purpose. It just happens. It's not his fault, okay?"

"Okay," Evan nodded. "Now I want you to tell me about the day you were born, when he made you breathe."

"I don't know how." Draco shook his head. "He just did it. He doesn't remember it all that well. And Madam Pomfrey said he just used some magic to start my lungs. I don't know…"

"Do you realize how much magic he has in him if he was essentially bringing you back from the dead?" Evan asked

"I do," Draco answered, feeling a swell of satisfaction. He always knew Harry was awesome.

"And, as I've come to understand, his magic only comes out around you and his boyfriend."

"Really?" Draco asked in amazement. "What do you mean?"

"He uses his shield to protect you and Nott," Evan explained. "But I need him to use that magic to do other tasks. He's too specialized right now."

"So… you want him to do other things?" Draco asked.

"In short, yes."

"In length?" Draco prompted.

On one hand, Evan couldn't believe he was having a conversation with Draco Lucius Malfoy. On the other, he couldn't believe Draco Lucius Malfoy was so… human. "I want him to be better," he explained.

"He doesn't have to be better," Draco sniffed haughtily, miffed that someone had the audacity to think Harry wasn't great already.

Evan didn't think he would ever get used to Draco sticking up for Potter. Time and magic changes things, he supposed. "Physically better, Malfoy," he explained. "He is to be an Auror, after all. And what I need from you is detailed information about situations Potter was in when he made the shield."

Draco's mind flashed back to his first kiss. "Maybe I should get Harry to tell you," he rushed.

"He won't tell me, which is why I'm asking you," Evan said, noting Draco's flushed cheeks and nervous demeanor. "Why won't you tell me?"

"I'll get him to tell you, okay? I promise," Draco said, pressing a hand against his heart to show his sincerity.

"You can do that?" Evan asked, narrowing his eyes dubiously.

"Mhm," Draco nodded. "I can get him to do anything I want."

"Oh, really?" Evan smiled in disbelief.

August 17

Dear Harry,

How are you? Still sad? You haven't written in so long. I was so worried. But today your Auror teacher came to see me. And he said you were doing fine. He also said that he saw your memories. Why did you show him? I thought you weren't supposed to tell anyone. I'm not mad, okay? I just wish you had told me before showing him anything.

Can you tell him about the times you made that shield? He really wants to know. I didn't tell him anything because it's kind of embarrassing, right? But maybe you wouldn't mind? He says he's trying to help you. He wants you to be a better Auror. So he wants you to learn to do more things without your wand. Doesn't that sound awesome? When you come to see me after, maybe you can show me?

He said you were hurting yourself by not using your magic properly. So I went to the library and read some books on wandless magic. When you made me breathe, that was wandless magic, Harry. Not many people can do that. Some people call it a gift, did you know that? In fact, most people can't do that even with their wand. But this sort of magic uses energy right from your body. I don't want you to hurt yourself anymore. So, would you please let Mr. Haworth help you?

I love you so much! Do you miss me too?


"Damn you," Harry swore, his stomach rolling with guilt as he folded the letter up and slid it into his pocket for safekeeping. He hated Evan and Draco with a passion now.

At their next session, Harry barged in with two minutes to spare, much to Evan's amusement. "What did you say to him?"

Evan shrugged. "What makes you think-"

"He wrote me a fucking letter," Harry snapped. "That's how I know."

"So it's true, then," Evan smirked.

"What?" Harry growled, planting himself in front of Evan.

"He can get you to do anything."

Harry closed his eyes and counted to ten while trying to keep his sanity intact. Auror camp was going to drive him insane, but Evan seemed eager to push him towards the edge sooner rather than later.

"Tell me," Evan grinned. "Tell me all about it."