Tony woke up in the middle of night screaming. His body was covered with cold sweat and his pulse was racing. His breathing was rapid. He sat on his bed, eyes wide open. He leaned back and his head touched the pillow. He closed his eyes and tried to fell back asleep, but he couldn't. He has had some nightmares before, but these were different. But were them ? He had no memories of the dream he had had. Just cold sweat and insecure feeling. Nothing else. He rolled over and looked at the time. It was 3:15 am.

'' Crap, '' he said.

He still had hours before he should wake up. Again he closed his eyes and started to think about the dream. It was scary indeed, but what was that ? He had no idea. Tony closed his eyes to get some more sleep, he had watched movie last night and went to bed pretty late.

He tried to think about something else like his work with Gibbs, Kate, Abby and Ducky. He tried to think about torturing McGee or have another sexual fantasy about Kate and then Abby. He was still wide awake and scared, though he didn't admit the last part. No sleep for Tony tonight.

After countless hours of fantasizing about his partner, he stood up, turned on the lights and went to bathroom. After the shower he made breakfast and coffee, even though he didn't like coffee that much. He ate, changed clothes and was ready to go. He looked the time – 5:30. It was still early, to go in, but his home walls were haunting him, at least it seemed like that.

At work...

As expected, there was no one there yet. McGee wasn't there yet and Gibbs wasn't there still. Kate of course wasn't there late or early – always on time. Tony turned on his lamp and looked at the files, that he had to look through and reports he had to write. There was so much work to do, but somehow his thoughts were still in his dream, that he didn't remember. Time passed.

Tony heard the ding coming from elevator – McGee walked to him.

'' Good morning Tony, '' McGee greeted him.

'' No, don't greet me that happily McGoo, '' Tony was not so friendly.

'' Never mind, '' McGee said, a little offended.

Tony looked at his papers in front of him. He hadn't written anything, just kept on staring those papers with pen in his hand.

McGee looked at him curiously, but then turned his look away, since he didn't want to get any not friendly comment again. Tony was not in good mood obviously.

Tony was pulled from his trance, when Kate walked up.

'' Morning Tony and McGee, '' Kate cheered.

'' Morning Kate, '' McGee was cheerful.

'' Hello Kate, '' Tony was grumpy and he even didn't rise his look.

'' What's wrong with him ? '' Kate asked McGee.

'' Don't know. He was here before me and has been staring that paper for past hour. I think something is bugging Tony really hard, '' McGee said.

'' Did anyone ask you to speak McGeek ? '' Tony asked McGee angrily.

'' There is something wrong with him, '' Kate agreed.

'' Yeah, '' McGee agreed Kate.

'' What's wrong Tony ? Did a girl stood you up last night ? '' Kate mocked.

'' Mind your own business Kate, '' Tony snapped.

'' Never mind, '' Kate said and went to her desk. She was feeling offended too, but inside she sensed, that something was going on with him. Something that he doesn't want others to know and it is not about some random girl.

Tony signed a paper after filling it out and took another one in front of him. He closed his eyes and tried to remember the last night. It was still blank. No memories beside a scream and cold sweat and rapid pulse and breathing. Just fear.

'' DiNozzo, are you coming ? '' Gibbs asked.

That brought Tony back from his thoughts and he looked up the first time on that day.

'' Yeah, I am, '' Tony said and grabbed his things.

He quickly stepped into the elevator with others. Kate was worried, McGee was indifferent and Gibbs looked indifferent, but really was worried.

Back in HQ...

Everybody was sitting behind their desks. Gibbs got a call from Abby.

'' Kate, take Tony and go down to Abby, '' Gibbs said to Kate.

Kate nod and looked at Tony.

'' Sure you want me to take him ? '' Kate asked referring to Tony.

'' If he has a problem, then Abby is the right person to help. Something is obviously going on, '' Gibbs said softly.

'' Tony, let's go see Abby, '' Kate said to Tony as she walked to his desk.

'' Yeah, sure, '' Tony said and stood up.

His walking was slow and insecure, just like there was a fear somewhere inside him. They both got to the elevator and Kate pressed the right button. Tony was in the back of the elevator, Kate was in front of him. In normal day he would make a comment about her clothing, then stare at her back and got slapped for it, but this time he wasn't paying attention. Kate noticed that too. She pushed the emergency stop button and turned to Tony.

'' Tony, what's wrong with you ? '' Kate asked, she was worried.

'' Nothing, '' Tony said.

'' There is something bugging you, it is clear. I'm sorry about the girl comment I made before, I guess I was wrong and please tell me what's wrong, maybe I can help you, '' Kate said.

'' I'm fine, '' Tony said and looked at her, really looked at someone the first time on that day.

'' Tony, your eyes... '' Kate said after noticing his eyes being red.

'' I had a bad night, okay ? Can we just go on now ? '' Tony said.

'' Whatever, sorry for trying to help, '' Kate was pissed. She pushed the button and the elevator started to move again. They walked to Abby listened her theories about their case. Tony walked away when Abby finished, but Kate stayed.

'' What's wrong with him ? '' Abby asked.

'' I don't know. He said bad night, but there is something more. Gibbs sent him down here, so you can help him, but seems like he even doesn't want to talk to you, '' Kate explained.

'' Hinky, '' Abby said.

'' Yeah. I gotta go now too. Since Tony is out of his game today, I have to work double and McGee too. And Gibbs is worried too, '' Kate said and left.

'' Really hinky, '' Abby said and farted Bert.