Tony had barely walked some meters, when he felt the ground shake. He looked behind his back too see if Kate had felt it too. She was looking at him too. Then the real shaking started. Tony ran a couple of meters to Kate and pushed her ground with him. They saw the ground breaking and buildings collapsing. Car alarms started to work around them. They both felt the ground like moving and trying to break, but something was holding it from that.

'' You okay ? '' he asked Kate.

'' Yeah. You ? '' she asked.

'' I'm good, '' he said.

'' Was that like your nightmare ? '' she asked.

'' I have no idea, '' Tony said.

He stood up and helped Kate too. They looked around and the surrounding was completely different. It seemed like in catastrophic movie to Tony, there was fire and cars crashing. They both looked at the NCIS building, which was collapsed. They saw people running in streets, there was fear and panic in air.

'' What the hell happened ? '' Kate asked.

'' Earthquake, at least I think so, '' Tony said.

'' Just like in movies ? '' Kate asked.

'' Yeah, except in this case we should run from the bad guys and manage somehow and kiss at the end, '' Tony said.

Kate elbowed him.

'' Ouch, '' he whined.

'' Watch your tongue, '' she said.

'' Let's see if others managed too, '' Tony proposed.

Kate agreed and they went in NCIS Headquarters direction, or what was left of it.

'' Tony, '' Kate got his attention.

'' What ? '' Tony asked.

Kate pointed to left, where were 2 guys with black suits and sunglasses coming in their direction.

'' Let's slowly go to right and then hide just in case, '' Tony said and they went to right. They got into the corner and hid behind the crushed car. Those two men came to their direction and saw Tony and Kate. One of the men took out his gun a fired once. Then they walked away. Kate saw one of them pulling out a phone and calling someone.

'' It's done, mr. DiNozzo, '' was all Kate could hear.

She turned to Tony and saw him lying on ground and pool of blood surrounding him.

'' Tony, come on open your eyes, '' Kate pleaded at his side.

Tony's eyes were closed and he was shot, there was a bullet in his left side, just around the heart. Kate slapped him softly on cheek and hoped that he'll come around. She took his pulse, which was weak, but there, he was also breathing on his own. She ripped his jacket and shirt open, so she could examine the wound. It was bleeding pretty bad. She ripped a part of his shirt and patched the wound with that, but it was still bleeding pretty bad.

'' Kate, '' he said weakly.

'' Tony, hang on. Don't close your eyes, stay with me. I'm gonna save you, I'm right here, '' Kate was panicking.

'' I'm okay, '' Tony said.

'' I know. Just stay with me, don't leave me alone here. It's bad enough that others might be dead, I don't wanna lose you too, '' Kate said.

'' I'm here, '' Tony said.

'' I know and don't change your mind, '' Kate said.

'' No, '' he said.

Kate was feeling hot, probably because of the adrenaline and fear she had, but she took off his jacket. She also looked at his bullet hole and it was still bleeding really bad. She ripped off her right sleeve and tried to stop the bleeding with that.

'' I can't believe that we have so much blood, it seems a lot less, when it is inside your body, '' Kate said.

'' Yeah, '' Tony agreed.

Kate opened her shirt's upper button, since she was feeling like those were strangling her.

'' Hang on a little more, please, I'm sure the help is on it's way, '' Kate said.

'' Yeah. Kate, you will be okay. You'll move on and have kids and settle down and be happy, '' Tony said between swallowing and multiple pauses.

'' You know ? '' Kate asked.

'' The crush always knows, '' Tony said.

'' So you feel nothing ? '' Kate asked.

'' I feel something real, but we can't. Take care, '' Tony said.

'' Nooo ! Tony, don't do this, we have time, we can, please stay with me, '' Kate said.

'' It's time. Thank god, I can have this beautiful view, '' Tony said.

In Tony's head was the image and like a memory - The earthquake hit Washington DC and destroyed the city. Tony was in parking lot with Kate. They saw the destroyed city surrounding them. They started walking to NCIS HQ to see if others are still there, but Kate saw 2 men in black coming towards them. They went to right hid, behind the car, but he was still shot. She was doing her best to save him, but he couldn't. His heart stopped beating just after she confessed her crush to him and before Gibbs arrived with others. That was his nightmare for the past week, now he remembered that.

'' Just like my dream. Only the view is much more beautiful. I love you Kate, but this is goodbye. Take care, '' he said and closed his eyes. Kate was looking into his eyes with her shirt with one sleeve ripped off and the top buttons open. Her shirt was covered with blood – his probably and her eyes were holding his wound. These were also bloody.

'' Tony ! '' Kate screamed, tears came to her face.

She started the compressions and mouth to mouth breathing.

'' Come back Tony, don't leave me, '' Kate begged.

She was losing her mind as she tried to bring him back.

'' Kate ! '' she heard someone yelling. That was Gibbs.

'' Kate, what happened ? '' Gibbs asked.

'' Earth was shaking, we were running, he was shot, he said he loves me and closed his eyes, '' Kate was rambling, still doing the compressions.

'' Kate, he is gone, let him go, '' Gibbs said.

'' Kate ! '' Abby yelled as she was coming with McGee, Ducky and Jimmy.

'' He's dead Abby, '' Kate was sobbing.

'' Oh, Kate... '' Abby said.

Ducky checked Tony just in case, but he also shook his head. Tony was gone.

'' Kate come on, we have to go, '' Gibbs said.

He took Kate to his lap and they started walking away.

'' It was his nightmare, '' Kate said between sobs.

'' What ? '' Gibbs asked.

'' The reason he was distracted. He had been seeing this for the past week, but only could remember blood and a gun shot. He couldn't sleep this week, he was scared and now he is gone, '' Kate said.

'' Oh, Kate, '' Gibbs said.

'' This is his nightmare becoming reality, '' Kate said.

No one said a word. They just walked in destroyed DC, Gibbs in front with Kate on his lap, Abby and McGee on his sides with Ducky and Jimmy a few steps behind. Kate was crying. They met the rescue team and assured that they are okay. Kate looked behind and saw the place, where Tony was lying, disappearing in distance. His body was out of her sight a long time ago, but his words were still in her head.