If you haven't read my 'Laws of Familiarity' fic already I urge you to start with that before reading this. Just to give a brief blurb my previous fic was set in between episodes 2 & 3 and surrounds the lives of Sherlock Holmes and his lawyer Rebecca Francis. Rebecca and her little dog Toby had their house destroyed and fell prey to the acts of the fabled Moriarty and Ms Irene Adler. Rebecca went on to reside at 221b with Sherlock and John. She and Sherlock, after much denial, finally realised their feelings for each other. Feelings Sherlock had been harbouring since the day he met her.

I urge you read that fic (which can be found at my page before starting with this).

I also did a small series of one-shots showing Sherlock and Rebecca's life together called 'The Laws of Love, Life and Friendship' but it is not an intrinsic read. Don't worry I haven't abandoned it and will go back and forth adding ideas to it as and when I think of them.

The main reason I am doing this sequel to a sequel is mainly due to the fact that I enjoy writing cliff-hangers and chapters rather that one-shots and drabbles. Plus I also had the feeling that I was pushing Sherlock Holmes too far into fluff making him traipse in and out of character and causing him to be terrifically difficult to write. But if you have not already read it, give it a go, you might enjoy it...

But now I'll get to this story and stop babbling on...

This fic- The Laws of Family, takes place four years after the events of Laws of Familiarity. Sherlock and Rebecca have been together ever since. John has subsequently moved out and is now living permanently with Sarah. But you don't really need to know any more details than that.

If you're interested, the song I placed on repeat whilst writing the first few chapters of this fic was Tracy Chapman's 'The Promise'. If you ever get a chance YouTube it and give it a listen. It does nothing now but remind me of Sherlock and Rebecca.

Anyway. I thoroughly hope you enjoy this fic and I get as much love from my wonderful readers as I did in my first Sherlock/Rebecca story.


Rebecca Francis knew how to keep secrets.

It was something living with Sherlock Holmes had taught her.

Christmases and Birthdays had been the worst.

For four long years, she had fretted over the best place to hide a shrunken head on Christmas eve or the best way to keep a surprise party under wraps, which was a difficult task having a detective in her midst. Sherlock Holmes could sniff out a hairpin from 100 metres away.

But Rebecca was good.

She knew the tricks to lead Sherlock off the scent.

Two things that were always required: Distraction and repulsion.

Rebecca had a knack. A well placed hand here, a nod towards an interesting case there and Sherlock Holmes could be easily distracted.

And something as simple as an odious pop-song could repulse Sherlock enough to have him not enter a room for hours.

Of course he had always found out eventually. Secrets do have a way of coming out.

But this secret was big.

Bigger than anything Rebecca had ever kept from the detective before...

Rebecca groaned as her alarm sounded.

Opening one bleary eye she batted her alarm clock with her pyjama-clad arm.

One the ringing had subsided, the young lawyer flipped over, enjoying the comfort of a bed to herself.

Sherlock always awoke early. Sometimes he wouldn't even go to bed at all. He would take to rattling around in the living room until the early hours of the morning, his brain wired from too much thinking.

But this morning the reason for his absence was different.

Sherlock Holmes was abroad.

Prague to be precise.

He had been hired to take on a case there and after much disagreement and pushing from Rebecca, Sherlock had finally agreed to go (Well the money offered would come in extremely handy).

He had been gone for almost a week now and his planned arrival home was tonight.

Rebecca was indeed excited for his return. As much as they argued and fought, at the end of the day she loved him very much. He was everything, her whole life.

But as the days to his arrival home drew nearer an awful feeling of dread crept into Rebecca's stomach.

With a groan, the young lawyer rolled out of bed and ambled sleepily into the bathroom.

Half an hour later, she was showered and dressed, slipping a pretty green top on over jeans.

It was a Saturday, her un-official day off but there was something she needed to do.

Someone she needed to see...

Grasping up her phone from the bedside table, Rebecca scrolled down her contacts and dialled a number.

Her heart pounded and she bit her lip as the dial-tone rang out.

After a moment a voice answered

Rebecca let out a slow breath as she steadied her nerves.

"Hello," she uttered in a clear voice. "Could I book an appointment to see John Watson please?"

Sorry it was only short. Just a taster.

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