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Dedication – To the original Suethor. Writing a Mary Sue is part of the learning process of become a good writer. Some are minor Mary Sues, others are major ones. I hold that if done right, most characters can be turned into no longer being a Mary Sue.

Magical Mary
~Hermione Granger~
Punk Hermione

In the darkest of times, everyone needs a good laugh, something to make them all smile, to make them turn from the darkness back to the light, and back to the hope. Of course, there was the fact that most of the darkness hadn't crept into the lives of Harry Potter and his friends. The could still feel it, ever since Cedric's death, and the news that Voldemort had come back.

That was why getting in a good laugh was something that everyone should do, despite the fact Harry was miffed at the idea that everyone happened to have been enjoying themselves at Grimmauld while he had in fact been stuck at the Dursley's. Ginny and Hermione, along with Tonks, happened to decide to have a girls night, a sleep over so to speak.

While the girls dressed in normal pajamas, Tonks happened to dress in a lingerie, one that wasn't that revealing. They sat on the floor, talking about various girl things. The fact that the two teenaged girls adored Tonks was rather evident. They began to talk to each other about various girl woes, trusting the older woman as a definite role model.

"So... is there anyone you two particularly like?" Tonks asked, a smile on her face.

This caused Hermione and Ginny to suddenly glance at each other. Both laughed from merriment. Hermione spoke up first. "Ginny likes Harry."

"And Hermione likes my brother Ron," the red head stated firmly.

"So... why haven't either one of you asked them out?" Tonks stated. "Do you need any advice from an older female?"

"Well, mine happens to be from the fact that Harry very much knows that I have a crush on him," Ginny stated, her cheeks turning red. "However... I really embarrassed myself in front of him my first year in school."

"Harry seems nice though," Tonks shook her head. "I am sure to him it isn't that big of a deal."

"Well, there is also the fact that Ginny has rather come across as desperate. I told her that she should try dating other people, before she tries Harry again. Particularly since he hasn't gotten over Cho Chang. This also will give her experience. I said the right thing, right?" Hermione stated.

"No, that is good advice. You've got a real sensible head on your shoulders," Tonks stated.

"Well, Hermione's had to learn to be patient, considering that my brother can be a down right cad," Ginny stated.

"I am rather miffed with him right now," Hermione stated.

"Yes! He completely forgot she was a girl until it came to the Yule Ball!" Ginny's face was twisted up with disgust at her brother's actions. "I mean, does she have to look like she did at the Yule ball to notice her?"

"How about this?" Tonks commented, suddenly holding out her nose and blowing hard. She suddenly changed into Hermione Granger. Her hair shortened to about two inches, a bright pink, with dyed streaks in it. Ginny suddenly burst out laughing.

"You know, I might just do that to spite him, if it weren't for the fact that it would take forever for my hair to grow back," Hermione bemoaned, her face twisted in irritation and thought of the reaction she hoped Ron would have.

Suddenly, the door swung open with Ron sticking his head in. "Hey... Hermione... uhh... that is a nice night gown. Why'd you let Tonks' do that to your hair?"

Hermione picked up a pillow from beside her and flung it at Ronald Weasly. "That's not me!"

"Don't ya know it isn't polite to walk into a girl's room at night?" Tonks stated, turning back to her normal self. Her eyes were stern, causing Ronald to back out sheepishly from the room.

Author's note – The Canon Sue, Hermione Granger, became a punk rather then a goody-two-shoes, and Draco fell for her.

Also, I have three of these done. They take time, and they are not at all easy to write, as you have to break down and figure out what was the main problem with the Mary Sue. Each will vary too, on what I feel is needed.

What can be learned from this Sue.
Out of all the characters, Hermione Granger is the one that is most likely NEVER to be unhappy with who she is. Not to mention, J.K. Rowling did in fact create her with that in mind... just see the rant about skinny models on her profile. Also, Granger isn't a true good-two-shoes. As for Draco... well, I am a fan of Draco/Hermione, but... seriously, she's a Muggleborn. He won't easily fall for her. Oh! And lets just say that the clothing described in the sample was not punk style... it was something else.

Author's note – To the anon reviewer. I actually uploaded the wrong versions. The rules were rather... problematic. I took no offense at your review either. I am definitely trying to write the characters as realistically as possible. I am also purposefully leaving any bias I have for the reviews. I write this, so if the original Suethor were to read this, they will not only enjoy, but not feel bad for writing a Mary Sue. :)