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Eliza Sue
~Eliza's Prophesy~
It's bad enough having that prophecy hanging over my head without the notes. ~ Eliza Diawna Snape

Sitting in the Gryffindor common room, the fire crackled and flared, causing a warmth to spread across the floor and furniture, making it comfortable for the majority of the students who lounged within the common room. The glow spread a golden color onto the skin of every student there. While Harry and Ron busied themselves with the playing of chess, Hermione and Eliza read books.

Harry moved his piece upon the chess board, only to have Ronald Weasly ecstatically call out, "Check mate!"

Potter let out a groan and then leaned back in his chair, his entire body tense from the woes that happened to betide himself. He didn't at all mention yet what was bothering him, yet instead went into a tirade on his best friend. "Seriously Ron, what is playing chess with you, only to have you beat me each time supposed to accomplish?"

"I enjoy chess and find it to be a major stress reliever," Ronald stated firmly. "Let's set up again?" However, this was met with an irritated look from Harry, not to mention the other teens nose curled up with a hint of disdain, not aimed at his best bud, but in fact aimed at the idea of having to play another game.

Hermione spoke up, her voice tight with lecture for the red head Weasly. "Ronald, you do relize that while you may find chess to be a nice way to tide the time, you have to remember you happen to have beat almost everyone, every single time. Plus, when you are talking about Wizards chess, there is a certain barbaric element to it."

"Sorry Harry... I'll figure out something else to cheer you up. I mean, finding out about that prophesy and all..." Ron began to put away the chess set, his mood rather somber, due to the fact that he had been chastized. Eliza, who was in the chair near them, perked her head up.

"Come on Ron... it is the thought that counts here," Harry stated. Potter proceeded to help his friend to pack the Wizard Chess set away, his mood still rather on the depressed side.

"You mentioned a prophesy?" Eliza suddenly spoke up. All three suddenly turned towards her, a bit surprised.

"Ron... we weren't going to talk about this to just anyone, remember?" Hermione sighed, placing a bookmark into her book, and then setting it down.

"Look... Eliza, all you need to know is that.." Harry paused, wondering how exactly to tell the female. Truth of the matter, she was related to Snape, and Snape happened to be the one who told a small part of his prophesy to Voldemort. He decided to fair a bit on the side of caution. Even if Eliza was an ally, truth of the matter was, there was no telling what Snape would do. "...it was rather depressing, and I lost someone I care about over it."

"Oh... I know how that feels," the girl commented, her nose in her book. Her tone though, didn't at all reflect that she really knew what he felt. It was too light, to happy.

Hermione frowned at this, her brow scrunching up. "Eliza... what exactly do you mean by that?"

"I have a prophesy hanging over my head too," the girl stated firmly, her nose still firmly in her book. It was as if she wasn't paying any attention to them.

"Didn't you hear that Harry had someone killed over his prophesy. Actually, it was more then one person." Ron's tone was completely on the defensive, as if he found Eliza's attitude a bit rude.

At that, Eliza's head snapped up. "I apologize. I didn't hear that. But I mean that I understand what it means to have a prophesy over ones head."

"Eliza... you don't act like you do understand," Hermione stated, a bit of worry in her voice. "What exactly is your prophesy?"

"Umm..." the other girl paused short, biting her lip. "I can't tell you..." She simply went back to her book, an air of silence hanging over the common room.

Author's note –

I really want to keep this short and simple, but I am not sure how short I can keep this author's note for the first chapter. So, here are the things that I feel that readers need to know.

'The Eliza Trilogy' was a fanfic written by EDS back around 2000 to 2001. It was written after the forth HP book and before the fifth. Around 2007 EDS disappeared from this site, deleting all of her fanfics. In other words, she is one of the Suethors who is no longer around, but we can still refer back to her fanfics, simply because someone was kind enough to save it.

The intent of 'Eliza Sue' is not to bash in the original fanfic, but to do the following. It is to have a bit of good humored fun satirize the fanfic. It is meant to be a learning tool, to teach fanfic writers for one thing, what not to do, why certain things don't work, and perhaps even ways to work around some of the problems one has in their fanfics. It is also meant to be enjoyed, hopefully even by Suethors.

This chapter is based off the fact that I have in fact gotten half way through the first fanfic of the trilogy and while Eliza says she has a prophesy, she doesn't happen to say WHAT that prophesy is. I'll possibly touch on this later on. However, this is what I think can be learned.

Rules of Thumb 1 - It is better to be upfront about your prophesy for your character at the very beginning. People can point out the flaws involved for one thing. Also, it doesn't seem as if you the author are coming up with it randomly. There is such a thing a way too mysterious, and this is it.