Eliza Sue
~Party Class
I hope the students are more serious about learning at Hogwarts. ~ Eliza Diawna Snape

Eliza sat up in her room, reading through her books. Most of the other girls happened to have gone out for the evening, thus she felt that she could easily get things done. She heard a slight noise coming from the hall, the voice of one of her roommates. She also heard the voice of a boy. She snapped her head up, just in time to see them step into the room, the boy muttering a spell to lock the door.

"What are you two doing?" she asked. Her voice was cold.

"Ignore her," the other girl stated, suddenly pushing the guy over to the center of the floor. She lay down on the floor, right in the middle.. "She is so daft about things, it isn't funny. Plus, she won't tell... she knows what happened to her last time."

"I should hope not," the boy chuckled, suddenly twisting the girl around so that he was on top of the girl. He suddenly locked lips with the girl and began to unbutton her school blouse.

"Haven't you two heard of getting a room," Eliza gagged. Her face turned pale as she saw the girls underwear quickly appear, first her bra, then her panties as the boy pulled up and crinkled the girls skirt. She turned her head away, and her hand went to quickly pack her books.

There was a groan from her classmate, however, she didn't stop to turn her head around. She got up and reached for the lock on the door, however, she found it to be spelled tightly. She took her wand, to undo the spell, hurrying out of the room. "I hate this school..."

Author's note – This is the other way, and probably the way the author meant it to be taken, but perhaps not.

Rule of Thumb 6 – Make sure what you mean is clear. This is a little bit different then number two and three. This completely has to do with HOW you word something.