Thanks to my friend Kristin, (H.M. Murdock), I caught the Jazz, with out her help I would never of been able to write this story

Authors Note: This story my be a little confusing to read. So I wrote it in script mode and hope that you do enjoy it.

Summary: The A-team has been declared dead because no one has seen them for almost a year. All but four people believe this rumor and they bring it upon themselves to create the new A-team and look for the others.

Time: present day.

FaceGirl- Mandy Deck (age 24)
B.A.- Jason Pepper (age 23)
Murdock- Athena Williams (age 25)
Hannibal- George Johns (age 26)

The New A-Team

The story opens up with four friends in a room at the 5th floor at the hospital (the floor in which people who are insane stay at) and they are listening to the radio.

Radio: Yes you heard it correctly. The A-team has been declared dead. Not one person has seen or heard from them in almost a year.

Athena: sits down in her bed and puts her hands over her eyes.

Mandy: What's wrong Murdock?

Athena: Oh Face. I don't believe that they are dead. I choose not to believe it.

George: It's okay Murdock, it's gonna be okay.

Jason: Why do you guys continue doing that?

Mandy: Doing what B.A.?

Jason: Shut up fool! I am not B.A.
Mandy: (Stands up in front of him) Well you sure do act like him.

Jason: You two have been doing this since you where 17 years old. Aren't you getting a little tired of doing this?

Mandy and Athena: Doing what?

Nurse: (enters the room) Sorry, but visiting hours are over with.

Athena: Helen, can I have two more minutes with Face.

Helen: Okay, but just two more minutes. (and she leaves)

George: We'll wait for you in the Van Face.

Athena: Night colonel, night sergeant.

George: Night Captain.

Jason: Good night Athena.

Mandy: What's up Captain.

Athena: Lieutenant, do you think that you can talk Hannibal and B.A. into making a new A-team?

Mandy: What?

Athena: Look, we can paint the Van the same colors, and go out and look for them.

Mandy: Do you know how hard it is to look for someone?

Athena: Come on FaceGirl! You can finally show off all those conning talents and break me out of here.

Mandy: Murdock! I can't do that!

Athena: What, too illegal for you?

Mandy: No, it's just the process of thinking of a plan, and acting to break you out.

Athena: You're Face, you'll think of something.

Mandy: Okay (smiling) I'll talk to Hannibal. If I can talk him into doing it, we can surely talk B.A. into doing it.

Athena: Thanks Face.

Mandy: (Turns to leave. Walks to the door, turns off the light) Night Murdock.

Athena: Night.

Mandy leaves the hospital and walks into the Van. They start to drive.

A few minutes later they reach Mandy's house.

Jason: Night Mandy.

Mandy: Night... (Jason gives her a look that says 'Be careful of what words you use') Jason. Hannibal, can I have a word with you.

George: (He has no problem being called Hannibal) Sure. Jason, why don't you go home? I can walk.

Jason: Okay night guys (and he leaves.)

George: What's on your mind Mandy?

Mandy: Here take a seat George. (and she sat on the patio swing)

George: (he sat down next to her) Wow, you don't call me George unless it's really important.

Mandy: Well it is. (George just waited until she continued) Well Murdock had this really good idea and I think that you'll go for it, but I'm not sure about Jason.

George: Go on just tell me.

Mandy: Well, Murdock and I want to create the new A-Team.

George: What? (he started to laugh, thinking that she was lightening him before she threw the big bomb on him)

Mandy: Come on Hannibal. I'm not joking!!

George: Oh! (Stop laughing instantly) I thought you were just lightening up the mood so the news wouldn't drop on me like a bomb.

Mandy: Oh. No, that was the "big bomb". What do you say?

George: And what are we to do when we create it?

Mandy: We are going to go and find the real A-Team.

George: You know what? Even though it sounds like a crazy idea, I love it. Cool, me the head of the new A-team. (he started to smile.)

Mandy: Don't get too excited. We defiantly need a B.A. and Jason is the only B.A. that we know. We also need the Van.

George: Hey don't worry. We can talk him into doing it. Come on. (and he stood up)

Mandy: Where are we going?

George: We are going to go talk to B.A.

Mandy: Now? It's kinda late, don't you think?

George: Nah! Come on. We have to stop at the store too on the way.

Mandy: (Got up) Okay, let's go.

They walked off.

Soon they reached the store. George ran in. About five minutes later he came back out and put the bag in his inside pocket.

Mandy: What did you get?

George: You'll find out all in due time. Come on. (They walked on)

Ten minutes they came to an apartment building.
They saw the Van and Jason was under it.

George: Jason?

Jason: Oh hey George. Hi Mandy. What's going on?

George: We need to tell you something.

Jason: (He stood up) Sure what's up.

George: Go on Face. Tell him.

Mandy: Hannibal, Murdock, you and myself are going to create the new A-team.

Jason: What!? You're not going to ask me? You are just going to tell me?

Mandy: Okay. B.A. Will you please join us?

Jason: No!

George: Now sergeant. This is not a question, this is a demand. And me being higher in position you have to obey my orders.

Jason: What is wrong with you? You aren't really Hannibal Smith!

Mandy: Come on B.A. we want to save the A-team and do some good for the world.

George: Come on B.A. It's an adventure! You have no serious job yet.

Mandy: And once it does start, you won't have time for any really big adventures anymore.

Jason: And what are we going to use for transportation? Do you know how much money it's going to cost to get a car? Or, Face, are you thinking about scamming one? (Jason said laughing at his last sentence)

Mandy: (she laughed a mocking laugh) No. We don't need to buy or Scam anything. We paint your Van and we use that.

Jason: What? (Giving in) All right.

George: I Love it when a plan comes together!

Jason and Mandy turned around to see George with black gloves on and a cigar in his mouth.

Mandy laughed and looked at Jason.

Jason and Mandy: He's on the Jazz!!

Jason: Okay what's next.

George: (removing the cigar from his mouth) We get the Van ready. B.A. you work on getting the inside ready, while Face and I start to paint it.

Jason: Yes colonel!

A few hours later Mandy and George finish painting.

Mandy: (yawning) What's next?

George: Go home get some rest cause in the morning; you're breaking Murdock out of the Hospital.

Mandy: (suddenly wide awake) What? How I'm I suppose to do that?

George: Hey come on you're Face. You'll think of something. (and he walked into the Van to help Jason finish up)

Mandy: Apparently that's what everyone's telling me today.

To Be Continued..........