I would like to thank my friend and "big Cuz" Tanya for all her help. If it weren't for that special little line I don't think that I would be writing this. So thanks a lot. Okay a little more thanks are to be given. Murdock thanks for getting me on the Jazz! And B.A. thanks for the little fun ideas that you gave me. It was a big help. All of you guys!!!

Summary: The A-Team just got their pardon!! Yea!! Or did they? That's all I can say without giving it away.

The New A-Team, The Sequel Part 1: Saying goodbye.

Mandy: So how long have we been frozen for?

Athena: I don't know it feels like a long time.

Mandy: Come on guys. Tanya, Frankie, Amy. Come on real group picture all of us.

Tanya: Okay, just let me set it.

Mandy: Okay.

Tanya set it and she stood in-between Mandy and Hannibal. Frankie stood in-between Murdock and George and Amy stood on the other side of Face.

Tanya: Okay everyone smile.


Mandy: There now we have the whole team together.

Everyone moved and sat down.

The guys went and changed out of their uniforms.

When they came back out Hannibal, Face, and Murdock was sitting on the couch. Tanya and Amy sat in the other one, B.A. sat in the one-person seat and the rest sat on the floor, and they told many great stories.

After a few hours they finally finished their stories, for the night.

Mandy: So what are you going to do now?

Face: Oh I don't know, maybe settle down, get a job.

Mandy: You, the man who is afraid of a commitment? Anyways, I think that 78 is a little old to.....

Face: Come on Mandy, stop with the insults. Will ya? I'm really not that old.

Mandy: Just kidding.

They talked for a little while and then they made some sleeping arrangements and they went to sleep.

Mandy, Jason, George, and Athena stayed a few more weeks to enjoy the sites and all the girls went shopping.

The day they were ready to leave, Mandy and Athena couldn't do it. They couldn't leave.

Mandy: Guys, I don't want another 15 years to go by before I hear from you guys again.

Face: And let me guess, by that time, we probably won't be able to hear anymore.

Mandy: Come on Face, at a time like this, all you can do is make jokes!

Athena: And Murdock hasn't taught me all there is to flying.

Murdock: There you go see. We have an excuse to visit you now.

George: I'm sorry guys, but if we want to catch our flight we have to be going now.

Mandy: Okay. Just one more group hug guys.

They had one last group hug.

Mandy: (Grabbing her bags.) Keep in touch.

Face: Will do.

Hannibal: And Lieutenant, you keep go care of yourself.

B.A.: And make sure the crazy girl, doesn't do anything too crazy.

Mandy smiled, Hannibal saluted and she saluted back.

A month later.

Hannibal and Face are talking together.
Face: So when are those two going to be getting back with the food. I am hungry.

Hannibal: Soon. Hey do you know that we got a letter from Mandy today?

Face: Yeah. Hannibal I sure do miss Little Lieutenant Mandy.

Hannibal: Yeah, and George, I like him.

Face: What? Who? There where others?

Hannibal: Come on Face, you're not that old to be getting Alzheimer's. (Face smiled. He finally got a complement, well sorta, it all depended on how you looked at it.) Or are you?

Face: (his smile had faded.) Come on Hannibal, don't you start with me too!!

Hannibal: I wouldn't dream of it.

All of a sudden the phone rang.


Face picked it up: Hello? Oh hi. WHAT!!!??

To Be Continued........