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Summary: The A-Team just got their pardon!! Yea!! Or did they? That's all I can say without giving it away.

The New A-Team, The Sequel Part 20: Face Gets His Revenge!!

Lindsey just left and it was getting pretty late.

Face yawned and stretched: I think that it's time for bed.

Mandy: Why don't we have a little camp out right here.

Face: Come on Mandy! There's a soft bed in there just calling my name and you want me to... (Face thought for a minute, "Time to get my revenge in order!!!") Okay.

Everyone looked shocked.

Face: What?

Mandy: Nothing it's just that we usually have to pull teeth to get you to do something.

Athena got an idea, looked at Face, and was about to open her mouth when Face nodded his head. Athena said to herself: YES!!!

Face: I am gonna go and get some snacks ready while you guys set up in here.

George: Okay.

Athena: I'll go help Face.

They went into the kitchen together.

Athena: So, what's the plan Lieutenant?

Face: She is ticklish right?

Athena: Ticklish? Mandy? OF COURSE!!

Face: Shhhhhh!

Athena: So what's the plan?

Face: Find a way to tell the rest of the guys, then later on tonight we dog pile her, and tickle her senseless!

Athena: I like how your mind works. But you do know that she WILL get us back.

Face: And I'll be waiting for it.

Athena walked to the doorway: B.A.'s will you help us bring in the milk.

Both B.A.'s got up and walked into the kitchen.

B.A., looked around and saw no milk: There ain't any milk in here.

Athena: Yeah, but we have to tell you something.

The B.A.'s and Athena got into a little huddle and Athena told them Face's plan.

Jason: Face, for once, your plan is good.

Face didn't know if that was a being true or sarcastic so he just said: Thanks a lot.

Meanwhile in the other room...

Murdock: What is taking them so long?

Mandy: I don't know, go check it out. Face probably got his finger stuck down the sink.

Murdock laughed and walked into the kitchen.

Murdock noticed that everyone was talking at once: Hold it!!

Everyone else: SHHHHHH!!!!!

Murdock: What?

Athena told him Face's plan.

Murdock: It's a good plan, but don't you think that with all of our weight combined, we will crush her?

Face: Good point. I think she can handle it.

Murdock: That's nice.

Hannibal came into the kitchen: Are we having a family meeting without the rest of the family?

Face: No, we were just planning my revenge. (He told Hannibal about his plan.)

Hannibal: But don't you think that we'll crush her?

Murdock: My point exactly.

Face: All right. All right. B.A.'s you can't join in with the dog pile.

Jason: What? Why not?

Face: You guys are too muscular. Especially you Jason. You are WAY to muscular.

Jason: Fine!

Hannibal: I'll just sit back and hold one of her arms down.

Face: Fine suit yourself.

Hannibal: Don't you think that some of us should be getting back in there so she doesn't seem SUSPICIOUS!

Face: Oh yeah, B.A.'s go. Go. Hannibal you too!

The B.A.'s and Hannibal get back to the room.

Mandy looks at them.

Jason: What?

Mandy: The milk?

Hannibal: That was their department not mine.

B.A.: We're all out of it.

George got up: All righty then, I am gonna get something to drink. Mandy what can I get you?

Mandy: Just something with flavor in it.

George: Okay.

George went into the kitchen, went to the fridge and got some juice stuff out.

George: What are you guys doing in here?

Athena: We are planning Facey's revenge on Facey.

George: What?

Athena told him what they were planning on doing.

George: Count me in!

Face: Come on, we have to get in there before she suspects something.

So they all went into the other room.

When they all walked into the other room Mandy looked at them and got suspicious, but they didn't do anything right away.

They sat down and watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's" everybody LOVES that movie (:)) and "Fatman and Little Boy" Murdock loves that movie, but no one knows why.

After the movies Mandy and Athena started to flip through the stations.

Athena: OH MY GOSH!!!

Face: What?

Athena and Mandy: Battlestar Gallictia!

Face: What?

Mandy: Look.

Everyone looks.

Murdock: Wow!

Face: What?

Murdock: That guy looks familiar.

Mandy: It's Starbuck and if you ask me he looks like a young Templeton Peck.

Face: It does not.

Mandy: You know, now that I get a closer look, you're right. He is MUCH more cuter.

Face looks at everyone, everyone knows what to do, and stands up.

Mandy looks at them all: What are you guys up too?

Face: Nothing really?

Mandy: Yes you are.

Face: Okay you got me. DOGPILE MANDY! (Face, George, Murdock, and Athena dog pile Mandy.)

Mandy: What are you guys doing? I can barely breath!

Face: Hannibal, B.A.'s pin her arms and legs down.

When they did so Face, George, Murdock, and Athena got off of Mandy.

Mandy: What are you going to do to me?

Face didn't answer her.

Mandy: Hannibal, B.A.'s what did I ever do to you guys?

They didn't answer her.

Mandy: I am so going to get you guys, for whatever you are going to do to do.

Hannibal: And we look forward to it.

Face: Captain's you ready. (Murdock and Athena smile and nodded.) Start tickling!

So they did.

Mandy screamed in a laughter sort of way: Noooooooooo. Come on guys!!!!

They didn't stop though.

Mandy: Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone started to laugh and smile.


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