prompt: edge

word count: 199

Bring Me Dreams of Stardust

She dreams about a man. A man in a long brown coat, with a thin face and silly hair and ancient, dark eyes. Impossibly deep, like he's seen more than she can even begin to imagine; been to the edge of everything, and lost it all.

Every night. Different dreams, different settings. Different feelings. Always the same man.

Sometimes they're running, heart pounding in her ears, danger snarling at their heels, blood singing with adrenalin. Sometimes they're laughing, lying in a field in the middle of nowhere, watching emerald clouds dance across an endless amber sky. Sometimes they're breathing, together, soft and shuddering, his skin pressed against hers, his fingers tangled in her hair, and she cries his name as she falls over the edge.

The name always fades as she wakes up alone. But the rest is too vivid.

She thinks she's in love with this man.

She's never told anyone. Not her mum, not her granddad. Not her friends. They'd think she was mad.

She is mad.

She shakes it off. Tomorrow. She's going to get out. Meet new people.

Go out there and do something.

Find someone real.

Someone who doesn't exist only in her dreams.