Mitchie woke up hours before time the next morning. She stared up at the plain white ceiling and heard the faint sound of drops of water slowly splashing against the cool tiles in the bathroom. She dragged her feet to the bathroom and splashed cold water on her face when she heard frantic knocking at her door. Mitchie felt her heart beat speed up and she groaned. She wasn't in the mood for a moody Shane. She waited for the knocking sound to subdue and prayed he'd go away for a couple of seconds but when it didn't she went over to the door and opened it.

"Finally Mitchie! Where were you, in Narnia?" Dana panted, tossing over a hangered packet onto Mitchies bed. Mitchie sighed in relief seeing it was only her friend and no one else and pointed towards the packed suggestively. "It's your dress for the South American premier of Shane and Franchesca's movie," Dana explained. "Today," she said, reminding Mitchie who looked at Dana, confused. "You forgot didn't you?"

Mitchie slowly nodded, remembering that it was in fact the day of the South American premier of Shane's movie. "I have the video shoot the whole day," She stated, partially lying.

"Now don't you dare say you're not going Mitchie," Dana warned, "you promised me you'd take me with you. I don't want to go there alone,"

"And you think I actually want to go there?" Mitchie asked Dana and she jumped onto her bed and dug her face into the comforter. "Fuck," Mitchie hissed.

"Mitchie, I want to go to this premier okay? I even got a new dress and everything for it so get your shit together. If nothing, look pretty for Robert, he's going too."

"Rob is going?" Mitchie looked up at Dana.

"Yeah, invited him and you lier, your shoot finishes at four Mitchie! You have four more hours free after that to actually go to the premier."

"Do you mind if I hook you up with Nate? Like he can take you to the premier?"

"Why would you do that?"

"Because um," Mitchie mumbled quietly, "I'm thinking about you know since Rob's going and um he's in the video with me then uh, it would look better if I go with him." She said timidly, looking at her friends face for a reaction. "You know, if that's okay with you! I wouldn't ditch you for a guy," Mitchie added quickly, her cheeks redening.

"You are totally seeing Robert!" Dana exclaimed excitedly, jumping on Mitchies bed like a 5-year-old.

"I am not seeing Robert," Mitchie clarified. "We might have, um, kissed yesterday after the show, but I am not seeing him,"

"Okay, okay," Dana beamed a smile. "I forgive you. Only cause your eyes finally noticed someone other than a certain Gray,"

Mitchie rolled her eyes at Dana, "So is it okay if you go with Nate then?"

"Oh, um, I don't think he'll be up for it. Caitlyn, his ex-girlfriend who was at your place in LA? " Dana asked and Mitchie nodded slowly, "Yeah, well uh I think theres something going on or something happened regarding her and now Nate's mood in the gutter. He hasn't talked to anyone this morning."

"Oh," Mitchie whispered sadly, "She's getting married. She called me last night," Mitchied explained. "Gosh, I feel so bad for Nate," She ran her fingers through her hair in frustration. "But people move on I guess. He was too late for her," Mitchie shrugged feeling horrible for Nate.

Mitchie was able to sneak out of the hotel to her video shoot without running into Shane. She wanted to see Nate but she didn't want to risk running into Shane.

"So, are you going to the premier tonight?" Robert asked Mitchie. He stared at her beautiful face, sitting down on the seat next to her as the make-up artist lightly dusted her face with face power. "Mitchie?" He asked again, finding on response from her.

"Uh," She replied, peeking her eyes open and giving him a small smile, "I'm thinking about it."

"Will you go if I ask you to?" Robert questioned.

"You're gonna have to ask me first," Mitchie smirked, opening her eyes first before closing them as instructed by the make-up artist.

"Will you be my date to the premier?" Robert chuckled, gently holding Mitchies hand. Mitchies cheeks blushed red and she peeked her eyes open before closing them again as the make-up artist put on a think line of eye liner on her eyelids.

"Do you wan't me to go with you?"

"Why are you making this hard for me?" He whined in a teasing manner.

Mitchie shrugged, a small smile on her painted red lips as the make-up artist told her she was ready to go. Mitchie nodded and the make-up artist left.

"I want you to go with me, will you?" He asked hopefully.

"Like a date?"

"Um, yeah," Robert sctartched the back of his head nervously, "I mean, if you dont want to then you dont have to. I was jus-"

"I'll go with you." Mitchie interuppted him. She couldnt help but mirror the huge smile that was on Roberts face.

"This won't make you uncomfortable though right cause if it does then you don't have to go with me." He asked, making sure.

"No, no...I don't, I don't think so.." Mitchie shook her head. "I mean, will it make you uncomfortable?"

"No." Robert confirmed, giving Mitchies hand a little squeez. "You know with the whole Shane thing, I don't know what happened but I just want to make sure it isn't weird for you taking me since he'll be there and well, I feel like he's not too fond of me."

"I will be fine." Mitchie assured. "I promise."


Mitchie paced around her room with one feet in her stiletto while the other was clutched in her hand, looking around for her contact lenses. She perched her glasses higher up her nose and took a seat at the single chair near the wooden desk in her room, wearing the other shoe. "Shit." She muttered to herself as she scanned her room for all the possible places she could have kept her lenses. She huffed and stood up, feeling taller in her heels and straightened out the creases on her navy blue silk dress that clung to her body revealing her beautiful figure. Her attention was turned to the door when she heard a knock and quickly ushered Dana in before closing the door again.

"You look amazing, Dana," Mitchie stated, offering her friend a warm smile.

"I'm so proud of myself," Dana said, smiling widely as Mitchie raised her eyebrows. "I've done my job correctly, you look stunning. Have you seen yourself in the mirror?" Dana exclaimed over-exxaggeratedly, turning Mitchies body towards the huge mirror in her room.

"Yeah, well Danielle did my hair,"

"It looks great, but I cant see your eyeshadow cause of your glasses,"

"Ughh," Mitchie growled in frustration. "I don't know where I put my contacts after the shoot and I can't find any of them. I think I left them at the shoot or something. How will I go to the premier looking like this?" She pointed to her thick black framed glasses.

"Well maybe you can just take them off?" Dana offered.

"I'm blind without them. Like literally blind. Fuck," She swore. "Today is like my first date with him and I look like this,"

"There's nothing wrong with how you look. Gosh, just look at yourself, Roberts going to go crazy."

"Hah," Mitchie laughed, a small smile playing on her lips. "What should I do about these?" She pointed to her glasses. "Maybe I should canc-"

"No, absolutely not." Dana cut Mitchie mid-sentance. "What is wrong with wearing glasses anyway? You look great. You have to go."

"I've seen the movie anyway. It sucks."

"No, you said it was good."

"I said Shane was good." Mitchie corrected, taking her glasses off and seeing just how bad her eye sight was before putting them on again. She looked at herself in the mirror, starightening out her silk dress again.

"Just as good as he is in bed?"

Mitchie abruptly stopped her movements and froze with her hands placed on her hip-bones.

"What?" Dana asked, eyeing Mitchie. "Don't think I don't know that you had sex with him the night before he had that meet and greet."

"I uh, h-how do you know?" She stammered. "Wait, did he tell you? Oh my god," She breathed, throwing her hands in the air. "He's going around telling everyone we had sex isn't he? I can't believe this!" Mitchie exclaimed, appaled.

"No." Dana shook her head. "No, no, no, no, no. He didn't say anything to me, I swear," She held her hands up in defense.

"Oh, gosh," Mitchie brought her hands up to cover her face before realizing she would be runing her make-up. "I had sex with him, yes, but I don't want to talk about it."

"He cheated on Franchesca with you." Dana said, accusingly. "You're the last person in the world who needs to be reminded of how it feels like to be cheated on and yet you let yourself become that. You let yourself become the other woman."

The room fell into a silence and Mitchie hung her head low, staring at the carpet on the floor. "Just be careful okay." Danas tone softened.

Mitchie nodded and went to answer the door, knowing it was Robert when she heard a knock again. Dana offered him a smile before slipping out of the room.

"Nice look," Robert spoke, refering to Mitchies glasses.

"I'm blind without them," Mitchie shurgged, feeling giulty after the conversation she had with Dana. She felt her mood go down in the gutter.

"Well, I think I like you more with these glasses though," Robert stated, poking her frames teasingly. "You look, wow," He took a proper look at her, stepping back slightly. "You look beautiful."

"Thank you," Mitchie blushed. Mitchie couldnt remember the last time a man called her beautiful. Sure her fans did everyday and so do strangers but she couldnt remember the last time she heard it from a man she liked. It made her feel good about herself. "You look great too,"

"Can I kiss you or will that ruin your make-up?" Robert bit his lips, smiling through his teeth.

"You can kiss me," Mitchie giggled, "You don't have to ask."

Robert leaned in and Mitchie took a step forward, her body close to his. He gently connected their lips. He held Mitchies face with one hand and took her bottom lip inbetween his, kissing her softly.

The questions, yelling and looks she recieved from the paparazzi never seemed to get old. She posed for pictures with Robert and then with Nate, Dana, Danielle and Jason before they all slipped into the theatre together. Everyone seemed normal but underneath it all she could feel the questions everyones eyes were sending her. She shrugged it off thinking 'I have the right to be happy too' and tried to concentrate on the movie.

"I'm going to the ladies room," Mitchie whispered to Robert, a little while into the movie.

"Okay," Robert replied, momentarily turning his head towards Mitchie before looking at the screen again.

The first person that caught Mitchies eye when she stepped out of the theatre was Nate. Mitchie furrowed her eyebrows together and walked towards him, placing a hand on his arm as she reached touching distance. "Nate? What are you doing here?" She asked as Nate's attention came to her. "Shouldn't you be inside?"

Nate shrugged. "Shouldn't you?" He asked back. "I'm just not in the mood to be in there."

"Oh," Mitchie spoke slowly. "I'm sorry about Caity,"

"I'm not," He shrugged again. "I mean, he must make her happy, right? That's why she's marrying him. She must be really happy with him. He must make her happier than I ever did or I ever can," Nate had a far away look on his face, but just the mention if Caitlyn seemed to form a little smile at the end of his lips. "I really love her, you know?" He confessed, looking around the nearly empty lobby. "I really do, but she's happy with him and that's all I want. I can't give her what she wants. I cant give her 'normal.'" His lips pressed together forming a straight line and then he looked at Mitchie, waiting for her response.

"You can give her love." Mitchie insisted.

"That's not my place anymore." Nate shook his head. "I can love her like a friend, but she'll never be my Caity again. It's okay though," He tried to smile. "I'll get over it one day." Nate assured Mitchie before raising his eyebrows at her with an amused expression on his face. Mitchie was always astonished at how qucikly he was able to change his demeanor, to hide his emotions, to pretened like nothing was bothering him. I guess that is what they were all good at. They were good at pretending. "I haven't seen you in glasses since," he bit his lip, looking up a the ceiling thinking, "since like I dont know, a year? You look funny,"

"I hate you," Mitchie laughed, hitting his chest. "I couldn't find my damn contacts and it was already time to get here so I had to wear these."

"I'm joking," Nate smiled sweetly at his friend, "You look cute."

"Thanks Nate," Mitchie returned the smile.

"Now, should I believe that the reason for you bringing Robert to tonights premier is strictly business, since he's your co-star in your video or should I believe the truth?" Nate's voice had a tint of playfullness in them but Mitchie knew he was nothing but serious.

"And what may be the truth?" She challenged.

"That you brought him to Shanes premier to make him jealous or to pretened he doesn't faze you anymore. You want Shane to feel how you feel when you see him with Franchesca."

Mitchie looked at Nate with a blank expression on her face. How could he read her so well? How could he read the feelings buried so deep within her, even all those feelings she was afraid to look into?

"Has it ever crossed your mind that I might actually like this guy?" She asked, crossing her arms over her chest, annoyed at Nate.

"No," Nate replied immediately, shaking his head. "You and my brother, no matter what has happened, not matter what you have gone through or what the future holds, you will always love him." Mitchie opened her mouth to protest, but was cut off by Nate, "Wait," He stopped her. "I'm not finished." Mitchie closed her parted lips, her lips forming a firm line and listened to him. "And my brother, no matter how much of a dickhead he can be somedays, not matter how much you hate him and no matter how much he pretends to be happy, or he his happy, he will always love you. No matter how much you guys break each others hearts, he will always love you. Even if he ends up spending the rest of his life with someone else, he will always love you."

Mitchie slowly let the air out of her nostrils, digesting the words Nate had just spoken. The last line had gotten her the most and she didnt know what to say.

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because Shane is my brother and we are both doing the same thing for two different people. We are pretending."

Nates words played in her mind over and over again as she walked towards the ladies room. Her heartbeat seemed to pick up a sudden speed after that and she felt uneasy sitting back in her seat in the theatre. Robert squeezed her hand and gave her a warm smile when she sat back in her seat and as he leaned his lips towards her, Mitchie shivered, thinking he was going to kiss her, but instead, his lips met her ears and he whispered "Hey, you want to get out of here?"

Mitchie didnt waste time to respond "O-Okay," She stammered, almost tripping over as she stood up. She needed to get her mind back in place.

She didn't know if Robert noticed the looks they both recieved from Danielle and Dana and although she hadn't told Danielle anything about Robert, Mitchie knew that Danielle knew. Mitchie felt reifief wash over her as she left the confies of that theatre, she was suffocating being near everyone.

"Where are we going?" She asked as Robert laced their fingers together and walked her towards the back exit since there were still swarms of paparazzi out the front entrance.

"Tonight's the last night I have with you before I have to leave and I'm gonna take you on a date," He replied, showing Mitchie his perfect set of dimples. Mitchies stomach dropped to her stomach when she realized that Robert would be leaving soon and she would only be able to see him after tour. "A proper date."

Robert turned his head towards Mitchie, looking at the lost expression on her face. "I'm sorry," He whispered slowly, pressing the bottom of Mitchie's chin with his finger, making her look into his eyes. "Did I upset you?"

"No, no," Mitchie shook her head, attempting a smile. "I just forgot you have to leave so soon."

"I wan't to see you after tour though. You're taking a break aren't you?"

"Hmm..." She hummed, her expression turned into a questioing one as they reaced a black SUV.

"I hired a car for the night," Robert replied sheepishly, his tanned skin turning a little pink.

Mitchie cracked her smile at how adorable he looked, "You didn't have to do that,"

"I wanted to impress you,"

"Oh, I'm impressed," Mitchie giggled as she got into the passanger door. "Very thoughtful of you."

"I hope you like Portugese food. I saw this really nice Portugese resturant yesterday on the way to the shoot."

"Great." Mitchie smiled.

"Have you decided what you're going to do after tour?" Robert took a sip of his wine that night after dining at the resturant he had been talking about.

"I don't know," Mitchie shrugged. "I'm taking a break, that's for sure. I've been touring for nearly two years straight and I need the break and I'll probably sit at home and catch up with TV or paint or cook." The thought of cooking frought a smile to her face. She loved cooking, it was something she had picked up from Shane and soon turned into a passion. "I love to bake." Mitchie revealed.

"Really?" Robert asked, surprised. "I couldnt cook to save my life."

"Yeah," They both laughed. "Sha- one of my friends is a really good cook and, so..." She said awkwardly realizing how much her mind was drifted to Shane even when she was with Robert that night. "What are you gonna do when you get back to LA?" She asked quickly, before Robert had the chance to ask about Shane.

"I'm actually going to Italy from here tomorrow morning," He let her know. "I have a couple of photoshoots and a show."

"I didn't know what," Mitchie said interestingly.

"I spent most of my childhood there, I bet you didn't know that." He said with a smirk.

"I would have if I was creepy enough to google you and read about your whole life, but no I didnt know," Mitchie laughed. "You really spent your childhood in Italy?"

"Not the whole of my childhood, but my dad moved there after my parents got divorced when I was three and ever since I was seven I'd spend my summers there with him," He smiled at the fond memory. "We'd go fishing together and watch matchs on TV and he even taught me how to swim." He laughed as Mitchie laughed attentively. "My sisters didn't like it much though, but I loved it."

"Does he still live there?"

"No, he died last year."

"Oh," Mitchie replied solemly. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring that up." She said sadly, bringing her hand on top of his.

"Dana is going to kill me when she see's this dress," Mitchie laughed at the thought of her friends reaction when she'd see the wet and sandy state of it. "But it's worth it," She giggled, swinging thier interwined hands together as they walked together in the beach after dinner. She had held the bottom of her long, navy blue silk dress for a while, trying to prevent it from hitting the water or sand, but then later gave up and let it fall down her legs when she couldnt hold onto it any longer. "mmhh," Robert hummed in response as a large wave came and washed away at their feet, wetting Mitchies dress all the way to her knees.

"Hey," Mitchie poked Roberts rib-cage, looking at him with a sly smile after a while of walking in silence. "Why are you so quiet?" She asked when she got his attention. "What are you thinking about?"

"You," He replied, honestly.

Mitchie looked at his face before looking down at the damp sand they were walking on, curling her toes into it.

"What about me?"

"That I really like you," He said, turning his face towards her and bringing them to a stop. Mitchie bit her bottom lip, waiting for him to continue. "I really really like you," He confessed, both his hands on Mitchies arms, looking at her straight in the eye.

"And," Mitchie giggled.

Roberts lips cracked into a huge smile, "And that you're amazing and I love to spend time with you. These three days have been so great," Mitchie nodded at his words, waiting for what was to come next. "And I know I leave in the morning and we haven't even known each other for long yet but I have to ask you before I leave, will you be my girlfriend?"

Mitchie blushed, her face looking down at the sand again before looking up at him with a smile. "Yes," she nodded and he cupped her face, pulling his lips to hers. "Thank you," He whispered into the kiss and Mitchie nodded, pulling her arms aorund his neck and tiptoeing to get to his height. His lips were soft on hers as Mitchie gently tugged onto the ends of his short black hair at the back of his neck causing a small groan to leave his lips. Mitchie smiled and he ran his tongue across her bottom lip. She opened her mouth slightly and he took the chance and gained entrance. Their tongue pressed against each other as they tangled on a battle before they both parted in the need of air.

They looked at each other, smiling before Robert bent to press another small kiss on her lips and wrapped his arms around her shoulder. "Thank you." He said again. Mitchie laughed and nodded at his words before saying, "We should get back to the hotel."

"What time is your flight tomorrow?" Mitchie asked as Robert drove them back to the hotel. "Is this okay?" She looked at Robert as she changed the radio channel they were listening too.

He nodded, his eyes on the road. "It's at nine," He let her know. Mitchie nodded in return, checking the time. It was nearly three am already, she didnt know where all the time went. She never know when she was around him. As they walked therough the long passage way in the floor of the hotel they were staying at, Mitchie was sure she looked like a tornado had hit her. Her wet silk derss clung annoyingly to her legs and she had to carry the weight of it with every step she took. She was sure her make-up had long vanished and could feel the tangled mess her hair was from the winds in the beach. On top of all of that all she could feel on her skin was the rough scraping of crystals of sand against her pores.

"Will you wake me before you leave?" Mitchie wondered as they reached her room.

"Sure," Robert smiled.

"Okay," Mitchie smiled. "I'll see you in the morning," she said as she closed the door.

Seconds later someone knocked on the door, "I just want to," Robert said from the other side when Mitchie opened the door. He leaned down for a split second, catching Mitchie by surprise and pecking her lips. "Goodnight," He said, before dissapearing into his room again.

Mitchie closed the door behind her with a smile still plastered on her lips. She threw her heels on the ground and turned on the bathroom light when she heard another knock at her door. She sighed, smiling and opened it, "Robert, wha-" She stopped short of finsihing her sentance when she saw who it was. "I...I thought you'd be at the after party," She stammered looking at Shane.

"You look nice," Shane commented, ignoring Mitchies earlier statement and barging into her room. He closed the door behind her and crossed his arms arounf his chest. His blazer had been taken off long ago and the sleeves to his white shirt had been rolled up all the way up his arm, his muscles bulging as he stood there looking at her questioningly. "You said we could talk yesterday," He reminded her, "and then you told me not to come," as his voice trailed off it held a confused tone and Mitchie couldn't help but feel a little guilty.

"What do you want to talk about?" Mitchie crossed her arms around her chest just like Shane. Her fingers touched her arm and all she could feel was the rough texture of sand against her soft skin.

"Why you're ignoring me,"

"I'm not ignoring you," Mitchue lied, shaking her head.

"You are." he stated, seeing right through her lie. "Ever since that night happened, you've been ignoring me."

"Are we really talking about this right now?" Mitchie raised both her hands in annoyance stumping towards her bed with the end of her soggy drees in her hand.

"Why do you get mad so easily? Can we not talk without aruging?" Shane demanted, taking a seat the the end of the bed next to her.

"I'm not getting mad," Mitchie stood up.

"You are," Shane said, standing up too. "You're yelling and your face is red and it looks like you had a dandy time at the beach."

"This has nothing to do with that."

"This had everything to do with that."

"No," Mitchie shook her head. "This has to do with the fact that we had sex when you still have a girlfriend. This has to do with the fact that you cheated in a relationship, again,"

"I can't believe you're putting all of this on me!" Shane said, outraged. Mitchie could see his face turning red and the veins on his forhead suddenly becoming more and more prominant.

"I'm not, but we shouldn't have done what we did. You have a girlfriend and don't act like you don't care because you left in the morning," She poked his chest, "You left and you didn't say anything. You didn't speak to me and you left me for her again."

"I didn't leave you for her,"

"You threw a fucking meet and greet for her!"

"I didn't throw it. The producers for the movie threw it for you know, promotion?"

"Stop lying," Mitchie demanded.

"I'm not fucking lying!" Shane exclimed, running a hand through his dark hair. "She's gone."

"What?" Mitchie furrowed her eyebrows, confused.

"She's gone. She's not coming back."

"What do you mean, Shane?"

"I mean," Shane breathed, "I mean that we broke up after the premier in LA,"

"She came here with you, Shane! She was with you all this time, quit the fucking act."

"She had to be here," Shane let her know. "God, Mitchie, you know how it works. We had to pretened we were still together during this part of the tour for the movie!"

Mitchie was quiet. She didn't know what to say. She felt relief that Shane hadn't cheated on Franchesca with her but felt partly guilty for potentially being a reason for their split. She stood there, with her arms around her chest, her defense slowly slipping as she failed to look him in the eye. The room felt into a silence. It wasnt an uneasy or a uncomfortable silence. It was just silence.

"It's my birthday," Shane randomly said, breaking the silence.

Mitchie looked up, meeting his eyes. It was well past midnight and the next day would be his birthday. "Happy Birthday," She wished before the room fell back into a silence. They didnt sit or move or say anything. They just stood there as time slowly ticked away.

"Do you regret it?" Mitchie broke the silence this time. There was a look in Shanes eyes, a look she had seen many times before - the way his eyes shined and she knew he understood.

"I don't," He shook his head. "Do you?"

"No." Mitchie replied, still looking at him.

"Did you regret it when you thought Franchesca was still my girlfriend?" He questioned.

"No," was Mitchies reply again.

"Do you remember what happened when we were here the last time, in Brazil, in this hotel?"

"I can never forget," Mitchies breathing came out short and her eyes didn't leave his. "I found out I was pregnant."

Shane cupped Mitchies face and caught her lips in a passionate kiss. Mitchies reaction was immediate and she replied by placing both her hands on his sides and pulling him close to her. As soon as his chest hit hers, his beautiful scent wafted into her nose and Mitchie released a soft moan.

Shanes hands fell to her shoulders when their lips parted "You're poison for me and I'm poison for you," Mitchie stated. "All we do is hurt each other," She shook her head slowly.

Shane brought his warm palm to her cheek, and took her glasses off with his other hand "These are cute" He commented, throwing them to her bed. "Just because we're poison doesn't mean we're bad for each other," He stated. Mitchie tried and tried, but she couldnt break eye contact.

"Do you still love me?" Mitchie asked bravely.

Shane chuckled, "Did you ever believe I stopped? Through everything that was happening and after everything that happened, did you truely ever believe that I stopped loving you."

"You cheated on me."

"You gotta understand from my point of view Mitchie. You left me, you weren't listening to anything that I was saying or trying to make you understand. You just ignored me like I never existed, it was like I never existed for you. I lost someone too and it was like you just didnt care. You couldnt handle it so you ran away and when the lonliness got to you, you ran away again." Mitchie bit her lip, listening closely to everyword Shane said. "I regret everything that happened in the past year and a half, everything that hurt us, but I wouldnt have it any other way because it makes us who we are today. Broken, but it's still us."

"I know," Mitchie whispered, her head hanging low. Shane reached forward and held her face again, making her look in his eyes before engulfing her in a hug. Mitchie grabbed onto his shirt and Shane kissed the side of her ear before going down to kiss her collar bone and then pecked her lips. Mitchie smiled and brought their lips together once again as Shane ran his hands up and down Mitchies bare arms soothingly. His lips attacked her neck hungrily, licking and sucking at every inch of skin he got. She tasted like sand, but he didnt mind. He smiled into her neck when Mitchie released a throughty moan and tangled her hands in his dark dark hair. Shane kissed up her neck and to her cheek before pressing her lips against hers. Shane licked her bottom lip and Mitchie instantly parted her lips gainting him entrance. Their tongus fought against each other in an erotic dance choreographed by their mouths. Mitchie clutched his short locks earning a groan from him and her soft pink lips met the tan skin of his neck.

She kissed below his ear and then down to his mole clad neck, kissing, sucking and biting every inch she could get her hands on to. Shane hissed as he ran her tongue along the mole on his adams apple before kissing it and looking up at him with a smile. His lips held a smile too and he leaned down, pressing their forheads together, their noses touching and thier breathing ragged. "I love you," he declared, his hands gently rubbing her shoulders as he kept eye contact with her. Mitchie nodded, biting her lip and Shane gently lowered the blue strap of her dress down her arms. His kisses were soft on the newly exposed skin causing goosebumps to erupt all over her body. Her cheeks were flushing red when both the straps fell down her arms and a single tug from Shane's hands caused the garment to pool all the way to her feet.

Mitchie shivered as the cold air hit her when she stepped out of the dress, nearly smirking as she never lost eye contact with Shane, her body almost bare other than the small fabric of her underwear. Shane pressed his fingers against her hips as they tapped along the soft pale skin of her sides. He stared at his skin on hers, almost mesmerized causing Mitchie to let out a small giggle. Shane looked back at her face and smiled, talking her by the hand to the bathroom. He let go of her hand once inside and went upto the shower, adjusting the temperature of the water before he stepped back outside the shower tray where Mitchie was with her hands crossed around her bare chest, blushing. His shirt and hair were wet from the water of the shower and he took Mitchies hand in his again, smiling "Come on," He gestured, stepping into the shower tray with her and closing the glass door behind him.

Mitchie closed her eyes as the warm water of the shower hit her body, almost forgetting Shane's presence. When she opened her eyes, Shane was staring at her with a smile on his lips. Mitchie giggled and he leaned down and kissed her. She smiled back and slowly unbuttoned Shanes drentched shirt clinging to his muscular chest. She was successful in unbuttoning it within seconds and then unbuclked his black belt before pulling at the button on his dress pants and pulling down the zipper. Shane stepped out of his clothes like Mitchie had done earlier that night, the expensive garments falling into a soggy pile inside the shower. She kissed his chest, her lips lingering there for more than a moment, causing Joes skin to catch on fire. Mitchie smiled as she looked down at the waistband of his boxers, her fingers going inside the fabric before pressing down at the sides and pulling the underwear off. Shane kissed Mitchies neck as he stood naked in front of her and then kissed below her collar bone, just above her breasts before colliding his chest with hers.

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