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She took a deep breath and composed herself. She could do this she whispered to herself. She pinched the end of her glowing cigerette into the ashtray and sat in silence for a while thinking about how easily everyone had forgotten about everything that had happened to her over the past year. It was like only she remembered. As if everyones memories had been whiped away from their brains and she was left to recall it all. And to Mitchie, what hurt the most was that even Shane seemed to have forgotten.

"Mitchie, two minutes untill your set. You're needed at the stage asap." Mitchie looked up, her thoughts disrupted by her fathers voice. Her father ushered her out of the room, but not before giving her a pointed look at the ashtry beside her to which Mitchie simply shrugged nonchalently. It wasnt often that Mitchie smoked, but on days like these, when her nerves were got the best of her, she couldnt help but try and calm them with her bad habit.

By the time Mitchie reached the stage, Connect Three were finishing the first half of their set and she groaned as her eyes caught Franchesca waiting by the stage for her boyfriends set to be over. It was no secret that neither were fond of each other and Mitchie couldnt find a reason why the thought of bringing her on tour with him would even occur to Shane. Why would he bring Franchesca with him to the tour where he knew Mitchie would be? Why would Franchesca agree? She was after all a actress and did have her own gigs to work on. Her mind would always wonder around that thought, never thinking that maybe Shane actually wanted his girlfriend with him the three months he'd be on tour. Maybe he was actually moving on.

Mitchies chest tightened and her heart started beating at a million miles per hour as Connect Three introduced her on stage. She'd be sharing the stage with Nate sometime within the next hour and she suddenly felt overwhelmed with emotions, regretting her decision of asking him to sing with her. It was the first time in months she'd be so intimate with him and it scared her for a reason she wasnt sure of. She still wasnt sure she'd forgiven him for not being there for her when he promised he'd always be.

Upon letting everyone know about her and Nates intentions of performing Stop The World for the crowd, her duet with Shane was cancelled for that particular show and she was relieved. She knew Shane probably was relieved too along with the rest of the crew, while Shanes father was most likely looking for some excuse or the other to get rid of it altogether from the set list because the tension that grew backstage every night during those four minutes when Shane and Mitchie shared the stage was almost deadly. It was as if everyone was waiting for something to happen. The crew was waiting for one of them to storm off stage, the fans were waiting for Shane to kiss Mitchie and Perez Hilton was waiting her Mitchie to slap Shane. Mitchie hated it - those four minutes she had to spend smiling and acting like all hell was okay when they sang on stage. Some nights when things between them were worse than rough, they hardly aknowledged each other on stage while on others they acted like they did last year on tour. Like best friends. Acted.

She was 20 years old and she was still controlled. Now even more than ever before. Controlled by her label, controlled by her managers, controlled by her publicists. And all she wanted to do was feel human again.

Mitchie grinned widely as her set came to an end and laughed, tugging at the cowboy hat on her head, given to her by a fan inbetween one of her songs. "So..." She sang. "How many of y'all wanna hear my friend Nate Gray and I sing Stop The World for you guys?" She asked enthusiactically speaking into her microphone. Putting the word friend and Nate in one sentance almost felt foreign to her, and she nearly regretted her idea to sing with him. Even admist all the yelling in the arena, she was afraid her nervousness could be heard by the loud pounding of her heart.

The second Nate stepped on stage confirming that they hadnt heard wrong and he would indeed be singing a duet with Mitchie amplified the sounds coming from the fans to a whole new level. Nate walked over to the middle of the stage and gave Micthie a awkward side hug, not sure if he should or should not be doing it. She looked at him a little surprised but her small nod assured him it was okay.

Her eyes grew wide as she watched Nate walk over to the base of the stage near where her band was to grab his guitar. Nate turned giving her a small smile, and she felt her chest tighten as her eyes focused on the black figure leaning against the side wall of the stage out of everyones view. His hands were crossed firmly around his chest, and his back was leaning against the stage wall while one foot was curled, pressed up against the wall. Eventhough the darkness on that side of the stage unablled her to see the persons face, she had not doubt it was Shane Gray. As the lights began to lighten a little with the song starting, she could see his hard face scorching into her. His eyes were dark and emoionless as he watched her sing, not paying the slightest bit of attention to his sibling she was sharing the stage with. Mitchie suddenly felt intimidated, her heart racing to a speed she did not know was possible as her chest began to tighten. Shane rose his eyebrows at her, cocking his head to the side and smirking at her, almost letting her know he had caught her staring at him or was it vise-versa? Despite being caught Shane did not attempt remove his gaze from Mitchie like he was almost daring her to sing the song.

"Mitchie!" Mitchie lifted her head, diverting her eyes from the screen of her phone, watching approach her. "Great show tonight...great show!" He said, finally reaching her and placing his hand on her shoulder. "You and Natheinel are an explosive team, you should sing with him more often."

Mitchie resisted the urge to roll her eyes at the words knowing how much sugar coated they were anyway and instead gave him a fake smile. "Of course, just like the good old times!" She chirped. opened his mouth to speak but was suddenly distracted by the sound of laughter coming from the hallway. All the dancers, band members and Connect 3 finally out of their dressing rooms and ready to get out of the arena. Mitchie sighed, finally she'd be able to go back to the hotel, enjoy dinner with her family and band and curl up in bed before having to get up in another 5 hours to get to their next tour destination.

"Mitchie..." Mitchie spotted her fathers head among the crowd of familiar faces. "We're leaving now, honey. Come on!" She nodded, noticing only now that had long left her side and sighed. "Just, let me grab my bag. I'll be there in two." She yelled over the noise her tourmates were making as they exited the venue. She gave several smiles as her band members passed her and nodded to them letting them know she'd be with them soon. As she watched the crowd of faces she'd become accustomed to over the last few weeks, she wasnt able to resist rolling her eyes this time seeing Franchesca giggle to something Shane had whispered in her ear. Mitchie shook her head without knowing herself she was doing so as she watched the couple leave the venue practically attached to the hip.

"I'm Glad that we sang together Mitchie." She rose her eyes as the room suddenly silenced with everyone outside the building other than herself and a very sweaty Nate gray. "Uh...hi Nate." She almost laughed at his appearence, nervously digging her hands in her pockets as she rocked on her heels. "So...um thanks for singing with me today. I really appriciate it." She ended with a smile which he returned. "I had fun singing with you too, Mitchie." He confirmed, still smiling. "Um...yeah. So uh, dont you wanna leave? I think everyones already out." Nate asked. Mitchie nodded, letting him know she'd be out in a second and bringing an end to thier awkward conversation as she went towards her dressing room.

Mitchie skipped around her dressing room, giving the room one last look, making sure she hadnt left anything else behind. With her handbag carelessly thrown over her shoulder, the long strap letting it fall just to her hip and her hairspray in her hand, she turned, trying to sprint to her waiting car, but was unsucessful in taking a single step as she suddenly bumped into someone behind her. She sucked in some air, surprised that someone had been standing so close to her and it didnt take her senses a second to recognise the scent that person held. So familiar, yet so foreign, her body jumped back the second their frames collided. "I knew I take peoples breath away, but I'm glad I can still get that reaction from you." Shane said, gaining a scoff from Mitchie.

She rolled her eyes at Shanes words and her hands crossed around her chest in a defensive manner. "What, making people run away from you? Oh, yeah! You're wonderful at that, Shane." Shane gritted his teeth, sucking in some air before answering "Quit being a bitch, Mitchie, you dont wanna talk about pushing people away because we all know who wins the golden prize for that!" His words came out fast and distorted but they were clear enough for Mitchie to understand.

Deciding she wasnt in the mood for arguing she steped to her right, walking past Shane, towards the door. "Yes, walk away. It's what you do best." He growled after her. Micthie turned around, her hands still crossed around her chest and eye brows furrowed together "What do you want, Shane?" She finally asked. "My phone. I left my phone here so came to get it back and that was when I saw you talking to lovely little brother." His sudden smirk took Mitchie by surprise and she rolled her eyes, giving him a pointed look. "So?" Shane stared at her for a couple of seconds, almost like he was trying to read her. His mouth opened but no words escaped and Mitchie sent him another look before he could speak again . "So, why don't you just stay the fuck away from him, Mitchie. Don't hurt him because I hurt you." His voice was softer and it was almost as if her heart stopped beating for a second and then started again.

She threw her hands in the air, alarmed by his thoughts. "You know he's always liked you." Shane stated firmly, not giving Mitchie a chance to speak. "He's always had a crush on you. Just stay away from my brother." He finished, his lips forming a firm line.

Mitchie shook her head, laughing humourlessly "Oh yeah, Shane...How did you know?" She asked, suddenly her voice growing louder with each word as she felt the anger fill her veins with every passing minute. "I'm gonna call him over to my room tonight and the both of us can get naked and we'll have our very own fuck fest. Yeahh...I think I'll do that." She stated sarcastically, still shaking her head and roughly running her fingers through her black hair. "We're not teenagers any more, and you of all people have no right to tell me who I'm going to hang out with and who not." Mitchie finished, her face almost pressing him to say anything more.

"Oh, honey." He chuckled. "What gave you the misconception that I even care about who you spend your presious time with and who not? Don't flatter yourself, Princess. Just stay away from Nate."

Mitchie laughed shaking her head at him once again. "You know, now that you said that, I'm gonna hang around with Nate just to piss you off." She grinned widely at him throwing two of her fingers up in the air. "Peace."

Over the next few days Shane and Mitchie avoided bickerring with each other and soon everyone fell into the familiar routine of the tour. Everyone seemed to be on a caffeine high as the lack of sleep finally started kicking in. This routine continued untill they reached New York where they were to stay for more than a week. Mitchie was finally relieved to find a place to settle, even if it was for some time. Over the past few days her hanging out with Nate increased to an extent. They were by no means attached to their hips and nor did they go back to talking about their good old times. Just simple things and quiet gestures happened between the two.

They hardly still spoke, and most of the time they'd just be song writing with each other or Nate would ride with Mitchie on their way to the venue or they'd sit together at lunch, not even exchanging words, but the presenc of the other person seemed to be comforting to them.

She wasnt hanging out with Nate because she wanted to piss Shane off, but because she wanted to be friends with Nate again, or atleast have one more friendly face on tour with her. And the fact that it was actaully pissing Shane off was just the cherry on the cake. Her and Nate never sang Stop The World together again and Mitchie and Shane were left performing their duet together everynight.

Slowly Mitchie and Nate were working their way towards rebuilding their friendship. It wasnt the same like it was when they were teenagers and both parties feared they'd never be able to live upto that relationship they onced shared, but nevertheless they were more than aquaintances to each other for the first time in months, and that thought comforted them both.

Mitchie sat up on her confortable bed, her pillows scattered around her. She sighed in satisfaction, catching the time to be noon, happy that she was able to sleep in for the first time in two weeks. It was also the first time in two weeks that everyone on tour had a day off so you can imagine everyones upbeat mood. The thought of what she had planned for the day brought a sudden smile to her face, a smile that no one usually saw now a days. She had planned on burning some plastic. Retail therapy could never be bad.

She stomped her foot frustratedly, waiting in the enormous five star hotel lobby t for a car to arrive. She muttered a swear word under her breath at being told by her assistant, Clara that at the moment, all the private vehicles they had were occupied.

"Hey, Mitchie where are you heading to?"

"Nate." She replied, suddenly realzing his presence. "Well, looks like no where right now." She said dully. "You?"

Nate smiled at Mitchie and she suddenly felt guilty at the lack of interest she was showing in her answers. "Well, I was gonna go shopping, but apparently everyone else has taken all the cars so..." He awkwardly rocked on his heels, not really knowing what to say.

Mitchie found the sides of her lips twitching into a smile "Excuse me, what did I just hear?" She asked, bringing her ear closer to Nate. "You" she rose her eye brows amusingly "are going shopping?" She confirmed "Who are you and what happend to the Nate whos momma does all his shopping for him? Even his underwear shopping." She whispered the last part.

"Eww...Mitchie" Nate suddenly whined and Mitchie laughed as she watched Nate look around the large lobby, making sure no one had hear their conversation. He wasnt sure he really cared if anyone actually heard them because at that time all his mind could register was the melodious sound that came out of Mitchies mouth. It was so rare now - her laughter that Nate had forgotten what it sounded like. "Don't say that in public."

"Oh, sorry.." Mitchie held her hand in the air. "please grant me your forgivness ." She ended, smirking at the flushed man in front of her. "Seriously, dude. You're 20 do your own underwear shopping."

"Its not my fault I hate shopping and cannot stand within a 10 mile radius of a clothes store." He defended.

Mitchie nodded in mock understanding, the bot of them completely forgetting they were standing in the middle of a lobby.

"Anyway, you didnt get a car either?" Nate asked.



"I know you're not to fond of this color on me, but what do you think?"

Mitchie looked at him, a little taken back he was taking her opinion. For the past half hour she'd been standing awkwardly in a mens clothes store watching Nate frustratedly go through racks and racks of clothes. "Nah...I think I like the blue better."

"Gotcha.." He nodded, walking off towards the dressing room with the said garment.

"Shane, I told you, try this on." Mitchie shoved the shirt into Shanes chest, going back to the rack of shirts she was observing before being interrupted by her boyfriend.

"I'm not going to try it, Mitchie." He said, his body standing against Mitchies side as she threw a couple of more shirts his way. "C'mon, Mitchie. It's pink." He whined.

"A real man can pull off pink." Micthie stated, still not looking at Shane, her attention occupied bye the fabric she was observing.

Shane took a step closer to Mitchie, pressing himself completely into her side and lowering his head to her ear. "Come with me to the dressing room and I'll show you what a real man I am." He huskily whispered into her ear, his breath lingering on the side of her face before his lips trailed down her jaw and he planted a small kiss on the side of her lips.

Mitchies lips formed an instant grin and she shook her head, at her boyfriend placing one of her palms flat on Shanes hard chest while she used the other to go through the same rack of clothes for probably the 100th time since she had gone into that store in New York, not really paying attention to the clothes any more. Definately not now that Shane still had his body pressed against her side.

"Shane, I'm not going to go inside a dressing room with you when theres practically enough paparazzi outside to stop times square." Mitchie sighed, walking around to where the jeans were put on display.

Shane followed her to the pile of jeans, a cheeky smirk playing on his face. "But I know you want to." He stated cockily, leaning in to place a soft kiss on her lips.

"Oh, I dont think I like you that much." Mitchie replied.

"Oh" Shane rose his eyebrows "I'll show you how much I like you once I get you in that dressing room."

"You sound like a rapist." She laughed.

"Fuck you." Shane mumbled.

"Well, fuck you back too, mister." She laughed adorably at the childish face Shane was making.

"I'd like that."

"Is this okay?" Nates voice shook Mitchie out of her thoughts and she stared at him for a while dumbfounded.

"Um..yeah." She replied, finally finding her voice. "Its nice."

"Okay.." He nodded, looking down at something on his phone. "Mitchie, do you wanna do lunch?"

Mitchie looked at him, taken back for the second time by him. "Um..I guess okay. I mean, I dont have anything better to do."

"Great." He gave a small smile, bringing his clothes to the counter to pay.

Once Nate and Mitchie had burned enough plastic to satisfy themseleves, Nate found a taxi and had already told the driver where they were needed to be taken for lunch before Mitchie could even get in.

"So wait.." Caitlyn burst out into another fit of laughter. "let me get this straight...you...you" she panted "grabbed him?" another laugh "in front of the paps?"

Mitchie nodded im confirmation, her cheeks buring red. "What? Dont look at me like that!" She she half laughed and half yelled. "He was asking for it."

"Um...no. I do not remember specifically asking you to grab my sex organs in public." Shane stated flatly, blushing as his face threatened to burst out into a laugh smilar to Caitylns.

"Why are we even talking about this?" Nate asked, looking inbetween the thress faces.

"Because.." Caitlyn grabbed her stomach, her face red from all the laughter as she tried to compose her self. "the two lovebirds here are gonna get a load of shit from your dad in the next five minutes." She sang the last part, placing her hand on Mitchie knee. "I'll be looking forward to the pictures, guys." She laughed again.

"Oh, god." Mitchie groaned, taking her head in her hands. "I hate you so much right now, Shane." She mumbled into her hands.

"And the videos." Caitlyn added. "I think I'll favourite them on Youtube."

"Babe, you're not really helping right now." Nate let his girlfriend know.

"But, Caity" Mitchie removed her hands from her face and gave Caitlyn a serious look "You should have seen him walk to the car with that." Mitchie started laughing, causing a now calm Caitlyn to join in again. "I think I'll favourite it too."

"You guys are disgusting." Nate shook his head. "This is my brother. I dont wanna hear about this and well, I have to now cause the media is gonna have a feild day out of this."

"Aww.." Mitchie looked at Nate. "Sorry, Kid. I forgot this was all too much for your minor ears to hear."

"I'm only a month younger than you. Why do you have to keep calling me that?" Nate asked, annoyed.

"Because you're a month younger than me." Mitchie stated matter of factly. "Whats gonna happen now?" She asked seriously.

"Nothing." Shane assured, going over to Mitchie who was sitting opposite him. The four of them ended up in the lounge of their tourbus, discussing their last day in New York before they had to go to New Jersey. and the rest of the family were in the family area of the bus mosy likely discovering Shane and Mitchies incident on the news. Shane took Mitchies hand, pulling her off her seat and onto his lap. "Nothing is gonna happen, baby." He assured, rubbing soothing circles on her sides with his tumbs. "They'll talk about this for a week until they move on to the next best thing."

Mitchie nodded. "I'm sorry, if this kind of hurts the bands goodboy image." She whispered sincierely.

Shane rubbed his nose up and down the back of Mitchies neck and gently placed a kiss below her ear. "Its okay. I'd take that for you."

"Awww..." Caitlyn exclained, her hands on her mouth. "Look at them, Nate. How cute are they?"

"Mitchie.." Nate shook Mitchies knee. "Mitchie we're here."

"Huh...oh right!" She nodded.

Nate smiled, paying the taxi and opening the door to get out. "Nate..." Mitchie stopped him and he turned. "Where's Caity?"

"We broke up at the begining of the year."

Mitchie sat back in the taxi for a second, the news hitting her like lightening. She had missed so much.

"Are you coming?" Nate poked his head back in the vehicle while the taxi driver gave her a odd look.

Mitchie nodded, following Nate into the French restaurant. She stopped a couple of feet short "What are they doing here?" Her voice suddenly had an edge to it, her eyes digging into the table full of people she had once been accustomed to sit with. Nates parents, Jason, Danielle, Frankie, Shane and Franchesca. They all sat around the table, conversing when Shanes eyes fell on Mitchies. She was still standing there with Nate and his expression suddenly changed, wide eyed at seeing both Nate and Mitchie together.

"C'mon Mitchie." Nate gently tugged onto Mitchies arm. "Its just lunch. Its gonna be alright. No big deal."

Mitchie wished she could believe that.

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