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Soft Little Secrets: Chapter 5

Both Bug and Brandon just stood there in the middle of the hallway, staring at the empty space where Fang had stood mere minutes ago. Neither said a word; they couldn't, for they were too shocked to say anything. While they had expected fireworks, or rather nuclear bombs, they certainly hadn't expected the gothic princess to just give in, especially so easily.

Bug didn't know exactly how to react to the whole situation. On one side, he was glad that Fang had accepted his relationship with Brandon; on the other, he was frightened about what she may be planning. Of course, it was possible that he was over thinking the situation; it's a regular occurrence for him, especially with the additional help from the other voices that accompany his own inner thoughts. Not that it mattered; as long as he was with Brandon, he was happy.

Shaking his head, Bug looked around the hall before he repositioned his book bag and squeezed Brandon's hand. The brunette shook his head as though he were clearing his thoughts, and looked down at the blonde.

"So… Are you ready to go to my house?" Brandon barked out a laugh, a rich, hearty laugh that made Bug's stomach squirm and do all sorts of things. No one else had this effected on him, just Brandon.

"Your sister comes and nearly tears both of us a new asshole and all you can say after she's done and leaves is that?" More laughter erupted and a smile tugged at Bug's face. Soon, both boys were laughing and they secretly counted their blessings that no one else was around. If the teachers caught sight of them and word spread around town, a big mess would boil over the pot before they were ready to deal with it. It's not that they weren't going to go public ever; they just wanted to wait until the time was right.

"Yeah. Yeah, I guess so." Brandon laughed again and ran his free hand through his hair. Shifting his book bag, Brandon smiled his boyfriend and lifted their entwined hands up in the air.

"Well then, shall we go?" Bug nodded and started walking, Brandon following just a few inches behind. It was probably a good fifteen minutes after the bell rang, so only the faculty should be left, and if they were lucky, they'd all be at a meeting of some sort.

After leaving the building, they began their trek through the woods, all the while holding hands and staying silence, not wanting to disturb each other. They were merely reveling in each other's presence and enjoying the close proximity they were lucky to finally have. Openly, of course. Lord knows that before Fang got involved, they had been close enough in private; nothing too serious. Not yet at least.

"You know, I meant what I said." Brandon's voice broke the silence that had settled comfortably between them. They weren't far from Bug's house now, and soon, they'd be inside, telling the blonde's mother about their relationship. And he wanted to make a few things clear before any doubts surfaced.

"About what?" Bug looked at him with questioning, oblivious eyes and Brandon had to suppress an eye roll. Although he loved the blonde boy a lot, the jock had yet to become patient with Bug's short term memory. While Brandon wasn't sure that Bug had a problem with his memory, he really didn't know what else to call his spacing out episodes. He knew that it couldn't be innocence or ignorance, but the brunette's scholarly skills weren't all that impressive, so he wasn't entirely positive on what term to use.

"About being in love with you. And just to give you a heads up, I'm willing to wait until you're ready. To go any further than making out, I mean. I know you're not used to relationships, so…"

Bug had to stare at the jock for a little bit. Did…did Brandon just say that? Was he being serious? Looking at the taller boy, Bug couldn't see any humor in his facial features or even a sparkly of laughter in his brown eyes. He had meant every word, and the blonde could help but blush at what had been said. In all honesty, he hadn't even thought about…that too much, but if he ever admitted that to anyone – especially Alex – then he'd get laughed at for sure.

But just knowing that Brandon, the star quarterback who could have practically anyone he wanted, was willing to wait for Bug and be patient until he was ready to make love completely dumbfounded him. He wasn't expecting that, but he was happy. Happy that Brandon would do that for him, because it meant that the older boy truly did care for him. He couldn't help the smile on his face and he stepped closer to Brandon, wrapping his arms around the brunette in a tight hug. When he felt those strong arms pull him closer and envelop him in the warmth that only Brandon could bring, Bug's heart fluttered and he sighed as he relaxed into the embrace.

They stood there for a minute or two before Brandon pulled away and grasped Bug's chin gently with his fingers.

"Let's go tell your mom the good news. I bet Fang's already told her something, so she's probably waiting for us." Bug nodded, finding himself unable to speak.

They pulled apart and continued their short journey to Bug's house. His mom's car was in the driveway, so she was definitely home. Bug opened the door and, with Brandon in tow, walked into the house. It was calm and quiet; there was no tension in the air, no feel of dread or hatred. Just the same loving, warm atmosphere that Bug's always known and was familiar with. The sound of the refrigerator opening and closing caught their attention, and the two boys walked into the kitchen.

"Hey, Mom." Bug's small voice called out to the brunette woman who was placing dinner into the oven. Upon hearing her son's voice, she stood up and turned towards them, a smile breaking out on her face as she saw her blonde boy. She walked over to him and gave him a hug, squeezing him a bit before she pulled back.

"It's about time you got home; I was starting to worry. Your sister told me that you might be a little late but…" Her voice stopped when she looked over at Brandon, who was standing quietly behind Bug. Bug's mom glanced down at their joined hands before she stepped back to take a good look at them.

With a thoughtful look on her face, she assessed the unlikely pair, before she nodded to herself and shook her head, a smile reappearing on her face. She laughed and turned back to the stove to stir whatever it was that was in the pot.

"So this is what Leah meant when she said that you'd be bringing a toy home with you. Although I must admit, I wasn't really expecting this." Bug released the breath he didn't realize he had been holding. Although his mom wasn't screaming or forsaking them, he was still anxious.

"Mom…? You're not mad or…or anything?" Bug had to ask, even if his voice shook and quivered with fear of rejection and loss of love. He didn't know how he'd react if his mom rejected him about his relationship. She stopped what she was doing and turned back around to answer him.

"Of course I'm not mad Adam. You're my son and I love you no matter what choices you make in life. I could never throw you out or anything like that. Face it kiddo, you're stuck with me." She smiled, a kind, warm smile before she turned back around.

"But if Brandon hurts you in any way, shape, or form, I will come after him with every weapon in my arsenal. Do I make myself clear?" At that, Brandon's face paled a bit before he nodded.

"Yes ma'am."

"Good. Now go sit down in the living room. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes." With subtle nods, the two boys went and sat in the living room. Bug leaned against Brandon's chest and the jock started running his fingers through the soft blonde hair. Closing his eyes with a soft sigh, Bug relaxed, enjoying the moment and not wanting it to end. But the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs broke him out of his trance, and he opened his blue eyes to see Fang landing on the living room floor, sending them a calculating smile.

"I'm assuming you told Mom. Good thing too because she'd be pissed if she found out at church." She started heading towards the kitchen, but she paused and looked over her shoulder at the two who were merely staring back at her. "Oh, I almost forgot to tell you: I've been recording your sweet little moment for the past few minutes. So if you ever piss me off, I'll post the video all over facebook."

With a triumphant smirk, she held up her camcorder before walking into the kitchen. Brandon groaned and Bug just stared at the space she had just occupied. He almost laughed; almost. It was funny; in a way, this was another way to keep Brandon in line. Not that Bug thought the jock would stray. At least, he hoped not. Looking up at the brunette, he couldn't help but smile. And for no reason at all, the blonde just leaned up and gently kissed Brandon's chin, capturing the older boy's attention instantly.

Smiling, Brandon looked down at the small boy in his arms. Finally, they were together, and even had some support. Leaning down, he placed a kiss on Bug's soft, pink lips. Although telling his parents wouldn't be nearly as quick and easy as it was telling Bug's mom, he was still going to tell them. And he really didn't care if they supported him or shunned him; so long as he had Bug, he'd be happy.

"Boys, dinner!"

But if Dunkleman ever tried to pull any funny shit with his Bug, he'd give him a twenty for sure.

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