A/N: So this is something I've been toying with for awhile. It's not gonna be a long story, I think somewhere between five and ten chapters long. And it's just in time for Halloween! So let me know what you guys think!

Jack sat quietly in the darkened corner. He didn't move a muscle. He barely breathed. One false move could mean death. And depending on who delivered the death, it could be quick and painless, or long and agonizing. Hunters who made a false moves, were often victims of the latter one.

He gripped the wooden stake at his side. Gently he touched the tip with his thumb. It had to be the lightest touch, as one drop of blood would guarantee him death. Satisfied with the sharpness of the stake, he dropped him thumb to the side.

A wicked laugh broke the silence of the night. He recognized the laugh immediately. It was the woman he was hunting, Evelyn. Although Evelyn could hardly be called a woman. Women don't live, or exist rather, for over four hundred years and still look nineteen.

There was a man with her, no doubt her prey. Poor bastard doesn't even know, Jack thought. Evelyn was dressed as any whore would be. Jack wasn't surprised. Her kind often worked at brothels. It was actually quite intelligent if one thought about it. Not only could they feed, but they made money too. And then if the fool was dumb enough, which they often were, they'd follow the whore where ever she led him.

Jack heard the man whisper something, whispering sweet-nothings in French. Evelyn giggled. He listened easily. His senses were strong, most hunters' were. The more he hunted, the more he killed, the stronger his senses got.

Then he knew Evelyn was significantly distracted. Her could hear her as she was kissing the man. Swiftly and quietly, he came out of hiding. Evelyn heard him and turned. Her lip curled back just enough to hiss at Jack and reveal her fangs. But before she could lunge at him, Jack hurled the stake at her.

With precision, the stake hit her right in the heart. No sound came from her mouth, she didn't react. Evelyn just crumpled to the floor. In an instant, her body began to decay rapidly.

Her skin melted away, giving off an acrid smell. The odor was sweet to Jack and almost gave him a high. But to the man who had been with her, it was sickening. Jack paid no attention as the man gasped for air, he knew he'd be fine. Standing over the body, or what was left of it, Jack watched as her skeleton was exposed. Then it began to burn as well, the ashes floating away on the breeze.

Evelyn was no more. She had met her final death. Jack's stake fell to the side, as there was nothing more to hold it up. Bending down, he grabbed it. He noticed the man was now on his knees staring in disbelief.

"You alright," Jack asked him, placing the stake back in his bag.

"I think so. What the hell was that?"

Still squatting, Jack was able to make eye contact with the man. By making eye contact, it would ensure Jack that this man would have no recollection.

"That," Jack began, "was a vampire."


"Didn't you mother ever teach you not to play with your food?" Rose's tone of voice was irritated as Cal continued to torment the barmaid.

"Now Sweetpea, I've been telling you forever that you can taste their fear," Cal told her. He brought his face close to his victim's neck and inhaled. The woman trembled.

"Please," she begged. "Don't do this." Cal laughed. "I have children."

"No you don't," he spat at her. "You're a virgin. I can smell it in your blood." Leaning forward, he licked her neck. "Delicious and sweet."

The woman began to weep. Rose watched as Cal's eyes light up. He loved when his victims were afraid. She knew he was right, the blood did taste better when they knew what was happening to them. Rose had followed his ways of hunting after he turned her.

Eventually Rose grew tired of tormenting her prey. There was enough fear when she caught them, she saw no reason to make them suffer. Of course, their was the occasional victim who deserved it. Unfortunately, breaking into prisons on a regular basis was dangerous.

"Yes that's it virgin," Cal went on. "Cry. Beg for me to spare you." He smiled, showing off his fangs. He ran his tongue across them.

"Oh for God's sake Cal!" Fed up with him, Rose grabbed the woman and snapped her neck with a simple flick of her wrists. The body dropped to the ground. Cal wouldn't feed from a dead body.

"Bitch," Cal hissed. He made a movement to slap her, but before his hand could make contact with her face, she leaped over him. A light tinge in the horizon caught his eye.

"Keep acting foolish like that Cal. You know it only takes a split second of distraction for a hunter to kill us." Cal looked up and saw Rose sitting above him on a tree limb. "A nine hundred year old vampire should know better," she mocked.

Cal let out a low growl. "I'm going to ground. I'll deal with you at sunset." With that he was gone. Rose rolled her eyes and jumped from her roost, landing softly on the ground.

She looked to the east, seeing it was brighter. Not wanting to go to her coffin, Rose clawed at the dirt. It took less than a minute for her to burrow six feet into the dirt, away from the death of the sun.