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On the Eve of Adventure

As I sat in my front room I heard the gravel crunch in my driveway. A smile spread over my face as I stood up and opened the door just in time to see Eric raise his hand to knock on the door. He looked at me, then down at my luggage and was pleased to see that I was ready to go. He took my bag for me and loaded it in the car as I took one last look at my house and checked my pockets to make sure I had everything. I turned off the lights then locked the door. Eric was back on the porch and offered his hand to escort me to his car. He opened my door then watched appreciatively as I wiggled into the low seat of his Corvette. Before I could get my door closed, he was in the driver seat leaning towards me, inhaling the scent of my hair. I smiled at him and pushed my mouth to his and crushed his lips in a kiss hoping to influence him to tell me where we were going in the morning.

"Good to see you too," he said after pulling away from me reluctantly.

"Please tell me where we are going!" I begged in a whiney voice. I could barely contain my excitement.

"Nope, you'll just have to wait!" Eric said as he started the car and drove away from my house.

I huffed and crossed my arms across my chest. I had a feeling I could get him to talk, maybe if I distracted him enough he would spill some detail. "Fine by me." I said as I batted my eyelashes at him and smiled deviously.

"What are you up to? I know that smile anywhere!" He said, not so sure of what was going to happen.

I snaked my hand over to his leg and made tiny circles on his jean clad thigh. He inched farther down in the seat trying to give me better access.

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