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On Board

Chapter One: The Runaway In The Pink Dress

In the beautiful lands of Italy in the fifteen hundred's many things are seen on a daily basis; pirates, young boys running from home, beautiful girls roaming the streets alone, and cursing. No one would have thought that all of these would combine into a big, messy meeting.

A young boy with dark brown hair and a long coat over a red turtleneck runs down the streets from an old, rundown, house. He goes until he's down an abandoned alley, where he sits down on an empty barrel, sighing. "I've got to figure out a way they won't recognize me…"

He walks down a street next to the harbor, not noticing a pirate ship pull in. As he continues down the road the captain of said ship comes down and ends up dropping a coin that falls a little farther ahead of the boy. As the pirate walks over and kneels down to pick it up, the boy happens to end up right in front of him and stops, staring. "What the fuck are you doing? Idiot…don't you know you don't kneel down in public? People get taken advantage of quite easily with that…" He mutters, staring at the man with long shaggy dark brown hair tied loosely in a bow. "And a pirate would be quite a favorable target…" Deep green eyes meet annoyed brown ones as the pirate looks up. "Thank you for the warning." The pirate says and smiles at the boy, who looks away angrily.

"Wh-who said I was warning you! It's merely…um…a…um…I'm leaving now!" The boy exclaims turning and stomping off. "Captain Antonio, what was that?" A man with silver hair asks and Antonio smiles at him. "A kindhearted runaway, Gilbert." Gilbert raises a brow before shrugging. "Whatever…are we going to get your friend? Picking him up was the whole reason we came here after all." "Yes, let us get him!" "You might want to change out of the obvious clothes…" A man with long blonde hair in a French outfit says and Antonio sweatdrops. "Ah…right Francis…I will be back."

The boy:

The boy from earlier ends up meeting with a blonde man, scary green eyes connecting with annoyed brown ones. "Hey kid." He calls and the boy looks over to him confused. "Um…what the hell do you want? I don't have any money!" "Number one, you're lying. Number two; I don't want your money. You're a runaway, right? But this is still your hometown…perhaps you would like something that will help you blend in and be unnoticed by your family?" His eyes light up and he grabs the England man's hands determinedly. "I WOULD LOVE THAT MORE THAN ANYTHING! What's the cost?" England, as the boy dubbed him, smirks down at him. "Ohhh it's free. Totally free." "Huh…? Why…?" The boy asks, a confused look on his face. "I need to get rid of some stuff because they don't fit anymore." England hands him a bag and then another. "This is to make it believable." "O…k…" He looks at the bags confused before going to a bathroom to change.

The English man snickers and walks over to a pirate ship on the dock. "Hey Alfred! I got rid of Seychelles old clothes and some other stuff…" Alfred looks at him confused. "Um…who took those weird things with the clothes?" "Well…" He smiles nervously and Alfred smirks. "You tricked someone into taking them, didn't you Arthur?" "Yes." Matthew looks over to him, glaring. "That was not what our old boss taught us, Arthur." "No, you're right. I was NEVER taught to fool people out of anything." "That was to get money. And that's from rich people. Let's just go…" Arthur sighs and goes to the steering wheel next to Alfred.

As Francis drowns out the ramblings of Gilbert, Ludwig comes in. He is handsome with short blonde hair and blue eyes. "Here are your drinks." He says gruffly and Francis inwardly groans, they never go anywhere to meet beautiful women! Always men! Gilbert feels the couch begin to shake and looks over to Francis to see annoyed eyes and erratic shaking of his booted foot. He hums to himself, a smirk now on his face. "So Ludwig! You were saying there was a dance tonight, right!" He asks loudly, bringing Francis back from his inward ramblings.

"Well…yes, there is a dance. The richest family in town is throwing a party in celebration of their son going off to the navy." Ludwig says, a little confused and Gilbert notices Francis's eyes light up. "Well…we could go, unless…you don't want to go, Francis. I know you were in a hurry to go back to sea." Gilbert says and Francis gasps. "No! No, I'm fine with that! We can go to the dance!"

Antonio soon enters the room and notices the exited Francis. "Um…what's going on?" Ludwig shrugs and looks over to the brunette. "Apparently we're going to that dance being held tonight." Antonio groans and glares at Gilbert. "We weren't going to tell Francis about the dance, remember?" Gilbert smirks. "He just looked so sad with no one to molest. I'd much rather him molest a random woman than my younger brother anyhow." Ludwig twitches, it figures the one from France was a pervert. "Gilbert I hate those stupid dances! Getting bombarded with girls and not being able to escape…I have nightmares about that!" The brunette captain whines and Gilbert shrugs. "Oh well, Francis's libido is in full swing now, so we're going."

The boy:

The boy exits the bathroom in a beautiful dress, wig of the same dark brown hair as his, and fake boobs. "I-hate-my-life!-I-hate-my-life!-I-hate-my-life!" He whispers to himself as he quickly walks out in high heels. "I hate that man to! DAMN HIM!" He groans and looks down at his clothes annoyed. "This is so uncomfortable…I hate my life. I HATE MY GOD DAMNED LIFE!" After yelling, and getting stared at, he decides to try out a girl's voice. "Um…umm…" He begins talking; raising his voice up until he finds a feminine voice, which surprisingly didn't take long. "I believe this will work…now to think of how to get out of this town…" His thoughts are quickly interrupted, however, by a large growl coming from his stomach. "Ah…need food…"

He counts the money in his pouch and sighs, not even enough to buy a pasta noodle. "Damnit…I need to find a place with free food…" Wondering the streets he sees the pirate from earlier that day walking off to some house with a woman next to him practically beaming. "Well, they do say pirates are fast. Even worse when they're Spanish…" He mutters to himself and ends up catching some of their conversation. "Yeah, the dance will be giving out free food, too. A free buffet. I can't wait." Antonio says in hidden annoyance and the woman smiles. "I don't think I can even eat, I'm so nervous!" "Don't worry, you'll do just fine."

The boy rolls his eyes and focuses on NOT hearing them. "Ugh, couples are so damned gross…" He walks over to a store and gets information on the party, ignoring all the stares from men. "I feel so violated…" The boy walks around town for a few hours before going to a stores bathroom to change his dress. He might not be female, or happy about dressing like one, but he wasn't going to go to a dance looking trashy by wearing a dress that was now covered in dirt. After thinking about that for a second he decides on kicking his own ass in some way after all of this. Kicking it hard. Like, bleeding hard.


Antonio and the others enter the mansion, all soon being swarmed by people. "Who are you?" "You look new!" "Oh my goodness! That man is so handsome!" "That one is so hot!" "That one is so cute!" "Look at the beautiful men!" "Man they are hot, huh!" "Yeah they are!" Francis smiles at the women before Gilbert grabs him and drags him away to the buffet table. Ludwig looks around before suddenly disappearing. He has other things to do.

Antonio stands there, stuck. The women move even closer to him as the men leave. He lets out an annoyed sigh before looking at all of them with a smirk. "You women sure are pushy, aren't you?" "Ah…is that…a bad thing?" A woman asks and Antonio nods. "I don't like pushy women. Hard to get is the best." He says just to get them out of his hair and they all spread out, pretending to ignore him. Antonio finally makes his way to the buffet table and grabs some food, accidentally bumping into the boy from earlier (now in a dress) next to him. "Watch where you're going you oaf! Damnit!" He looks down at him and smiles. "Ohhh so sorry, I didn't see you way down there. Perhaps you should wear heels." The small teen glares up at him. "I. AM." "Wow, you're either really short or really young. How old are you Chiquita?"

The boy:

The 'girl' twitches and holds in the urge drive his heel into the damned pirate's foot. HOW DARE HE CALL HIM 'CHIQUITA'! AND SHORT! If he wasn't exhausted from the alarmingly large group of men that surrounded him upon entry, punching over twenty men can be tiring; he would have sent this pirate flying across the damned room. But food is currently far more important, so he just grabs some and stomps off. In a dignified manner, of course. "Bastardo…" He mutters as he passes Antonio. He can be subtle, see?


Antonio was extremely amused by all of this. Of course he doesn't know that this feisty girl is the boy from before, but he was never good with genders anyhow. He was, however, able to tell that 'she' was quite pissed. And the little scowl 'she' had was slightly cute. Only slightly. Just enough to make him want to piss 'her' off more. Like, right now. He goes to annoy 'her' some, only to have said 'girl' run off to a table far away. "How very subtle of her." He mutters, amused.

Shrugging, he heads over to Gilbert and Francis to sit and eat. His eyes kept wondering over to the massive group of women staring at them. God damned Francis. God damned traitorous Gilbert. Their happiness was important to him, but it was like he was slowly being lowered in rank. He's the captain, for Christ sakes! He should be edging others out, not the other way around! A small groan escapes his lips and Gilbert looks over. "Women Complex." He teases and Antonio flips him off. "Shut your god damned mouth." "Ohhhh, touchy! It's not too bad to be uninterested in women." He taunts and Antonio considers slamming his dear friend's head into the table. How could a subordinate speak to his CAPTAIN this way! A pirate captain none the less! It's not like he's new at this, he's been captain for twelve years, he spoils people way too much. Of course, this doesn't mean he's going to stop either, sadly.

Antonio gets up and notices the girl from before surrounded by men and looking very pissed. "Come any closer and I will stomp your face into the pavement!" 'She' yells and Antonio smirks. Such a fierce attitude for such a small girl. Sort of like that girl from Hungary they met a while back except this girl seemed to me more… masculine, strangely enough. Like a little boy…wait…

Antonio strides over to the fuming 'girl' and works his way through the group of men. He looks her over, searching for clothing or anything sticking out from her chest. Nothing. 'Her' chest appeared very real. A smooth, round shape to it. So, he supposed, it wasn't that boy from earlier. He kind of figured. Why would a kid as head strong as that one dress as a woman? Especially dress as a woman and come to a dance. "Oi, pervert, mis ojos son aqui!" The girl says in awkward Spanish. This is an Italian town, how would she know to speak Spanish to him? "How do you know I speak Spanish?"

The boy:

Oh shit. The small boy gulps nervously, which proves kind of hard in the dress he's wearing. The Spanish pirate raises a brow, waiting for an answer. Ohshitohshitohshitohshit. "W-well…you…look Spanish, so I just assumed…and if I was wrong, it's not like people here don't know the language." He inwardly sighs, that was a close one. Looking at the man's face quickly tenses him up again though. WHY DID HE KEEP STARING AT HIS BOOBS! They're not going to reach out and shake his hand…and he damn well better not reach out and shake them! "WHAT DID I JUST SAY, YOU DAMNED PERVERT!" He yells and Antonio looks at his face again. "Que?" "Don't 'que' me! God you piss me off! MY EYES ARE HERE!" He looks around at the other men who are quickly backing away, and by the time the damned Spanish pirate speaks again, they're all completely gone.

"That was so easy; it takes the fun out of it." Antonio looks down at the boy and smiles. "What is your name, Chiquita?" "Lo…vina…" The boy mutters and inwardly kicks himself. Such a lame cover-up name. He should change it. "Is that your real name?" Antonio asks and the boy perks up. "No, it's actually Larine." "Larine…what a fake name." The boy twitches. "It's all you're fucking getting so accept it and go away. Or don't accept and go away. Whatever you do just GO THE FUCK AWAY!" Antonio smirks and leans in, backing 'Larine' against the wall. "Let me explain something to you. I'm not trying to get you; I don't have any interest in you. I'm simply bored to death and you're not clingy. So I figured we could help each other out. I'll dance with you for the night so the men won't cling to you, and you do the same for me. I can't stand women all over me."

'Larine' thinks about it for a minute. It could work. This man wasn't lying, he could see in the damned Spanish pirate's eyes that he didn't want to have sex or anything. So this deal seemed fair. After all, he couldn't just leave the party after eating, that's rude. Antonio bows down and holds out his hand and 'Larine' hesitantly takes it. "I hope you can keep up, Larinita." "Don't call me that you damned-!" He stops himself upon a certain realization. "Oh shit…" He mutters before looking at Antonio nervously. "Hm? What's wrong?" "I can't dance."

Antonio's smile turns into a grin before he starts laughing. "O-oi! Don't laugh at me, Bastardo!" Larine yells and Antonio tries to calm down. This was just too hilarious! What was with girls nowadays? Things sure have changed since he was a kid. He looks at Larine, who was now trembling with embarrassment. How cute. "I can teach you. Don't worry; I'm a great teacher of dance." "I-I don't…think I'm capable of it…" Larine mutters, a look that was torn between troubled and frustrated on her face.


"Everyone can dance. Come on, I will teach you." Antonio leads 'her' to an area of the dance floor that no one could really see thanks to a large pillar. "Ok, now do you know where you're supposed to put your hands?" Larine glares up at him. "Yes, so don't try any funny business." She puts one hand on his shoulder and holds the other out for him to take. "You're a very boyish girl." Antonio teases and Larine looks nervous for a second, before glaring at him. "You're a very old asshole." "I'm not old." He counters, wrapping an arm around Larine's waist and pulling her up against him. "I'm twenty-three." "Ugh, you're ancient. And how close do I have to be!" Larine stutters out the question, face flushed and a look of clear discomfort in her eyes. Antonio thinks for a second. Why had he pulled Larine so close? To keep her from falling? Yeah, that must be it.

The boy:

WHY THE HELL WAS HE SO FUCKING CLOSE! If he pulls him too much closer this damned Spanish pirate was going to find out he's a boy! Well, maybe not…the wire thingy under the dress was helping with that. Yes, thingy. How was a fifteen year old boy supposed to know what those things were called? He has no sisters or anything, unless you count his wimpy twin brother. He lets out a loud groan as the damned Spanish pirate blatantly ignores his question. How rude.

As the boy remains lost in his thoughts Antonio begins to move them. "Focus, Larinita." Larinita, what a stupid name. So degrading. The boy sighs and follows his lead. It is actually pretty easy, whether that's because Antonio was a good teacher or he himself was amazing, he doesn't know. He's betting on his amazingness. But he hasn't stumbled or anything yet. No one's foot was being crushed, and there was no bumping into anyone. In fact, he would never say it, but it was kind of nice to dance around. NOT with the pirate freak. Just dancing in general. Antonio dips him and grabs his ass in the process. His ass. His ASS. HIS ASS. HIS ASS! When he's lifted up they resume dancing, except miss 'Larine' just so happens to 'accidentally stumble' and STOMPS THE FUCK OUT OF HIS FOOT!


Antonio cringes. Larine was doing well with the dancing until he lifted her back up and she stumbled, accidentally stomping on his foot. She was probably just a bit out of it from being dipped. He leads her through the crowd on the dance floor and they go around the whole floor, no accidents after that one.


After a few songs came and went, Antonio leads 'larine' out to the back porch and the small boy grimaces. "Now isn't where you say something like 'after dancing with you so wonderfully, I'm in love with you' or something, right? Because if you so much as try to, I will kick your ass so hard with these god damned heels that they may just remain lodged in there. They have to be useful for something, after all." The boy mutters and Antonio looks at him amused. "You are adorable." "You want to die." "Well, if it's by your hands I'll accept it." Antonio teases. "Creepy old man." "Rude little girl." 'Larine' twitches. "I hate you." "I'm not too fond of you either."

A strange chill runs down 'Larine's' spine as another man comes out, a smirk even creepier than the pirate's on his face. "Hello you two. Are you done with this beautiful woman, sir?" He asks and the boy pales before Antonio wraps an arm around him. "She's with me. For the night." 'Larine' sighs and the other man comes over to him. "You look familiar, little girl. Are you related to twin boys who sell flowers around here?" The boy goes almost blue. Ohshitohshitohshit! "I-I am…related to twins in this town…" Antonio looks down at him. "Are they small boys around your height with your hair and eye color?" He cringes, how the hell could a stupid pirate remember him from that one minute they crossed paths? UNCOOL!

"Yeah, what about it?" 'Larine' asks, trying to remain calm. "The one I met was just as annoying as you! Must run in the family, huh?" Antonio coos, squeezing his cheeks. "I hate you. Stop touching me." The other man comes up to 'Larine' and kisses 'her' hand. "I hope to see you again. Perhaps I shall visit the Vargas twin's house before I move." "N…no…you don't want to do that…" He grabs Antonio's hand and runs out into the garden away from everyone else. "P-please help me!" Antonio looks at him surprised. "Huh…?" "Please please help me! Let me join your pirate crew! PLEASE!" Larine pleads, a sort of anxiousness in 'her' eyes. "How did you know…?" "Oh please, it's obvious you and your crew are pirates! Please let me join!" Antonio stares at 'her' confused. "Um…why?" "Because I have got to get out of here!" "What about the twins?"

The boy quickly calms down, his thoughts turning to his little brother Feliciano. He had to get out of here though, and he didn't want Feliciano to be on a pirate ship. The kid was far too weak and wimpy for that. He would have to wait until the next stop to get off and then get some money from them to send for his brother. It was the only way. Although leaving him here would be hard. "He…they…will be alright…" He mutters and stares at the ground.

Antonio frowns, noticing the bothered look on Larine's face and pats 'her' on the shoulder. "Don't worry, you can come with us. In fact, we have a new guy there already so it shouldn't be too bad. Why don't we leave now and head over there?" Larine eyes him suspiciously. "You said someone is already there, right?" "Yes." "Ok, let's go then. I can't afford to wait!" Larine grabs Antonio's hand and drags him off to where 'her' stuff is stored at a secret spot in an alley inside a small suitcase.

"This is all you have?" "Yeah…" Antonio sighs and takes it from the smaller brunette. "Let's go." "You're not…going to ask…?" The small boy asks and Antonio smiles at him. "You can tell me when you're ready. You'll see that I'm a pretty easy going boss." He rustles the boy's hair, well, wig. "I see…so you're a pathetic pushover." Antonio cringes and pouts. "That's mean, Larine!" The small boy shrugs. "Deal with it." They walk the rest of the way with 'Larine' in silence and Antonio rambling on about stuff. "You know, unlike you, most girls here are very sweet and like my company." "You mean like that chick from earlier?" 'Larine' asks and quickly curses his stupidity. "How do you…know about that?"

"I just happened to see you two and recognize you tonight. You manwhore." Antonio smiles and hugs him. "Awww! You're sooo cute when you're jealous!" "WH-WHAT! WHO THE FUCK IS JEALOUS! I'm merely stating what you are. Manwhore." Larine yells, face bright red. "Larinita, you're so cute! Like a tomato!" "I hate you!" "Cute!" Antonio teases and Larine glares."HATE!" "Cuuuute!" "WHAT THE FUCK! GO AWAY!" They arrive at the ship and Larine's eyes light up. "Wow…so cool…" He looks over to Antonio. "Where can I change?" Antonio looks over and takes Larine's hand. "Come on, it's downstairs."

They go down to the hall and Antonio leads him into an empty room across from his. 'Larine' mutters something that sounded kind of maybe like a version of a thank you and goes in. After a few minutes of waiting, the door opens and Antonio comes face to face with a brunette boy in a white shirt with a green long vest and pants. "Wha…Larine? You're the boy from earlier?" The boy looks away. "Hello, I'm…Lovino. Nice…to meet you…" Antonio stares in shock. "L-Lovino…? You're a boy…? You're that boy? THAT BOY!" Lovino nods nervously and Antonio smiles. "I'm glad." "EH!"

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