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On Board

Chapter Nine: Falling

Lovino wakes up, a weight on top of him as usual. "Ugh…Feliciano would you-!" He tenses up as he realizes two things; he isn't sleeping in his room, and this person is spooning him, which is one of the few things Feliciano doesn't do. "O-oh god…" A small groan comes from behind him before the arms around his waist tighten. "Lovi~! good morning!" Antonio coos and Lovino twitches, pushing him off. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? YOU WERE NOT TOUCHING ME WHEN WE WENT TO BED! YOU WERE FACING THE WALL! HOW THE HELL DID YOU END UP PRACTICALLY ON TOP OF ME?" The Italian screams, jumping out of the bed. "Hmmm? Well…maybe…I was still cold?" Antonio mumbles and Lovino glares at him. "That's it! I'm going and cleaning out Ludwig's room so he can sleep in there again and I can have my room back! Because I will NEVER sleep with you again!"

The Spaniard looks at him confused. "…Why?" Lovino blushes. "B-b-because you were all over me!" Antonio frowns. "But we were both asleep…we didn't do anything…" Lovino glares. "Why do you WANT me in your bed?" Antonio thinks for a minute before smiling at him. "Because I love you, Lovi!" Lovino tenses up. "Y-you…what…? You love me…?" Antonio nods. "Of course I do! I love you, Feliciano, Matthew, Gilbert, Francis, Michelle, hell I even love Arthur's crew now!" Tears begin to well up in Lovino's eyes. "Y-YOU IDIIOOOOT!" Lovino cries, running off.

"H-huh…? WH-WHAT DID I DO, LOOVVIII? COME BACK!" Antonio yells, running after him and crashing into Francis. "Huh? What's the matter, Antonio?" The brunette looks at him troubled. "I-I made Lovi cry! And I don't understand what I did!" Francis rolls his eyes and groans. "I suddenly feel a strange sympathy for Lovino…" Antonio frowns, close to tears. "Wh-what did I do, Francis?"

Francis sighs and places his hands on the man's shoulders, trying to calm him down. "Don't cry mon Ami. Just tell me what you did." Antonio takes a deep breath and thinks for a minute. He then proceeds to tell Francis everything about the morning. "…So…you…told Lovino you loved him…then proceeded to tell him you loved everyone else…?"Francis asks and Antonio nods causing Francis to twitch and hit him over the head as hard as he could. "YOU IDIOT! God! If I wasn't with Michelle I would be stealing poor Lovino from you so he could get some real loving!"

Antonio bristles. "Don't you ever touch Lovi." Francis shakes his head. "You are in no place to say that to me, Antonio. And believe me when I say this; if Michelle wasn't here, me and Lovino would be in my room right now." A dark look flashes through Antonio's eyes and he punches the blonde, sending him to the ground and making everyone else run over. "What the hell are you doing?" Lovino yells and Antonio walks over to him and pulls him tightly into his arms before glaring at Francis. "I will KILL you if you touch him." He warns before dragging a very confused Lovino into Ludwig's room where Lovino has been cleaning.

Michelle looks at Francis confused. "Um…why is he afraid you'll be touching Lovino…?" Francis smiles at her. "Don't worry. I simply said things to help push him in the right direction is all." Everyone looks at him in a silent understanding. "Think it'll work…?" Michelle asks and Matthew speaks up. "Doubtful…" Feliciano nods. "Antonio seems to be pretty dense. And fratello would never be the first to say 'I love you'. His pride would never allow it." They all let out a collective sigh of annoyance.

Ludwig's room:

Lovino looks around confused. "Why…did you bring me into Ludwig's room…? If you're going to yell at me for something at least yell at me in your room or mine…" Antonio shakes his head. "You are doing something in here." He grabs the boy's shoulders in a vice-like grip. "Wh-what do you want? LET ME GO!" Lovino hisses and Antonio looks at him seriously. "Lovi, promise me you won't ever be with Francis if Michelle leaves." The Spaniard commands and Lovino cringes. "Why could I be with that disgusting man?" Antonio continues to stare at him seriously. "Now promise me you won't be with anyone else, either."

Lovino twitches, now pissed. "WHERE THE HELL IS THIS FROM? AND WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO TELL ME NOT TO BE WITH ANYONE? HOW IS IT ANY OF YOUR CONCERN WHO ONE OF YOUR CREW MEMBERS IS WITH?" Antonio deflates a little, his grip on the boy's shoulders loosening before his hands drop completely to his sides. "You're right…it isn't any of my business…" Lovino watches confused, and VERY annoyed, as Antonio leaves the room. "What the hell…?"


Antonio goes up to Gilbert who is at the wheel. "Hey! How did things go?" Gilbert asks and Antonio frowns. "I...what is it…that you feel towards Matthew?" Antonio asks and Gilbert quickly answers. "Love. Of course." "No, no…I mean…describe it." Gilbert falters and looks at Antonio wordlessly for a minute. "I'm not sure…I can. It's impossible to explain it to someone who has never experienced it." Antonio sighs and leans over the railing, staring at the water beneath them. "Is it…like…always wanting to be near him? When you're away from him does it…hurt a little…?" Gilbert grins at the other man. "Yeah. It's just like that." Antonio groans and grabs his head, pulling at his hair. "Nooo! I'm in love with Lovino! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?" The Spaniard yells in shock and Gilbert rolls his eyes. "Idiot…"

Antonio runs over to Gilbert, panicked. "H-how do I tell him? No wait! Maybe I shouldn't tell him! …Should I tell him, Gil?" Gilbert groans. "Yes you should tell him. As for how…that's for you to decide." Antonio sighs. "Do…do you think he might…love me, too?" Gilbert snickers. "Kesesesese! It's a pretty good bet he does." Antonio sighs. "You're just saying that because you're my friend…" The Spaniard goes to leave and Gilbert grabs his arm. "I'll make a deal with you. Tonight you will tell him. I will tell everyone else and we'll all go to our beds early so you can do this. Ok?"Gilbert offers and Antonio's eyes light up. "Y-you'd do that for me…?" The Prussian looks away annoyed. "It isn't only for you…believe me…" Antonio grins and heads off to offer help to his crew.

Ludwig's room:

Lovino finally has the room cleaned and Ludwig's bed back in it. Ludwig's things are in a large trunk under his bed and Michelle's things are in about four large trunks stacked on top of one another in the closet. "Finally! Done! I can have my own room back again!" Lovino says, a small smile coming to his face. "Veeee~! Fratello is done!" Feliciano exclaims from the doorway, making Lovino jump a little. "Wh-what the hell? Don't sneak up on me!" The older Italian yells and Feliciano frowns. "Sorry fratello…but we need to make dinner! Mattie is already in the kitchen waiting for us~!" Lovino sighs and follows his brother to the kitchen.

The 'kitchen' isn't much of a kitchen, really. They have to be extremely careful with the flames used to cook, those of which still aren't used in many boats, and then cleaning up was a pain in the ass. But it's all worth it to have edible food. They make pasta again, Italian and Spanish cuisines are their specialty, and they bring it out to everyone. "It's reeaaadyyyy~!" Feliciano calls and everyone quickly gathers in the 'captain's office' which they use for eating.

"I'm exhausted! After this I think I'm going to bed!" Matthew says and Gilbert nods, fake yawning. "Same here. All this partying is really getting to me!" Feliciano grins. "Veee~! I wanna go sleep in your room tonight, Ludwig! We should go after dinner, too!" Ludwig nods silently and Francis smirks at Michelle. "Oui, we should retire to bed after this as well." Michelle rolls her eyes before smirking back. "You're right. I want to SLEEP." Francis pouts a little. "Cruel."

Lovino looks at everyone confused before his eyes land on Antonio. "Are you going to bed as well?" Antonio looks away and blushes. "N-no…I'm staying up. The captain could never go to bed so early…" Lovino yawns a little. "I think I might go to bed early, too. It has been two nights since I could sleep in my own bed…" Everyone begins to silently panic and Matthew quickly speaks up. "Y-you can't! Antonio needs someone to help him stay awake!"

Lovino groans. "Fine, I guess I'll stay up with him…" Antonio smiles nervously. "G-great! I can't wait! Er-! I mean!" The Spaniard groans and buries his face in his hands to hide his blush. "Well! I'm done! Goodnight!" Matthew says, quickly followed by everyone else. "…What's going on…?" Lovino asks, eying Antonio suspiciously. "I-I wish I could tell you…b-but I can't…yet…" Antonio mumbles and Lovino rolls his eyes. "Whatever, I'm going to go clean the dishes."

A little while later, after Lovino has finished the dishes and Antonio has calmed down, they start up a conversation. "Lovi…um…th-that woman you were engaged to…you know…um…did you two ever…um…do anything?" Antonio asks nervously and Lovino lets out a noise of disgust. "Thank GOD no. Not for her lack of trying, though…hm…it's been a while since I've thought about any of that…" He looks to Antonio curiously. "Why do you ask, anyways?" The Spaniard frowns. "Just wondering…"

Lovino rolls his eyes and grab a mop near him, mopping up the deck. "Are you really…mopping…?" Antonio asks, an amused smile on his face. "Yes, I'm mopping. It's dirty I want to clean it." Lovino says and Antonio laughs. "You're so cute, Lovi~!" Both fall into an awkward silence, looking away from each other. Of course Lovino always does this, Antonio is use to it, but this time it's just awkward.

"I'm not…cute…" Lovino mumbles and Antonio smiles at him. "You are very cute, Lovi." They both go quiet and Lovino begins to mop over by the railings before noticing something in the water. "Hmm…?" He sets the mop to the side and leans over to peer into the ocean, his eyes quickly widening. "A-Antonio! Antonio! COME LOOK!" Antonio comes running over and looks into the water before bursting into laughter. "L-Lovi! It's just dolphins!" Lovino blushes and glares at him. "FUCK YOU! I've never seen them!"

Antonio looks at him confused. "You've been with us for, like, ever…and you've never seen any…?" Lovino pouts, annoyed at the question. "Well excuse me! I've been busy!" He looks back over the railing and just stares. "I wish…I could touch one…" Antonio looks at him nervously before placing a hand on his head. "I'll help you touch one someday! I promise!" Lovino's lips twitch in a small smile. "Th-thanks…I guess…" Antonio stares at the teen as he looks at the dolphins. After a few minutes Lovino twitches a little and glares over at Antonio. "Why the fuck are you staring at me? It's creepy."

Antonio smiles and tilts the boy's chin up to face him. "It's less creepy if you stare back, Lovi." Lovino's face heats up and he tries to look away, getting stopped by the hand on his chin. "Wh-what are you doing? G-get away!" He goes to bat the man's hand away when he catches the man's expression. A mixture of fear and something else. "What is going on? Are you trying to be extra creepy in an attempt to apologize for making me cry this morning? N-NOT THAT I CRIED!" Antonio frowns and moves his hand from Lovino's chin to his cheek. "I'm sorry I made you cry…" "I DIDN'T CRY!" Lovino hisses and Antonio smiles.

"Of course not…my mistake." Antonio feels the boy try to move away and quickly wraps his other arm around his waist. "Wait. Lovi…I want to tell you something…" Lovino tenses up. "C-can't it wait? I wanna watch the-!" "NO!" The Spaniard takes a deep, shaky breath before locking eyes with Lovino. "I...love you." Lovino glares at him. "I know! Me, Matthew, Feliciano, Lud-!" Antonio leans forward and captures his lips in a quick kiss.

Lovino stares at him wide-eyed as he pulls back. "Wh-what was that…?" The Italian asks shakily and Antonio pulls him into a tight hug, bringing the boy's face into his chest, and sighs. "Lovino…I don't mean like that. Hm…how do they say it in Italian…? Ti amo con tutta l'anima…" Lovino pushes himself out of the man's chest and looks up at him questioningly. "R…really…? So you're…I-in love…with me…?" Antonio smiles down at him. "Con todo de mi corazón." Lovino pouts and looks down. "Y-you couldn't have said that this morning…?" A grin comes to the Spaniard's lips. "I didn't know this morning!"

The Italian twitches and punches the man in the chest. "SON OF A BITCH! YOU COULDN'T FIND OUT SOONER? I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR-! FOR-! MONTHS! STUPID MAN! STUPID! STUPID! STUPI-!" Antonio grabs the boy's fists and stares down at him in awe. "L-Lovi…you've known your feelings for me for…months…? Wh-why didn't you say anything?" Lovino rolls his eyes. "What good would it have done? You didn't know you felt this way until today. Because you're a fucking idiot!" Antonio frowns. "I guess it doesn't matter now, huh…?" Lovino nods.

The Spaniard smiles and backs Lovino up against the railing before kissing him again. Lovino lets out a small squeak of surprise against the older man's lips before relaxing and kissing back. Antonio wraps both arms around the boy's waist, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss. Lovino wraps his arms tightly around the man's shoulders.

Soon one of Antonio's hands is under Lovino's shirt and the teen's legs are wrapped around his waist. Reluctantly Antonio pulls out of the kiss to catch his breath, keeping their foreheads pressed together. "W-would you…come to bed with me, Lovi?" Antonio asks and Lovino bites his lower lip nervously. "R-right now…? I thought you couldn't go to bed so early…" The Italian mumbles and Antonio presses up against him, whispering in a low tone. "It can be a bed, or up here…which would you prefer, Lovino?" Lovino looks at him surprised before tightening his grip on the man. "Then bring me to bed, Antonio."

Antonio smirks and places his arms under Lovino's thighs, carrying him to his room and laying him on the bed. He leans down into a passionate kiss with Lovino as his hands work on the buttons to the boy's vest before tossing it, and the shirt under it, to the floor. As Antonio pulls Lovino's pants off, the boy sits up and begins licking and sucking on his neck. "Ahh…Lovi…" Antonio pushes him back down on the bed and licks the boy's lips. "I love you, Lovino." Lovino looks up at him embarrassed before pulling him down into a kiss. Antonio smiles against his lips and presses his body against the boy's, earning a moan.

The Italian slips his hands under Antonio's shirt and begins to slide it off, breaking their kiss quickly to get it over the Spaniard's head before reaching down to his pants. Letting out a low growl, Antonio begins to ravage the boy's neck. "A-aahh A-Antonio…no…t…yet…y-your pants are still…" Lovino is silenced when Antonio begins to kiss him again, taking off his own pants.

Once they are both naked Antonio runs a hand down the boy's chest, ghosting over his stomach, before lightly rubbing his length. "A-Antonio! Ah-!" Lovino gasps out against the man's lips. "You make such cute noises, Lovi~!" Antonio coos, bringing his free hand up to brush the boy's bangs out of his eyes, accidentally rubbing his curl. "A-Ahh~!" Lovino moans, arching his back up and Antonio looks at him curiously. "What was that…?" "Th-the curl-! D-don't touch it!" The teen gasps out and a smirk comes to Antonio's lips.

"Ohh? Don't touch…this curl…?" He asks, taking the curl in his fingers and running them down its length, earning a loud whimper. Reluctantly, Antonio lets go of the curl and reaches into his dresser drawer, pulling out a bottle of liquid. "Wh-what's…that…?" Lovino asks between pants and Antonio smiles down at him. "Francis calls it 'lube'. He gave it to me when we first met and said to use it when I finally decide to have sex~!" The teen looks at the bottle curiously and notices that it's unopened, which brings a small smile to his face. "I see…so you haven't used it yet…?" Antonio shakes his head as he flips the lid up. "Nope! I've never been with anyone else. And don't intend to." He kisses Lovino quickly and removes his other hand from the teen's member, earning a small whimper in protest.

"You're so cute Lovi~!" Antonio coos as he coats his fingers in the liquid substance. "I-I'm not…cute…" Lovino protests half heartedly and Antonio smirks down at him, placing the bottle on the nightstand. "You're right…" He brings a finger to the boy's entrance and slowly pushes it in, making Lovino twitch a little. "Like this you're far more sexy than cute." Antonio whispers into his ear before licking it playfully. After a few minutes he enters his second finger, earning a gasp from the other boy. "S-sorry Lovi!"

Lovino winces as Antonio begins to slowly move both fingers inside him. Antonio quickly takes his focus him the pain by licking his curl and running his other hand over his length. "A-ahhh~!" The Italian moans, arching into his hand. With Lovino thoroughly distracted, Antonio adds his third finger, making the boy hiss. "H-hurts-!" Lovino gasps out and Antonio begins to place kisses on the boy's face, murmuring apologies as he moves his fingers inside of him.

Antonio bites his lower lip and continues to search inside the boy for an area Francis told him off. He's about ready to give up and just enter the boy when Lovino suddenly lets out a loud moan and thrusts into his fingers. "A-ah! Buono~!" Antonio's eyes light up and he smiles as Lovino pulls him down into a kiss. "Nngh…Lovi…I can't wait much longer…c-can I...?" Lovino looks up at him with hazy eyes and nods. "Y-yes…Antonio…"

Antonio sits up and grabs the bottle again, coating his length with it before positioning himself over Lovino. Searching Lovino's eyes for any sign of doubt, Antonio slowly enters him. Lovino's eyes widen and his fists tightly hold onto the bed sheets. "I-I'm sorry, Lovi! W-we can stop!" Antonio exclaims and Lovino groans, wrapping his arms around the man's shoulders. "D-don't stop…just…go slow." The Spaniard nods and quickly kisses his before slowly moving in and out of the boy, searching for that spot again. To distract Lovino from the pain he leans forward and takes his curl in his mouth, sucking on it. "Nnn…Anto…nio…" Lovino gasps out before his eyes suddenly widen and he thrust up towards the man. "Th-there! Right there! Antoniooo~!"

Antonio moans and buries his face in Lovino's neck, thrusting deeper into him. "M-more! Antonio!" Lovino gasps out and Antonio smirks against the pale skin, quickening his pace and nipping at his neck. "Mmm Lovi…you're so sexy~!" Antonio coos and Lovino pouts half heartedly. "D-don't…say…such stupid…things…!" He gasps out as he continues thrusting up towards Antonio. The Spaniard lets out a low moan and grabs Lovino's length, pumping it in time with their thrusts before bringing them both to their limits, both moaning the other's name.

Antonio lays down on top of Lovino, he head on the boy's chest. "Voglio passare il resto della mia vita con te, Lovi…" Lovino looks at him shyly and nods. "M-me too…" Antonio grins. "You make such cute sounds, Lovi~!" The Italian twitches and hits him over the head. "SHUT THE FUCK UP! MOOD KILLER!" "B-but Lovi~!" Antonio cries and Lovino glares. "FUCK OFF!"

Next day:

Lovino wakes up with Antonio draped over him. "Ugh…you're as bad as Feliciano…" "Hmmm? Feli sleeps on top of you…?" Antonio asks and Lovino blushes. "Y-you're wide awake, aren't you?" HE squeaks out and Antonio laughs a little. "Si~!" Lovino glares up at him. "Th-then why the hell are you still in here? Go help out on deck!" Antonio pouts. "But Lovi~!" Lovino groans and gets up off the bed. "Come on, let's go now." Antonio looks up at him sadly. "But I want o lay in bed with my Lovi~!" The teen rolls his eyes and leans down, pulling the man into a kiss. "Now get up." Antonio looks up at him starry eyed. "Lovi~! You're so cute~!"

On the deck:

Lovino and Antonio head upstairs and everyone smirks at them. "Good morning~!" Francis coos and Lovino cringes. "Wh-what's with that look…?" Feliciano smiles at him. "Fratello got laid~!" Lovino twitches. "I-I DID NOT!" "Liar~!" Matthew teases and Lovino glares at Antonio. "H-how the hell do they all know?" The Spaniard laughs nervously. "W-well…I did get up earlier this morning…a-and me and Gil were the only ones up…so I kind of…told him…" Lovino fumes and kicks Antonio in the shin. "I HATE YOU!" "EH? L-LOVI NO~! I'M SOOORRRYYY~!" Antonio cries, running after the enraged boy.

"Gil…you're evil." Matthew says and Gilbert laughs. "Kesesese! I love getting him in trouble~!" The blond smiles and pokes the laughing man's cheek. "And that makes you evil." Gilbert smirks at his and grabs his shirt collar, bringing his face closer. "You love it." He teases before pulling Matthew into a kiss. "GET THE FUCK OFF OF MATTHEW YOU ALBINO FREAK!" Lovino yells and Antonio frowns. "Lovi! Be nice!"

A/N: Ti amo con tutta l'anima: I love you with all my heart (Italian)

Con todo de mi corazon: With all my heart (Spanish)

Voglio passare il resto della mia vita con te: I want to spend the rest of my life with you (Italian)

I stumbled upon a webpage with a crapload of Italian love phrases...some of them were funny cause they were pick up lines. XD Buuut that is why the Italian is used. I wanted to use the website. ANYWAYS! This is the last chapter...random ending is random!XD Ah...off to college tomorrow~! Sooo nervous! ...Is it sad that it bothers me this ends on a 9 and not a 10? *shrugs* Oh well.