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Winry slapped her alarm clock as it blared in her ear Wednesday morning. The second she opened her eyes, she felt her stomach twist in nervousness. Today would be the first day of Exams at the academy and even though today was easy, she couldn't help but feel uneasy.

"Shes," Winry groaned as she slid out of bed and let her feet drop onto the floor. She looked at the bundle of cloth on Sheska's bed and took in the slow, rhythmic movements. "Sheska! Wake up! You have your stats exam today!"

"I'll take an F, thanks," Sheska groaned as she rolled over in the bundle.

"Yeah well I don't think your parents would be very happy to hear that you've failed when the school's sent your grades out," Winry said as she walked into the bathroom and began cleaning up for the day.

"Everyone, please sit down and get ready. I'd like to give you the full ninety minutes for you to work on your exam but I can only do that if you're all seated and quiet," Mr. Huston said as he walked into the room, his hair flecked with morning snow.

"Hey, sweet heart," Maes said as he leaned to his side to whisper to Gracia. The gentle-faced girl turned and smiled at his pet name. "Do you wanna do something special for lunch today? I've really missed you…"

"That sounds great, honey," Gracia said as she leaned forward instinctively, her smile widening. "What did you have in mind?"

Just as Maes opened his mouth to answer his beloved girlfriend, Mr. Huston slapped down some answer sheets in between them, a little rougher than Maes felt necessary. He looked up at the dark-haired young man and for a fraction of a second, he could have sworn the teacher was frowning but when he blinked, the teacher was smiling, look a little weary but still smiling all the same.

"Come now, you can discuss your lunch plans after you've finished with the exam," Mr. Huston said lightly as he passed the exam packets down the row.

Once Mr. Huston had moved to the next row of desks, Maes turned and sent Gracia a covert smile which she returned within an instant. Their smiles lingered for longer than Maes had planned and after a moment, he felt eyes burning on the back of his head. He turned around but saw no one; everyone else was bent over their papers as they scribbled their names and dates onto the page.


Shaking off the odd feeling, Maes bent over his own paper and soon lost himself in the extensive list of questions.

Rebecca pulled her hood off of her head as she entered the art room for her crafts exam. An exam for something like crafts… how ridiculous of a concept. Being graded on anything in this class always seemed ridiculous to her but Miss Hudak said that the establishment forced her to give everyone a grade, even if it was against her beliefs. This was one of the reasons why Rebecca had so willingly signed up for the class; as if she actually enjoyed making pot holders for an hour a day.

As she approached the table she usually shared with Sheska and Riza and saw that it was currently empty. Rebecca blew her hair out of her face as she sat down, feeling lonely. She and Riza hadn't been getting along all that well since the New Year's party but Rebecca understood her friend's temporary coldness completely. There was only so many time you could deal with taking care of your drunk, idiotic friend before you had to put your foot down.

Rebecca planned on apologizing to her in full today during lunch. She would buy her roommate her favorite lunch, thank her for taking such good care of her at the party, apologize repeatedly for being a drunken idiot, and then she'd clean her part of the room that was currently a pig-sty.

Hopefully those gestures would be enough to fix the bridges she had been busy burning with a bottle of booze as accelerant. If Riza didn't forgive her… well, Rebecca didn't really want to think about what would happen. Even though she and Riza were polar opposites most of the time, Riza was Rebecca's best friend and she would be lost without her.

Rebecca was broken out of her rather depressing thoughts by the scrapping of a chair in front of her. She looked up and saw Riza standing in front of her and watched as the blond sat down and unraveled a scarf from around her neck; it looked new and way nicer than the usual second-hand things Riza owned.

"Where's Sheska?" Rebecca asked as she glanced towards the door.

"Didn't she have her math first thing too?" Riza asked with a slight huff. "Didn't you see her when you left your exam?"

"Sheska's class is in the next building over from my class," Rebecca muttered as she glanced towards the clock.

"She's gonna be late if she doesn't get here soon," Riza said as she glanced at the clock too.

"Not that it really matters," Rebecca mused as her eyes drifted towards the small Asian girl who had crashed the New Year's party. "Miss Hudak never cares when someone's late. Even when it's an exam."

There are a long, slightly awkward pause as Rebecca stared ahead at her friend, who refused to meet her eyes as she fiddled with her pencil case, which also looked oddly new. As the bell rung, Rebecca gathered her courage and opened her mouth to speak.

"Riza, I-"

"Maaaaaaadde it!" Sheska trilled as she skidded into the quiet classroom, looking more disheveled than normal with her hair messier than usual and her glasses that just barely clung to her face. Sheska stood still in the center of the class for a second while everyone stared at, clearly unsure of what to do with the attention she had brought upon herself.

"Well it is certainly nice of you to join us, Sheska," Miss Hudak said as she floated among the tables.

Sheska smiled nervously before she shuffled quickly to the table. Both Riza and Rebecca gave the small brunette questioning and confused looks. The flustered teen retreated into her winter coat for a minute before she addressed the table.

"I was talking to Kain and we lost track of time…" she trailed off quietly, face read.

"Talking, is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?" Riza asked with a little smirk.

"Cus you look awfully red for someone who was just talking," Rebecca finished with a satisfying smirk.

"We were just talking!" Sheska insisted. "We were making plans for lunch today and we got sidetracked."

"Sure," Riza said with a smirk, causing Sheska to flush slightly.

"Everyone, settle down!" Miss Hudak called over the low din of people talking quietly to their neighbors. "Let's get this exam started, alright? It shouldn't take you too long."

"Hey, Riza," Rebecca said quietly while leaning forwards slightly. "Wanna grab some lunch? My treat."

Rebecca watched for a moment as Riza contemplated the offer, rolled her eyes ever so slightly and let out a tiny sigh before she nodded stiffly with her lips pursed in what could only be annoyance.


"Cool, I know North has your favorite today; we could go there."

Riza shrugged but said nothing else as Miss Hudak set down the exams on their tables. Rebecca grabbed hers and let out a deep breath that she had been holding inside for some time now. Riza said yes. They'd be back to normal by the end of the day, or at least on the fast track to being okay again, which Rebecca would take.

"So how did you think you did on the exam?" Jean asked Winry as he attempted to wipe a spot of stubborn grease off onto his pant leg.

"Do you really have to ask?" Winry said with a cocky smile as she threw her bag over her shoulder and buttoned her winter coat. "I mean, who has the highest grade in this class?"

"Way to be humble," Jean said with a sigh as he shook his head, giving up on the grease and picking up his own school bag. "I think I did alright, in case you were wondering."

"Not like I expected you to do badly," Winry said with a roll of her eyes. "You've always done fine in this class."

"Fine? Just fine? I think I've done amazing in this class so far," Jean said with faux indignation in his voice.

"Oh well, excuse me," Winry said with a small laugh as they exited the building and walked out into the cold. "I'm sorry I offended you."

"You should be," Jean continued. "And as punishment for offending me, you should treat me to lunch."

Winry made a loud noise of indignation that alerted the attention of many people around them, but caused Jean to laugh.

"How about I buy you a coffee and we're even," Winry said as they continued on their walk. "I know how you eat and if I were to pay for your lunch, I would be out of money for the rest of the month."

"Ah well, it was worth a try," Jean said as he stretched his long arms above his head. "How about you go buy me that coffee now? Unless you've got other plans for lunch."

"No, I didn't make any sort of plans for lunch," Winry said. "I think Sheska's having lunch with Kain and Gracia's off with Maes, so why not?"

"Well let's get a move on before all the good food's eaten."

"So… Riza…" Rebecca began as she slid into a seat across from her best friend. After their crafts exam, which had been so ludicrously easy that Rebecca was sure she could have done it blind folded and drunk, the two girls had dropped their things off at their dorm and then walked up to North for the soul purpose of ordering Riza's favorite chicken sandwich with chicken noodle soup on the side. Rebecca settled on sub-par hamburger and fries but didn't complain at all about the food for once.

"So, Rebecca," Riza said with her eyes focusing on her food as she poured an extra sugar into her coffee.

"I just wanted to say that I'm really, truly sorry for being such a drunken idiot during New Years," Rebecca started off, sounding slightly shaky. "And I'm sorry that you had to take care of me again and I really appreciate it and… I'm just really sorry I'm an idiot and I don't want you to be mad at me anymore."

Rebecca watched as Riza took a long drink from her cup of coffee, sighed, and then finally looked up at Rebecca; she was relieved when she didn't see any anger in her friend's brown eyes.

"I didn't have to take care of you, you know," Riza said as she set down her cup and picked up her sandwich but she didn't take a bite out of it. "I could have just left you there or someone else could have taken pity on you and helped you but I helped you without thinking about it."

"I know," Rebecca mumbled as she stared down at her basket of deflated fries and willed herself not to cry while she thought of how shitty of a friend she was when she compared herself to Riza. "You're definitely the better two of this duo. By a long shot."

"That's not what I meant, Becca," Riza sighed as she set down her sandwich and looked her friend in the eye. "I was just correcting you in what you said in your apology. I didn't have to take care of you. I chose to. And I know that if for whatever highly unlikely reason I were to ever get blackout drunk, you would take care of me."

"In a heartbeat," Rebecca said quickly while she thought of all the times Riza had come to her drunken rescue.

Riza nodded her head before she sank her teeth into her chicken sandwich, leaving Rebecca feeling nervous and cautiously hopeful. Was Riza going to accept her apology or was she going to throw it to the side.

"Now, instead of hearing you grovel for another half an hour like last time," Riza said, her voice slightly muffled she wiped her face with a napkin, "I'd much rather like to hear a proper explanation of what was going through your head when you decided to swap major saliva with Jean."

Riza words caused Rebecca to choke on her sip of soda and it took her almost a minute for her to return to normal.

"Why'd you have to say that so loudly?!" Rebecca coughed with wide, panic-filled eyes. "There are people here who can hear you!"

"Oh no one's listening to us," Riza said in a much louder voice than normal with a slightly twisted smile on her face; clearly, Riza was making her friend squirm in revenge for her mistakes. "Now come on, I think you owe me a little explanation."

Rebecca slid down in her chair slightly and looked around quickly with her red face. Since it was unlikely at best that her blond friend would ever get blacked out drunk and she would have to take care of her, Rebecca knew this is what she would have to do as penance to her sins.

Just rip it off like a band aid, Rebecca told herself as she pushed herself up and stared directly at her best friend. She let out a shuddering breath and glanced at the time; they still had a good hour until lunch was over and Rebecca could escape. This is what you get for being such an idiot. Just do it. Say it. You'll probably feel better after you talk about it.

"Alright. An explanation," she said as she pushed her dark, wavy hair behind her ears. "Well, here it goes…"

Winry watched with mild curiosity as Jean ate half of his sandwich in one bite and then proceeded to drink a third of his drink without struggling. Another bite and the sandwich was history. Winry glanced over Jean's lean frame and wondered for a moment where the hell the food went.

"I know I'm good looking, but you could try a little less to stare," Jean said as he smiled cockily at Winry.

Winry rolled her eyes at the blond while she scoffed lightly.

"Way to be humble," she snorted. "And I was just wondering where the hell you put all that food. You eat like you haven't eaten in days but then you eat like this every couple of hours. Don't you ever get full? Or are you secretly a trash disposal?"

"I'm a growing boy," Jean laughed. "I need my nutrients."

Winry sipped her own drink while she thought if Jean grew anymore vertically he wouldn't be able to fit through the doorways of the buildings anymore.

The two blonds ate in a peaceful silence for a few moments before a pressing thought came to Winry's attention. She had wanted to ask the question ever since the now infamous New Year's party but she hadn't been in close enough proximity to the blond teen to ask until now.

"So… do you like, like Rebecca?" Winry asked bluntly, causing Jean to choke on a monster bite of sandwich.

"Wha-what the hell!?" Jean cried as he tried to dislodge a portion of sandwich from his throat. The teen's coughing and hacking and crying quickly alerted everyone in the cafeteria of his predicament but no one seemed to want to help, just stare with varying levels of curiosity. After a couple more minutes of chocking and coughing and wheezing, Jean finally emerges, teary-eyed and looking slightly mortified. "Why would you just ask something like that?" he asked with a red face.

"Because I want to know," Winry said simply as she sipped her drink. A smirk came to her face before she leaned in and said in a softer voice, "So do you like her? You never answered my question."

"I-I do not like that witch of a woman," Jean hissed with a brick red face and wide eyes, which caused Winry to giggle slightly.

"Well then why do we all constantly find you two in rather compromising positions?" she asked with a grin that Jean just wanted to slap off of her face.

"Because I was black out drunk!" Jean yelled a little too loudly for the public place, gaining attention once again. He quickly lowered his voice into a quick hiss again. "I was so wasted New Year's that I couldn't even tell I was making out with anyone until you guys showed up and started screaming, okay? I don't like her. It was a drunken slip-up, alright?"

"Wow, way to be defensive," Winry teased as she picked at her lunch.

"I'm not being defensive, I'm telling you the truth!" he continued, looking a little unhinged now.

"Uh huh, sure," Winry mumbled, not sounding convinced.

"Yeah, I'm sure," Jean said hostilely as he stuffed a fist full of fries into his mouth

"That explains New Year's… but what about Halloween?"

"What now?" Jean snapped as he looked up at Winry with wide eyes along with several half-eaten fries hanging out of his mouth.

"You weren't drunk on Halloween, at least, not during the dance," Winry said calmly. "And yet, you found yourself locking lips with Reb-"

"Don't say her name!" he hissed, looking panicked as he glanced over his shoulder quickly.

"Sorry. But still, you were still making out with you-know-who in the haystacks during the dance and you were most likely sober during that escapade -"

"I didn't know it was her!" Jean growled as he stuffed more food into his mouth. "If I knew it was her, I wouldn't have been anywhere near there! She followed me in there. She's the one with feelings! I don't like her! Okay?!"

"Alright. Sorry, just curious," Winry said calmly as she returned to her food. "Won't bring it up again."

"It's alright," Jean grumbled as he ran his fingers through his already messy hair. "And yeah, I'd appreciate it if you stop talking about this."

"So do you like Jean?" Riza asked with her arms crossed over her chest.

Rebecca chocked on her drink and coughed so loudly that she gained the attention of everyone in the cafeteria.

"Not…s-so lo-loud!" Rebecca coughed weakly, glaring at her friend through tears.

"Sorry," Riza said.

"People can, like, hear you, you know!" Rebecca hissed as she looked around quickly; most of the students had already lost interest in them and turned away.

"No one's paying attention to us," Riza said as she casually sipped her coffee. "Now quit stalling and answer the question."

Rebecca stared at her friend, red face and heart pounding nervously inside of her chest. Her stomach twisted and her brain felt as if someone shoved an electric toothbrush inside her ear, turned it on, and scrambled up her brain.

"I don't know," Rebecca said weakly, feeling incredibly flustered. "Maybe…? But whatever, he doesn't like me so why the hell should I spend time worrying about whether I like him or not?!"

"You honestly think he doesn't like you too?" Riza asked, not looking surprised at her friend's sort-of confession. "He totally likes you too."

"What?! No way! Why would you think that?!"

"Because you two both act the same way six year olds act when they like each other but don't know how to tell each other because they're too immature too."

"Hey I am not-!" Rebecca began but stopped when she saw the look on her friend's face. "Okay, maybe I am immature… but he's more immature. And he's an asshole who smokes and I don't want to like him."

Rebecca then crumbled on top of the table, not caring that her hair was falling into her food.

"I don't want to like him…" Rebecca mumbled miserably. "Why do I like him?"

Riza reached forwards and brushed her friend's hair out of her lunch and then patted her head sympathetically, no longer feeling any sort of ill-will towards her roommate.

"Attraction is a random and chaotic thing that we can't really control," Riza said wisely as her friend turned her head so that her cheek rested on the lunch table and one eye was able to look at Riza.

"You're telling me," she mumbled before she smiled and said, "Okay, now that I've accepted my romantic problems, can we please focus on your clear romantic denial when it comes to that basted Mustang?"

"I do not have feelings for Roy," Riza said stiffly with a calm expression.

"It's okay to admit it, Riza," Rebecca said as she lifted her head from the table and gripped her friend's icy hand. "It's okay to admit you like some asshole jerk. You can't pick who you love. It is a random thing after all."

Riza rolled her eyes, pulled her hand out of Rebecca's grip, and jumped out of her seat. Rebecca grinned evilly and watched as Riza threw on her coat.

"Where are you going?" Rebecca asked.

"We're going to be late," she said briskly.

"Late for what? I think you just don't want to talk about how you are totally in love-"

The loud, ringing bell that signaled the next exam period rung across the crowded cafeteria. All over, students jumped up from their seats so that they would not be late to their next exam. Riza smirked ever so slightly and turned on her heal before she joined the crowds of students trying to leave the cafeteria at once.

"How does she do that…?

"Hey, Ed," Winry said as she poked her head into Ed and Al's room later that day, knocking on their open door lightly just for good measure. Winry took a step inside of the room and found four blond teenage boys talking quietly.

"Oh, hey Winry," Edward said as he looked up at Winry from the book he had been reading.

"You're not busy, are you?" Winry asked as she glanced at Russell, Fletcher, and Alphonse, who were all watching the two interact as if it were an interesting tennis match.

"Oh, no, I can help you now," Ed answered as he stood up from his seat at his desk and walked over to the door.

"Thanks," Winry said with a grateful smile. "I'm still not totally understanding trig functions."

"Well, let's get to work," the blond teenage boy said as he shoved his hands into his pants pockets. "You'll never get better at something unless you try to improve."

"Right," Winry nodded, feeling a little sheepish while three sets of curious eyes stared at her. She sent Al a stern look while Ed's back was turned that only succeeded in making him smirk at her.

Together, Edward and Winry walked down the three flights of stairs, through the crowded Common Room, and quickly ran outside and down the pathway that led to the nearby library. The library was warm and quiet, filled with tons of students who were in need of a quiet environment to cram for their exams. Winry followed Ed through a number of shelves and tables until they reached the far back corner where a secluded table sat by a fogged up window.

"So what are you still not understanding about the trig functions?" Ed asked as he pulled out his chair and sat down.

"Um, all of it…" Winry admitted sheepishly as she sat down across the table from Ed. "I'm not exactly a math genius."

"Oh, Edward!"

Winry and Ed turned to look up at one of the librarians as she walked towards him. In her arms was a large hard-cover book that seemed as if it weighed a ton.

"Glad I found you, that book you were looking for came in a couple hours ago," the librarian said as she set down the heavy book on the table, causing the table to rattle under its weight.

"Oh, thanks Ms. Jones," Ed said as he attempted to discreetly shove the book to the side. However, he was not able to shove the book away before Winry was able to catch a part of the title of the book: "… Journal of Medicine".

The arrival of the book felt like the preverbal elephant in the room. Winry's eyes kept flicking towards it and Edward seemed dead set on giving the large book any of his attention.

"So… what's the book for?" Winry finally managed to ask after a rather long and slightly awkward moment passed.

"Nothing," Ed answered in a slightly harsh tone of voice. "Just some side reading."

Winry was not buying any of this.

"So do you want to become like, a doctor or something?" Winry asked as she flipped open her math book to the desired page.

"Don't know," Ed snapped as he opened his own book. "But that's why I'm reading this," he said as he pushed the book further from view, as if that would take it out of Winry's mind, "to see if being a doctor seems interesting or not. Just checking out my options. I mean, do you know what you want to do for a living?"

"Kinda," Winry admitted with a shrug. "I want to be a mechanic."

"…really?" Ed asked skeptically with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah. I love working on engines and machines and taking things apart and seeing how things work," Winry said, sounding a little breathless with excitement while her eyes began to shine. "I used to just kinda feel like it was a hobby or something but… but it just feels like something more. I wanna do it for the rest of my life, ya know."

Winry stopped and stared at Ed, who was staring at her as if she had just started speaking in perfect Japanese. A small bubble of embarrassment formed inside of Winry as Edward stared at her and she felt her over-excited smile slipped a little bit. Clearing her throat awkwardly, Winry turned away and flipped open her Pre-Calculus book.

"Well, it's cool that you know what you wanna do for a living," Ed finally said after a long, quiet pause.

"Really?" Winry asked, looking up at the golden-eyed teen.

"Yeah. Good you know what you wanna do," Ed said, causing Winry to smile a little wider. "Just didn't picture you as a dirty grease money or anything."

Winry's smile slipped off of her face. Her face felt into a mixture of annoyance and exasperation.


"Oh nothing, library freak," Winry snapped.

"Library freak?!"

"Yeah, what are you gonna do about it?" Winry asked with a smirk. "Rattle off some knowledge at me? Because what this grease monkey can do it much more detrimental than anything you could ever do."

"You wanna bet?" Ed puffed indignantly. "Because not only am in top physical shape, but I can also very easily allow you to fail your Pre-Calc exam."

"I could very easily lock you inside of your dorm room with a couple flicks of a screwdriver," Winry countered. "And if you need references, you could ask Jean how hard I can hit when I have my wrench."

Winry and Ed were in a standoff, neither daring to back off an inch or show any weakness. Finally, it ended after a good minute of staring and silent daring, when Ed leaned back in his chair and let out a deep puff of air.

"Alright, whatever, let's just stop this childish shit and maybe I'll be able to teach you trig functions," he sighed.


"Not sure who easy that will be," he said as he opened his own book. "Mechanics haven't be known for their brains."


"Scrawny asshole," Winry spat after hitting Ed in the side of the head with her thick math book. "Did you just call me stupid?!"

"Did you just hit me with a book?!" he yelled as he rubbed the side of his head, wincing.

"Yes. You shouldn't call other people stupid just because they don't understand crazy math that we won't really need outside of school."

"Well you shouldn't hit people with books!"

"You started it," the blond girl declared as she sat her book back down. "Can we stop this childish shit now?"


As Edward began rattling on about the complexities of sine and cosine and tangents, Winry's eyes looked to the side and noticed the heavy medical book the librarian had brought over minutes before. No matter how hard she wanted to try and focus on learning Pre-Calculus, she just couldn't help but think about the book and why Ed had requested it.

Knock, Knock, Knock!

"Win? It's Gracia," said a gentle female voice through Winry's dorm room door.

"It's open," Winry said as she turned away from her laptop as she sat at her desk. "Come in."

Winry watched out of the corner of her eye as the usually sweet and quiet girl walked into the room and sat down on Sheska's bottom bunk. Winry closed her laptop and spun around in her computer chair so that she could face her friend.

"What's up?" the blond teen asked.

"Nothing much," Gracia answered. "Kinda bored."

It was the second day of exams for Amestris Academy, fourth and fifth period exams only. Seeing as bother Gracia and Winry had a free period during fourth, both girls had a long time to fill before their only exam for the day.

"Me too," Winry admitted with a sigh. "Just doing some last minute studying for Pre-Calc tomorrow. Don't know how good it'll help…"

"Did you study with Ed yesterday?" Gracia asked.

"Yeah. Kinda helped but it's like he's speaking German to me sometimes," Winry said with an angry sigh. "I understand every one word of every five-hundred he says."

Gracia chuckled at the comment before she asked, "so did anything happen?"

"No," Winry said slowly and strongly. "But this librarian came up to him and gave him this huge-ass medical journal thing."

"Really?" Gracia asked as she cocked her head to the side. "Did he say why?"

"No. He acted like it wasn't there for the longest time before I asked him and he gave me this bull excuse on how he was reading it for fun and then maybe he would see if he wanted to be a doctor or something. It was like, the lamest and crappiest excuse I've ever heard."

"Well that's kinda weird," Gracia said.

"Yeah and when I tried to ask him more about it, we just ended up arguing and it was annoying so I just dropped the subject."


Gracia grabbed a pillow off of Sheska's head and hugged close against her body. Winry watched as her friend's blue-green eyes slowly unfocused and gained a thousand-yard stare. She called her friend's name several times before Gracia finally shook out of the funk and looked up at Winry.

"You okay?" Winry asked.

"Yeah it's just that… I was thinking about something that happened last night," Gracia trailed off as she looked up at Winry.

"Well, what is it?"

"It's just that… well last night I had to go talk to Mrs. Wyatt about something for Child Development and it was kinda late so it was dark, ya know."


"And I was leaving the building and I just felt like someone was watching me," Gracia said. "Usually when I get that feeling, it's just me being crazy, but when I turned around to look, I saw someone watching me."

"Who was it?" Winry asked as she pushed herself forwards in her chair so that she could be closer to her friend. "What happened? Are you alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine… just feeling really creeped out," Gracia said in a slightly shaking and possibly angry voice.

"What happened?!" Winry exclaimed, her heart fluttering in her chest.

"I was leaving the building on North Campus and I felt someone watching me and so I turned around, figured I was being crazy. And I see this figure but I couldn't tell exactly who or what it was because some of the lights around there were busted."

"So… it might not have been a person," Winry said slowly. "You could have just been seeing something."

"I thought that too… until there was a camera flash and I heard a guy's voice and saw the figure run away," Gracia said, her eyes wide and her voice quivering slightly.

"What?" Winry asked, her mind going blank.


"What'd you do?"

"I freaking ran away as fast as I could back to the dorms," the brunette said as she squeezed her pillow as tight as she could to her chest.

"Are you okay?" Winry asked as she placed her hand on her friend's shoulder.

"Yeah, just kinda spooked."

"Did you tell Maes about it?"

"Are you crazy?" Gracia asked. "If I told Maes, he would bust down every dorm room door, rip apart every room, search every nook and cranny for the person and then do only God knows what to them. Or he'd have an aneurysm."

"Well… are you going to do anything about it?"

"…No…" she said with a sigh. "I'm fine. Nothing bad happened. There wouldn't even be anything to tell anyone about. I'm fine."

"You sure?"

"Yeah. Positive."

Hmmm... there's a creeper on campus. And they're creeping on Gracia.

Hopefully I can get this updated before I freaking graduate from High School. God, my updating skills have gone completely out of the window.

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