A/N: Okay so this fic was written as a response to a challenge down at NCIS kink meme. This fic will contain Tony/Gibbs pairing and things will get graphic (that means that there will be smut/sex!) so i would advise you to not read the fic if that's not your thing. This fic has four chapters that will be posted during the next few days (a chap per day) and the graphic stuff is mostly in the last chapter so I'll put a separate warning in the beginning of that chapter. Thank you to my wonderful beta Finlaure who is amazing! Hope I haven't scared everyone off by now so if someone is still reading, enjoy and reviews are greatly appreciated ;)

Gibbs was pissed. No actually he was beyond pissed. His team had been working nonstop solving multiple cases in short time and now when they were about to be dismissed for a long weekend, they got another case. Gibbs walked down the stairs into the bullpen and saw his gents working quietly at their desks. They both were looking tired but he knew that no matter how tired they were, he could count on them to solve the case.

"Kate, McGee grab your gear. A petty officer was killed outside the football stadium. "

The two agents grabbed their stuff and followed their boss to the elevator. They took the car and when Gibbs pulled into the traffic he briefed his team.

"This is a high profile case and we're going to have reporters breathing down our necks once they get a whiff of this."

Before he could continue to the details Kate's voice interrupted him.

"High profile? What makes the petty officer so special?" She gulped when Gibbs turned an icy glare in her direction.

"Well Kate it's not so much the petty officer himself but the fact that the murder was done right in front of the Redskin's star quarterback. It might also have something to do with the fact that he not only saw the killer but was seen by him as well."

None of them needed to voice what that most likely meant for the witness, but McGee felt the need to ask it anyway.

"So they think the killer will go after the player?"

"Not if we catch him first." Gibbs answered gruffly.

The rest of the ride was made in silence. When they arrived to the crime scene, which was an alley right next to the stadium, Gibbs gave the two agents their tasks.

"McGee talk to the Leo's and find out everything you can, Kate shoot and sketch." The agents went to work with a mumbled 'yes boss' and the lead agent headed to the body. The medical examiner was already doing his work. He crouched down next to the elderly doctor.

"What you got Duck?"

"Well Jethro, my preliminary findings indicate that this poor fellow died about two hours ago. I would venture the cause of death to be the gunshot wound to the head. However he as you can see there are other injuries as well so I'll have to get him home before I give my final verdict."

"Okay thanks Duck," Gibbs got up and watched as the ME's assistant helped his mentor get the body on a gurney and headed for the van.

Gibbs went to his two agents to get a status report of the process.

When McGee returned he told him everything the LEO's had told him, "The officers were called in by the coach after his star player told him what he'd witnessed. The coach reported that the player Anthony DiNozzo had gone on a break during practice and a while later ran back yelling for the coach. The police were called and they secured the scene. Then they called us when they saw the victim's tags. The witness is currently sitting in one of the patrol cars waiting for us to question him and take his statement. You want me to do that boss?"

"No McGee, I'll do it, you go help Kate process the scene and when you're done take the evidence back to Abby. Then get me all the information you can on both the victim and the witness."

With that he turned and made his way to the car that held the player. When he got closer he saw the man sitting sideways in the back of the car resting his head in his hands. The man looked to be about in his mid twenties and had dark brown hair and tanned skin.

Gibbs watched the player for a while and noticed how his demeanor changed immediately upon seeing a female police officer standing a few feet away. DiNozzo flashed the woman a bright flirty smile and by the giggles that could be heard from the officer he was working his player's charm.

'Great, just what I need a womanizing, self assured jock' Gibbs thought as he walked to the man and with a glare addressed him.

"Anthony DiNozzo? I'm special agent Gibbs from NCIS. I have a few questions for you."

The smile didn't falter as the younger man looked at the agent, but at this close range Gibbs was surprised to see the dimness in his eyes.

"Just Tony and I'll answer any questions you have."

"Okay Tony, what were you doing in the alley?"

"I was in practice when I got a phone call. I went outside to get some privacy but after a minute I heard raised voices and I hung up the phone. I went to see what was going on and saw a man beating the crap out of the other dude. The one doing the beating was asking about some money and a shipment and seemed to get really agitated by whatever the other man said because the next thing I know he was aiming a gun at his head and I heard the shot. I thought I had stayed hidden and waited for him to leave but he saw me so I ran back. The coach called the cops once I told him about the incident."

"Had you ever seen either man before? Can you identify the attacker?"

"No I hadn't seen either of them before. I think I could identify him though. I have a good vision and even though the lighting wasn't really good I got a pretty good look at his face."

"You said the perp saw you, how good a look did he get of you?"

DiNozzo smiled without any hint of humor, "I was wearing my uniform."

Gibbs flinched at the thought that it couldn't get much easier for the perp to get the kid's identity than by checking the player's name and team number that was printed on the back of uniform in bold letters and numbers.

"Okay, I need you to come with me to head quarters so I can get your official statement and organize for you to be put under protection."

"Now wait a minute!" DiNozzo stood up and glared at the other man, "I don't need any protection. I'm more than capable of looking after myself. I'll come to give the statement but that's all."

Gibbs decided to let the subject go, at least till they got to the navy yard.

When the two men arrived at the NCIS head quarters, they made their way into the bullpen where Gibbs took the man's statement.

"Okay, so I want you to work with one of my people to create a picture of the killer."Gibbs told DiNozzo after he finished with the statement.

"Sure, whatever you need, and then can I go? We're continuing the practice this evening so I'd like to get there on time."

Gibbs didn't answer him, just led him into the elevator and down to Abby's lab. When they got there Tony could practically feel the music pulsing through him until Gibbs turned it down.

"Hey, I was listening to... Gibbs!" The black haired forensic scientist threw herself at the older agent who just caught her and let her hug him before letting go.

"Gibbs what are you doing here? Kate and McGee just dropped off the evidence so I haven't had the time to look at it yet, so I have nothing for you," Her eyes landed on Tony and she just realized his presence, "And who's the cute guy? Hi, I'm Abby," She added with a wave.

Tony returned the girls wave and introduced himself, "Name's Tony DiNozzo I'm..."

"The witness. Abby can you work with him to get a description of the attacker?" Gibbs interrupted.

When he saw her nod he turned back to DiNozzo, "DiNozzo, work with her and when you're done have her escort you back to the bullpen," With that he turned away and just as the elevator doors were closing he could hear Abby interrogating the football player.

"So you're the jock? Is it true that all jocks have...?" Whatever she asked was cut off by the doors closing and Gibbs couldn't say he was the least bit sorry.

When Gibbs arrived in the bullpen he saw his agents hard at work.

"What've you got?"

Both agents got up and all three gathered in front of the plasma, with Kate yielding the remote.

"Our victim is Petty Officer Randy Jameson, 28 years old. He was on leave and scheduled to go on board one of the carriers in two weeks. His service record is clean but we found bags with white powder in his pockets and suspect he was dealing but we're waiting for Abby to confirm the identity of the substance. He has no living relatives except an aunt who lives in LA and who he hasn't been in touch in years. There is also no indication that he has a girlfriend and I spoke briefly with one of his fellow marines and they said that Jameson was not well liked and was a bit of a loner," With that she nodded for McGee to continue.

"Boss, I found out everything I could on our witness," He put up a picture of the man, "Anthony DiNozzo is a 26 years old football player for the Redskins. He's the team's star quarterback but hasn't been on the team for more than a year. He left his previous team when he had some trouble with the other players and there was even some pretty heavy bullying going on."

Kate snorted, "Typical jocks, it was probably nothing more than DiNozzo not getting his way and being a brat," Gibbs shut her up with a glare and nodded for McGee to continue.

"Well it was more than that Kate. According to his coach, the players in his old team didn't take kindly to DiNozzo telling them how to play the game. He left the team after he was slightly injured during practice by one of his 'buddies' tackling him a bit too hard. But he hasn't had any trouble with his current team and they seem to enjoy his insight on how to better their game."

"From what we could gather his story checks out. We found a bullet hole near the place we think he was standing when he saw the killing and think that the killer tried to shoot him when he was seen. DiNozzo might have been too shocked to notice or he just didn't mention it."

"Okay, get me more info on our victim. I want to know his finances and I want you talking to his CO and Marine buddies. Find out if he was dealing and if so, was he part of a larger ring. DiNozzo said that the two men had been arguing and there had been questions about money and some shipment, find out everything that could be related."

With that all three agents went to work on their desks and they were silent until a ding of the elevator signaled someone entering the bullpen and they could here Abby's excited voice.

"This is way cool, wait 'till we show it to Bossman. I mean it can't get much better than this... "

They rounded the corner and came to stand in front of Gibbs' desk.

"Gibbs! You won't believe this..."

"You got the photo of the killer?"

"Well maybe you will believe it, but anyway, we were working on the picture and it wasn't going anywhere with the computer and I was getting really frustrated but then Tony here started drawing and I kinda yelled at him for doodling when we were supposed to be working. But then after he's been drawing for a long time and I was gonna yell at him again but he showed me a perfect picture of the perp and I scanned it on my computer and we got a hit!"

"So soon Abs?"

She grabbed the remote and put a picture on the plasma that showed a man about thirty years old, wearing a buzz cut and a stern expression.

"This is Joel Graham. He was a person of interest in an NCIS investigation a while back. They suspected him of running a drug operation, but they couldn't prove anything so he walked. After that he went to ground and disappeared into thin air. No one has seen or heard of him 'till Tony saw him and Jameson in the alley."

"Good work Abs. DiNozzo you're under protection detail, end of discussion."

Abby beamed at the praise and headed back to her lab while Tony just looked at the other man angrily.

"Listen Agent Gibbs, I don't need protection, thank you for the offer though. It's nice to know you care," The last bit was said with sarcasm dripping from every word.

"It isn't your decision to make DiNozzo. There is a possible drug runner who wants your head, or didn't you really notice the bullet flying by you on that alley?" He watched as the younger man paled but didn't seem surprise.

"That's what I thought. So sit down and shut up while sort out the details."

DiNozzo grumbled but complied with the order and sat at the only empty desk. He stared mutinously at the team leader before deciding to skip that and he started drumming on the desk. That went on for a while before Kate couldn't take it anymore.

"Would you please stop that Mr. DiNozzo!" She said through clenched teeth. Tony just looked at her and flashed a bright smile.

"Why yes Ms...?

"Agent Caitlin Todd."

"Ms. Todd, and please call me Tony."

There was silence in the bullpen for a while after that before Tony got bored again and stood up and went to stand in front of Kate's desk.

"Caitlin, may I call you Kate?" after receiving a reluctant nod Tony continued, "Kate, do you have any plans tonight? Because if I have to be under protection detail, I'm sure it would be more enjoyable if you were the one doing the babysitting."

Before Kate could answer Gibbs voice rang out, "DiNozzo, stop harassing my agent and get back to that desk!" Gibbs was irritated by the jock's flirting and he refused to think that it had more to do with the fact that it wasn't him the younger man was flirting with. But with the fact that now wasn't the time or place for that kind of behavior Gibbs shook his head and went back to work.

The team managed to work for a while longer even with Tony wrecking havoc on their state of minds with his antics.