A/N: Here it is the last chapter of Touchdown. A Big thank you to all the readers and especially to those who reviewed and a huge thank you to my wonderful beta. And for the last time there is smut/sex in this chapter, if you don't like it, then turn away now, cause there really isn't much else in this chap but some hot male loving :D oh and be kind this actually was my very first real attempt at writing smut... So here's the last chapter, enjoy!

The week following the morning Tony and Gibbs had their talk was a heady experience for Tony. After Tony agreed to go on a date with Jethro the two men had talked a bit more over breakfast and learned a lot about each other. Before Gibbs had left the apartment to go to work they scheduled their first date and to the younger man's delight, he got a kiss on the forehead before the older man left.

After that they'd been on three dates and now they were enjoying the fourth. Gibbs had taken Tony to a nice, quiet restaurant where they had a peaceful meal. After dinner, they headed for Tony's apartment for a little quality time together. On their last date they'd made out on the couch of Gibbs' house and tonight Tony was determined they'd do more than just make out.

The two men arrived at Tony's apartment and as soon as the door clicked shut behind them Gibbs found his arms full of the young Italian and his mouth filled with an aggressive tongue. He pushed Tony back against a wall and ran his hands up and down DiNozzo's chest.

"I want you Jethro, please make love to me."

Tony had stopped wearing the sling days before and the stitches on his arm would come out in a few days. The bruise on his face had all but faded, but Jethro was still afraid of hurting him.

"You sure you're ready?" He asked kissing the tanned neck.

Tony groaned and thumped his head back against the wall.

"God yes, please Jethro."

"Shh, no need to beg. I want you so much Tony, but I don't want to hurt you. We do this, we do it my way. Okay?"

It didn't take the two men long to get into the bed room. Tony reached for Jethro and pulled him in for another kiss before reaching to undo the buttons of his shirt, only to have his hands removed from them. He raised confused eyes to his lover and looked at him, afraid he'd changed his mind.

"I want you to let me do the work and just lay back and enjoy," With that Jethro helped Tony to lay down and when it looked like he might protest, he stole the younger man's breath away with a kiss. He then started to unbutton the young man's shirt and licked and kissed every piece of newly exposed skin. He made sure to pay special attention to the brown nipples that hardened under his tongue.

Tony groaned and moaned when the talented mouth licked and sucked his nipples till they were painfully hard before moving down his stomach and to the waistband of his pants. His pants were soon removed and he heard a murmur of appreciation both for the fact he had gone commando and of his leaking erection.

Tony's whole body jerked and he gasped when that talented mouth lowered itself on his cock and took the head inside the moist and warm cavern. He moaned and whimpered as his shaft was licked and sucked until he felt he was going to come.

"Jethro oh god, I'm gonna-" Gibbs didn't back down but took the cock even deeper and when the younger man arched his back and came, he swallowed the salty liquid that shot out of the young man. Gibbs licked his lips and got up and quickly got out of his own clothes before lying on top of Tony.

He kissed his young lover and the other man could taste his own cum on the older man's tongue and it sent a pleasant shiver down his spine. Tony tried to get up from under the older man to return the favor when he felt the older man's erection but was pushed deeper into the mattress.

"Tony I want to make love to you." The intensity of the older man's gaze and statement made Tony's heart swell and he nodded before he found his voice.

"Top drawer."

Jethro smiled and placed a kiss on his lover's lips before reaching for the bottle of lube and condoms. He rolled on the condom before popping the top of the bottle and spreading a generous amount of the slick stuff on his fingers. He rubbed one finger around Tony's hole.

"You sure Tony?"

"Yes! Just please fuck me!"

Jethro leaned to kiss the younger man and at the same time pushed a slick finger inside his lover's body and swallowing his moan of pleasure. He worked the one finger in and out before adding as second and then finally a third finger. He stretched the tiny opening and at the same time bit and sucked at the skin of Tony's neck enjoying the whimpers and moans he got from the younger man.

When Gibbs deemed Tony ready he pulled his fingers out of his lover's body and positioned his cock at the entrance. He pulled Tony's legs over his shoulders and with a slow and steady push, thrust his dick inside his lover's warm body.

Tony arched his back and let out a yell when his ass was suddenly filled by a big hard cock. He closed his eyes and tried to steady his breathing.

"You okay Tony?"

"Yeah, just give me a minute, okay?"

Jethro rubbed his other hand soothingly up and down the younger man's thigh as the other fondled his hard dick and balls. After a few minutes Tony indicated that it was okay for Jethro to move.

Gibbs slowly pulled out of the hot ass and just as slowly pushed back in. He kept the slow pace for a while relishing the sound that came out of the younger man's mouth. After a while he started thrusting quicker and deeper until their flesh was slapping together at a steady and fast pace.

Jethro reached down to jerk Tony's erection and soon the young man cried out his lover's name and came for the second time that evening. Tony's orgasm triggered Gibbs' who snapped his hips forward a couple of times before collapsing on top of the younger man, letting Tony's legs fall.

The two men lay there for a while just enjoying the afterglow before Jethro carefully pulled his spent cock out of the younger man. He saw the wince Tony couldn't hide and was a little worried.

"You okay Tony?"

"Yeah, just a bit sore. But that's not a bad thing," Tony waggled his eyebrows and smiled when he said that, but Jethro still felt the need to check him out. He went to the bathroom to get a warm washcloth and discard the condom. He then returned to the bed and cleaned his lover and at the same time checked his ass. To his relief the hole was just a little red but there was no tearing.

"You're such a mother hen, you know that right?"

"I'm no such thing. I'm just a bit cautious when it comes to your well being."

"In other words you're a mother hen."

That earned Tony a slap on the ass and he let out an indignant yelp and rubbed his sore butt. He then broke into a smile when Jethro threw the cloth to the bathroom and got himself and Tony under the covers and pulled the young man close. Tony snuggled into the older man and settled in a position they both loved, with his head on Jethro's shoulder and the other man's arm around his waist.

Tony placed a kiss on Jethro's shoulder and felt an answering kiss being dropped on his temple. Tony felt his eyelids getting heavy and he murmured something Jethro didn't quite catch.

"What was that?"

"I said I think love you Jethro," Gibbs face broke into a wide grin and he gave the younger man a passionate kiss before answering the younger man.

"I think I love you too Tony."