By: Christopher Rowe

Anon, my unseen road ahead,

I've killed the catcher of rats,

I've slain the Prince of Cats,

His nine lives all now dead.

Juliet, farewell my only love,

The light, of everlasting love,

Burns deeply in your eyes,

Like the stars above.

I've slain, all nine of your cousin's lives,

I've cruel counsel and I laid it true,

Now I'm made to walk in gyves,

Whilst I be-rhyme for you.

Tybalt, I wish I'd known you well,

For your cousin's beauty keeps me sane,

Yet still by my own hand you fell,

And caused to you much pain.

Juliet, at night, I sleep and dream of you,

Yet you see fate can be so cruel,

For I'm only to awake, in an empty room,

O, I am fortune's fool.