By: Chris Rowe

I once looked in a mirror, and saw myself reflected,

I saw another side of me, one that is infected,

A whole new face, a whole new time,

A reflection of both grace and crime,

The vision in the mirror is not who I really am,

It's the darkest kind of side of me,

A side that should be damned.

For I'm two-sided, totally two-faced,

One day I'll give you water, the next it's poison laced,

I cannot foresee or hope to outrun,

Every heinous crime I've done,

I'm eternally two-sided, for I'm totally two-faced,

One half of perfect harmony,

The other of disgrace.

The blade cuts through me like a knife through butter,

No more will I creep like the rats from the gutter,

My life is gone, my corpse is no wonder,

For I've appeared most wretched since I went under.

My blood pours like wine,

As my life is erased,

I can't feel the sun,

Upon my scarred face.

An accursed coin,

A horrid sight,

Disappears from the failing light.