Operation winged seed

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Operation winged seed

Ch. 1

Dr. J stood in front of the cockpit of the wing where a boy sat in a tan pilot's suit "Because the assassination of Vice-Foreign minister Darlian was foiled the Military HQ now knows of the Operation plans, and it will probably be better if they decipher it." He said as he stroked his beard.

The boy sat there "But the Mission in reality will be different." He said.

Dr. J nodded "Right, This is the mission you choose however you risk your life with this launch."

The boy stared blankly at him "Don't worry. Life is cheap, especially mine."

Dr. J continued "Contact may come at any time regarding targets."

The boy nodded "Roger."

"Engage in the mission as quickly as possible." Dr. J Continued.

"Roger." The boy responded again.

"Let's decide on a codename, I've decided on the name of the pacifist space leader…" Dr. J looked at him "You got that Heero Yuy?"

"Roger that." With that Heero closed the cockpit and began his launch preparations.

Dr. J turned and walked towards his lab "Now it is up to you Heero, however I don't intend on sending you on a suicide mission however you may think your life is worthless I do not. So it's time to procure some backup for you."


The Archangel flew out along the ocean near the Orb Union border with the four stolen ZAFT Gundam's flying around trying to take the ship down.

"At this rate captain the ship will go down!" Natarle yelled as the ZAFT Gundam's opened fire again.

Yzak flew in front of the bridge in the duel while Athrun was engaging the strike "DIE LEGGED SHIP!"

"I wouldn't do that if I were you…" said a voice over all the communications bringing the battle to a screeching halt.

"Who the fuck is this guy and how did he get our frequency?" Asked Yzak as Kira heard that "Wait you guys heard it too?"

Athrun looked around "Identify yourself, how did you get onto this military frequency?" asked Natarle.

The face of an old man with round goggle like glasses appeared on the screen he had long white hair and a long goatee "How is not what matters. Now if you wouldn't mind I'd like to barrow your mobile weapons and that ship if you don't mind…" with that they all gaped as what looked like a black hole appeared and the Blitz got sucked through.

Athrun's eyes widened in terror "NICOL!"

Murrue stared horrified "Engines maximum reverse thrust!"

The Gundam's one after another were sucked through until Kira and Athrun were all that were left along with the Archangel "Athrun grab on!" the Aegis landed next to the Strike on the bow of the Archangel and the ship was dragged slowly forward until the bow touched the black hole. Instantaneously the ship lurched forward into a tunnel of light.


Dr. J smiled looking out into the hangar of the L1 colony at the massive ship and the five Gundam's, "The pilots should be awake soon Dr. J" said an engineer who passed.

Dr. J walked towards a door and into the room "So I see your awake." He said as he looked at the group of five pilots four in red one in blue.

They groaned and looked around regaining their consciousness "Where are we?" asked Dearka.

"A.C. 195, the L1 Colony hangar and manufacturing point one of the Colony Liberation Organization." Dr. J grinned causing all of the pilots to bolt upright.

Dr. J stood there with the grin on his face leaning forward on his cane with one arm behind his back. "I see you're all awake now, good."

Kira glared at him "Where is the Archangel, and why am I not in my machine?" the others looked at him for a second and Yzak glared.

"All in good time my boy, but first I think you should all try to get along you'll be working together for a while." Dr. J smiled.

Yzak's eyes shot back to Dr. J "What do you mean by that old man?"

Dr. J burst out laughing "Well tell me what you remember, and you should realize what I mean."

Nicol's eyes widened "Uhh… guys I don't think were on earth anymore…"

Dearka scratched his head and Dr. J smiled "Good observation Mr. Amalfi that is correct, you're not on earth anymore."

At that moment it hit the others "You have been brought thanks to my one invention to this Earth here you have no reasons to fight each other so play nice…" Dr. J finished.

Dearka shrugged "What does he mean by "this earth" I only know of one earth." And Athrun slapped him upside the head. "Hey what was that for Athrun?"

"He means were not at OUR Earth dumbass." Yzak snapped "So why have you kidnapped four ZAFT Pilots an Earth forces vessel, and its pilots?" he continued.

Dr. J grinned "To assist in Operation Meteor."

Kira blinked "Okay so what's Operation Meteor, and give us the details because I'm guessing this isn't just some off the wall hijacking."

Dr. J smiled "That will be later first get the bad blood out from your systems, some of you have a grudge against each other from what I can tell, and the Earth Alliance and OZ will chew you up, and spit you out if there is a divide in our forces."

With that Yzak smiled "With pleasure." He got up and walked over to Kira. Kira looked up right in time to get decked in the face. "That's for giving me this scar Strike!"

Athrun's eyes widened "Kira you alright?"

Dearka and Nicol blinked at Athrun "Who's Kira?"

Kira sat up from the floor rubbing his face "I am, my name is Kira Yamato pilot of the Strike. I should probably take his advice too..."

Dr. J smiled as Kira got up from the floor glared at Yzak walked over and gave him a hard punch right in the gut. Yzak doubled over from the hit. "That was for the shuttle in the atmosphere you cold heartless bastard!"

Athrun and the other two gaped "Kira?"

Yzak looked up "I did nothing wrong I shot down a military shuttle in a combat zone…" Kira glared death into his face.

"That wasn't a military shuttle you bastard it was a shuttle trying to evacuate the remaining survivors of the Heliopolis colony to earth." Kira said as Yzak's eyes widened "Give me one good reason why that little girl had to die?"

The other three pilots sat there in silence for a few moments.

Dr. J looked at him "Sounds like you, and Heero have something in common. Now that that is over perhaps we can continue."

Dearka blinked at him "What makes you think we're going to stay here gramps you're up against five pilots way younger than you we could just jump you and leave."

Athrun looked at him "Because unlike us Dearka, he is armed." With that Dr. J smile as he clicked his metal arm together behind his back.

"A good assumption my boy but, I don't have to be armed to take you five on, now follow me if you want to pilot any time too soon." With that he turned around revealing what had made the clicking noise they all gaped as they saw he had a mechanical arm with three articulated fingers.

Nicol got up and walked over to where Yzak and Kira were. "Well let's put out differences aside for now we aren't in a position to really argue and we should hear him out this Operation Meteor as he called it sounds interesting." He held out a hand to Kira. "My name is Nicol Amalfi."

Kira took it "Kira Yamato." He smiled.

"Come on lets go find out about this mission so we can get home." said Nicol.

Kira held out a hand to Yzak sitting on the floor looking out of it still. "Come on we shouldn't hold our grudges."

Yzak looked at the hand "I'm no better than the naturals that caused the bloody valentine, I killed civilians."

Kira took a deep breath as the other three looked at him "And I really shouldn't blame you, you had no idea of what it was so, don't be so hard on yourself." Yzak blinked as he looked at the hand then up at Kira who smiled at him. Yzak took the hand and was helped to his feet. "So who are you I'm Kira."

"Yzak Joule, who would have thought I'd be shaking hands with a Natural." He blinked and stared blankly at him as Kira realized he didn't know.

Athrun smiled "Yzak Kira isn't a natural by any extent of the word he's a Coordinator."

Dearka looked at Athrun "How can you tell that?"

"Because Athrun has been a friend of mine since we were in grade school with each other." Kira smiled "Why else do you think he always went after me?"

Dearka shrugged "Well I guess that makes me the last stranger in the room then, Dearka Elsman."

Nicol smiled "Ok now that that is settled…"

"You boys coming? Or do I have to find pilots for your machines?" yelled Dr. J from the end of the hall.

The five got up and started after him.


"Lieutenant Zechs surveillance is reporting a meteorite" said an OZ soldier in a black uniform.

"Figures the satellite surveillance folks are practically blind. They really think a meteorite would ride the wave course to enter the earth's atmosphere." said Lieutenant Zechs Merquise.

"So it's just as OZ headquarters told us?" the soldier said.

"Right its Operation M for certain there's no doubt about it. How many of them can this carrier catch up with?" said Zechs.

"Just one the one headed for Eastern Eurasia." The soldier responded.

"One would do just dandy. A hired frontline soldier mustn't rush to battle." said Zechs with a smirk.

"That's quite the bold statement sir." The soldier turned to face his commander.

"I told you I am a true soldier." Said Zechs


Murrue woke sitting on the floor along with the other bridge crew "Ugh… my head is throbbing." Murrue groaned as she sat up. She looked around and saw that no one looked injured.

"Captain we aren't on the bridge anymore." Natarle spoke as she looked at the surroundings' they were in a square metal room with a single light fixture.

The kids all woke up and groaned, and a knock was heard at the door. "Captain Murrue the Dr. said the Bridge crew, and officers were in here." Kira said as he opened the door walking in.

"Kira, you're here too, happened we were on the bridge one second the next thing we know were all in this room waking up with throbbing headaches." said Mu La Flaga as he spotted the kid.

"Well that will take some explaining Commander La Flaga, Captain Ramius and Lieutenant Badgirule. So please follow me and so I don't have to explain this more than once." Dr. J grinned as he walked up behind Kira.

"Why should we trust you, and where is our ship?" asked Murrue.

"Being rearmed and repaired as we speak along with all of your mobile weapons…" Dr. J looked at Murrue "now if you don't mind the four other pilots are waiting very patiently for the officers of your ship to attend the meeting so I don't have to repeat the mission more than once." He said as he turned, and walked back towards the meeting room.

Kira nodded "Let's go besides from the looks of things we could be of some use here, from what I have heard so far…"

"Ensign Yamato, that's not your call to make." said Natarle.

"She's right it's mine and I have to agree with Ensign Yamato Lieutenant he did abduct us to wherever but we are in no position to argue because wherever we are its not off the coast of the Orb Union, or on the Archangel." said Murrue.

"She's right, so what's the story kid?" asked Mu.

"Were currently in the L1 Colony cluster the year is A.C. 195 here… We're defiantly not home by any extent of the word." Kira sighed. "So let's go hear about this Operation Meteor." as he turned, and walked after Dr. J.

Mu Murrue and Natarle looked at each other for a second "Operation Meteor, sounds like we were abducted by a military organization of some form… which means we're outgunned unarmed and sitting ducks." Mu said. "Well I'll just have to make the impossible possible once again."

He got up, and made his way out the door after Kira five minutes later they were all in a small meeting room with Dr. J at the head of a table. "The reason I have brought you here is that we are currently in the opening stages of Operation Meteor, the plan to liberate the colonies from the oppression of the Earth Alliance and to destroy their elite unit known as OZ who assassinated a colony leader known as Heero Yuy who was advocating total pacifism. The goal of OZ is to spark a war. They are full of brash young commanders, and are looking to pick a fight."

Athrun raised an eyebrow "So you're going to war with OZ to destroy them and liberate the colonies from a nation on earth that is oppressing them? Sounds like what happened back home."

Yzak nodded "Though from the sounds of it I'd say the colonies aren't united like the plants are am I right?"

Dr. J nodded "So I am asking or should I say have borrowed you to assist the pilot I have sent to carry out this mission."

Mu gaped "You sent only one pilot? That's a suicide mission to take on an entire army with just one Mobile Suit."

Dr. J smiled "Not for a pilot who has nearly been trained since birth to be the perfect soldier and was trained not only by myself but Odin Lowe the assassin who killed Heero Yuy. In a sense it's our way of getting even."

Murrue blinked "Who is this pilot then?"

A picture flashed up onto the screen "Pilot of the XXXG-01W Wing Gundam, Code Name: Heero Yuy, Age fifteen." The boy had blue eyes as cold as a veteran pilot "Missions completed, all assigned total kill's unknown bases destroyed three at this point. Skills include all forms of combat training, piloting, hand to hand, long range sniping, undercover operations, you name it he's been trained in it."

Dearka blinked "Bases as in entire military bases?"

Dr. J smiled "Yes he has annihilated three OZ military facilities prior to this by infiltrating planting explosives, and sending them up in flames."

Murrue looked at him "Sounds like he should be locked up not on a mission."

Dr. J smiled "This was after the original colony liberation organization changed his personality underneath all of that is a rather kind boy who is just covered up by an exterior that is overshadowing his true personality. This…" a picture of him at a younger age "Is him at age fourteen, before they changed him." A picture of a smiling Heero Yuy showed on the screen his eyes were brighter and almost looked like Kira.

"The Operation meteor I have devised is deviated from theirs, their plan was to send the Wing to earth along with other mobile suits after committing genocide with something I could not allow to happen." Dr. J said.

Nicol looked up "What were they going to do?"

Dr. J looked at him and his smile disappeared "A colony drop, they were going to take a colony, and drop it on earth causing a global mass death."

Everyone's eyes widened "But this Operation Meteor doesn't involve that just sending in the Gundam to take out military targets and destroy the Earth Alliance from the higher technology used to produce the Gundam."

Natarle looked at the table for a moment then to Dr. J. "I'm guessing you want us to help because if they fail it will come to a Colony drop and you couldn't stop it am I right?"

He nodded "Precisely Lieutenant Badgirule, Ah and looks like you get to meet Heero face to face right now."

He pressed a button and the interior of the cockpit appeared with Heero in a tan pilots suit sitting there "Dr. J, requesting permission to shoot down a obstruction on my flight path."

Dr. J smiled "What kind of Obstruction Heero?"

"Civilian space shuttle is blocking my decent path, and if I don't radar is picking up an Alliance military carrier closing." Heero said.

"I see, from what this has told me that carrier has three Mobile suits on it, you have permission to take out the Alliance Military carrier and only that, the mission is to destroy the Alliance and OZ not civilians."

"Mission acknowledged." Heero responded and cut the link.

Kira looked angry "How could he even consider shooting down a civilian aircraft?"

"Because his mission is top secret, if he is captured or the mobile suit captured for that matter you don't want to know what kind of murder OZ would put it to use for. That is why not only his mobile suit is armed with a self destruct system but also his pilot's suit, if he is brought down he is authorized to take out both the suit and himself to prevent either from falling into enemy hands." Dr. J said.

"However, after that brainwashing the CLO put him through I found him highly likely to do it, so I put faults into both systems, that is where you come in. I want you to help him so it doesn't come to that, and if it does make sure he gets out alive." Dr. J smiled.

Murrue smiled "Well it's good that you want the pilot to live to say the least. And I believe we shall help, in this Operation meteor, where are we headed to?"

Dr. J pulled up a map of earth on the screen "You will be heading to the JAP point of operations near the western side of Japan calculations say that Heero's suit will come down in the Sea of Japan."

"Also all five of your Gundams are being retrofitted as we speak so that they can keep up with his." Dr. J finished.

Athrun looked at him "That has to take some time I mean also what is so special about his suit that ours couldn't keep up with it?"

Dr. J smiled "A good question my boy, and the answer is I have observed the construction of your Gundam's they are powered by a battery system that is underpowered and a subpar armor system that could be destroyed by the mass produced models of the alliance known as Leo's."

"So I hacked the OMNI systems and stole the plans for their suits, while building Wing we produced the parts required to retrofit your suits when we brought them here, this has been long in the planning, though we didn't think that ZAFT would steal them." He concluded.

Dearka smiled "So how strong is the Buster now?"

"It's armor has been changed to what gives us an advantage, Gundanium a alloy stronger than titanium and four times stronger than your phase shift armor, the core has been replaced in each suit with a Ultra compact Gundanium Nuclear Fusion reactor. No more hoping that your battery and armor doesn't run out on you… now you just have to hope your ammo doesn't run out." Dr. J stated.

Natarle glared "And you expect us to take these ZAFT pilots along with us?"

Dr. J nodded "Yes I do, also while down there as you will be at that point of operations for some time I have taken the liberty of forming a cover for you so the pilots can work with Heero, your all about his age so you will be attending Saint Gabriel Academy, also to not look conspicuous I am asking that a miss Cagalli and Miriallia also go with them, the cover is as a group of exchange students from the colonies."

Athrun blinked "I hope it won't be any trouble Lieutenant Badgirule, I am the commander of my unit for the time being and I ensure there will be no problems while we are aboard the ship."

Dr. J laughed causing everyone to look at him "What's so funny?" asked Nicol.

He put up a video "This is from the Earth Alliance shuttle's camera. This is the power of a true Gundam. Those are two Aeries flight mobile suits and one Leo ground type."

The wing rolled over in the atmosphere with the Aeries shooting at it the bullets just bouncing off, and with one shot the buster rifle annihilated the two Aeries to the sound of a laughing Heero.

"Mr. Elsman your Buster should be capable of something along those lines soon." Dr. J said. Just as the Leo charged and got out of the way of the second shot grabbing hold of the wing.

"Ah who is this? No wonder Heero had some trouble." He zoomed in on the Leo's pilot bailing out.

Mu looked at him "He looks like that bastard Rau Le Crusset." This caught the attention of all the ZAFT pilots.

"We would like it if you didn't harp on our former commander." said Yzak.

"That's not far off Commander La Flaga, This is Lieutenant Zechs Merquise of the Specials, otherwise known as the OZ Special mobile suit corps. He is one of their top pilots also known as the Lightning Baron for his fast attacks; he is skilled in hand to hand and is deadly with a sword." said Dr. J.

Dr J. pressed a few buttons and Heero re appeared on screen "Dr. J what do you want me to do?"

"Heero in this situation you want to bail out of your Gundam, and head to shore it can be recovered at a later time but from the looks of things you're not in all that good of shape the Gundam can't be detected easily by tracking but it probably took damage from the impact and won't be operational enough to make it ashore, I am sending backup await contact, you will meet them at the Saint Gabriel Academy."

"Understood." He popped the hatch and the cockpit flooded as he swam out and towards the distant shore, with the base in the distance.

Natarle looked at Dr. J "I take it that means we are leaving?"

"Yes, also you shall be provided with all data relating to the world and the current affairs, be ready contact may come at any time." Dr. J stood and walked towards the window in the room he pulled up the blind and it revealed the Archangel along with the five Gundam's all in their new paint jobs.

"From this point on consider the Archangel and ZAFT pilots as part of Operation Meteor. Clothes have been provided so that your crew may blend in where necessary." Said Dr. J "Including the school uniforms for all the pilots and the two girls."

Nicol looked out at his Gundam jet black red and grey "Do the Stealth capabilities still work on my suit?"

"Of course they do an old friend of mine would probably say it was a master peace, a piece of stealthy artwork." Dr. J said with a laugh. "Now get going, Heero will be waiting for you, the ship is capable of underwater operations so hide it near the coast under water."


The ZAFT Pilots looked around their new quarters "Damn the legged ship is nice on the space for crew quarters makes a Nazca class look like a cheap motel" Dearka smirked as he eyed one of the beds in the room.

Kira walked in right behind the four of them "Settled in yet guys I've got to show you around still."

Athrun turned and gaped "What's with the suit Kira?" and the rest turned and observed Kira in a black suit with a red vest and a bowtie around the collar.

"I found out, this is the school uniform we are wearing… figured id break it in a little along with the shoes. It's some sort of high class private academy." Kira said as he walked in.

"Great just great… I hate suits." said Dearka.

"So what's with some of these cloths in the closet?" Nicol asked as he pulled out a uniform with epaulets' that had a dark emerald green color with a silver trim of military braid. "Least it looks nice, can't argue the military's in this world have style."

Athrun looked into his closet and pulled out a uniform similar to Nicol's although a deep Burgundy red color with tan braid. "I think I'll stick with my ZAFT uniform thanks Nicol."

Kira gaped "You guys are lucky mine's a deep shade of purple blue of some form. Found out from a tag hanging off the inside said something about it being the uniform of a Sanc kingdom royal guard. Also doubles as a uniform of the Romefeller foundation."

Yzak went to his closet and pulled his out and smirked, "Mine's not half bad." He held up his it was a silver and midnight blue with teal trim.

Dearka blinked "lets hope we never half to wear them, the girls on this ship would never let us forget it. By the way Yzak did you see the ass on that brunette we are going to school with? I think her name was Miriallia." He whistled.

Kira laughed "You can try Dearka but Tolle would kick your ass if you even try, they have been going out for the better part of two years now."

Athrun turned to Kira "You haven't known Dearka long, he hits on almost anything that has an ass."

Dearka pulled his uniform out and smiled "Looks like Kira got the short end of the stick." He held up his unlike Kira's it was a lighter shade of blue with a lilac vest with gold trim.

Nicol smiled "Let's change into the school uniform like Kira and go see the ship. By the way Kira we keep calling this ship the Legged ship what's its name?"

Kira blinked "I forgot to tell you, Welcome aboard the Earth forces Assault Carrier Archangel."


Cagalli and Miriallia looked at each other and shrugged "Well at least were being of some use I think…" Miriallia said as she looked at herself in the mirror, the school uniform was a dark shade of pink almost red with a matching full length skirt white undershirt and a bow that held it closed at the top at the collar.

"Judging from this I'd say that the place we are going is pretty high class for a school." Cagalli grimaced as she looked at herself. "Let's go see what the guys have to wear."

The second they opened the door they walked right into the guys all in their school cloths. "Not bad…" commented Miriallia as she caught a good look at Dearka.

"What are you commenting on the clothes, or me?" asked Dearka as he grinned at her.

Miriallia glared at him, and Cagalli laughed until she caught a good look at Kira and Athrun chatting "I take that back, none of you look all that bad in that uniform."

They were interrupted when the captains voice came over the loudspeaker, "Attention all members of the undercover mission report to the briefing room."

The group made their way to the room where they found Murrue and La Flaga not in military clothes but Civilian dress of the local area. "That's a change." Commented Mu as he spotted the group coming in.

Murrue looked at him "What is Mu?" he pointed at Cagalli. "What about her?"

"She looks like a girl for once..." With that out of nowhere a book nailed Mu in the side of the head.

"I heard that Mu La Flaga!" Yelled Cagalli from the back "Honestly men piss me off sometimes."

She took a seat next to Miriallia and Mu rubbed his head "What was that all about?"

Cagalli glared "That's the fourth time that people have forgotten that I was a girl."

Athrun scratched his head "Ok I was one but I had never met you who else?"

Kira raised his hand. "Twice once on Heliopolis and the other in the desert."

"Wow, that takes some skill Kira." said Dearka as he sat down next to Yzak.

Murrue smiled "Alright you're going to be meeting up with Heero Yuy on ground at Saint Gabriel's, your names are the same no change, do not refer to each other by rank or refer to anything outside this world. Coordinators don't exist here so don't even mention them."

They each listened "The class schedule is fixed so don't skip or draw attention to yourself unless necessary your cover is your exchange students from the L3 colony cluster. Your all from colony's in our world so if they ask about outer space just tell them what it's like but don't go into details about the colony, any questions?"

Nicol's hand raised "Yes Nicol?" asked Murrue.

"What classes will we be taking that we should know about?" he asked.

"Standard core classes, History, Science, Mathematics, Language… then it gets interesting, Music, Horsemanship, Fencing, Art." Murrue said. "So for those of you skilled in hand to hand combat don't show off too much or hurt anyone while fencing, also don't break your neck on a horse."

Nicol smiled as did Yzak and Athrun "Well looks like we'll be having one hell of a time if this wasn't an assignment we'd be having fun." said Athrun.

Nicol pulled out a few folded sheets of paper. "I hope they have a piano…"

Murrue blinked "They should but does anyone else know how to play?"

Miriallia Yzak Cagalli and Athrun all raised their hands. "So Dearka and Kira don't know how to play music, great." said Mu.

Kira shrugged "I tried once wasn't really good at it, and it gave me a loathing of the clarinet."

"Do you think you can remember enough to play so it doesn't break your cover?" asked Nicol.

"If you gave me a few days and a clarinet with some music maybe, but you'd probably want to kill me… my father said it sounded like I was strangling a cat." Kira grimaced as he looked towards the floor.

Athrun looked at Nicol "Think you can work a miracle Nicol?"

"If you want me to teach him the piano I can pull it off I think, how about Dearka?" Nicol said

"I'm good I used to play morning reveille at the Academy in ZAFT, so if they have a Trumpet I can pull it off." Dearka said with some pride.

Cagalli smiled "I thought you didn't know how to play?"

"I know military music not classical Jazz or Pop so I'll be a little fuzzy in those areas." said Dearka.

"So what about Yzak and Athrun what do they play?" asked Kira.

"Violin, played from grade school till I joined ZAFT, was forced by my mother to learn." Yzak had an irritated twitch in his eyebrow as he spoke.

Athrun smiled "It may seem strange but I learnt how to play the cello, from my mother. I played up until a year ago."

Miriallia smiled "I play the Flute, how bout you Cagalli?"

She shrugged "I guess I shouldn't hide this… My father Uzumi pushed me to learn three, Piano, Flute and Violin. I know all three pretty well…"

Kira slumped "I think I should see about taking a technology course instead of music if I can I'll be head of that class."

Miriallia nodded "Top student at Morgenroete College in robotics no duh Kira you were taking some of the professors' workloads."

Murrue blinked "So that's how you were able to rewrite the OS so quickly?"

Yzak raised an eyebrow "The OS of what?"

Murrue smiled "When you guys attacked Kira rewrote the OS of the Strike while in combat."

The other coordinators eyes went wide "Yeah have Heero find a way to stick him in a technology class he could probably be of some help finding information for us." Yzak gaped.

"Alright tell him when you see him, otherwise go with the flow try to blend in and hell if you want make a few friends. Also remember this is an upper class academy from what I could find out, the most important person there is a Relena Darlian daughter of the Vice Foreign affairs minister of the Earth Alliance. Also for the girls she seems to be the head girl." Murrue looked at the girls.

Miriallia nodded as did Cagalli "So stay off of the rich girl's bad side right?" Miriallia asked.

"That's about it. She should be arriving the same day you do she's coming back from a trip to the L1 colony the one we were on at the time that is all." Murrue finished.

With that they all stood and saluted "And no more saluting until you get back that would be a dead giveaway!" Mu slapped his hand on his face as they all lowered their hands.


Relena walked along the street overlooking the coast she looked down and gasped. She ran to a nearby gate "A body." She ran down the steps and got to him.

"A military uniform he's a soldier." He groaned and moved a little her eyes widened "I'd better get help."

She ran off for a moment, and called an ambulance. She got back to him a minute later, and removed his helmet.

"He's still just a young boy." Relena blinked as he groaned for a second then opened his eyes and jumped up, and covered his face.

"Don't try to move the ambulance is almost here." She said still kneeling in the sand.

He glared over his hand "Did you see?"

"See what?" she asked.

The ambulance pulled up the medic got out "They're down there." They started to rush towards the gate.

The boy flicked open a box on his chest and hit a red button on the inside then slammed his hand to his wrist, causing a small charge to go off on his suit. He flew back and hit the sand, only to realize it didn't work he jumped back up, and ran to the steps.

"Hey who are you?" asked the medic only a second before a fist was in his face and a kick to the other two sent them flying off the steps.

Relena watched "What?"

From the top she saw the boy kick out the ambulance window "Hey stop!" and then he tore off in it down the road as she got to the top of the steps.

"My name is…" she stared at it in the distance "My name is Relena Darlian, what's yours?" she held out her hand as she watched the ambulance disappear in the distance.


The next day the Archangel team went out to the academy they were met at the main office by Heero.

"Hello I am Kira this is Athrun, Dearka, Nicol, Yzak, Cagalli and Miriallia." said Kira going around the group all in student uniforms.

He nodded "Heero Yuy so you're the group Dr. J sent as backup? Alright I'll let you know my cover might have been blown yesterday when I came ashore."

Yzak nodded "How bad do you think?"

"I was unconscious for a bit, a girl discovered me about our age, she called an ambulance. Knocked out the three of the paramedics and stole the ambulance to get away." Heero stated in his monotone.

Athrun nodded "Not too bad, we just have to hope she was a nobody." The sister came over to them.

"You'll all be in my class while you stay here, I'll let you introduce yourselves to the class. Most of the seats are open towards the top of the lecture hall. Now if you'll follow me." She lead the way to the hall and opened the door.

They made their way into the room, and up onto the stage. "Quiet please. We have some Exchange students that arrived today from the L3 Colony, I'll allow them to introduce themselves."

The room was a high lecture hall with hardwood desks. "Hello my name is Miriallia Haw pleased to meet you."

"My name Is Cagalli Attha." the next in the line said.

"Athrun Zala." He said with a smile.

"Kira Yamato." He looked to his left.

"Dearka Elsman." then the next.

"Heero Yuy, it's a pleasure." He said in a cold monotone.

"Yzak Joule."

With that the sister looked up, "The seats next to, and around Relena are open so take one."

They started up the stairs Athrun sat with Kira, Yzak and Dearka found seats Nicol took a seat next to another classmate Miriallia and Cagalli took one and Heero sat next to Relena. "Nice to meet you Heero…" she blinked as he sat upright, and closed his eyes.

Later the pilots were on the roof with Heero and the girls were together.

"So are you sure Heero, it was her?" asked Athrun.

"No doubt about it, that girl Relena was the one that found Me." Heero looked out over the campus over his shoulder.

Yzak looked over towards the door to the school. "Well that's just great not only did you have your cover blown, but by the Vice Foreign affairs minister's daughter."

Nicol nodded "It's obvious she recognized him, so what are we going to do?"

Kira's phone rang "Yamato here what's up? What? Alright we'll be ready." He hung up.

Dearka looked at him "What's the news?"

"The girls are looking for us and more specifically Relena is looking for Heero, apparently it's her birthday tomorrow." Kira said as they looked at each other.

"That's not good! We should get out of here, and get Heero to the Archangel." Nicol's eyes shot wide.

Heero shook his head "It would look conspicuous. We need to deal with it."

Athrun looked at Yzak "Well think of something quick because they found us." The door opened, and a mob of girls appeared Cagalli and Miriallia with Relena and the others. They held their places as they approached.

She held out a piece of paper to Heero "Here you go." He looked at it for a second. "It's an invitation to my birthday tomorrow I hope you'll be able to make it to the party." The girls clapped and the guys kept their eyes on Heero Relena's eyes went wide as Heero tore the invitation in half, and dropped it.

"But why?" Relena asked as she looked ready to cry Heero walked forward extended a hand and a single finger and wiped away her tears as he passed he said something only the other pilots and Relena could hear.

"I'll kill you." Heero kept walking Dearka and Yzak went after him as Nicol Athrun and Kira stayed put partly from shock but also to watch the aftermath of the rich girl not getting what she wanted.

The girls were afraid of a scene so they backed away and down the stairs. "What kind of person is he?" Relena asked softly as Heero walked away.

"Heero isn't really a party person you could say." Athrun grimaced unsure as to what to do.

"Relena I'm sorry that he did that, I'll see if I can get him to apologize…" Kira said as he walked after him.

"There's no need really." Relena blinked as Kira left.


Dearka and Yzak looked at each other then at Heero "That should have taken care of it." Heero spoke calmly as he walked down the stairs.

"Heero that was… either brilliant or stupid as hell." Dearka whistled with his hands behind his head as he walked next to Yzak.

"True, but she's the type of girl from what I can tell that wouldn't talk about someone she's had her eyes on ever since I walked into that room." Heero turned the corner of the stairwell, and started down the next flight.

Yzak looked at him "So you weren't the only one who noticed she didn't seem worried at all, she was calm, and even didn't snap from what I can tell sure she was shocked but I'm guessing Athrun and Nicol took care of that problem."

Dearka gaped "Damn you walk into a room and a girl wants you hell she's even the richest girl in school, and she wants you… even after ripping up her invitation in front of her face."

Heero nodded "Let's get to the dormitory, and plan our next step."


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