Chapter 10: The Goblet of Fire

The visiting schools each chose which table to sit at. Neither chose Gryffindor, Beauxbatons chose to it with Ravenclaw and Durmstrang chose opt sit with Slytherin.

Draco of course had a look on his face as he talked to Viktor.

It lost a bit of it edge as Haru was currently wolfing down his food.

The Students of Durmstrang just stared at Haru wondering was with him, after all he was "Harry Potter the Boy who Lived"

However Nojiko and Tom were telling the visiting students about Haru's upbringing.

"So he was raised as the son of a pirate king in another world and picked up many of his behavior?" asked a boy.

"Pretty much." Said Nojiko.

"Don't judge our parents like that. Sure I inherited my father's love of building and inventing but other than that I'm nothing like him." Said Tom.

"Which one is your father?" asked the boy.

"The one in the speedo." Said Tom.

The students looked up to Franky and cringed.

"Are you ashamed of him?" asked the boy.

"Don't ask me that question… if I say yes, he starts crying." Said Tom.

"Oh my son is a shamed of me! After all we did today!" yelled Franky surprising Karkaroff as he didn't hear anything about that.

"I said I refused to answer!" yelled Tom. "And how were you able to hear me!"

"So…" said the boy.

"I helped cook tonight's meal." Said Nojiko changing the subject.

"Really?" asked the boy.

Nojiko nodded.

Up on the teacher's table.

"So Zoro… are you thinking what I'm thinking." laughed Luffy.

"You mean secretly enter." Said Zoro.

Nami got up, whacked the tow in the head.

"Students only." Muttered Nami.

"Yes Nami…" mumbled Luffy.

Zoro was muttering things under his breath.

As the night went on, the Ravenclaw table ran out of bouillabaisse. A blonde girl from Beauxbatons wanted more and noticed the Gryffindor Table had some.

She approached the section that still had theirs.

"Excuse me…" she said.

"Yes." Said Hermione.

Ron began to stare at the girl, the girl rolled her eyes at him.

"Are you done with the bouillabaisse?" asked the girl.

"Haru? Hina." Said Hermione.

"I ate too much…" sighed Hina.

"You can take it." Sighed Haru, "Before I get tempted and eat more."

The girl stared at Haru.

"All right…" she said, she could help but to stare at Haru thinking he was strange.

Sometime during the feat, Barty Crouch and Ludo Bagman arrived…

After the latter arrived Nami flashed him a smile. Ludo didn't know what it meant but had a bad feeling from it.

Not too long after they unveiled the way for students to enter the Tournament. It is to entre their names into the Goblet of Fire. Which was a goblet… that had fire coming out of it.

"Boy… I wonder how they came up with that name?" asked Kaien.

"An age line will be put around it." Explained Dumbledore, "So that underage students are unable to lave their name in the Goblet."

Many of younger students complained.

"Also thanks to certain other circumstances. A special force field made from sea stone will be placed around the Goblet to prevent certain students from putting their names in." explained Dumbledore.

Haru and Hina laughed nervously.

"Also we will be mentoring Nami to make sure she won't take any bribes." Explained Dumbledore.

"What!" yelled Nami, "Why single me out!"

The other Straw Hats all looked away from her, in order to avoid eye contract, expect for Sanji.

"Now Nami my love it's just that you have a certain reputation for taking bribes." Said Sanji.

Nami began to cry.

"I can't believe everyone would think of me in that way." Cried Nami.

At the Gryffindor Table Kaien sighed, "Mom…" he muttered to himself.

On the Ravenclaw table.

"I feel so sorry for her." Said a girl from Beauxbatons.

"She lying…" said Nojiko, "I know her… it's just an act."

"What makes you say that?" asked the girl.

"She my mom…" mumbled Nojiko.

"Oh…" said the girl.

Nami stopped crying as she realized no one was buying it.

Dumbledore countrified his explanation about the Goblet and how it would choose the three competitors.

The next day the barriers were put into place so that no one could cheat.

As Haru walked to Muggle Studies class he was surrounded by students from the others schools.

"Is this about me being the boy who lived." Said Haru.

"No…" said a girl from Durmstrang, "we heard you have special powers."

"Oh… you want a demonstration.." said Haru, "Okay then."

He created a portal and jumped through it. The portal vanished shocking the students. Then they began to panic.

"Harry Potter disappeared from this world!" yelled a boy from Beauxbatons.

"We lost him forever!" yelled a girl from Durmstrang.

They didn't know that Haru just took a short cut to class…

In the Muggle studies classroom Su and Lisa were already there.

"The foreign students?" asked Lisa not looking up from the book she was reading.

"Yeah…" laughed Haru.

That afternoon for lunch, both Ron and Hina were annoyed.

"Hey, what's wrong with you two?" asked Haru coming back from Muggle Studies.

"You're a lucky bastard." Muttered Hina using the name that was indented for him, "Your Devil Fruit allows you escape… while mine and Ron's doesn't…"

"Oh come… it's not my fault!" said Haru.

That was when suddenly Haru was tied up with vines.

"Come on!" yelled Haru.

"Will you cut it out." Said Hermione, "Also you might want to apologize to the students from the other schools."

"Why?" asked Haru.

"When you took that portal they thought you disappeared forever." Sighed Hermione.

"What really…" said Haru, "Man they're pretty stupid, they should have known I was ditching them."

"That really what you think?" sighed Hermione.

That was when Angelina walked over nervously.

"I put my name in the Goblet." She said.

"Congrats…" said Haru, "But I don't think you're going to get it…"

"What?" asked Angelina surprised.

"Cedric also put his name in and I think he might be the one." Said Haru.

"I can't believe you just said that." Said Hermione.

Hina ended stuffing his mouth with a very wooden vine. He whined of course.

"Wait you're old enough?" asked Fred with George showing up.

Haru mumbled something.

"What is he saying?" asked Hina.

"I think he's saying that my birthday was last week." Said Angelina.

Haru nodded.

"Oh you are lucky." Said Fred.

"We had to use an aging potion." Said George.

"We're about to put our names in right now." said Fred.

The two walked over the Goblet of Fire. Both were thrown back and sprouted long white beards, Pro. Dumbledore showed up to take them to the Hospital Wing.

"Saw that coming." Muttered Hina.

They stared at her.

"I was in here what her name from Ravenclaw tried to it…" she explained.

"Oh…" said everyone else.

That night was Halloween feast. Of course Haru and Hina ate a lot.

"You seem to be eating more than usual." Said Hermione.

"I was denied lunch thanks to a certain someone." Muttered Haru taking a break.

"It's not my fault you said that to Angelina." Said Hina.

"Oh yeah! How about a bet." Said Haru, "If it's not Cedric you get to have all my deserts for a week."

"And if it is. You get mine." Said Hina.

The two shook hands on the deal.

Soon enough it was time for the choosing The Goblet which was usually a strange blue color turns to a flaming red as a piece of parchment was spat out.

"Representing Durmstrang is Viktor Krum." Read Pro. Dumbledore.

Much of the school applauded.

"All right." Cheered Ron.

Viktor was lead to another room.

A second piece of parchment was spat out.

"Representing Beauxbatons is Fleur Delacour." Read Pro. Dumbledore.

The blonde girl from the night before got up as some students applauded.

Then the third name came out.

"And Cedric Diggory will be representing Hogwarts." Read Pro. Dumbledore.

Ha! Told you!" taunted Haru.

"Grea.t… you were right." Said Hina.

Cedric was soon escorted to the other room… right after he did another piece of parchment came out of the Goblet. Everyone in the room was shocked.

Pro. Dumbledore walked over and picked it up.

"Harry Potter…" he read.

The entire great hall became silent. Most of the Hogwarts students realized that something was wrong with that. After all Haru hated being called Harry

"Haru…" said Hina.

Haru was shocked… however then he gave off the biggest grin he could muster.

"This is going to be fun." He said.

Next Time: Haru must deal with being the fourth participant for the Tri-wizard Tournament... what will he have to deal with and who put his name in the Goblet... all but one of these will be answered next time!