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Chapter 3: Going to the Cup

It was the day they would go to the match, Sirius began to explain those that were going to the game that were either pirate or muggle raised what a portkey was.

"Why can't I just use my portals?" asked Haru, "If a see a location on a map then I can there."

"I'm sorry, the portkey was already scheduled." Said Arthur.

"Wait… wasn't Mr. Diggory and Cedric taking the Portkey too?" asked Ginny.

"They are." Said Arthur but we're leaving in less than an hour.

"I'm definitely not going to like it." Said Haru.

They got to the hill where they were going to meet with Cedric and his father Amos. Since they also lived in the town, the groups were going to the location together.

"This is my father." Said Cedric.

Amos gave Haru a firm handshake.

"So I heard that you lost to Cedric." Said Amos.

"Yes… I did… it wasn't exactly fair." Said Haru, "I was attacked by dementors."

"The captain of the Gryffindor Team refused to have a rematch." Pointed out Cedric.

"Nonsense." Said Amos.

"We're not camping out with him? Are we?" asked Hina.

"No…" said Sirius.

"Good." Said Hina.

Amos who was in charge of the transportation took out an old boot.

"So is that the Portkey?" asked Haru.

"It's so that it won't attract Muggle attention." Explained Arthur.

"Everyone touch it, it will leave any second." Said Amos.

The extremely large group touched the old boot and after a bit Haru felt a strange sensation, like something was pulling behind his bellybutton. He landed in a thump on the ground.

"I'm never doing that again, I'm sticking with my portals." Said Haru.

They got to the office of the came ground where after a rather confusing event inkling Muggle Money, they got to the spot in the came ground and set up their tents.

Of course they were magic tents, which meant that they were bigger inside than they were outside.

"Hey is it okay if we wander around?" asked Haru, "It's kind of boring over here."

"Okay. We'll set up lunch." Said Sirius.

"Luffy you go with them." Said Hancock.

"Sure… okay." Said Luffy with a shrug.

As they wandered around they saw many people from all over the world.

"You may be hosting the Quidditch World Cup, but we Americans have the Quodpot World Series every year." Said same American Wizard.

"Isn't always American teams that play?" asked a British wizard he was talking.

"There are two Canadian Teams in the league." Pointed out the American Wizard.

"It's still North American." Said the British Wizard.

"What's Quodpot?" asked Haru.

"It's American game." Explained Hermione, "Quidditch isn't popular over there so they have that."

"Okay." Said Haru.

It was during this wandering that they saw Seamus who was also there.

"Hey Seamus." Said Haru.

"Hey, you came to watch too?" he asked.

"Yeah." Said Haru.

They got into a conversation about the teams. Apparently since Ireland was the only one from the British Islands that made it to the finals the majority of people from Britain were cheering for them. Because England was beaten badly by Transylvania, Wales was beaten by Uganda and Scotland lost to Luxemburg.

"The finals are beaten them an Bulgaria, right?" asked Haru.

Seamus nodded.

"Victor Krum is supposed to be one of the best Seekers around." Explained Seamus.

"I can wait to see him in action then." Said Haru.

They contained to explore when they met with Oliver, who had gotten a job as an alternate for the Quidditch Team Pudlemere United.

They didn't meet anyone else they knew other than the two, but they couldn't help getting the feeling that they would meet people in the skybox.

They got back to the campsite where they saw them talking to a man, that looks like Sirius wanted to punch in the face, hex, then kick into the groin.

"It must be Percy's boss." Said Haru.

Percy's boss Bartemius Crouch was the head of DMLE (Department of Magical Law Enforcement) when Sirius was arrested, it was because of him he didn't get a trial. Needless to say, he was not happy meeting him.

"So you must be Weatherby's family." Said Bartemius.

Percy slapped his forehead. Needless to say, Fred and George were going to take with and run with it.

"Please don't say anything…" muttered Percy.

"Whatever do you mean?" asked Fred.

Percy knew that those two would probably never live it down.

And so for dinner they decided to cook over the campfire (despite the fact that they had a working kitchen in the tents). Luffy thought it would be a good idea telling scary stories. Unfortunately… this happened…

"And then… the woman appeared…" said Luffy.

"So…" said Ginny obviously bored.

"Well she's dead…" said Luffy.

"Okay…" said Hina.

"And so she whacked in the head with an ear of corn." Said Luffy.

"Why?" asked Bill who had come to realization that Luffy couldn't tell a story to save his life.

"Because he always ate corn." Said Luffy.

"You said he always ate meat." Said Haru.

"Does anyone else have a ghost story?" asked Luffy.

Everyone else stared at Luffy, after that no one wanted to tell ghost stories, so they talked about what else was going on. One bit was the fact that there was a wizard who was wearing a dress and wouldn't wear pants.

"Why couldn't he say he was a cross dresser?" asked Luffy.

Those who lived in this dimension failed to see his logic… expect for Ron, Hermione and Ginny who heard the stories of the Kamabakka Queendom.

"Luffy… cross dressers aren't normal." Pointed out Ginny.

"That's a mean thing to say." Said Luffy.

"Luffy what she means is that cross dressers aren't as common in this one as the other one." Said Sirius, who had been on the infamous island and met the "queen" of the Queendom.

"Oh…" said Luffy.

"An island of cross dressers?" asked Charlie.

"Yes, there's an island of cross dressers." Said Luffy, "Why does that seem strange."

"I've been on several island since I joined. A lot of them would be considered weird by Wizarding Standards" said Sirius, "But in my time as a Straw Hat Pirate, I've gotten used to it."

"So how long to the game?" asked Haru.

"Don't worry, it will start soon." Said Arthur.

"I really hope so." Said Haru.

And indeed it will start, and Haru would finally see a professional Quidditch match, one of that would be so awesome!

Next Time: It's time for the Quidditch game, who will win? What sort of things will happen? Why does Haru keep feeling like something trying to touch his butt? Find out next time!