I think most people would tear apart the fabric of reality for the one they love.

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After the Doctors image had flickered away on Bad Wolf Bay, after she had thrown herself into her mother's arms, and cried until her throat was sore, and after the initial hope and futile wait for his return, Rose had left the beach. She had climbed into her dad's old jeep, sat on the back seat in silence, and had remained so for the entire journey back home.

Her bedroom seemed disgusting and unwelcoming when she had returned to it. She had remained standing in the doorway, shoulders slumped, and it had only been because she had cried herself out that day that she didn't break down once more. The mansion she lived in with her mum dad and Mickey had been acceptable, but only so in her eyes because deep down she had hoped the Doctor would return for her, that he would scoop her into his arms and they would adventure together once more across the stars. Now what was this room, this house, but purgatory? She was stuck in this world forever, forever without him, and even though she knew he loved her too, to have heard him say it would at least have been some small comfort.

She finally made for the bed, sitting on the edge of it as if it were diseased, clasping her hands in front of her and staring around. How was she going to cope? How was she going to manage without that wonderful, wonderful man by her side?

She would try. Because that's what he wanted. He had always wanted her to have a good life, so damnit, she would try.

Some days were harder than others.

One lonely Sunday, Rose was flicking through photos on her mobile phone, having forgotten the plethora of photos of her and the Doctor on there. Just the site of one of them had sent her collapsing sideways into agonised sobs. She had had no idea how long she had been there when Jackie finally discovered her, and took her tightly into her arms.

Other days, small things would trigger memories. Simple things like boxes of ball bearings in the baking aisle in the supermarket, sweeping coats or tubs of hair gel would send her spiralling back into despair. The memories hurt, and they shouldn't have, because they were so wonderful.

She became hardened. No friendships were formed with colleagues. She was friendly to people she worked with, knew, but they were never close. It was only her parents and Mickey who understood her, and she even distanced herself from them eventually. No relationship, not even blood, had been like what she'd had with the Doctor.

Eventually, it was only her work at Torchwood that ironically got her mind off things. She worked hard, worked in the labs, in the offices, on site. Everywhere. A workaholic. She pitched ideas, helped the scientists, learnt a thing or two about astro physics, about certain kinds of travel...

And then came countless tests on the dimension cannon. Tests which failed. Again and again, the walls between worlds holding her back cruelly as if they were made from bricks.

Then the stars started going out.

Suddenly. It worked. The dimension cannon was online and ready to go.

And through a selfish want and need for her Doctor, Rose thanked those disappearing stars, for opening the doorway to his world, and opening her heart once more.

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