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Oh yeah this takes place around the time when Narumi is told to watch Kiri for the night. I just love that chapter!

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Narumi Shogo had just knocked on the door of Kiri Koshiba. His hated rival or, so he'd like to think. The truth in the matter was that he was hopelessly in love with Kiri but, to damn stubborn to admit it to anybody even himself. Now he was at her door to return the comb he had borrowed from the girl early at the today's training camp.

After waiting for about forever and a day she opened the door. "Naru-Naru? Why are you here at this hour of the night?" Kiri said bluntly as she always had. Narumi was outraged "WHAT! I was just here like ten minutes ago Mussy head!" He shouted using the nickname he had given Kiri since they met.

" AND DON'T CALL ME NARU-NARU!" He hated that damnnickname. "Then you call me by my name." she asked rather bored at the moment. `Wha-What!`Narumi thought as he blushed hard "PUFF-KO PUFF-KO!" He struggled to get the words out. " Puff-ko? Do you need to go to the bathroom or something?" Kiri questioned. That only made him blush harder. "Man you really need to go. Come on." She grabbed his arm, and led him into her house. "Here you go." She was walking away when Narumi grabbed her arm, and slipped on a banana peel pinning her against the wall.

Narumi got a good look into her eyes. They looked different not like the usual indifferent stare. They looked surprised. He started to get pulled in. "Naru-Nar-" Kiri had been cut off by Narumi's lips crashing against hers.

Kiri was shocked for a moment then gave in, and started to kiss back. Narumi was startled by the reaction and stopped. Kiri drew back to. That's when Kiri's drunk dad busted through the door. Narumi still had Kiri against the wall. "W-w-wait,I swear it's not what it looks like!" Narumi said as if he had done a crime. "Your mom's sick Kiri!" Koshiba Seji stated drunkly. "Huh?" Was all she said. "I'm going to leave to go look over her." He turned to Narumi and said "I leave her in your care." And before Narumi could protest he was already out the door.

`...Damn this is going to be a long night` Thought Narumi.

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"Why'd you do that?"

"Kiri! Are you alright?"

"What exactly were you two doing?"

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