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A boy with an unusually high intellect stood outside Kiri Koshiba's house, not sure if turning the knob would be the best decision for his blood pressure at the moment. Kei had kept him up all night about snacks, unicorns, SP, fluffy things, and more annoying Kei-type comments.

You see the boy, Ochiha, also had a crush on the female member of SP, but like his rival, Narumi, he was too afraid to say it to her face. He was close though.

He had been practicing telling Kiri in front of the mirror at his house everyday, and despite a few interruptions from his siblings and Kei, he felt like he was ready to confess.

'Sorry old friend but I gave you too much time to decide. It's my turn now.' Ochiha had thought before working up the nerve to even turn the door knob.

Palms sweaty, heart racing, he trudged on through the Koshiba household, not even bothering to look at all the pretty pictures on the wall that Kiri's mom bothered to put up...Rude.

Once he reached a room with a blue door that said 'Kiri's room' on the front he noticed it was slightly cracked open so you could see a small slither of the room's interior.

"What the hell?" Ochiha had said under a very shaky breath. Bad Ochiha! No cussing!

To further investigate like the nosy bugger he was, he opened the door and walked slowly inside. Even though he knew nothing was going to happen, a light blush crossed his face at the thought of him being inside her room.

He looked at the bed, and his all of his hopes and dreams were crushed at once. Kinda' like working all day and looking forward to lunchtime when the fat guy steals the last doughnut. I mean, who does that?

His crush and rival were-were sleeping together! Gah! His worst nightmare uncovered! He was horrified.

'Damn you Narumi Shogo!' He shouted angrily inside of his head. To tell you the truth it sounded like the ending to a superhero movie. Where the villain shouts 'Darn you generic hero, Darn youuuu!'

He stormed out of the room to go home and get ready for school, but not before taking one last glance at the sleeping figures. Kiri was on top of Narumi, and his hand was wrapped around her small frame. Oh, how he wished to be Narumi.

He went to the driveway and looked back one more time at the house.

"Narumi Shogo, just you wait till' I get my revenge..." Said Ochiha as he stormed out of the grave site for his broken dreams. He was slowly turning into a villain...

….And he liked it.

Meanwhile, Kei Minami was watching closely from a perch in a tree overlooking the household. He got out another pocky stick, and chuckled to himself.

"Heh heh, seems things are getting interesting." He loved spying so much because of things like this. He rubbed the dark circles under his eyes, gotten from having no sleep at all.

As he bit into the chocolate pocky stick, a dozen birds flew up from the tree he was in and made they're way towards the sky.

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