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"When you try your best, but you don't succeed.

When you get what you want, but not what you need.

When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep.

Stuck in reverse, and the tears come streaming down your face.

When you lose something you can't replace .

When you love someone, but it goes to waste.

Could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home ,

and ignite your bones,

and I will try to fix you."

~Fix You, by Coldplay


The first thing that Harry Potter realised, upon opening his eyes, was that he wasn't in the Department of Mysteries any more.

Instead of a dark, stone room, he was surrounded by green, lush forest. There was no one else around, where before there had been dozens of Order members fighting Death Eaters. The sun was shining brightly, leaving dark rippling shadows across the soft grass.

The last thing that Harry could remember was pushing Sirius out of the way of Bellatrix's spell. The dark haired teen could only remember the feeling of being squeezed through a tube, before he appeared next to Sirius. His first instinct was to push him out of the way, before the jet of gold light slammed into his chest. He'd fallen backwards into the Veil…

Then everything went dark.

'What's going on? Where am I? Was Sirius and the others all right...'' a maelstrom of panicky questions bombarded his slightly dazed mind as he blinked blankly at the glare of a sun that shouldn't have been visible, from where he was moments ago. Was it possible to feel dizzy when one was lying down?

Harry's hands started tingling, the feeling starting from his wand. He looked down at his hands as the feeling intensified, the tingling now becoming uncomfortable. He tried to drop his wand, but he could barely move his fingers away from the wand. Harry's panic intensified, as his frantic thoughts were eclipsed by the the growing pain.

It now felt like needles were digging into his hands, and Harry's eyes were starting to tear up, brilliant emerald blurring behind the layer of water. Harry's glasses lay on the ground, the glass shattered and the plastic melted, where they had landed when Harry appeared. Harry hadn't even noticed they had been knocked off, distracted by his sudden arrival in the forest.

The pain grew so intense, that Harry's mind shut down, sending the teen into painless, mercifully beautiful unconsciousness. Harry slumped to the ground, his wand now glowing, faint glimmers of foreign magic flowing along the wooden length, like rivers that twined almost lazily, seeping like iridescent rainbows of blood.

Tracking charms, restraining wards, monitoring charms . . . all sorts of magic was burned from the wand. Even the wood began to burn, the fire licking along Harry's palm. The flames surged up the unconscious boy's arms, leaving mystical swirls and patterns in its wake. Perhaps it was fortune favoring Harry for once, in rendering the boy unconscious, so that he did not feel the additional pain as his skin was magically seared and branded.

Eventually the flames died away, leaving the black marks, spiraling and swirling up Harry's arms. In the boy's palm rested a beautiful red-gold feather, glowing with an inner light. All that was left of the boys once faithful wand, its very inner core, lay naked in all it's glory to behold had anyone be around in that moment to witness the events unfolding. The feather started shining brighter, the marks closest to the light beginning to gain color.

With a bright flash, the feather disappeared, and bright rainbow colors bloomed in the marks, chaotically changing and mixing together.

All through this Harry had slept, without dreams and nightmares chasing him. However, other creatures were not so oblivious to the changes. They had gathered when they sensed the strange power. It called to them, in a way they had never felt before. The creatures watched, as the boy fell unconscious and the strange power continued to grow, fusing with and changing the sleeping boy.

A few of these creatures, perhaps feeling the pull more strongly, or perhaps possessing more bravery then the others in that particular moment, drew dangerously close to the sleeping human.

When the feather began to pulse with waves of magic, these particular creatures felt it, deep within their souls. It started to change them, altering their forms and minds, in a way that the boy's mind, deep in sleep as it was, recognized. Memories of the feeling of this particular magic bloomed allowing something momentous to happen, though he would not remember the event, even as his unconscious will was added to the mix. When the feather pulsed for the last time, creating a brilliant flash, the chaotic magic scattered these particular, and somewhat shell-shocked creatures far and wide, across the land.

All accept one.

With barely a whisper of sound, the shadow crept closer to the boy, and cradled him close. Exhausted by the change, unknowing why it happened or why it was so drawn to stay close to the one who had just turned his world upside down, it soon joined the boy in slumber.

Deep in sleep, Harry snuggled in closer to the sudden warmth, seeking comfort and safety.


Hundreds of kilometres away, far out into the ocean, another creature sensed the waves of power. The humanoid figure slowly landed amongst the wreckage of its birthplace.

Mewtwo examined the ruined laboratory, the place where he had been created, and soon after, where he had destroyed in a fit of despair, rage and confusion. Later, it would be where he had begun his search for answers.

Moss had begun to grow over the piles of metal and glass, and grass was peeking out in patches on the bare earth.

With a dull thunk, the helmet that the pokémon had worn for so long dropped to the ground. The pokémon turned his head, sensing the huge power far away on the mainland. Mewtwo frowned minutely, /it doesn't feel the same as Mew, but . . ./

Almost as abruptly as the waves had started, they stopped, leaving a curious feeling washing through the psychic pokémon. Mewtwo dismissed the feeling, putting the incident to the back of his mind. He had far more important things to be doing.


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