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I'm wide awake and
You look perfect next to me
In this photograph,
I look so deep,
Sometimes I hear you breathe
I'm here alone
Tryin' to hang onto my soul
But the distance takes it's toll
You know, you know

I'm out here doin' all I can
You make me everything I am
Give me strength to get through somehow
I keep praying that it won't be long now

~There'll Come A Day, The Letter Black


Harry blinked rapidly as the rising sun began to shine across his face. The black haired boy tried to sit up and found to his surprise, that he couldn't. He looked down and found two arms wrapped around his waist and chest respectively.

Lucario was snuggled against his right side, snoring quietly as he tightened his arm around the smaller boy's waist. Dragonair was opposite the navy haired man, drooling slightly as he burrowed his head into Harry's neck.

The wizard tried to wriggle free again, sliding free of the arms that were holding him prisoner. He would have stayed, as the embrace of the two men was warm, and comfortable, but unfortunately, he had to answer the call of Nature.

After he'd relieved himself, and washed his hands in the stream, Harry wandered back to find the Dragonair and Lucario had filled the gap the younger boy had left and cuddled up against one another. He tried to muffle his laughter, and mostly succeeded, only a few quiet chuckles slipping through his fingers.

After he'd managed to calm himself, the Boy-Who-Lived took a closer look at the two men. They looked like they would keep on sleeping for a fair while, and he didn't want to disturb them. Glancing around, he noticed that they'd eaten all the berries from the night before.

He grinned to himself, if he worked quickly, he could have breakfast ready for the two men before they even woke up. Harry went back to the bush from before, but he only found a few berries left. He frowned, a slight pout crossing his pale face, before he decided to go searching for another bush.

The young wizard was sure that he could find his way back to Dragonair and Lucario, as he could sense his magic lingering around them easily. With that in mind, he set off, examining every bush he came across along the way.

It took him several minutes of aimless wandering, but eventually he came across another berry bush. Harry took a close look, double checking that the berries were the same kind that he'd had last night. After seeing that they were, he started to strip the bush, putting them into his pockets, and making a pouch out of his jumper.

He was just getting to his feet when he felt a surge of magic nearby, familiar magic. It felt like the traces that could be found floating around Lucario and Dragonair. The black haired wizard spun around and looked around, trying to spot where the surge had come from. It couldn't have been more than several metres away, but he couldn't see anything that could have caused it.

He turned back around to leave, but bumped off something solid. Harry fell to the ground, and the berries that he had been holding in his jumper spilled across the ground around him. He squinted up at whatever he'd bumped into and promptly blushed scarlet as he closed his eyes.

Standing above him had been a boy, a very naked boy. He could tell this was another one of the Pokémon that he'd actually transformed by the feel of the magic swirling around the boy. Harry jolted as he felt another presence approaching behind him, and he was startled to realise there were two of them.

He pushed himself to his feet carefully, and slowly opened his eyes, making sure to keep his gaze on face level. A heavy blush still remained spread across his cheek, despite his efforts to suppress it. The person behind him moved around, and he examined both of them.

Both boys were pale skinned, very much like Harry himself. The first had jet black hair, which fell down to his shoulders in a smooth wave of darkness. The boy had a number of ring tattoos across his body, each and every one a golden yellow colour. Harry noted that his ruby red eyes glimmered with some unknown emotion, and that it made his stomach flutter.

The other boy was a little shorter, closer to Harry's height in fact. This boy had deep violet eyes that seemed to look right through him, and know all his secrets. A small red circle tattoo was half covered by the boys bangs on his forehead. The second boy's hair was a light purple, and fairly messy, falling around his head in small dreadlock-like strands. The purple haired boy was looking at Harry with affection, which caused the wizard to blush and offer a shy smile back.

The red eyed boy spoke, "We've been looking for you." He smirked, and took a step closer, causing Harry to take a nervous step backwards. The violet eyed boy caught Harry's arm, and gently tugged him closer, sandwiching him between the two boy's.

Harry blushed even more violently then before, and he tried to hold himself away from their still naked bodies. He hastily blurted out a spell, and the boys were suddenly clothed in grey shorts and tunics. He sighed in relief, and willed his blush to fade, missing the look that the other two boys shared.

The wizard looked up, glancing between the two of them, "I'm sorry for causing all of this, it was an accident-"

He was cut off as the violet haired boy placed a finger on his lips, and the red eyed boy spoke, "We know, we were there." He chuckled, "We've had trainers before, so you're not exactly the first human we've come across, although" The boy pointedly looked at himself and his companion, and then back at Harry, "Nothing like this has ever happened before."

The violet haired boy's finger left Harry's lips, and trailed down his cheek and neck. The wizard licked his lips and shivered, "Uhhh, yeah, I'm a wizard, so when I got here, my magic went crazy, and, well, you can see the results." The green eyed boy looked both of them in the eyes again, "There are two others in a clearing back there, so if you wanted to come with us . . . ." He trailed off, more than a little unnerved by the intense looks the two boys were giving him.

Harry tried again, clearing his throat, "Umm, what are your names?"

The purple haired boy spoke for both of them, "You can call me Espeon, and this is Umbreon."

The yellow tattooed boy suddenly moved closer to Harry, causing the wizard to jump. Umbreon ignored him and spun Harry around, pinning him against a nearby tree. Several of the berries he'd picked were squashed under foot, and he winced.

He looked up and blushed, Umbreon having closed the distance between their faces, and now waiting with just a few centimetres between their lips. The wizard licked his lips nervously, and saw a glimmer of lust pass through Umbreon's eyes. The pokemon turned human went to close the gap, when there was an explosion of water around them.

Harry was blasted off of his feet, but something caught him and pulled him out of the sudden torrent that had swept him away from Umbreon and the tree. He coughed up some of the water that had flooded his mouth and blearily looked at whoever had saved him.

Lucario stood, one arm looped around Harry's chest, with the other one holding a ball of swirling blue energy. Dragonair stood beside him, water dripping from his fingertips, glaring at the other two boys, who were both soaking wet.

"Keep your hands off of him!" Lucario growled, the sound rumbling deep in his chest, where Harry could feel it against his back.

Umbreon growled back, and only Espeon's restraining hand prevented him from hurling himself forwards. Dark shadows rippled around his feet, and began to edge towards Lucario.

Harry struggled free, fighting against the pokémon's possessive grip. He moved between the four, and glared at them all, "Enough!" They were slow to comply, but his magic rippled, and surged through the clearing, dispersing their individual abilities.

The two groups remained apart, glaring at each other, with Harry caught in the middle. He clapped his hands sharply, "There's not going to be any more fighting, is there?" The assorted pokemon nodded, grudgingly.

Dragonair made to speak, "But, Harry, we don't even know who they are!" He glared at the two younger pokemon turned humans distrustfully.

The wizard just shook his head, ignorant of the way the two boys were shuffling closer to him, although Dragonair and Lucario weren't. The older male gritted their teeth, wary of doing anything to irritate Harry. They could still feel the magic tingling along their skin.

"It doesn't matter. They were affected by my magic, just like you guys, and I'm not going to turn away any of you. It's my responsibility to fix you all, and I'm not going to abandon anyone." He looked at them all, determination shining in his eyes. "So get over it, they're coming with us."

Lucario and Dragonair shared a look, and backed off, moving out of their aggressive stances. Umbreon took the chance, and embraced Harry again, from behind this time. Harry gasped, and struggled out of his grasp, spinning around to face the dark haired boy.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Umbreon grinned, "Hugging you." While Harry sputtered in disbelief, Lucario moved behind him and glowered at the two younger, silently daring either of them to try it again.

Espeon saw the look, and held his friend back, knowing that Umbreon would naturally want to test that challenge. Harry was just starting to get a grip on the situation, "Alrighty, so, uhhh, what are you guys?" He winced his own bluntness, but the former pokemon didn't seem to mind.

The dread locked boy pointed to himself, "I'm Espeon, a psychic pokemon, and this is Umbreon, a dark pokemon." Gesturing to his darker haired partner.

Harry nodded, still having no idea what they were, except for their names. He shifted, and looked down as he felt something squishy under his foot. Smeared across the grass was the remains of one of his berries, brilliant blue flesh and juice covering the bottom of his foot as well. As Harry wiped his foot across the grass to get the sticky liquid off, he absently wondered where his shoe had gone. Once his foot was clean, he wandered over to the scattered pile of berries, beginning to pick up the fallen food. Espeon moved to help him, leaving the other three males to stare each other down.

The psychic pokemon smirked, knowing that he would be more likely to get close to the adorable human by helping, than participating in the ridiculous Alpha male display. From the moment he'd set new human eyes on the young male, he'd felt a rush of desire. He'd only felt this as a pokemon before, for other pokemon, but he supposed that a human would feel desire for another human.

It did make sense that way, after all, they were completely different species.

Espeon knelt next to Harry, giving him a gentle smile, and begun to help him gather as many berries as possible, piling them inside the humans jumper. Their hands brushed, and Harry's eyes flew up to meet the purple haired boys. The wizard made to withdraw his hand, but Espeon caught it in his own and refused to let go.

"What are you-" Harry was cut off, as Espeon followed his instincts, and leaned forwards, pressing his lips against Harry's own.


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