Well, this is the eighth – and final – chapter. In this chapter, well…I'll let you find out for yourself.

I found Starscream somewhere in the Himalayan mountain range, streaking for the Nemesis's ocean hiding place. Unlike Skywarp, the former trine leader showed no sign of pain at his brothers' deaths.

Starscream split the trine, I thought. He's the weak link, the reason Skywarp and Thundercracker had to die. And as such, he deserved no warning. I dove, leaving my sisters in the clouds, and slammed a heel into the Seeker's back. He wobbled in the air, but rocketed ahead, trying to outrun me. Foolish Seeker. I chased him.

He was faster than most Seekers, I'd give him that, and almost a match for a Seekess. Almost. It took me a while, but I caught him. After all, he could only run, his scarlet and gray armor standing out from the mountains like a beacon. Eventually, he made a mistake and got himself boxed into a series of cliffs. He was closed in on five sides (right, left, back, above, and below) by rock.

"What do you want from me?" Starscream yelled. I watched him for a moment, remembering him as a sparkling playing with our femme Creator, Vectra. He'd been the first of my three brothers to fly. He'd loved fancy flying like the chase through the mountains, loved to play hide-and-seek – though not as much as Skywarp, who darted from hiding spot to hiding spot through teleportation. "Answer me!"

"Your spark," I replied, trying to shove my memories away, succeeding only in pushing them back so they wouldn't show on my faceplate.

"What? You're an Autobot; you don't kill, not in cold blood like this!" the Decepticon protested. I wasn't sure exactly what "blood" was, but killing in a chilled solution of the unknown substance was apparently a bad thing. And he was right; as far as he knew, I was an Autobot femme out to murder him.

"I am a Seekess first, a subordinate of the Autobot Elders second, an Autobot never," I told him. "And as the eldest daughter of Jetstream and Vectra, it is my duty to eliminate all split trines. Your trine has split because of you, and your trinemates are dead. You must join them."

"But…I'm Jetstream's son! I'm your brother! You wouldn't kill your own brother, would you?" the Decepticon shouted. Like I didn't know already. Like this wasn't practically killing my sisters and I. Like I didn't feel the loss of him, Thundercracker, Skywarp, and our Creators in the core of my spark like a rusted gear in my chest every solar cycle.

"I know," I said simply. "That's why I'm killing you myself instead of giving you to the Autobot Elders," I said firmly. I saw Starscream's angry optics brighten with what might have been fear. "Now, you may attempt to defend yourself if you wish, but it will make no difference."

"But-" he started. I did not wait. I jetted forward, slamming him against the rock, reached out to tear through his armor to his spark, and…hesitated.

"I did not want to do this," I confessed softly. "If you had not split your trine, I would have taken you onto the Updraft and left this war. But you split, so I have to kill you."

"No, you don't!" Starscream protested. I felt my determination waver, and hardened my spark.

"Yes, I do," I said. "It's the only way to save you." I left his sparkles body there and returned to my trine, Starscream's spark cradled in my hands.

The Updraft is not just a prison ship, though it held several cells with energon bars, or a battle ship, though it has seen its fair share of action, or a diplomatic cruiser, though it's been used as such. It is a combination of all three – like I've said before – but it's also something else.

After Vos was destroyed, only one trine-cradle was salvaged. And it was into this trine-cradle – a Seeker spark cradle meant to hold three newly sparked Transformers before they entered their first frames and bond their sparks into a trine – that Breeze, Slipstream, and I placed the sparks of our brothers. You see, a trine-cradle is also designed to wipe a spark's sense of self and re-bond it, leaving it in a state exactly like that of a newly sparked Seeker.

And into the Updraft's navigation system I set, not the coordinates of Cybertron, but the coordinates of a previously unnamed moon in an unnamed system. And it is on this moon that the Updraft set down for the last time, with two trines of Seekers (who had decided to follow the old ways of the Seekers, from before the Great War), one trine of Seekesses (who had at long last forsaken the Autobot Elders), and one young trine of Seeker Sparklings.

Reverted, they are no longer Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker, but Sonicshot, Stormflash, and Thunderclap.

And, yeah, okay, we did slightly reprogram all three trines, to make sure they never went back to the way they had been on Earth, but a Seekess must do what a Seekess thinks best.

And I, Draft, sister to these three young ones, trinemate to Breeze and Slipstream, daughter of Jetstream and Vectra, and co-founder (along with the others aboard the Updraft on its final voyage) of New Vos, am a Seekess.

End Transmission –

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