It's funny... I read somewhere that Ike is voiced by athlete Jason Adkins somewhere, so I decided to make his outfit sports-oriented. I guess Samus would look good in just about anything, though. Read and review!

Pit, Marth, Ike, and Roy's mood could be summed up in five simple words: bored out of their skulls.

They had literally tried everything. They had prank-called the paranoid Meta Knight (with amusing but unduplicateable results), watched an action movie marathon on E!, surfed the web, played some Brawl, brawled, and had created and eaten gigantic, monstrous sandwiches with everything they could find in the refrigerator.

And it was noon on a beautiful day.

"I am so bored I'm wilting," Marth said, slumping down on a couch. "At least you can fly, Pit."

Pit was attempting to amuse himself by hovering in midair for about three minutes at a time. "Um... yeah, I guess." He fell down on the couch next to Marth. "Or not."

Roy crossed his legs over the arm of the couch and laid his head on Marth's lap. "I wanna do something!"

"Well then, Roy," Ike said, raising his eyebrows. "A bit mature for a fifteen-year-old, dontcha think?"

"Oh, shut up."

"Roy, why is your head on my lap?" Marth asked, facepalming.


"Agh, why do you always have to irritate everyone?" Ike asked Roy angrily.

Samus walked into the room. "Don't you guys have any ideas of what I can write?" She asked miserably. "I'm a bounty hunter, not a writer. You guys give me such great ideas when you're not all schlumped around like this."

"You guys!" Link yelled from the door. "You guys! You guys you guys you guys you guys you guys!"

"WHAT?" Pit, Ike, Marth, Roy, and Samus yelled.

"I found out something we can do today!"

"Seriously?" Roy was so happily surprised that he fell off the couch.


"What can we do, then?" Marth asked.

"We... wait for it..." Link paused, savoring the moment. "GO TO THE REAL WORLD!"

"We what?" Everyone yelled.

"Look, it's quite simple, guys. We hop into the interdimensional transporter, and we're changed into modern versions of ourselves and we try to make it in the real world!"

"Welllllll... I dunnoooooo..." Marth said cautiously.

"Six words," Link said. "REAL-WORLD SUSHI ALL THE TIME!"

And that, of course, was the tipping point.


"You guys ready?" Link asked.

Marth, Ike, Roy, Pit, and Samus nodded and joined hands with Link.

"So... we just jump?" Marth asked.


"Piece o'cake," Pit said confidently.

"E-easy for you to say, Angel Boy," Roy said nervously.

"I'll go first," Ike volunteered bravely. He looked down into the dark, purple, swirling void that would transport them to Earth. He gulped.

"Ike... if anything happens to you..." Marth choked out. "Can I have your iPod?"

"What? No!"


"Okay. On three, I'll jump. One... two..."

"Oh, I forgot to tell you," Link said quickly. "You might die."

"Wh-wh-wh-what?" Ike said before falling in. "Aaaaaah!"


Link relaxed. "Relax, you crazy ginger. You can't die. Geronimoooooo!"

"I am a brave priiiiiiiiince!" Marth yelled as he jumped.

"Why are you guys making such a big deal out of thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis?" Pit asked as he jumped.

Roy teetered on the edge of the void. "Maybe I should just..."

"GO!" Samus yelled as she shoved him in. She jumped in without yelling anything. Yelling was so infantile.


"Ugh..." Pit moaned as his eyes fluttered open to greet a brilliant, cloudless sky. He sat up. The limp bodies of Marth, Ike, Link, Roy, and Samus were strewn all around him.

Pit looked down. Instead of his normal toga, he was wearing a white, zipped sweatshirt that concealed his wings, faded, ripped blue jeans, and sandals.

"Pit, that you?" Marth groaned as he sat up. He was dressed in a blue hoodie, dark blue skinny jeans, and blue Converse sneakers. His tiara was gone, and his hair seemed more bluish-black than dark blue.

"Yeah. I feel... kinda weird..."

"Yeah. You look different, dressed like that." Marth peered closer at Pit. "Well... you could pass for any normal teenager. What about me?"

Pit gave Marth a thumbs-up. "Perfect."

Marth knelt down next to Ike. "Hey, man," he said softly. "Wake up."

Ike stirred and opened his eyes. "Whoa..." he muttered, checking out his new gear: a red, zipped hoodie nearly identical to Pit's, an Adidas sweatband, cargo shorts, and Nikes.

"Whoa, dude, you're like a walking billboard for athletics," Link laughed as he stood up. Link wore a green sweatshirt, a green snowboarder cap, khaki pants, and green-and-white sneakers.

"You guys look really normal," Samus said approvingly. She wore a stylish light blue hoodie, skinny jeans, and black, high-heeled boots.

"Hey, where's Roy?" Marth asked suddenly. Before they could start to panic, a voice answered.

"Here," Roy grunted, staggering to his feet. He wore a bright red hoodie like Marth's, dark blue jeans, and red sneakers. His headband had the same design, but seemed more modern.

"Well..." Pit said, looking around. "I wonder where we are?"

Marth and Samus, the richest of the group, patted their pockets.

Samus drew out a fat wallet. "Don't matter where we are, hon. I've got a load of cash and a bunch of credit cards."

"Same here," Marth smiled. "Samus... you're twenty-one, right?"

Samus rolled her eyes. "You guys are gonna need different names, too. I could be... Samara, I guess. Ugh, that's so girly... call me Sam."

"I could be Marcelus, but you call me Marth for short," Marth suggested.

Samus nodded. "Good idea, Marth."

"And same for me, but I'll be Lincoln," Link said.

"Good... Pit?"

"I'll be Angel, but you call me Pit 'cause of Super Smash Bros.," Pit said.

"Smart." Samus smiled. Pit blushed.

"And Ike and Roy... well, you can be Ike and Roy."

"Sweet." Ike and Roy high-fived each other.

"Well, I'll get to work forging you guys some liscenses and stuff. In the meantime, try to stay out of trouble."

The number of "we promises" was five.

The number of crossed fingers behind backs was also five.

Foreshadowing! I know it wasn't my best work, but the first chapter in a series is just an introduction. It's never the best. And now, I have a Science QUIZ. Lucky me. By the way, the characters will still be referred to by their real names. Otherwise it seems OCish.