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Wounds Don't Heal

Do you believe
That time heals all wounds?
It started getting better
But it's easy not to fight
When I'm not with you
- The Older I Get, by Skillet

It's been almost three years since you died. Things have...been different. Tyson has been eating and talking back less, and thinking more - I guess it took the death of a close friend to see how the world really is, deep down. Max went back to the States, without that cheerful bright-up-the-room smile of his

Hey, Rei, I mastered that attack you showed me!

on, but the pictures he sent back shows a lot of improvement - but it's never the exact same one he had. Kenny...I lost contact with Kenny. He's just been so absorbed in his work; I think that's his way of coping, actually. Bury your feelings in mind-numbing work.

And me? I've been...living, I guess. Living, but not alive. I wanted to move on after you, thinking time would heal all the wounds, but it's been three long years and Mariah gave up on me

You don't love me, you love your dead captain - Rei, just stop pretending!

for Kevin, who welcomed her with open arms.

There's been therapists, doctors, even a seer - they don't help. I've been prescribed anti-depressants, taken off medicine and pills and told to take a vacation, put on drugs again.

I went to Russia for two months on that vacation.

Stupid, isn't it? Going to the one place that I knew would never help.

I stayed with Tala and Bryan in their apartment. They've been coping, somewhat. I can't really tell, because they've always been rather closed-off from the rest of the world. One time, I was talking with Bryan. Know what he said?

Life goes on, Rei, you either suck it up or break down completely.

Can't I do both?

But anyway, enough about me. How have you been? Have the maggots gotten to your bones yet? Seen any undead lately? I hear they come up mostly during the summer, because there's more people out during the nighttime than in the dead of winter.

It would be nice, to see a vampire literally rise up from his coffin and kill someone, wouldn't it?

You probably think I'm crazy by now.

I think I am too.

Anyway, I'll come by with some of those white lilies you liked next time. Maybe I'll plant them around your grave.

Wo ai ni, wo de feng huang.

И я вас, дорогие тигра.




Wo ai ni, wo de feng huang - I love you, my phoenix.

И я вас, дорогие тигра. - And I you, dear tiger.