By DemiHuman123

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Chapter One

24 Hours Open

Green. A never ending flow of green, created from the combination of yellow and blue. Signifying life and all that is abundant and rich. Signifying the Earth and all who reside on it. Signifying nature, that grows in at great length through the grass and the trees.

The perfect color to represent a nowhere little park in the middle of a nowhere little city, in a nowhere little state, filled with uninteresting and regular people. Of course this isn't to say that these people are regular in the sense that they are boring. Each person has their own little quirks and kinks that make them who they are. In that sense, these nowhere and uninteresting people are anything but regular. Especially in middle of a sleepy, uninteresting, regular park.

Red and blue lights swirled silently on the top of a nearby police car parked in front of a mid-sized two story house located smack dab in the middle of the park. A group of four stood on the porch quietly watching the sight of one of their own being led away in handcuffs.

"I swear I didn't do anything," the gumball machine, Benson, screamed in fear as he was being pushed into the police car. He struggled with the law man who had placed one hand on his cuffs and the other on Benson's back, doing his best to lead him forcibly.

The policeman rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, you can say that all you want downtown."

"But I'm telling you the truth," Benson screamed. "I wasn't anywhere near that sink hole!"

The policeman, however, was still not convinced. "Then why were your gumballs scattered everywhere," he questioned the gumball machine, holding up a small sandwich bag filled with gumballs with the label "evidence" stuck on.

"I don't... I mean I-"

"Mm-hm," the policeman interrupted. "That's what I thought."

With that, Benson, kicking and screaming, was thrown into the squad car with the door slammed behind him. The sound proof windows kept his screaming to a decibel minimum keeping anyone from the outside from hearing him.

Happy with his capture, the policeman walked around to the drivers side door, turned to the rest of the on lookers (still standing on the porch in shock), and tipped his hat to them.

The police car drove away quietly into the city.

The group still on porch suddenly snap themselves back into reality as the events of what just happen finally sink in.

"Oh dear," Pops, a lollipop headed man, said as he broke the silence. "What do we do?"

The other three, a large white yeti in pants, a tall legged blue jay, and short messy haired raccoon, all turned to each other for an answer.

The yeti, Skips, simply sighed and walked into the house. He emerged a few moments later with a set of keys and a checkbook. "C'mon Pops," he sighed again, "let's go bail him out of there."

Pops nodded in agreement, adding a "jolly good" as he stepped down from the porch, heading in the direction of a nearby golf cart parked to the side of the house.

Skips sighed again as he too exited the porch and began walking only a few steps behind Pops. He stopped for a moment, however, to acknowledge the blue jay and raccoon still there with a certain look in his eyes. He stared them down with daggers hoping they would notice.

Mordecai, the blue jay, hesitated for a moment upon recognition of that expression. Rigby, his smaller friend, did not.

Thankfully for Mordecai, Skips was content with at least scaring one of them with his death glare and returned to the task at hand.

A few moments later, the golf cart driven by Skips with Pops as passenger drove by the house, leaving both the stragglers to watch as they drove away towards the city.

"Dude," Mordecai finally said in a low soft voice.

"Yeah," Rigby replied in a sort of awe.

Both men just stood there for a moment before finally coming to a realization.

"Coffee shop," Mordecai asked.


The coffee shop as mentioned by Mordecai always was a good safe haven for the duo when times were rough, and why wouldn't it be: Relatively popular shop, cable TV always playing, affordable prices, and one other thing that the blue bird in general liked about the place. It was an uninteresting and regular coffee house overall though, with nothing that truly made it spectacular. Located in between two small business buildings used for printing animation cells and post cards, so it wasn't anything that stood out save for the coffee cup shaped sign out front.

As the boys entered the coffee house and walked down the stairs, the scent of freshly brewed coffee filled the air. Sounds around the small room were minimal with the only thing being the TV with a news anchor on it spouting something about a sink hole that was the home to a creature that was an "abomination of life and all things that made it good" or something to that nature. It was quickly changed by red feathered fingers reaching up to find something more along the lines of her taste.

The red robin smiled happily as she noticed her two favorite people walk in through the door. "Hey guys," she greeted them.

Mordecai's face instantly lit up upon hearing her beautiful voice.

"Hey Margaret," he cooed.

Rigby sighed in remorse of having agreeing to come here so eagerly and simply greeted Margaret with a quick wave of his hand. She waved back acknowledging the half hearted gesture.

"How are my two favorite people," she asks walking towards them. "Get into any trouble lately?"

Rigby couldn't tell if that was a jab aimed at them or if she was just being cute. Mordecai on other hand still looked doughy eyed with infatuation.

"Uh, no! Just a normal boring day," Mordecai spoke releasing himself from his trance.

Margaret giggled again, and turned away to go back to her job. "That's good. Glad to hear it. Two coffees, pitch black, right?"

Both men nodded in unison and walked over to the chairs they usually set in, leaving the red robin to her job for the moment. They had immediately fallen into their element of laziness and sloth upon sitting, and returned to a discussion earlier in the day about a buried treasure in the park and the aftermath of trying to find it. Their coffee came not too soon afterwards with a little wink added on top by Margaret to the both of them.

Mordecai gave a goofy smile as his reaction, while Rigby shrugged it off, calling his attention to something else in the coffee shop.

"What's that," he asked pointing to an open vacant area to the side of the room.

The area was apparently a work in progress with pieces of splintered wood, nails, and various tools strewn all about, not to mention the bound up pieces of electrical wiring lying in the corner collecting dust.

Margaret grimaced at it and gave an exhausted sigh.

"That WAS supposed to be the new stage that we were setting up to attract some performers," she groaned, "since, you know, the coffee shop has been going to hill."

Mordecai suddenly felt himself snap into the conversation. "Down hill? Like, closing down the store down hill?"

Margaret sighed again before turning her attention to the blue jay and nodding.

"We had to let go one of the morning clerks yesterday," she grieved sitting down next to the duo, "and things aren't getting any better."

She put her hand on top of her other. "We need the business. Otherwise, the manager things we may not last past April."

Mordecai's eyes glazed over a bit after hearing this. The thought of the coffee shop gone was a nearly inexcusable mental image. Where would he go to get his coffee? Where would he and Rigby hang out to act like total idiots without a manger having to ask them to leave? And where would he go to see the lovely and voluptuous Margaret?

"I don't know why we're losing. The store seems pretty popular, and we do seem to make a good profit. I don't know…"

The thought of not being able to see and not getting the chance to never ask her out was just too much to take for poor Mordecai.

Rigby found the conversation to be dull and uninteresting. There was no action or comedy to hold his attention. The only thing of interest was the mess in the corner of his eye.

"Why isn't it done yet," he asked.

"Well, the contractor we hired just up and split the other day," she answered. "Something about having to get out of the state for a while and lay low or something like that I guess."

Margaret sighed once more and looked toward the rubble, while Rigby, looking bored and tired, took another quick sip of his coffee.

Mordecai, on the other hand, was still deep in thought on what he had heard. He was still trying to get over the possible loss of seeing Margaret. Sure, he could exchange numbers or internet messenger accounts to keep in touch, but he was too chicken to that. He wouldn't get that chance to ask her out, court her properly, get married, have kids, grow old, blah, blah, blah, the usual endless romance scenario. As usual, he wasn't placing Margaret's current human boyfriend, Slasher, into the equation, but that was besides the point. The point was that he had a chance of losing what could be his.

And then suddenly, a thought occurred. Not as much of thought, he realized, but an opportunity.

"Dude," he began as he looked toward Rigby, "we should totally finish that stage."

Both Margaret and Rigby did a quick double take before realizing what he just said.

"Finish...," Margaret began.

"...the stage," Rigby finished in a quizzical manner.

Mordecai nodded and got up from his chair. "Totally! If we finish the stage then the shop would stay open, and then you would still have a job, and then Rigby and I could still hang out here!"

The red robin and raccoon exchanged confused looks before returning to the excited blue jay.

"Think about it," he continued, "we can build the stage up, polish the wooding, make a little area to the side for amps and speakers, you know, stuff like that!"

Rigby was skeptical. He knew his friend only went off on these tangents when he knew there was something he could benefit from. His gaze shifted to Margaret. Rigby of course knew the real reason his friend wanted to do it.

"C'mon man, there's no way we could do it," he said taking another sip of coffee. "That's a lot of work and we wouldn't even be getting any money from it."

Mordecai shot a glare at his friend who nonchalantly shrugged it off.

Margaret smiled, looking toward the mess, trying her best to see the image Mordecai was trying to describe to her.

"It's a nice gesture," she said, "but I gotta go with Rigby on this one. It's a lot of time and money that none of us have, and I can't ask you guys to help us with this. Can I?"

"No," Rigby snapped almost immediately, "you can't!"

"Rigby," Mordecai scalded. "Of course we can help!"

"But I-"

Margaret stood up from the table cutting Rigby off. "Can you guys really help us? I mean we can't pay you anything, except coffee and drinks."

"That works out just fine," Mordecai replied with his smile spreading even more.

"Hold on a sec," Rigby tried to interject.

"You know it would take a few weeks," Margaret continued, "and there's no guarantee that it might help the shop."

"It's all good Margaret," the blue jay continued, "you should know by now that you can count on Rigby and I."

The raccoon's tail suddenly stood straight up and he began to grit his teeth. He heard that emphasis on "I" knowing full well what that meant. If this were any other place in the world, Mordecai would have just been a little sad and gotten over it the next day, waiting for the place to close and be done with it. However, with the lovely Margaret there, that made it difficult. How many times have their hair brained schemes, or at least Mordecai's schemes, revolve around her or the act of impressing her? How many times did it always end badly for them, or more specifically Rigby?

"No no," he spat out, "we can't... we won't..."

He found that he was unable to get the words out to argue his case, and found himself being dragged along with the whole experience.

Margaret on the other hand was beginning to come around.

"Well," she said trailing off the end of the word. She just kind of stood there with her eyes focused on the distance, deep in thought. Her answer came shortly after.

"Alright," she continued, "let's do it."

Mordecai's heart rejoiced; Rigby's sank.

The raccoon tried to plead. "But, but..."

Mordecai suddenly ran up to Margaret and gave her a big hug. "You won't regret it," he said with a giant smile on his face, "Rigby and I totally know what to do first to get some extra cash."

Rigby suddenly looked beyond confused.

"We do?"

"Totally, dude," Mordecai answered scooping up his little friend from his chair and heading to the exit.

Rigby couldn't even keep a hold of his coffee cup after being scooped up suddenly, causing it to spill over the table.

"We'll be back tomorrow," Mordecai screamed dashing up the stairs and out the door with his friend under his arm, leaving Margaret with a small, albeit confused, smile on her face and a mess to clean up.

Rigby was not happy with this outcome. He was no happy at all.

"Mordecai! What are you doing?"

"It's totally perfect dude," Mordecai started, "first we help her with stage, then we save the coffee shop, and then Margaret will totally be impressed with me, leave Slasher, and start dating me! Oh, and she'll probably be impressed with you too."

Rigby could not believe what he was hearing; another Margaret attempt.

"I don't want to help you," Rigby jittered out as he was being held along during Mordecai's sprint, "you're stupid attempts at impressing Margaret always end badly for me!"

"No they don't," Mordecai replied too caught up on cloud seven to care.

Rigby groaned knowing full he was wrong.

"Really," he asked annoyed, "the unicorns? The concert tickets? That thing? That other thing?"

"Bro, that other thing was your fault, remember?"

"Oh yeah," Rigby answered slightly embarrassed. That other thing certainly was a crazy thing, but the events leading up to it were so hilarious that they can't be contained in this story.

"Let's say for a second that I did want to help you," Rigby relented, "how would we get the money to pay for everything?"

Mordecai kept a brisk run, knowing the destination. "Leave that to me," he said turning the street corner.

Rigby was about to interject again when he noticed his friend slowing down and coming to a halt in front of...

"The police station," Rigby asked.

Mordecai had a sly grin on his face knowing that what he was going to do would definitely work, or at least was somewhat positive it would work.

"Yeah," Mordecai answered, "we just ask Benson for our paychecks early and then we use that money to pay for wood and fixing stuff."

Rigby really was not enjoying how his day was turning out now. Still though, the thought of being able to get some money early did have its charms. He didn't, however, like the thought of having to give his hard earned cash to his friend so he could try and swoon up a pair of lady pecs. He found himself on the fence about the idea.

The door to the police station opened suddenly. Pops and Skips exited down the stairs leading onto the pavement when they noticed the dynamic duo.

"Oh hello boys," Pops greeted them with his usual trademark smile and cheery disposition, "what are you doing here."

"We wanted to talk to Benson," Mordecai said looking past the two of them, looking for the gumball machine. "Where is he?"

Benson suddenly slammed through the police station doors bright red with rage. Mordecai saw his chance.

"Hey Benson can we-"

"I don't wanna talk to either of you idiots right now after the trouble you just put me through," he said doing his best to keep from screaming at both of them.

"What," Rigby yelled in a shrill voice, "what did we do? It's not our fault you got thrown in jail."

Benson passed them, refusing to stop, heading towards the golf cart parked on the side of the road.

"I don't have any proof to say you two didn't do anything," he started, "but I know you both did it."

Mordecai tried again to plead with the infuriated gumball machine. "We was just wondering if-"

"WHAT DID I JUST SAY," Benson screamed at the top his lungs, "I DON'T WANNA TALK WITH EITHER ONE OF YOU!"

That caused Mordecai to jump, making him lose his grip on Rigby, causing the poor raccoon to plummet to ground face first.

Benson, Skips, and Pops hopped into the golf cart and revved the engine up. Pops looked over from the passenger side to make sure Rigby was alright from his fall, while Skips sat in the backseat looking monotone and stone like. Benson was still bright red though and wasn't done screaming at the boys yet.


The gumball machine then slammed his foot down on the acceleration and jetted off with his companions back toward the park.

Mordecai and Rigby just kind of stood there in awe for the moment still recovering from Benson's screaming tirade.

Rigby picked himself up off the ground rubbing his forehead. "Told you it wouldn't work."

24 Hours Open – Yoko Kanno

Author's Notes

Well, I got the first couple of chapters done as I'm posting this, so hopefully I'll stick with it long enough to actually finish it. If not, I can always do a quickie wrap up. Urg... Feel free to comment and critique. I know my writing style is pretty bad. :P

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