James Steele trudged down the london streets "Damn Damn ." he swore to himself. He had lost the case and nearly lost his practice. He felt like right crap. What was the bloody point of it all. Suddenly his eye caught sight of a Young man in a grate coat and pinstriped suit leaning up against one of the building.

James smiled as their eyes met. When James reached him the young man took him in his arms and hugged him gently and kissed his looked at the young man "Thank you Ianto." Ianto Jones gentley kissed his boyfriend and touched his face lovingly. "Come on lets go home." Wearily James agreed and allowed himself to be lead home.

Once there Ianto had helped him off with his coat and had prepared a nice meal for them. Afterwords James sat back in Ianto's arms and finally broke down as he buried his face in Ianto's shoulder. "Oh God Ianto. Oh God, I came this close to losing every thing. There were times during this whole thing, I felt so alone so alone." Ianto held him close and gave him quick butterfly kisses to try and ease the pain and spoke softly "You are not alone Caraid you will never lose me. that I vow to you." James looked at Ianto pleadingly "Make me forget. Please Ianto. I want to forge.."

James kissed his young lover franticly. He did love this young man. He praised the day he had first met Ianto and the night he gave James his body and his heart.

Ianto rose and extended his hand and queitly lead his lover to their bed. He quickly undressed the two of them. He heard James's breath catch when Ianto's own fingers touched his bare skin.

He gently laid James on the bed and lay down beside him. He touched James's bare stomach just above his cock. He then placed his mouth on the tip of the cock and gently kissed and sucked it, James threw his head back and cried out in such pleasure as he had ever know.

He knew he belonged to this man this darling darling doe eyed man. He had met this man thru a mutual friend Matt Devilin who had known Ianto from Uni. They had met for coffee and soon became lovers shortly after.

Tonight as he lay in Ianto's bare arms, he felt safe, loved and protected from the outside world and its troubles. At that moment he knew that it was enough. If only just for now.

Ok I am new to the world of law and order Uk but I am not new to Torchwood. and I don't know if James Steel is gay but as I was watching today I was thinking oh my god he would be perfect for either Jack or Ianto. Was going use Jack in this but then I was like it would be better with our Ianto. I might try one with Jack and James but I wanted to do this one first and this story was writen for the epp Unsafe when James faced off with Luke Spade.(i think that was the name of the guy) I just thought James needed some one. And Ianto was the first one who came to mind.

should I continue this one

and maybe try to do one with Jack and James? ( keep in mind there is no Jack in this story's universe.)

again i hope this is ok.

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