It was different with the other boys. Just messing- hugs, ruffling of hair, sitting on laps- just a bit of fun. Bromances, Harry thought people called them.

But not with him. Not with his hazel green eyes, his jet black hair, his light brown skin. Not with the way he spoke, the way he laughed, the things he said, the feeling Harry got when their eyes met…how it felt to be talking to him in those rare, precious moments when Louis and Niall were busy chatting to fans and Liam was having extra vocal coaching. With Zayn it was different. Right from the start.

There was something about that boy. Something about him that made Harry's stomach flip and his heart beat a little bit faster. He loved all the attention from the girls, of course he did. But not one of them had given him the butterflies he felt when he caught Zayn smiling at him, or when their shoulders grazed against each other. If he caught any of the fan girls flirting with Liam or Louis and Niall he would laugh and tease them. But he failed to find any humour in girls giggling with Zayn, touching him...wrapping their arms around his neck and pulling him into a tight hug- Harry didn't find any of that funny at all. On the contrary, it made him feel rather sick.